When You Should Walk Out On A Date

In a perfect world, girls would be feminine, beautiful, and sexy. They would insist on treating you with respect. They would feel honored to spend an evening with you in a bar having drinks with their cell phones turned off. The reality is a little different. Through no fault of your own, women may show up on dates only to treat you like scum. In that case you should get up and leave. Here are three scenarios you should watch out for:

1. She is more than one point uglier than her profile pictures (for internet dates). We all know that a girl will put up photos of herself that might as well have been created using the latest Hollywood CGI technology. These days you must do an automatic one point deduction from how she looks online. But if she’s two points uglier in person, maybe due to massive weight gain or photoshop trickery, you should not proceed with the date. She’s conning you, hoping that you’ll let her blatant deception slide to give her one or two hours of entertainment that she couldn’t get by honestly representing herself. Dont let her get away with it.

If this happens to you, say, “You don’t look like your photos. I’m not happy you tricked me so I see no need to proceed with this date.”

2. She talks on the phone for more than one minute. It’s not terrible if a girl answers the phone to tell the caller she’ll ring back, though it would be better if she sends the call to voicemail. I’ll let it slide once or twice if she apologized immediately afterwards. But if she answers the phone and then has a unhurried conversation that you time as being over a minute long, she doesn’t see you as a real man and has no intention of sleeping with you. This is especially the case if her phone conversation has laughter, a sign that she has settled in for a chat. She does not at all care that you look her servant, waiting for her valuable attention.

If this happens to you, stand up, seek out the waitress, and ask for the check. When the check comes, demand her share of the bill. Make payment and say, “You can talk on the phone all you want now. Have a good night.” Cap it off with a smile. Bonus points if you walk to the bar and have a drink at your leisure to catch up on your Kindle app reading.

3. She brings someone else to the date. If it was clear that you were supposed to have a 1-on-1 date and she brings someone uglier than her, she sees you as a chump who will take whatever miserable situation she puts you in. This is more common in South America than the States.

If this happens to you, say, “You didn’t tell me you were bringing someone.” Let her give you some lame ass excuse about how she just found her friend or “cousin” on the street. Then say, “Okay well I hope you two have a lot of fun.” Smile then leave.

As for other cases, the most common that will come up is texting. The correct move is a little tougher to call since she will be disrespectful for only 20 second bursts. Personally, if I need to send a text I wait until I go to the bathroom so it doesn’t disturb the flow of our conversation, but some women don’t give you this courtesy. You’ll want to drop some hints that you don’t like it and see if she stops the behavior. Say one of the following two things during her second text attempt:

  • “Do you want to take a ten minute break so you can catch up on your text messaging and Facebook updates?”
  • “I see you have a lot of important text messages to send. Is this a bad time for our meeting? We can try again in a few days.”

Say it with a concerned look on your face, as if you really want to give her time to text message the world. If she doesn’t get the hint and continues to text after that, she’s basically telling you that you have zero worth in her eyes. Get the check and bounce.

A date is an implied social contract that two individuals will share a non-interrupted conversation over food or drink. If she breaks that contract through deception or disrespect then you are under no obligation to continue. If you value yourself, you should end it before you spend any more time or resources into a woman who is not treating you like a human being. There is no game move here to salvage the prospect, for it would be like trying to sculpt a turd into a beautiful statue. Delete her number from your phone and move on.

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