Who Is This Slapdick?

Another cute girl. She’s going to get her drink and then walk out the door. This Starbucks sucks.

No it’s good. You get a lot of work done because there aren’t a lot of distractions.

But look at her body, her long hair.

It’s hard to tell. Up close she could be a mess.

Wait, she’s staying. She grabbed the paper. Interesting, she’s sitting right next to me. This never happens.

Just stick to your work. There’s time for work and there’s time for play.

No this is an opportunity. She’s reading the sports section. Weird, why is she reading the sports section?

To see how many touchdowns her favorite football player scored. She obviously likes athletics… look at her body. She’s not interested in “writers.”

Get fucked. Okay I have to say something. What to say, what to say. Like it really matters anyway.

She’s not even looking up or making sighing noises. She doesn’t want to be bothered. She’s probably waiting for someone.

You shutup. She’s reading the classified section now. She’s bored. But yeah she’s probably waiting for someone.

You don’t even know how cute she is. You only saw her profile. She could be ugly.

So what? If I say something I don’t have to marry her. If she’s ugly then I’ll let the conversation die out. Okay say something now, she’s looking at the window.

“If you’re bored with the newspaper I have a book you can borrow. It’s very long though you may not get it done within the next fifteen minutes.”

Good job stud, she laughed. You got the magic.

Did you see her face? She’s 16!

She does look a little young. But she’s developed. You like that cute laugh though…

Whoop-dee-doo. Now what are you gonna do?

Shit I’m not sure. She didn’t ask me the name of the book. She could have at least asked. I would have asked. She’s giving me no encouragement.

Correct, because she doesn’t like you. Go back to work.

It’s done, she’s back in the newspaper, the classifieds. I won’t continue this.

You should have come up with something better. Wait, who is this slapdick?

It’s her friend. They didn’t greet with a hug or kiss.

Whatever. They’re talking about going to college. Congratulations you get snubbed by a high school girl. How do you feel?

The same. Look, if it wasn’t for me you’d never get laid. I’m sure she was just unnerved by our rugged appearance. She’s not used to talking to a real man.

Yeah, that’s it. :rolleyes:

Alright let’s get back to work.

Giddy. Hey on the way home can we get a corn muffin from Giant? They’re so delicious.


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