Will The Only Form Of Game To Survive The Future Be Day Game?

I recently published an article on Return Of Kings titled Why The Era Of Meeting Girls In Nightclubs Is Coming To An End. It has received over 500 comments from men who agree with its conclusion that clubs in the Western world are providing a low return on investment when it comes to meeting women.

In the golden area of modern pickup (around 2000-2005), a little night game was all you needed to consistently meet cute American girls in bars and clubs. It had its flaws, but just knowing how to approach with a little confidence and dancing skill would be enough to get laid. You didn’t have to use the internet. Day game was nothing more than a niche for guys who didn’t drink. Flaking was a low level annoyance instead of a common outcome, and you didn’t have to aim for a one-night stand because chances were reasonable that a girl would show up on a first date.

My recent experiences in Washington DC, Montreal, Toronto, and New York City clearly showed me how much night game has declined.

Clubs in non-Western countries can still provide gains, but the proliferation of smartphones and bottle service has definitely made it harder at night for a man to meet women of reasonable quality. I’m sure you’re no stranger to this decline and are at least familiar with the basic idea of day game, especially since I wrote Day Bang several years ago. I’d speculate that most men, however, have never done a day game approach in their lives. To help them understand the benefits of day game in a declining Western sexual market, Troy Francis over at ROK is doing a series on day game. His first article is titled Why Day Game Is The Secret Sauce You Need To Consistently Meet And Attract Women.

While it would be inaccurate to call day game a numbers game (with application and experience your results can and will improve) nevertheless, the stark truth is that you will experience more rejections than you do successes. This is just the nature of life. Nothing that is worth doing is easy.

That said, you shouldn’t let the fear of rejection put you off from trying, because rejection itself is not really that bad. Put out of your mind any thought of girls slapping you round the face or calling the police. Such events are outliers and are so uncommon that they’re really not worth worrying about. A more typical rejection will simply be a girl telling you she has a boyfriend.

That’s it.

I’m also encountering a lot of complaints from men that internet game is getting worse. Specific services like Tinder and OK Cupid experienced a heyday where using them provided at least some value, but then uglier women and thirsty men piled in, causing lower yields. This is why for the near future I believe that the two best ways to meet quality women will be through day game and social circle. Day game is hard enough that it will never go mainstream while social circle game gives you VIP access to women that are harder to meet through cold approaching.

Your game strategy will completely depend on what your goals are. If you want to plow through stacks of girls, you’ll most likely want to involve some internet or night game since it puts you in contact with large numbers of them, but if you’re more selective and looking for something of a higher standard that could involve a relationship, day game and social circle will yield better results, and they’ll both hold up in a time span of five years. They’re much harder to do, but because of that, the reward is almost guaranteed to be greater.

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