Why Bang Colombia?

From a business standpoint, writing Bang Colombia was a big risk. How many of my readers have thoughts of visiting Colombia in the next year or two? I’ll be surprised if it was more than 50. That means I spent many months writing a book for a few dozen people. Why didn’t I work on my day game book first, which is much more likely to be a financial success?

A couple years ago I realized that you have to write a book because of some duty that calls within you, whether you think the result will be successful or not. I simply had to write Bang Colombia before anything else. I wrote a game book, wrote a travel memoir, lived abroad, dated a lot of South American women—it’d be a waste of experience for me not to.

Anyone who has wrote a book knows it has to be more than about the money. There has to be a calling that drives you to grind it out in front of a screen for hundreds of hours when a million other professions would pay you more for much less frustration. In the end you have to be proud of what you do regardless of what your bank statement says. Otherwise you’re a sellout and a hack.

As for the future, my plans are finally falling into place after a rather aimless start back in the States. I’m horrendous at keeping schedules, but here’s what I want to do in the next year:

July: Complete text messaging guide
August-October: Complete day game book rough draft
November: Complete epilogue to A Dead Bat In Paraguay
December-January: Complete 2nd draft to day game book
February: Prepare for next trip
March: Eastern Europe? Ethiopia and the Middle East? Brazil?
April-June: Finalize day game book while abroad

I’ve already written the outline to the day game book, so it’s just a matter of hauling my ass to the coffee shop for dreaded marathon sessions that I haven’t had to do since A Dead Bat In Paraguay. To hold you over until I’m done with it, check out the day game tips in my newsletter and also in Bang Colombia.

In Brazil I wrote a very rough draft to an unnamed game book which I was thinking of releasing next, but based on its subject matter it’d be more logical to get the day game book out first. So you’ll see two more game books from me hopefully soon and then I think I’ll take a hiatus for a little while. I’ll go live in a quiet village for a couple months or something. Maybe I’ll pick up with some fiction or more travel writing after that.

I’m not lifting a finger until after the holiday. Then it’s going to be like I have a full time job. At least for a little while.

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  • dc

    I highly recommend Ethiopia.

  • http://therookiedc.wordpress.com/ The Rookie

    I agree, you gotta make it to Ethiopia. It’s gotta be more than a photoshopped April Fool’s pic

    The Rookie’s last blog post: Continuous Goal Revisement.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “I’ll be surprised if it was more than 50. That means I spent many months writing a book for a few dozen people.”

    I think you will end up selling a bunch of the Colombia book. It has a real good niche.

    But I agree with you, writing is never about the dough.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Las Vegas Broken Down to The Organic Compound.

  • http://www.getfuckedboston.wordpress.com Fade

    Sounds like you have a lot of stuff going on– good luck.

    I think The Peoples Champ is right, bang colombia will sell decently.

    I would go Brazil over Ethiopia, probably because i prefer latin women to black women.


    Check Out my Blog

    Fade’s last blog post: Anderson Silva – Family man, International playboy..

  • Anonymous

    Ethiopia is a joke obviously. You are better off going to Iraq than Ethiopia.

  • nathan

    Sounds like you’re living the dream, for better or for worse.

    I’m about halfway through Bang Colombia and it’s really great–hopefully I’ll make it down there within the next couple years. Can’t wait for the day game guide.

  • http://gameforomegas.wordpress.com Omega Man

    The truth is for a big segment of guys foreign is the best realistic option. Of foreign options Colombia is probably the optimal for most.

    Omega Man’s last blog post: Twilight Horror.

  • Anonymous

    The Baltics. You probably won’t come back.

  • Shaman

    I, personally, am interested in Ethiopia, but if you go by what your readers are interested in and want, by FAR, it’s Eastern Europe–and I personally am more interested in EE than Ethiopia (I said I was interested in Ethiopia, I didn’t say I’d prefer it to EE, between Ethiopia and EE, EE wins no contest).

    Just look at the forum: after Latin America, it’s Eastern Europe, nothing else is even close. There’s a bit of interest in Lebanon, Israel, Africa, and Asia, but those are all very, very distant 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. places to Eastern Europe.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the comment above, there is probably more interest overall in Eastern Europe.

    Plus, I remember you saying once how difficult it was for you to pick up Russian girls. Eastern Europe would be a good challenge for you, if that is what you’re after.

  • http://wonkawilly.wordpess.com Willy Wonka

    Until you put it like that, I guess I never realized or really thought about how much time and effort goes into writing a book.

    A rough, 2nd and then a final draft? Damn that’s a lot of writing and revising.

    Looking forward to the Day Game book although, it looks like it’ll be a year and a half before it comes out….

  • Lika

    Props for the book!

    I recommend Ethiopia if you like thin tall brown girls with delicate more European like facial features. Girls speak English, are cool and quite easy but they hate blow jobs.

    A few places you should check out:

    Kiev, Tashkent, Philippines, Cambodia

  • Lika

    E São Paulo com certeza… Vc vai ficar lá 6 meses e nunca mais vai querer voltar :-)

  • Anonymous

    Willy Wonka: What the hell happened to your blog?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    “What the hell happened to your blog?!?!?”

    Don’t encourage people to spam links to their shitty blogs on here. Look at G Manifest – that office boy surfs the Internet all day so he could be among the first ones to plug his wannabe fluff on here, Roissy’s, and who knows how many other blogs.

  • skinny homo

    “That means I spent many months writing a book for a few dozen people.”

    Well, it’s not like you had anything better to do LOL

  • aaron

    oh baby a text game guide? I can’t wait

  • schwanson

    And you’re working what … 20 odd hours a week? You seem more productive than I thought.

    Also, I second Ethiopia! Hell I’ll put down an advance payment for Bang Ethiopia!

  • roissy

    i anticipate the day game book will be outstanding. maybe even groundbreaking.

  • OGNorCal707

    Damn that Day Game book will be dope, definitely going to cop that. I’d say travel where ever most interests you, your readers and maybe ability to sell a “game guide” for E E may entice you to go there, but aside from the women, it doesn’t seem too interesting.

    Plus, you are creating a niche, seems like a lot of people are getting hip to your blog, if you start blazing paths into places like Ethiopia, people will catch on. Also, you seem like you got the “game” thing down and it’s great that you are able to give advice that helps guys, while making profits from your books, but it seems like you are a deeper, more complex guy, that may have other interests to pursue. Go to a spiritual place like Ethiopia, check out Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, so much great natural beauty, history, culture, etc., and Ethiopian, Lebanese, and Turkish women are majorly slept on.

  • Random Guy

    I would be interested in Bang Brazil, Bang Lebanon, Bang Iran (or Persian chicks) and Bang Ethiopia.

    There is already soooo much written about Eastern European girls. They are not really that much of a mystery and they are well known and talked about.

    On the other hand, it is a big region with lots of hot girls. Could always use a new guide/perspective.

  • http://www.naughtynomad.com Naughty Nomad

    Eastern Europe & Ethiopia both have some of the best looking girls in the world.

    I would personally recommend Ethiopia!!!

  • http://alpharivelino.wordpress.com/ Rivelino

    I admire your artistic courage and intuition. As far as I can tell, your travel game guide is the first one of its kind. It is not only extremely practical, it is an anthropological/sociological masterpiece. It is about time that we discuss cultural differences among countries from the perspective that matters most: chicks.

    You are innovative and groundbreaking. Next stop, Bang Spain.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: Thank you, Master.

  • http://vincentignatius.wordpress.com Vincent Ignatius

    Will the day game guide be as substantive as Bang? I imagine it will necessarily have to focus on the approach, because after you get the girl out you should just follow the advice in Bang. Looking forward to it either way.

    Vincent Ignatius’s last blog post: She Will Always Be a Broken Girl.

  • Lika

    “Next stop, Bang Spain.”

    … and then: Bang Kabul, Bang Pakistan


  • Sid

    Would it be possible to make a business of this? You know, getting travelling game guys to write books on how to win girls in particular countries? You could make a series out of it. Not every guy is interested in going to the countries you’re considering, but if you manage to make guides for many countries, almost every male traveler will be interested in a particular book in the series.

  • Anonymous

    you must have the best parents in the world. Mine would kick my ass to the curb long time ago LOL

  • Jack Me Off Jack

    are your followers mostly college kids? Is there anybody on here of your age or older that needs your help in getting women in bed?

  • Evan

    roosh, man, i got a question. your shit obviously is dope. you could make it as one of these big instructors, or work for an outfit like lovesystems and get paid to fly all over the world on weekends and bang girls. why don’t you? i’m asking because it’s something i’m aiming for and i’m wondering if you know something about that side of the subculture that i don’t.

  • Anonymous

    “are your followers mostly college kids?”

    Probably a good amount of older betas/dorks as well

  • Roosh

    Most of my readers are over 26

    And most aren’t newbies. They come here for refinement and entertainment.

  • papillon

    congratulations on the new book

    happy 4th

  • sloopJohn

    congrats on the Colombia book, and I will be going there later this year.
    Ethiopia sounds intriguing. A country with an amazing history, you should study up on the history of the country as well as the culture if you decide to go.

  • http://alpharivelino.wordpress.com/ Rivelino

    #25 Lika

    Clearly, you have never been to Madrid.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: American Girls: Slutty in their 20s, Rueful in their 30s.

  • Anonymous

    hahahah, what a retarded homo! Are you going to live with your parents when you’re 40 and write bangs?

  • Euuugghhh

    Roosh, speaking from experience if you’re a single guy travelling alone, you have a better chance at getting laid in a convent than in the Middle East. The only girls that are realistically bangable are the expats. Though if you’re up for a challenge…

  • Euuugghhh

    That being said, the place is amazing and the girls are beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    i like gangbangs with only hot babes 10 or above. if you aren’t a 10, you don’t have permission to be in my gangbang

  • BadWritingSucks

    A review of Bang:
    I was attracted to this book because of the title, Bang: More Lays in 60 Days. Sounded pretty good. But the book is tedious, more like a college textbook rather than anything that would motivate me to go out and meet women. It lays out no overall strategy for getting laid. Instead the author provides example after example of what he thinks you should do in any given situation. And the advice he gives is questionable to anyone who understands game.

    I read Neil Strauss’s `The Game’ and the characters came alive to me. It had me jumping in my seat wanting to go out and meet women. This book is the exact opposite. It’s dry and no fun at all. I’ve read computer manuals that are more enjoyable.

    I can handle dry and boring if there is some solid underlying plan of attack about how to do it, like Mystery Method. The chapters in `Bang’ lay out Early Game, Middle game, Late Game, etc. But that that’s about it. It’s mostly just a collection of “if she does this then do that”. It’s written in paragraph form, so I can’t possibly see memorizing this stuff, unless I took notes. But that’s not even worth it.

    Most of the advice he gives is questionable or dated. For example, he goes on endlessly about being the alpha male and later says if you get her e-mail you should write this:

    “Right now I’m sitting in my cubicle staring at my padded wall. You wish you were me. Saturday night was fun though… good to meet a fellow dog-hater. Do you want to hang out for a drink sometime?”

    Alpha males avoid asking questions and demonstrations of lower value like “I’m sitting in my cubicle staring at my padded wall”. It may sound good to a newbie or happen to work for a good looking guy, but if you want to meet attractive women you’ll need tighter game.

    A Review of Dead Bat:

    As someone who has traveled extensively in South America I’m always excited to see a new travelogue, especially as there’s not a lot of travel writing available about that continent. This, however, was a complete waste of time, it’s boring (unless you enjoy dozens of references to diarrhea), self-indulgent, and shows very little insight into the countries and cultures Roosh visited.

    There’s little to no descriptive writing of the places visited. Actually there’s more about hostels and dorm rooms than there is about cities, jungles, ruins, festivals or history. So if you’re interested in those things try instead a book by Hugh Thomson.

    But what about girls and pickup? Roosh is a pick up artist (pua), and does have some funny stories about American girls on his blog. If you are expecting torrid tales of his amorous adventures in South America you’ll be out of luck. In six months the poor man only scored twice. A huge chunk of the book describes his attempts to date girls in Argentina. The method apparently involved staying at a gringo hostel for a month and enjoying daily chicken dinners with equally lovelorn fellow travelers. Truly riveting stuff there.

    Anyone looking for a fun read about young travelers in South America will find The Gringo Trail by Mark Mann far more rewarding (and he gets laid more than twice).

  • http://alpharivelino.wordpress.com/ Rivelino

    Bang was fantastic. Who is this guy?

    Rivelino’s last blog post: American Girls: Slutty in their 20s, Rueful in their 30s.

  • Lika

    “Bang was fantastic. Who is this guy?”

    Mark Mann, I guess :-)

  • Roosh

    Even classic literature that you’re required to read in high school has received negative reviews. I’m not saying my books are literature, but they have flaws and won’t be everything to everybody.

    But yeah it’s easy to scour for negative reviews and copy/paste them anonymously. It’s true that two people hated my books, and one was a woman who isn’t in my intended audience anyway.

  • Roosh

    Rivelino: It’s my hater from Spain. I’ve banned half a dozen of his/her IPs now. Very persistent.

  • ronin

    I caught the Tuetonic onslaught at a very predominant Argentinian cafe in the burbs. Two things that had me cracking the fuck up besides the watery Quilmes was Roosh’s accurate description of the mousy look of Argie chicks and mi mate wearing his German jersey making a proper spectacle of himself. I could swear their disdain could not mask their gina tingle for this center-of-attention-aryan-asshole. It was intriguing to observe the mousy stares in our direction.

  • papillon

    Bang is great.
    my only regret is that it wasn’t written sooner

  • Carl Sagan

    i anticipate the day game book will be outstanding. maybe even groundbreaking

    Ya, can’t wait for this.

    Not a huge fan of club/bar game. Just a necessary evil as far as I’m concerned.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, your writing suck but your loser life is entertaining. Hurry up with the next post, rootard

  • http://alpharivelino.wordpress.com/ Rivelino

    If anybody knows women, it’s Richard Kern. He recommends Milan.

    “It was the ugliest city with the worst hotels, but it also had the best food and the best models.”

    Roosh, don’t you want to bang models? Bang Milan, baby. It has a nice ring to it, too.


    Rivelino’s last blog post: If you put a girl on a pedestal.

  • Nestorius

    As a gamesman from Beirut, I say you’re welcome here. Beirut is a tough place, ask me, but game works here as it works elsewhere. We have few men aware of game here.

  • Anonymous

    cool :pika:

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe how much ignorance and arrogance are needed to be combined to have someone write such an useless and misogynist book such as BANG COLOMBIA; I hope not a lot and such a quantity just fits you and your tiny self.



  • betty

    Sabe usted que pasa si te das una vueltita a Colombia? extranjeros pendejos que creen que utilizan a las mujeres Colombianas y estan totalmente equivocados!!! ustedes son tan brutos y tan bajos en autoestima que tienen que pagar y buscar en lugares lejanos a sus países por que son ignorantes, poco hombres…

  • El Gringo !!

    I got the chance to meet on Badoo a Very very Sexy Morena Culo-mmmm-biana From la costa of Riohacha, i recommend one because they will never say no to their man. They love to open up .. Jajaja