Which Cover Should I Pick?

Entries are in for the cover redesign contest!

I want a cover that not only is crowd-pleasing but also builds intrigue. If you’re in a coffee shop and you see someone reading a book with one of these covers, which one would make you want to learn more? Out of over 100 submissions, here are the four I like most:





After you’ve digested these, go here to vote, where you can also see six other finalists. You don’t need to rate each cover, but at least give your favorite cover five stars. I hope to decide by Sunday.

For those of you who already read the book, which cover do you think matches it best?

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  • ebak

    Voted for the realistic bat one, but all were good.

  • Marco

    I think its the first one. Sums it up.

  • Tony Snow


  • http://josephsblog.typepad.com/shorts Joseph Dantes

    You’re doing it wrong.

    Go into a bookstore and test which covers get picked up. And at what position.

    Joseph Dantes’s last blog post: Insults of the day: .

  • Gio


  • inSOMnia

    number two rooshie

  • http://therookiedc.wordpress.com/ The Rookie

    3 is by far the best. there should be some dead bat on the cover. #4 is good too but looks more like a zombie book…

    The Rookie’s last blog post: Rook’s Standard Bar Scenario Challenge for Newbies.

  • gringoed

    I think #4 goes best with the mood of the book. Plus it’s the most creative and intriguing.

  • The Scandinavian

    Roosh Vörek? That’s just badass

  • http://www.vksempireofdirt.com virgle Kent

    I’m loving number 4

  • hydrogonian

    This might be the response that you wanted, but I liked one or more of the covers that were on the original project page that you had previously linked to. For various reasons, I don’t like these.

  • TrailTyme

    1 for sure.

  • Francis

    i vote for number 3 although number 4 is pretty appealing too. i just think it is little bit too much for a book like that. The cover of number 4 can only be good for comic book.

  • Carl Sagan

    went with number 1

  • Klasik

    It’s obviously #2. It looks like the title will just jump out and eat you.

    #1 Just looks like all the maps of South America you’ve laready seen.

  • Giovonny

    I like #2.

    Is it possible to creat/offer the book in a few different covers? The buyer could choose which cover he wanted? I think I have seen a few different covers for “Think and Grow Rich”. Honestly, I think the title of the book could be more enticing, “A Dead Bat in Paraguay” doesn’t quite flow off the tongue in a smooth, seductive way. A re-naming contest would be interesting.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    Those are all pretty good.

    There are some serious book jacket artists out there.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Riga, Latvia: Nightclub Data Sheets.

  • Johnson


  • http://travelvice.com craig | travelvice.com

    Like I was telling Roosh — I wish the artists didn’t focus on the bat thing so much. The book is hardly reflective of its title. #1 is a solid choice.

    craig | travelvice.com’s last blog post: Photos from the Giza Necropolis.

  • http://raliv.wordpress.com raliv

    Nmber 4: Is that Roosh? Does Roosh only have one leg? Why is he jumping? Does Roosh wear skinny jeans? Why is Roosh wearing skinny jeans?? What is that thing around his neck?? Why is there a giant brown and red cloud of gas coming out of his backside??

    Yep. Gotta be number 4.

    raliv’s last blog post: North Korea Fires Rockets at South Korean Island.

  • nathan

    I actually really dig #3

  • http://www.bronanthebarbarian.wordpress.com Bronan

    The web site itself wouldn’t let me vote – some kind of server error. Go with number 1 for sure. The layout is clean and illustrates the travel theme well.

    Bronan’s last blog post: Best Dog Ever In The Whole World.

  • Juan

    All great designs (even ones you didn’t post, lots of talent around here). #1 gets my pick.

  • Anonymous

    #4 is the shit. It caught my eye instantly and intrigues. what went through my head is “what?” instant intrigue. The rest are good, but they are good good, not good/intriguing like #4 is.

  • Anonymous

    #1 is good, no denying that. But #1 cover just shows: another nice travelling themes. #4 on the other hand, just pulls you the fuck in. It arrests your eyes. You cant quite look away. You want to see what it is about. What does the author mean by that? You dont get these kinds of feelings for the rest of them(even though they are all good).

    I vote #4.

  • http://naughtynomad.wordpress.com Naughty Nomad

    I actually like number 3..

    Naughty Nomad’s last blog post: Part 2: Best of the Balkans (Top 5).

  • Basil Ransom

    1: Respectable
    2: Shitty, but not cool.
    3: Interesting
    4: Arresting.

    #4, definitely. Your audience is younger men, you want to catch their eye, not look respectable.

  • Anonymous

    Either 2 or 4 would work fine. I prefer 2 but I agree with Basil, 4 catches the eye more.

  • Mial

    Man , I’ve just discovered your website and think it’s ingenius!! Pragmatic , practical approach to life ,which you can relate to. And witty writing. It’s even better than happybrainstorm and 30sleeps blogs ,which I like also ,but I have to admit that this site , while not having the most beautiful graphic layout , is the SHIT!

  • http://goingdolo.wordpress.com/ Jack Frost

    Gotta be 4, thats the kind of cover you have sitting on your coffee table and it instantly starts conversation.

    Jack Frost’s last blog post: Steak & Burgers.

  • Mr. T


  • Anonymous

    Those are all pretty sick. Honestly, I would buy them all. Use them all for future editions. Damn. Look at those things.

  • anonymous

    In order: 4, 3, 1, 2. 4 catches the eye for sure…but I can see why ppl would say it’s more of a comic book feel. 3 is also very good.

  • Anonymous

    #4. I think the title will limit engagement. (ie. in a coffee shop even if I was intrigued by the cover, the title is a turn off.)

  • roissy

    I like the vörek. is it pronounced “pussy-slayer”?
    #1 could be mistaken for a geography textbook from across a room.
    #2 has a cool retro feel, but hints at nothing in the book.
    #3 is good, but a little too hipster watercolor-ish.
    #4 is a graphic novel cover. good if you’re shooting for the 18 year old nerdboy demo.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami

    very nice and artsy, but none of them sell the book

    put your freaking name BIG, bigger than the title, betseller type. then add a cover with tits


    add: a memoir of a traveler banging girls in south america

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami

    or change the title to: banging girls in south america. a memoir

  • Anonymous

    Yohami’s got it

  • Matt

    Anything but number 4. The last one, while a nice design, doesn’t interest me enough to pick it up.

  • ericthemighty

    read the book, 3

  • http://AuckandLair.com Dman, Auckland Pick Up Artist

    Easily number two is my favourite, with #3 being clear of the rest of them.

  • InterestedParty

    Another vote for #3.

  • Supernaut

    None of them are all that great with No. 3 being the best. Big improvement over previous ones though.

  • Supernaut

    Vorek? Another good Iranian seeks to ethnically cleanse himself for the sake of pussy and a pat on the head.

  • Marmot

    #1 is the best and most classic one IMO, but it runs a risk of being interpreted as a political memoir (ala George Bush crap) dealing with revolutions or whatever in South America. That’s why I also gave #2 the thumbs up.

    I’m not a big fan of the “mysterious dark” covers like 3 and 4, though they’re probably ok.

    ^Supernaut: Vorek is Turkish surname, I think, but I’ve also seen it in Poland.

  • http://alpharivelino.wordpress.com/ Rivelino

    1. boring
    2. tacky
    3. childish
    4. decent

    Rivelino’s last blog post: Femininity and common sense are way more important, and they’re often anti-correlated with book learning.

  • http://alpharivelino.wordpress.com/ Rivelino

    #36 and #37 Yohami is money once again.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: Femininity and common sense are way more important, and they’re often anti-correlated with book learning.

  • http://alpharivelino.wordpress.com/ Rivelino

    #16 “A re-naming contest would be interesting.”

    Thinking along the same lines as Yohami.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: Femininity and common sense are way more important, and they’re often anti-correlated with book learning.

  • Jorge Amado

    I like #2, but not the Typeface (which looks too comic booky)

    #3 is also good… like some Camus kind of sh-t

  • Lisa L

    The one with the guy falling is the best cover, but the one with the bat has the best backside. I would suggest combining them (but changing the font on the backside).

  • Snoeperd

    Use cover 4, it best fits your target demographic of men bored with life who a ready to jump down a building but instead will pick up your book.
    1 is boring, 2 looks like a dirty harry movie intro and 3 is funny but undescriptive

  • TG

    #3 definitely….

  • TG

    Which reminds me…the original will most likely go up in value…now that there is a reprint…I’d rather have the OG copy than a new one…

  • dc

    you;ve gone SWPL on us old boy

  • Saul Bellow

    numero 3, son

  • Lumiere

    I like 3

  • jewbaca

    i would totally pass this book. Put a woman or something sexual for crying out loud.

  • Snoeperd

    Actually jewbaca is right, just put a big cunt on it, literally./

  • Mandy! XD

    Number 4 is brilliant.

  • hydrogonian

    1. Doesn’t stand out as a book cover. On your webpage, it could be mistaken for a location map. And what’s with the grey lines? I assume they are to delineate the white space on the cover from the white on a webpage. Or, loosely interpreted, it could be water. The design would be okay for a bland textbook, but not one of your books.
    2. Bad/horrible font. The font is too juvenile. Otherwise, I like this cover the best. Whatever font it is changed to, if any, make sure they do away with the heavy amount of drop shadow and the grunge effect (at least to a large degree). I think the designer was lazy and used these elements so that he could make a bad font and color choice stand out against the noisy background. poor design crutch.
    3. Bad font. Way too casual of a font.
    4. Unreadable font formatting. The image doesn’t correlate with book well. It puts a couple of concepts together, but not in a way that makes enough sense. As someone else said, it looks like a graphic novel. It doesn’t inspire me to buy as a shopper of the type of material contained in the book. I’d like to see this with less weathering effect on the background color. It might look a lot better without the heavy watermarks.

  • greenlander

    I like 2 and 3.

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir

    number 4 or the last one.

    *whiskey sighs*

    of course you won’t pick either of those since this is coming from a chick.

    chic noir’s last blog post: youtube madness.

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir



    number 3 or the last one.

    chic noir’s last blog post: youtube madness.

  • Anonymous

    ^^^ and that’s why we don’t listen to chics

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir



    chic noir’s last blog post: wham bam thank you nam.

  • http://www.artbyjoel.com jkc

    either cover #2 or #4.

  • Bernie

    #2 by far.

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir

    thanks for the shotout my friend :thumbup:

    chic noir’s last blog post: wham bam thank you nam.