Why Progressive Media Is The Path To Riches

Haven’t you noticed what’s happening in the media and on the internet? Companies are cashing in on the backs of those with a brainwashed belief system. Sites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Policy Mic, Medium, Huffington Post, and Gawker are raking in money hand over fist providing content which either acts as soothing soma for your modern progessive or emotional outrage at something that conflicts with their worldview. Providing content targeted at liberals, social justice warriors, and white knights who believe in mythical fantasies is now a huge profit-generating industry.

The site Buzzfeed is the physical manifestation of progressivism transmutated into gigantic piles of cash. So is xoJane, Jezebel, any woman’s site, and even sites that were formerly the domain of men, like Cracked, Forbes, and College Humor. More sites are veering left simply because that’s where the cash is. It’s not hard to see why: the modern West has become more liberal than at any other time in history while bored citizens are wired with tablets, smartphones, and computers that need a replenishing flow of content that can be laced with advertising to enrich the media owners. Even better for those owners is the fact that we still haven’t hit a peak at much content can be consumed by your typical consumer zombie, because I’m sure you’ve noticed how all those blogs are huge even though they write about identical topics.

Maybe progressivism in the past really was about social change and equality, but the owners of these sites don’t care about anything that doesn’t give them money. Buzzfeed was recently valued at $850 million. Huffington Post was sold for $315 million three years ago. Tumblr, the most anti-intellectual and anti-science community on the internet, was sold for a staggering $1.1 billion. Have no doubt that all the nonsense you read on the internet that goes against your views is solely created to enrich the owners, because believe me, you don’t need investors to get your message out there. You don’t need an advertising rep to cover your hosting costs. You don’t need an MBA to sell a few books that provide you with food and shelter costs. The owners want to be filthy rich and so they are taking advantage of liberals who don’t have much in the way of hobbies or life meaning, hijacking their eyeballs and attention to shoot their net work to the top while creating ideological “movements” as gods that can be worshiped by people struggling to find existential reasons to get through the day.

If you equate the words “liberalism” with “money,” and the word “liberal” with “consumer,” it all starts to make sense, and while some of that happens on the conservative side as well, especially with Fox News, the right is extracting less money and attracting less eyeballs in the new media field centered around blogs, apps, and short-form video (the far-left video company Vocativ recently went massively viral with a clip about “street harassment”).

There are many ways to make money on the internet, but one of the most reliable is creating feel-good content for liberals while simultaneously outraging them with things that 4chan or Return Of Kings says. History has shown that the pendulum can swing from one extreme to the next quite rapidly, but it’s safe to say that anyone who starts a business targeted towards a standard issue liberal today will be profitable for at least the next decade. If you can’t beat them, profit from them.

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