Why Bang Colombia?

From a business standpoint, writing Bang Colombia was a big risk. How many of my readers have thoughts of visiting Colombia in the next year or two? I’ll be surprised if it was more than 50. That means I spent many months writing a book for a few dozen people. Why didn’t I work on my day game book first, which is much more likely to be a financial success?

A couple years ago I realized that you have to write a book because of some duty that calls within you, whether you think the result will be successful or not. I simply had to write Bang Colombia before anything else. I wrote a game book, wrote a travel memoir, lived abroad, dated a lot of South American women—it’d be a waste of experience for me not to.

Anyone who has wrote a book knows it has to be more than about the money. There has to be a calling that drives you to grind it out in front of a screen for hundreds of hours when a million other professions would pay you more for much less frustration. In the end you have to be proud of what you do regardless of what your bank statement says. Otherwise you’re a sellout and a hack.

As for the future, my plans are finally falling into place after a rather aimless start back in the States. I’m horrendous at keeping schedules, but here’s what I want to do in the next year:

July: Complete text messaging guide
August-October: Complete day game book rough draft
November: Complete epilogue to A Dead Bat In Paraguay
December-January: Complete 2nd draft to day game book
February: Prepare for next trip
March: Eastern Europe? Ethiopia and the Middle East? Brazil?
April-June: Finalize day game book while abroad

I’ve already written the outline to the day game book, so it’s just a matter of hauling my ass to the coffee shop for dreaded marathon sessions that I haven’t had to do since A Dead Bat In Paraguay. To hold you over until I’m done with it, check out the day game tips in my newsletter and also in Bang Colombia.

In Brazil I wrote a very rough draft to an unnamed game book which I was thinking of releasing next, but based on its subject matter it’d be more logical to get the day game book out first. So you’ll see two more game books from me hopefully soon and then I think I’ll take a hiatus for a little while. I’ll go live in a quiet village for a couple months or something. Maybe I’ll pick up with some fiction or more travel writing after that.

I’m not lifting a finger until after the holiday. Then it’s going to be like I have a full time job. At least for a little while.

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