When No Means Yes

If you read men’s rights blogs or forums, you’re probably under the impression that half of all bangs end up with a false rape charge. Because of this blog I’ve known dozens of game guys (or gamesmen, if you will), with more than a thousand notches between them, and not once has any mentioned problems to me with being accused of rape. I know it happens, but the incidence is too small for me to worry about instead of STDs and accidental pregnancies.

While every feminist likes to repeat the phrase “No means no,” it depends on context. Here’s a guide:

“No” when you try to take off her jeans or shirt means… “You need to turn me on a lot more.”
“No” when you try to take off her bra means… “Try again in five minutes.”
“No” when you try to take off her panties means… “Don’t give up now!”

I find the only word that means no is “stop.” If you hear that word then she’ll be asking you to leave soon after.

For every rape accusation I’d want to know at what stage of undress the girl was at before the supposed rape happened. If she was completely naked until saying no, and got there voluntarily, then I’d be reluctant to charge the man with rape unless there were signs of violence. Women need to understand that men aren’t robots who can suddenly stop at the drop of a dime with all that testosterone pumping through their system. Therefore it would be prudent for them not to enter situations where the average man can’t stop due to his innate weaknesses as an animal whose entire existence depends on him successfully mating.

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  • http://marqueecity.com Dakota

    In some jurisdictions even in the middle of sex if she says stop for whatever reason and you don’t INSTANTLY stop, if you pump even ONE more time, you could be going to jail. This is why crazy and/or vindictive chicks scare me.

    Dakota’s last blog post: Pancakes and Hotties AKA “Why I love LA”.

  • Hughman

    Unfortunately for us, the fembots and their mangina judicary lapdogs declare ‘no’ as ‘no’.

    If she’s naked and saying no, you continue on very context specific IOIs. If she’s clamming up, bail, flash some anger at her retarded flaking, and leave.

  • http://therookiedc.wordpress.com/ The Rookie

    All it takes is 1 life-ruining accusation to become a men’s rights convert.

    Feminists believe you shouldn’t have to say or do anything. As long as they think to themselves that they don’t want it, it’s rape. The law isn’t there yet, and I don’t think it will be.

    The Rookie’s last blog post: I Had The Glow.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to be the grammar nazi, but you don’t need an apostrophe when pluralizing an acronym, like STDs.

  • Anonymous

    So, you raped a girl.
    Congrats Dude!
    You’ve gone from high school nobody to college nobody to post-college faggot who gets a few lays here and there and, on occasion, rapes a girl.
    You Da Man!!!! LOL!!
    I guess when you don’t have more than two sexual partners until your mid-20s, you have to take it when you can.

  • Tampa

    I don’t know man. I’ll have to disagree with you on this one. I’ve bedded about 20 chicks in my life and i can honestly say that the word “no” never really ever came out. Maybe i’ll get the push-away or her grabbing my hand, but i’ve never had a girl say “no” to me and then I ended up banging her.

    Maybe a “no” in a laughing manner, but def never in a “no” in a don’t want to do this manner.

    Usually my response to a girl who is resisting is just an utter pull-back and trying to reframe this as her being a moronic tease.

    If we hang out all night and the girl doesn’t give it up – i’m out. I’m not doing this whole “i take you out, we flirt, talk, i pay” and then we just go home and sleep on it.

    A major portion of the courtship phase is fucking….. if we aren’t eventually fucking then i don’t want to court you.

  • nathan

    ‘just keep going’

  • schwanson

    I thought no always meant yes. if it’s a real no (for whatever situation) – she will remove herself from that situation, not just remain there. actions speak louder than words kinda thing…

    I should read this post now. just that the phrase ‘no means yes’ is very dear to me.

  • http://wonkawilly.wordpress.com Willy Wonka

    If she doesn’t want it, she’ll make an excuse to leave.

    Lying on the bed moaning and saying “no” definitely does not actually mean “no”.

    I used to be scared to be too aggressive, because of rape charges and shit. Yeah, I’m no longer fearful of that shit….

    Like you said in the post Roosh, you slept with both girls many times after that. That’s reason enough to believe there’s no way it was rape, because they liked it and kept coming back….

    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: Be Prepared: The Boy Scout Moto.

  • http://gameforomegas.wordpress.com Omega Man

    When you think about it the female mind must be severely divided. For the species to continue the female must at somepoint submit, while naked, to a larger, stronger person getting on top of her, or placing her in some other helpless position and inserting a body part inside her.

    On the other hand this can’t happen too easily. While some part of the brain is programmed to ensure this happens under the right circumstances, much of the rest of the brain is programmed to prevent it. I don’t think there is any switch that moves her from “resist penetration” to “submit to penetration” so both parts could be working at the same time.

    So it seems to me game is simultaneously disarming the resist part of the brain and activating the submit part of the brain.

    Omega Man’s last blog post: The Onion Strikes Again.

  • http://wonkawilly.wordpress.com Willy Wonka

    One of my friend’s once said it best, “Hell no means the same as maybe.”

    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: Be Prepared: The Boy Scout Moto.

  • http://sectorlv.wordpress.com Culdcept

    I just hate that no matter how horny they seem, women can really just stop and be fine with it. I certainly can’t do that.

    Culdcept’s last blog post: Nintengirls?.

  • dc

    dead on about “stop”
    been told that
    was not asked to leave but i’ve never seen her since

  • http://declineofgenius.com/ Genius

    “No” is a huge turnoff to me, and it’s a good thing, because even a .1% chance of legitimate sex being called rape is not worth it to me. I’d rather pull out in the middle of the act, walk her to the door and tell her to have a nice life, than to finish and find out it’s the last sex I’ll have with a girl for 10 years.

    Genius’s last blog post: Ranking Israeli Girls By Ethnicity.

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  • http://www.districtramblings.com Laura

    My feelings about this post can best be expressed by this Onion article, entitled, “I Tell Ya, Until I’ve Had My Morning Coffee, I Am Just a Rapist.”


    Laura’s last blog post: Death by Firing Squad: Cool, or So Five Minutes Ago?.

  • George Smiley

    on the same token, I think the haters’ negative comments actually mean they like the post, this time

  • http://madjackshack.blogspot.com/ Mad Jack

    I’ve had experience with the flaky teasing shit. The girl was a neurotic with psychotic episodes and a drinking problem. I got rid of her.

    Once I came close (too damned close) to a rape setup. She verbally danced around her desire to act out a rape fantasy; I declined. Good thing, too. She was nuts.

    I found one “no means yes” girl some years back. What a trip. The kinkier things got, the more she enjoyed it and the protesting continued. I finally broke up with her when I couldn’t take the drama anymore and greener pastures presented themselves. She found someone she thought was good husband material and last I heard she was driving the poor schmuck nuts trying to get him to the altar.

    The only thing about the no-means-yes girl is that under the right circumstances, like when the man is loaded and not thinking clearly, you could end up in trouble. The odds are against it, sure, but I find myself being just a little more careful than I used to be.

    Mad Jack’s last blog post: RFC.

  • Bob Smith

    Women shout to the rooftops about how much better at communicating they are, so why not make them prove it? Words given other than their plain meaning or are intended to give the speaker deniability would not be tolerated in any other context, why tolerate it in a sexual one, especially given the legal risk?

  • sloopJohn

    good post roosh.

    I have to say that I would be more careful about this than a lot of you guys. Too many girls in love with being victims. a girl who says no when she means yes can other other problems, maybe she’s a flaky psycho. She could turn on you when she realizes you are not that serious about her etc.

  • Michael Jones

    Roosh: Haven’t I seen you someplace before?
    Woman: Yes, that’s why I don’t go there anymore.

    Roosh: Is this seat empty?
    Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down.

    Roosh: Your place or mine?
    Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I’ll go to mine.

    Roosh: Hey baby, what’s your sign?
    Woman: Do not enter.

    Roosh: I would go to the end of the world for you.
    Woman: But would you stay there?

  • gringoed

    I think girls say “no” to help them cope with the guilt the next day. They still want sex, obviously.

  • BigDonDickDangler

    Old sales technique…




    Move on

    When she really wants you to stop will probably be pretty clear.

    If she doesn’t ….no stop and don’t…turn into…

    NO! DON’T STOP!!!!

    Part of the problem in the USA, is so many people deny our primal nature and purely biological and animalistic roots. Couple that with the fact that chicks usually want to get fucked before they blow you= heavy petting zoo to sex in one step.

    Rape is not something to be taken lightly. It is a very serious crime and worthy of HARSH punishment. If either of my sisters or any female family members said they were raped I would be entirely angry and likely act out in an animalistic and primal way. I think this is biologically programmed into us.

    I don’t keep an accurate count, more like a rough estimate, but plenty of girls who have really wanted it and eventually said so or let me know prefaced it with something along the lines of:

    “We’re not having sex tonight”

    “No…I hardly know you”

    It just depends on the context.

    Like I said rape is not something to be taken lightly. I’d say it could even deserve unmerciful retribution…but these same feminazis and the miserable saps who support them sure as hell won’t step up when someone is falsely accused.

    You can apply AIM to see what she really means by just pulling back a step. If she draws you back in, no reason not to go for it. When you have hit the wall she’ll let you know but it is up to you to recognize it…if you’ve gone too far to stop youself physically but she ain’t down, just pull out and beat off on her cat or pillow.

    STDs and or Pregnancy are probably a more realistic threat to you as a human being..but if she brings the rape charge it will probably be you who ends up getting fucked.

  • http://vincentignatius.wordpress.com Vincent Ignatius

    Maybe some of these chicks are just trying to live out their rape fantasies without feeling like the filthy whores they really are by telling you.

    So many chicks love to be held down, choked, slapped, etc.

    Vincent Ignatius’s last blog post: I’m coming home!.

  • BigDonDickDangler

    Genius…this is actually probably a good move…cause if she wants it, in my own experience she’ll try to invite herself back in…

  • http://eveslibrary.wordpress.com/ V

    For some girls no means yes, but I think the world should try to train them from this habit. Because it makes it hard on us girls that say no and mean it.

    V’s last blog post: Kissing Lessons.

  • http://declineofgenius.com/ Genius

    V, who is the world? Are you saying that a guy should insist on sex with a girl who’s said “no” if all her other signals indicate “yes”?

    Genius’s last blog post: Ranking Israeli Girls By Ethnicity.

  • Mrs. Valizadeth

    And who will bail you out of jail, game boy?? Your book publishers and blog followers or me and your Dad that have provided you with food and shelter to become this monster?? Will that nice balding boy in glasses sell one of his expensive suits to pay your lawyer fees????

    You are my son and I love you very much but you make me cry and I cannot look people straight in the eyes knowing what I have raised. As your Mother, I command thee stop!

  • http://eveslibrary.wordpress.com/ V

    Are you saying that a guy should insist on sex with a girl who’s said “no” if all her other signals indicate “yes”?
    – – – –
    No I’m saying just the opposite. A guy should just let those girls go and then they’ll learn that they can’t get what they want if they fight it.

    V’s last blog post: Kissing Lessons.

  • Mr Valizedeh

    @ V,

    Even though she says no, her deep loins say yes. This isn’t a concsious thing, concsiously she she knows its a bad idea but her subconcsious makes the ultimate decision. Even though as a woman you are outraged at this idea, its true!

  • Peter

    ha ha, nothing is worse than when your mom reads your blog…

  • http://eveslibrary.wordpress.com/ V

    Even though she says no, her deep loins say yes. This isn�t a concsious thing, concsiously she she knows its a bad idea but her subconcsious makes the ultimate decision. Even though as a woman you are outraged at this idea, its true!

    Are you really Roosh’s mom?

    V’s last blog post: Kissing Lessons.

  • HAHA

    I cant post links, but check out the first definition on urban dictionary for Roosh –

    Roosh 248 up, 50 down
    buy roosh mugs, tshirts and magnetsA poseur who thinks he’s a playa. Someone who is clueless about how unskilled he is at picking up girls.
    So Michelle was at the bar and this roosh comes up to her and says “hey baby, what’s your sign?”
    playa poseur douchebag jerk moron wannabe pimp pick up artist the game
    by Joe Mama Smith May 5, 2007 share this

  • Roosh

    You’re only two years late


    And what were you doing searching around for me on the internet? Fag

  • Anonymous

    homo test

  • Anonymous

    Search Google images for “roosh.” There’s a cute pic of him with a pink purse. Care to explain yourself, stud?

  • Roosh

    I think the sweater is more offensive than the purse

  • http://www.naughtynomad.com Naughty Nomad

    I like to make up a CODEWORD with a girl, like “bananas”. Bananas means STOP. That way she can no and stop all she likes, but unless she says bananas – ITS GAMES ON! Plus bananas sounds stupid and is totally not sexy. It adds humour to an otherwise potentially awkward situation.

  • http://capitalistliontamer.wordpress.com RF Interference

    During my first year in college, being ignorant of the ways of the world and all hopped up and date-rape hysteria, I once stopped when a girl said “No, wait…” right before coitus. Then the next morning she seemed frustrated and asked me why we didn’t have sex when we woke up. For fuck’s sake woman! Lesson learned…

    RF Interference’s last blog post: Heavy Rotation 49.

  • Anonymous

    There is no such thing as rape. Girls want sex. Fuck their brains out. I don’t care if they say no or stop. It doesn’t matter. Nobody else should either. Remember, rape doesn’t exist.

  • http://declineofgenius.com/ Genius

    @RF Interference
    She slept in your bed?

    Genius’s last blog post: Ranking Israeli Girls By Ethnicity.

  • Anonymous

    Rape is easier to prevent than it is to punish. Anything other than a man dragging a chick into an dark alley and taking the pussy isnt rape but a “misunderstanding.” it boggles the mind how many women will go home with me after the club closes and when we in bed they will refuse to fuck. I don’t brother with them, I don’t entertain attention whores. I kick them out and on to the next one.

  • Gabriel

    Great timing for this post:


    maybe now we should acknowledge it when she says no?

  • http://cavemanchris.wordpress.com CAVemanChris

    There’s at least 3 lays in recent memory I wouldn’t have had it if I had stopped at the word “No”. One was the best lay of my life. It is common community lore that a girl saying “No” is usually just last minute resistance or anti-slut defense in most situations. It is not the same kind of “NO” said by a women strongly opposed to hooking up with you. It is important that you know you can discern the difference or else you might end up saying “No” yourself…..in prison.

    CAVemanChris’s last blog post: FR: Gua Rapo 10-23—-10-24-09.

  • speakeasy

    While Americans debate whether “no” means no, Japan had an anime series called Rapeman about a superhero that avenges bitchy women by raping them. Try getting away with that cartoon here!


  • Lily
  • Mr. Valizadeth

    100% true but…

    Son, you’ve grown quick and may think it’s not my business to tell you what to do anymore but please… my Mom and I beg you… use condoms! Don’t repeat my mistake!

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  • Stone

    I think the issue here is not that the girl does not want it – she clearly wants it, if she got in your bed and took her clothes off. Of course women want to be fucked.
    The issue is there she might want to play vindictive the next day, and if there is a chance the case ends up with a femcunt judge who just takes her word against yours.
    In the USA, this may be likely, so up to you to gauge the risk.
    I live out of the States now, so to me a verbal NO is not a no unless confirmed by action, like her getting the hell dressed up and out of my place if she really doesn’t want it.

  • http://blackmenfiles.com Blackmen

    Roosh, seriously, your the man!

    Blackmen’s last blog post: What comes around Goes around!.

  • Whatever

    I always get the sense that a girl says “no” as a way to make me feel like she’s not a slut and that she doesn’t do this all the time, or with many guys. Its the standard way to maintain an image of purity and good girl, while still submitting.

    A man has to be persistent and try to push the envelope as far as he can with most new girls. When a girl is truly not on board with sex, she will definitely make it clear. So true about “Stop” vs. “No”…. You can’t be afraid to try, try again, and you can’t get scared off by her “no”, but when when its clear its time to stop, you gotta stop no matter how hard. That’s where guys get in trouble.

  • Lily

    @ 40 Anonymous
    “There is no such thing as rape. Girls want sex. Fuck their brains out. I don’t care if they say no or stop. It doesn’t matter. Nobody else should either. Remember, rape doesn’t exist.”

    Sure. Great attitude. How far will you go.

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  • http://www.rockherworld.net KK

    Hopefully a false allegation doesn’t happen to anyone reading this, but it doesn’t even have to involve sex. Women have made rape accusations for everything from testing a husband’s love, to having an excuse for being late to work. Crystal Mangum made the claim vs. the Duke Lacrosse team to avoid a DUI.

    I’ve written a monograph called STRATEGIES FOR MEN, BEFORE DURING AND AFTER FALSE ALLEGATIONS, it’s up on Standyourground.com.

    There’s another site called dontmakehermad.com which advocates surveillance and recording devices to refute false allegations. It can be an ethical gray area, but it could be the only evidence which exonerates you. There’s a clock-radio, perfect for a nightstand, with a small video camera inside it. It’s difficult for a girl to cry rape when she’s on tape, on top and pounding you into the mattress.

    For my part, whenever things got hot and heavy, I’ve simply asked the girl: “Do you want to have sex? I’ve got protection”. They’ve normally always said yes. There was one time a girl didn’t verbally say yes but just went through with it, then seemed very distant and strange afterwards and never got back in touch. She may have just ‘flaked’ afterwards but she probably could have gotten me in hot water if she’d wanted to.

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    The first no may mean no. I assume it means “no, I don’t want to feel like a slut so you have to make me feel like I was tricked/convinced to agreeing to this” or “no, you haven’t satisfied me that you are worthy” or “no, don’t be a selfish dick and only think about yourself”.

    The second no means whatever I did after the first one either didn’t satisfy her or she actually means no. At that point ask. “You said no, should we stop?” If she doesn’t give a clear yes or no answer either leave or have her leave or offer her the couch.

    Nothing changes a no to a yes faster than accepting the no.

  • Anonymous

    You’re a cunt.

  • Anonymous

    Yes = yes
    C’mon, do it = yes
    No = no
    Please stop = no
    I don’t want this = no
    Tazer shock = no
    Gunshot to the head = no

  • Bailey

    No DOES mean no, you presumptuous cockfluff.

    Let me make it real fuckin’ basic, since you’re clearly (to put it generously) a simple guy: if a girl really wants to sleep with you, YOU WON’T HAVE TO BULLY HER INTO IT. The fact that you’ve had girls acquiesce after you fail to stop only suggests that they felt coerced, and bought into your own delusions of entitlement after being completely dickslapped with them. That doesn’t mean they WANTED it. Ever hear of the Milgram experiment? People do shit they don’t want to under coercion all the time.

    This is exactly the kind of shit feminists mean when they talk about rape culture.

  • Anonymous

    OH MY GOD! stop acting like a bunch of teenage girls! stop
    analyzing everything, its really not that hard; No means no! Even my dog understands this.
    If your still uncertain about what the girl means when saying no, try this crazy idea: ask her.

    and for those of you who seems to lack the normal understanding of basic vocabulary, here is a definition (I would recommend that some of you print it out and put it on your wall):

    No: Used to express refusal, denial, disbelief, or disagreement.

  • Anonymous

    wow you’re a douchebag. who are you to decide what a girl means when she says no? She’s more than capable of speaking for herself. Stop acting like you’re god’s gift to man kind just because you’re a guy.
    I’d like to hear you say the exact same thing when your sister, or daughter, god forbid, is raped despite saying no.
    Grow the fuck up. This is the 21st century where a woman doesn’t need a man to speak for her.

  • Sunniva

    When I am with by boyfriend, we often enjoy fantastic sex. Not because I, or he says no, and mean yes, but because there is a consent, a mutual consent.

    When my boyfriend wants to have sex with me, and I say no…it means..NO.
    It means: no, I dont want to have sex with you, because I am TIRED.
    no, I dont want to have with you, because I am not in the mood.
    no, I dont WANT TO HAVE SEX.
    no, I dont want to have sex because I am sad, angry and so on….

    The opinions you share on this site is directly dangerous. No means no everytime. You dont have to be a linguist to understand that.

    (sorry about my english, it is not my native language.)

  • Chester

    The WikiLeaks guy Julian Assange is now wanted for rape in Sweden – and hiding out in the Ecuadorian – for not literally pulling out his we wee from the va va when the da bitch said no.

    According to Swedish prosecutors, he stuck it in without a condom. When his date – or victim however you look at it – objected to his going raw and insisted he pull out, he didn’t and went right on ploughing his seeds.

    With 1 complaint, they might let it ride as a “he said she said” and decide they could not bring charges. It is a purely matter of opinion and credibility as to whether the “no” meant “I would prefer you to use a condom, baby”, or, instead “effective immediately I hereby serve notice that I unequivocally withdraw my consent to this activity and, forthwith, the aforesaid activity shall be deemed rape”.

    BUT, 2 Swedish women came forward with basically the same story. Maybe that is or is not enough for a conviction – but is is certainly enough for an arrest and indictment.

    Corroboration gets you every time. That’s what got the gay pedophile Sandusky ultimately arrested – after a decades long career of sodomizing little boys. A single complaint from a single 12 year old could be swept under the rug. But, once they have a whole crowd of 12 years old with basically the same story, case closed.

  • Anonymous

    This is…kinda despicable. No always means no. If you’re taking off ANY of her clothing and she says no, you need to stop because you are no longer being given permission to continue, and now are violating someone else’s privacy.
    If a girl wants to be with you, she’ll say yes. Anything other than a yes – no answer, maybe later, not now, stop, or NO – is a no.
    This is why people rape culture is being perpetuated.


  • Anonymous

    Why can’t you just jerk off if you’re all horny and a girl says no?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I love reading all these idiot guys who are cheering this dumbass blogger on in his logic. I can almost guarantee that they have not had even a little bit of sex in their life that didn’t involve a blow up doll, and even the doll said NO!! As I am a woman I can certainly tell you if I say no, it means no, not try harder. And if men don’t listen to no, a hard knee in the nuts makes them figure it out cause any guy that thinks rape is ok, needs to have his parts slowly sawed off with a hot rusty knife. Just my opinion…..

  • Anonymous

    … If a human being isn’t unsure of whether they want to have sex, THEY SHOULDN’T BE FORCED INTO HAVING IT.

    Without full consent, a person should NOT be forced into having sex. Otherwise, it IS considered to be rape.


    I’m a woman and all these idiotic comments saying that “women just want it anyway” is utter bullshit.

    And crap, how deluded do you have to be to in any way think that the word “no” means something other than the word “no”? If you think a person is confused or unsure of whether they want to have sex, then that means they haven’t given their consent. Furthering a sexual activity with them against their will is rape.

  • War Blur

    what really needs to happen is for you to be anally raped with some shards of dirty, broken glass. Then you’ll know, but, apparently, not before.

  • Anonymous

    People like you are what is wrong with this world. No means no, the end.
    Definition of rape: “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”
    If a girl says no, even in the middle of sex, you just lost your consent and therefore, you’re a rapist. If she really wants to have sex with you, she won’t push you away.
    Everyone who agrees with this post should get their heads checked. Imagine if your mom, sister, daughter, or niece told you she was raped. Would you agree with this post then? My guess is probably not. Every time you continue with sex when a girl says stop or no, or there is a lack of consent in general, just imagine that out in the world somebody is doing the same to an important woman in your life. Just because you’re not attached to these girls in a personal way doesn’t make them any less of a human. They are not an object and their opinions and wishes need to be respected.
    Now you should all get your brains analyzed, move out of your parents basement, become socialized and stop being assholes.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously all these posts are from total idiots. What part of ‘ no means no’ is difficult to understand? If someone says no, take them at their word and stop what you are doing, if they want you to continue they will soon say so. If you don’t stop you are a rapist.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is wrong with this piece of shit Roosh?

    Fuck you all, anyone who agrees with the sentiment of this post.

  • Anonymous

    roosh doesn’t seem to even realize he just blogged about raping at least one person.

  • Anonymous

    Real men know that “No” Means “No”. If you dont want to be accused of rape, then don’t fucking touch women when they tell you not to. Your a fucking prick.

    [Roosh: What site sent you here? Is it that youtube video of the scary looking hippie guy?]

  • http://dickowner.wordpress.com Dream

    You-tube video got me here. I agree with Roosh. She had the option not to get drunk, to let someone in her house or go in his house, or go there with him. You are raped when you don’t have options. Not when you can leave or prevent being in that situation. When women treat (nice-)guys like shit, guess what happens ? They don’t remain ‘shit’ anymore. In this world you have to look at actions to find out the truth. Or you will be lied. And when you can get pussy like toiletpaper, who has got patience to wait for basically the same thing, the so called decent pussy ? And how would you satisfy the hunger of starving niceguys who never saw pussy till they discovered the red pill ? The red pill that will get them women, women who discriminated them, for being nice. You see ? Everytime you lose, you give it easy or hard. But you won’t understand me. You are a woman. I need a good women for sth. more than a pussy ? You think I think low of me ? I used to, not any more. I wondered before why western men thought always only about sex. Now I am in their place, I understand their place. You don’t treat us like shit the way you do other pussys. Even if you don’t, you get punished because you live in a place where that usually happens. Women who live in brothel are treated as whores. Women have forgotten their place with the rights and privilages they have got. And sometimes they do deserve to get punished when they cross the line. But don’t worry I understand that you don’t understand. I am wasting my time. Showing emotions. Being vunerable again. Enough. Thanks Roosh for helping me see the truth and not getting used anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea WTF “Dream” is rambling about, except this once sentence was clear:

    “Women have forgotten their place with the rights and privilages they have got.”

    Is it just women (ahem, “pussys”[sic]), or do you like other races to also “know their place”?

  • http://dickowner.wordpress.com Dream

    There are only two races in my vocabulary: men and women. If you are referring to races in your vocabulary, yes, they need to know their place. As of now they don’t know they aren’t considered men by women here because they respect them too much.

  • http://dickowner.wordpress.com Dream

    What’s in a name? That which we call a women by any other name would lead us even down. -Sex Spear

  • Anonymous

    Nearly everyone commenting here is insane.
    I’m a guy, and I think you guys are disgusting in your behaviour.
    When a girl says ‘no’ it means ‘stop’. If she’s pulling your hand away, it means ‘stop’. If she’s saying ‘stop’ it means ‘stop’.
    What is so difficult to understand? I don’t care if it’s a one-night stand, your girlfriend, wife or whatever the case. If she doesn’t want it, no matter what the circumstances are, you have no right to force yourself onto the person.
    Honestly, if you’re scared of a bit of blue balls, just go wank off in the bathroom if she decides to reject you.
    I don’t care if she’s naked in your room, dancing the macarena and singing some stupid pop song. If she says no, it’s still no.
    You guys should all be criminally charged.

  • Anonymous

    Good to see there are a few of you who can’t get a woman to willingly interact with you. You must be confident men.

  • Anonymous

    “I just can’t control myself!” – well, then maybe you’re a fucking mongoloid.

  • Derrick

    I think it was Mark Manson who said to avoid the girls that say no when they mean yes.

    Because “she really meant yes” is not a defense.

  • RVF Member

    79 – Your clearly the biggest blue pill retard on the planet who doesn’t deserve the air that he breathes and hasn’t spoken to a female in any other means than a “friend zone”. Every player on the planet understands the Push-Pull mentality that females use. There is nothing I hate more than male feminists.

  • http://www.edensthaw.com EdensThaw

    Anyone who thinks “no means no” is true has never seduced a woman. Period.

    Fact is, she’ll say no to the kiss until your lips lock, no to taking her top off until it’s on the floor, no to the panties, no to your fingers, no to your dick, and then an hour (or two) later she’ll be lying in your arms telling you how sexy you are for being aggressive and persistent in taking what you want.

    It’s the same song in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, probably Mars too. It’s the woman’s job to resist and the man’s job to persist.

    Go outside and watch some birds, bugs, or any other critter — it’s like that with every species.

    These are the facts of life — as true as death and moreso than taxes, and you’d be wise (and happier) to heed and live by them.

  • James

    The way our culture has turned rotton–I’m dam glad I am old and married.

    I would not put up with these pussy ass bi**hes for 5 minutes.

    Guys, take some advise from an old player–GO EAST! Get yourself a real woman that wants a real man.

    Leave American-Fattie Butch Girls alone to their own devices. (battery required devices)

  • Deebos

    The sad reality is that most feminists, who are simple minded, need expression like “no means no.” With feminists, emotions control reality and there is no greater reality than that of the simple catchphrase. However, it is important to note that the arguments presented by the feminists here reflect their confusion on the matter. Most reasonable men understand that physical coercion is not seduction but rape, these same men understand that when a woman says no you should re-analyze you’re ability to seduce her. Feminists understand this to mean if she says no and you seduce further to a yes than the woman is free to claim rape at anytime in the future. Let me repeat, I am not talking about physical coercion, I am talking about this strange concept that sometimes people change their mind.
    On a side note, it is sad to see the state of women today, especially those who embrace feminism. They have abandoned their natural strength of being beautifull for bullshit arguments,liberal art degrees with no chance of employment, men’s haircuts and animosity towards to men in general. Any single man should read and re-read the statements by some above particularly commenter # 79. Society is moving toward the feminists ideal where men can (and have been) criminally charged for seducing their girlfriends or wives without any phsical coercion. Feminists want “men as my enemy” instead of “men as my complimentary.” I weep for our society like that Indian in the 70’s littering commercial.

  • Nomad77

    This is what happens when you remove English Comprehension from schools. While English may be the primary language in this country our ability to understand what someone has written is questionable for a vast amount of people out there.

    1. Roosh has never said in anything he has written to force a woman to have sex.

    2. A woman can always put on her clothes and leave the bed or apartment.

    3. What he does say, is that women expect a man to be somewhat persistent in ALL aspects of dating including sex.

    The key word there is persistent. There is a big difference between persistence and rape but since a lot of the people who has commented on here didn’t take English Comprehension I guess they can’t understand that.

  • J Peterman

    The bottom line is da wymnz want to be able to decide if something is rape or not, totally their call. Before, during, or after the event. Yes, no, maybe, are irrelevant. If, for instance, the first lady decides she’s been raped all these years, that’s it. End of discussion. Guilty as charged, no trial necessary. See? Wasn’t that simple?

  • KO

    OMg, do feminst have nothing else to talk about than rape ? Do they have to least talk about rape 3 times a day ?

  • Anonymous

    so, let me get this straight – a significant percentage of the women that you’ve had sex with have told you to stop at some point in the proceedings, and you didn’t?

    1. you’re a rapist.

    2. you must be REALLY bad at sex. i’d get that looked at, after you stop being a sex offender.

  • Not a Chick

    You feminists do understand that, as the fuckee, you have no frame of reference, right?

  • Pam

    Are you fucking kidding me?? If I were a man I’d be pretty insulted at your claim that they have no self control and think only with their cocks. Grow up little boy, and get some professional help, you ARE a sex offender, a manipulator, and a misogynist. If a woman says no, stop and ask her if she wants you to stop, and FUCKING STOP. With this line of thinking you will end up in jail some day, and I hope you get ass raped, after all, your “no” actually means “yes”

  • R Pas

    What we need is nothing but a nice global war bring humanity to the brink. Then people will have nothing else on their mind other than survival. Look at how polar bears live, they live in the harshest terrain on Earth where males compete by fighting to be able to sire a female. They also eat cubs that are not their own.

    The feminists would starve in this post war environment (literally). Good riddance. We only want the fittest to survive thank you.

  • None

    In Japan many girls will scream “No, No, No” during the act.

    And I just had a girl over and the result was basically a wrestling match. Panties? No! Bra? No!
    A stressful switch between dragging her around, holding and comforting her, touching, playing with the pussy a bit. Even playing “catch me if you can” in my flat. Dragged her around the floor, held her body tight. Should I have stopped and said get out? Nope.

  • None

    The rape comments are stupid. I just imagine the situation I just had. The girl comes to MY place in MY car. While I already made her horny in a bar. While she talks to me about how confident men turn her on, and she needs a real man that takes charge.

    Not everyone is wired the same.

    The idea that a woman will say NO during the act and then the man is a rapist, is so ludicrous I can’t even comprehend the idea. Jump off, and get your clothes on, and leave you weird bitch. The act should be beautiful. I’m accommodating but I’m not a beta loser. If the girl get’s dry after two hours or if she has to leave because of some appointment, of course I will stop. But talk to the man, he’s not some sex toy you picked up at a bar.

  • Anonymous

    don’t men get offended when other men say they have no self-control over their penises? I assume being called helpless, and hell, even being told that you want to rape in the FIRST place, would be offensive. Being told that all men just want to have sex, they don’t care if the woman enjoys it, must surely bother someone.

    Roosh, you yourself called sex a “biological and BONDING process”…that’s exactly right. It is a bonding process. We choose our mates and our bodies have evolved to allow sex to be mutually beneficial and enjoyable. So, since sex is this way to humans, why would men just want to stick it in and the woman’s consent be an unfortunate necessity? If sex is a bonding process, wouldn’t her consent be part of the enjoyment?

    Do you see what I’m saying? I don’t think most men would have trouble stopping because they wouldn’t WANT to continue without the woman’s consent. Her enjoying it is part of the fun.

  • Anonymous

    “I can’t control myself, or stop once I’ve started. After it gets going, I have a one track mind and cannot turn around. But the women, they can’t make up their minds. They might have a change of heart. THEY are the ones with the problem. Seriously.”



  • Buldoz

    Man, MRAs are some whiny motherfuckers.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, so if a girl gets naked and into your bed, and then something makes her change her mind and she doesn’t want to have sex any more, it’s ok to go ahead anyway? What kind of sick person would think that’s ok? So if someone gets ready to commit suicide and changes their mind at the last minute, is it ok to slit their wrist for them at that point?

  • Nobody

    As a man, shut the fuck up. You don’t speak for me.

    Vaginas, whether you like it are not, are attached to human beings. Human beings have basic rights that includes not being prodded or forced into fucking some dipshit who can’t understand rejection. Even if they’re naked, as if that changes anything.

    Maybe you can’t “stop on a dime,” but I can. You wanna know why? Because I’m a real man. Not a barely developed, soul-deficient little boy who doesn’t understand what “dignity” really means.

    Also, fuck you.

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  • Mysterics

    How about “Men arn’t robots who can be expected to mechanically fuck the nearest hole the moment they have a certain amount of testosterone in their system.” ?

  • Anonymous

    This is disgusting. Learn some self-control, that is, after all, what defines us from animals. Maybe even have a look at this: http://www.everydaysexism.com/

  • Anonymous

    The minute she says no and he continues to proceed it is rape. NO MEANS NO. How hard is that for you to comprehend? If she is completely naked and then says no, it still means no. “Women need to understand that men aren’t robots who can suddenly stop at the drop of a dime with all that testosterone pumping through their system” This is an excess, and a really pathetic one at that. Yes they can stop, they just choose not to.

  • Anonymous

    this is fucking disgusting, and this is coming from a man.
    the moment the girl says no, you stop.
    no fucking questions.
    you dont continue.
    you dont have the right to continue.
    if you continue, it is rape.
    i dont understand how that is so difficult to understand.
    she is a person just like you are.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter if you bought her twenty drinks and brought her home and cared for her for three hours. A woman does not owe you sex. She does not owe you anything except for a “thank you.” Look, it’s great of you to do that, but if you expect that because you helped her, she automatically must have sex with you, you’re a dick.

    No means no. If you’re taking off her bra and she says, “No,” don’t continue taking it off. If you guys have done everything but fuck and she says, “No,” don’t fuck. She’s not a blow-up doll or a walking vagina. She gets a say too. Stop whining about how it’s hard to stop once you’re horny and get it the fuck together. She doesn’t owe you sex, no matter what else you two have done together.

  • Anonymous

    Nearly everything I have read on your website is disgusting, derogatory, sexist and insulting to women and respectable men.

    It sickens me to know that you are proud of articles like this.

    No means no. This is not a matter of opinion or interpretation.

    The word ‘no’ has no other interpretation or hidden meaning.

    It does not matter what situation a girl is in, a girl never owes you anything.

    It is not your right to do whatever you want with her. It is not your right to ignore and abuse her.

    You are so pathetic to claim that it is a woman’s responsibility for men being unable to control their own actions.

  • Anonymous

    Someone DDOS this piece of shit misogynist scumbag’s website

    Writer of this article is LITERALLY A RAPIST

  • Anonymous

    The one fact that seems to be completely ignored here is the fact that less then 1% of rape charges turn out to be false, meanwhile rape is still a chronically under-reported crime. That means you are far more likely to get raped and keep your mouth shut about it for fear of slut shaming or that no one will believe you than you are to be falsely accused.

    Consent is not a complicated issue and “no means no” is not a catchphrase. It means that you are no longer allowed to continue doing what you’re doing. Simple. Personally, I have never gone home with a guy who I didn’t have the intention of having sex with, but that doesn’t make the girl who does stupid. Maybe she changed her mind. Maybe she likes you but isn’t ready to go all the way. Maybe she sobered up and is regretting the decision. Maybe you made her uncomfortable. There are as many possible situations as there are people, because when you take the situation out of the abstract and into a real life situation, it gets a lot more black and white. If she doesn’t want you, she’ll likely make herself clear and “c’mon baby, I’m really horny and I can’t control myself” just makes you sound like a caveman.

    And even if you do think she’s stupid or naive for putting herself in a situation like that, guess what? Stupidity (last I checked) isn’t punishable by rape. There’s not a woman alive that owes you sex, regardlss of the circumstances.

  • Stella

    “I find the only word that means no is “stop.”
    How disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    lmao all you dudes sound like rapists.

  • A guy

    I was in bed with girls on two occasions who started to say no. Being
    the inexperienced lad I then was, I immediately stopped. I was rewarded
    with a look of both disappointment and disgust. Those girls had been
    turning themselves on, not actually telling me to stop. I ruined their fantasy by
    stopping. I have also been false accused of rape by a girl who came
    onto me, led me by the hand to bed and then, after making out for a
    while and going down on her, I decided that she was too drunk to have
    sex with and went to sleep.

    Since those days, I have heard the
    repeated-no-that-doesn’t-mean-no about 10 times. Every time I persisted.
    Every time I got to have very enjoyable sex with a happy woman. Every
    time I saw her again, mostly with her contacting me. On one occasion, I
    was recommended to a girl’s friend, after I had wrestled with the first
    girl at my place for about 40 minutes, tearing her clothes and pushing her legs
    apart to finger her on our first date (we didn’t have sex that
    night, she invited me to her place the next evening). All of these women
    were attractive, 27 years+, independent, with good jobs and education,
    unlike the idiot girl who false accused me.

    “No” frequently means “show me how irresistible I am, you hunky animal”.

  • male

    “the fact that less then 1% of rape charges turn out to be false” -> could you kindly provide a reliable source for that piece of statistical crap?

    ps: a feminist blog is NOT a reliable source.

  • Fiona1933

    But persistence is different to different women and it depends a lot on age. Women are socialized to be ‘nice’. This means that unlike little boys, they are not, at a very young age, forced into situations where they learn to deal with anger and violence and pain. Daddy tells his quailing son to man up and get down the big slide! He tells his little girl “Don’t worry, sweetie! Daddy’s here!” Every time you do that to your daughter, you set her up for unwanted sex and even rape years later. You make her fearful. You make her ‘nice’. Many many girls, and I was one, cannot bear the idea of a man shouting at them. Can’t stand to see the look first of disappointment and then anger. Don’t want to hear: “Get your fucking bag and get out, you worthless bitch!” Also, you dont want to be forcefully reminded you are just a hole. You want the man to respect you as a person. Put all that together, and the younger girl will say yes when she doesn’t mean it. These women didnt say ‘yes’ to Roosh or to the others. They said no and then didnt have the strength to keep saying it. Also, it is very scary if you say no and the guy keeps going. What if he gets angry? Think of Thelma saying no in Thelma and Louise and what the guy did. This a real fear for women. You are helpless to stop him if her really wants to go ahead….and you said No, and he carried on…Now, when you get older, you learn to not care if he shouts at you and you learn to say No with force.

  • Fiona1933

    Women would like to have whole lives. Not just a ‘beautiful’ window between 18 and 24. To do that we need money, power and the respect that comes with it. Beauty gets you admiration for a few years. Where does your attention go when she’s no longer beautiful? Would you subject yourself to such a system? To a choice of disappear at 24 or be a man’s slave (oh, of course. His ‘respected wife. The one who has to be a perfect geisha every day). All real feminists are asking for is for men to understand that our bodies belong to us, are not owed to you in any way or at any time and to not hog all the power and all the money as you’ve done since time began.
    I admit many feminists are acting like dicks. Not the result of feminism, but result of 25 years of ‘self-esteem education’ where a teacher cannot even humble a child with red pen any more. It may hurt their important feelings because everyone is special. Men are acting like dicks for this reason too. Full of demands because you’re all so special! So important! Manners don’t matter, now! So go and yell abuse at fat girls! Dont’ care about others feelings!
    American youngsters are acting like dicks. But it isnt due to feminism.

  • agentfocker

    it all depends on how you do and say things, dear child.

    It’s difficult to vehiculate experiences through written words on words, but one can understand what Roosh means. There is a big difference if a girl is saying “no..noo.. no please… ohhh.. no” or when a girl screams “NO WHAT THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING”

    And your comment just proves this. You know this already but you just need to prove yourself out of insecuirity. You need to prove how women are human beings to remove any possible plausible deniability out of an article that isn’t necessarly being mysoginist and shit. You just need to validate yourself, even if it’s to a mass of people who don’t know your face or your name, since the internet has brought real life natural mechanisms into another dimension.

    That said, I wish you a good day void of insecurity and mental masturbation

  • Alex

    Well, that’s how it comes with smart arguments. They are always half right. Women did have power through their husbands SINCE THE TIME BEGUN. All you need to do is re-learn the tactics of your grandmother, like constant yapping, and sex withdrawal and so on, and you eventually get what you want from men.
    Marriage meant that men couldn’t divorce the mother of their children even not long after she lost her beauty. So please spare us of SINCE THE BEGINNG OF TIME shit, since things were much different up until no – fault divorce – which IS a product of feminism. Since than men can turn their head away from you when you lose beauty, though it’s rather the other way around.
    If you’re not a Christian, than i guess being unmarried, and indenpendent, maybe single parent also is your possibile way to go. Do know that if your child is a son, you’ll cause him great pain with it. If it’s a girl pain will be lesser.
    Why it’s bad for women to have options, to walk out of the marriage – because you change your mind often(much more often than men), and if real crisis arrive – you go where you feel better. and destroy lives.
    So you propose equality?
    What happens when two are equall in power but as diverse as cat and a dog? As the SSSR and the USA? As a man and a women? A conflict ensues, as status quo is unretainable in such a situation, and hierarchy needs to be established. (You probably think it’s bullocks what i say, but all of you do like that anyway.) If man dominates, he can turn into a tyrant and treat whole family as shit. But he can also – and often does treat them as family – women gets treated in such a situations well, most of the time, and she gets it to cildren too. If women gets to be dominant, more often than not she seems unhappy to me, and she treats her children well, but husband becames a slipper boy, not much man anymore, it’s pretty fair to suppose he aint getting any either, so we can freely frame him as a eunuch too. looses the ambition and he’s lost.
    Also Women like to be led(by someone they value), While men? Not as much, especially not by somebody that as a result treat them as an object, and withdraws sex since his value becames lower than her’s. While Women aren’t bothered by being objectified as much, as long as man in question is higher value. See that’s the main difference.
    It’s you that can’t stand status quo, and always push for resolution of it.
    Now don’t get me wrong there are numerous grey areas, and exceptions, and unfinished thought processes(don’t Know the exact word in English for it), but this is the general frame.

  • Alex

    Yes, perhaps, but also maybe they just can’t make up their own mind, like brain is telling “no, it’s a risk!” And hearth is saying: “hell yeah, it’s pleasure!” While out and in public, you want us to listen to your brain, but while alone and turned on, you just don’t want us to listen to your brain, even though your brain is still getting some weird say in the matter. It’s in fineses. if she is saying it silently, it’s shit test. If she gets louder with stoop, and No! Well that would have turned me off. Silent and dissapearing no is not even registered in a brain.
    See what we men are dealing with in here? And no girl, i haven’t made it up.

  • orion

    These comments piss me off.

    Anyone who does not get that a “no, no, oh no” is not the same as a clear and hard “NO!” is a social retard of the highest caliber and will never get his dick sucked until his late 30s, if ever.

    Once upon a time rape was a vile and brutal act, now people throw the word around like confetti.

  • cheshirecat

    Shuddap retard, and go fix me a sammich

  • Ivory Artery

    Did you check you the comments fellas?

    Did you see what I see? did you?
    Yes, yes my friends, this is as good as it gets in terms of MGTOW meditation and my prime reason for pulling the breaks on this bullshit feminist system. you can lie to yourself girls, but not to me, maybe if you’d get enough male attention, or at least get intimate with another person once in a while, you weren’t such a miserable, self absorbed bunch of impotence and impractical solutions aimed to shame males into fighting your wars for you, just like we did for all of history.

    good riddance girls, good riddance, I’ma be going my own way now.

  • Ty

    Sometimes, “no” means NO…

  • Ty

    I agree with you, man.

  • FuckNo

    THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS speaking as a woman, I would much, much rather sleep with a man who knows that no means NO, rather than an overly-horny, narcissistic Neanderthal who can’t control his own hormones.

  • FuckNo

    Again, thank you so fucking much for saying this.
    No means no.
    Women with any level of self-respect will appreciate when a man stops when she asks him to. Don’t play around with this kind of shit. When a woman says no, it means no.
    Rape will traumatized a woman for life. I know you might not care if you fucked up a woman’s mental stability, killed their confidence, and ruined their trust in the opposite gender (because women are just objects, right?!), but a jury sure as hell will

  • Fuckyeah

    Finally, some sense

  • Fuckno

    Are you arguing that rape ISN’T a vile and brutal act anymore?

  • Fuckno

    No, we talk about it when retards like you bring it up with bullshit like this. Maybe that happens to be 3 times a day around you :)

  • anonymous guy

    Your ideas obviously come from a lack of real life experience. Last night I went out with a woman and ended up back at her place. While making out in bed she told me that we were not going to have sex tonight. Sure this is what she said, but ultimately not what she really wanted. I was persistant despite her telling me I was being bad and it wasn’t going to happen. You see, a woman will always say no if she thinks things are moving more quickly than expected, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it. She is just trying to justify her innocense. Anyways, after my using her vibrator as well as my hands on her causing several orgasms, we ended up having sex. Yeah, she said no to me many times in the process, but ultimately enjoyed it in the end. This is how life works sometimes. Forget all that other subjective bullshit you read on here. So then you might say, wow, what I did was rape. But I did not. She liked my agressive behavior. We fell asleep in each others arms. After I left the next morning, she texted me that that she had a great time and wanted to see me again. If a woman says “no” it truly means she is not yet convinced or needs to be turned on more. If she says “STOP! GET THE FUCK OFF ME!” And pushes you away, that means no, and you stop.

  • Atlas

    As a man, I’d rather NOT sleep with a women who can’t understand the implications of following a man into his bedroom (or leading a man into hers). If I get a no at this point I don’t continue simply because I find this too insulting at this point anyway.

  • Atlas

    You are a moron. The word used to mean a vile and brutal act. Now it lost its meaning because it’s used for anything.

  • test

    Then why are you still reading?

  • RogerWilCo

    Heh…..Then they came for me, but there was no-one left to speak for me.

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  • killme

    This is literally an article defending rape. You are literally a sex offender.

  • T

    So what you’re saying here is that men cannot control themselves and are therefore the weaker gender.

  • Puccalove69

    Hello again,

    More questions….

    “Therefore it would be prudent for them not to enter situations where the average man can’t stop due to his innate weaknesses as an animal whose entire existence depends on him successfully mating.”

    This seems to imply men have poor self control and are not responsible for their actions. This is exactly the qualities you deplore in women. You seem to think very lowly of men. Anyway I said I had a questions so…

    What if I become ill during sex or it becomes painful?