Why Fat People Don’t Mind Being Fat

It took me a while to figure this one out.

Around my skinny, health-conscious friends, the topic has come up on how fat people can stand to be fat. “It’s not that hard to lose weight,” one would say. “I wouldn’t allow myself to get big,” another would add.

What we didn’t understand is that most fatties fatten up in adolescence. In high school and college, during the toughest stage of their life to be fat because of taunts, snickers, and a lack of sex during perhaps the horniest stage in their life (and don’t give me that feminist bullshit that a woman’s libido peaks in her 30’s), they are still unable to lose the weight. Then they become adults where being fat is far easier. There are fewer taunts, less people openly judging them, and they now have better access to millions of hours of hot porn. Whatever motivation to lose weight is diminished since in our politically correct society no one is going to get on them for being overweight, not even family members.

In conclusion, it is nearly painless to be fat as a adult in the United States.

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