Why I Came Back Home From
South America Earlier Than Planned

Six weeks ago I wasn’t completely honest when I gave reasons for why my trip to South America ran short. Something happened.

A couple months into the trip it became very obvious that I wasn’t going to meet a “serious” girl. The language barrier and my one-city-every-four-days routine made it difficult to happen. There would often be physical attraction, but nothing that had enough substance to last. I thought that would change in Cordoba where the girls are extremely beautiful, but their attitude was quite different than what I have become accustomed to. Even there, nothing got past the physical.

By the time I got to Rio de Janeiro, I gave up any idea of meeting a girl that I would consider dating long-term. I hung out with some fun Australian guys I first met in Cordoba and we did our thing of going out and hitting on the locals. We’d drink and not really care besides getting some cheap thrills. But on my seventh day there, I met someone.

Camera shyThe only reason I approached her was because I swear she gave me a look. We talked and within just a few minutes she told me she liked me. Things moved fast—and not just physically. Next thing I know I’m checking out of my hostel to stay with her. We’d cook together, she’d show me around the city, and we’d come back into her studio apartment and have intimacy. During that time I wondered why it was so much harder to do this back home.

I had to do some serious thinking. If the end game is meeting a girl you consider a life partner—someone that you can maybe even love—then I made it. I’m there. Finally, after approaching a million girls, I’m satisfied. And I doubt it’s a coincidence that she is one the most beautiful girls I’ve ever been with. She didn’t want to come to the United States (I don’t blame her), so I had to make a decision.

I’m a firm believer in taking risks and adapting to whatever situation you put yourself in. I do believe she is worth it, more than any other girl I met. So we decided to make a go of this. I came back to the States to tie up some loose ends and spend time with my family and friends, and I return back to Rio exactly one month from today. I’m tired of looking at just a photograph of her taped to my bedside. I’ll be back to visit around Christmas.

The blog will continue of course, and maybe even get better as I can write more about how to have a fulfilling relationship. This just feels right.

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