Womanly Advice

If you take a look back at the history of man, you will not find one instance where an average woman’s advice about dating or relationships was better than an average man’s.

When you ask a woman for advice, she doesn’t tell you what works in a world based on reality; instead, she tells you what would work in a perfect, harmonius world where attention is free and plentiful, where no one hurts each other and no one plays any games. She tells you what would work if no one got punished for expressing feelings and interest. She tells you advice that always seems to work in television and movies where the beta always gets the beautiful girl. (Not suprisingly, most mainstream movies are written by beta white guys.)

Want to talk to a girl? “Go tell her how beautiful she is. Her heart will melt.”

Girl not putting out in a timely manner? “Be patient and get to know her better. She will reward you with intense passion.”

Marriage getting a little loveless? “Send her on a week-long spa vacation. She will come back home ready to cook and clean with gusto once again.”

Girlfriend spending your money at expensive dinners? “Spoil her and treat her like the princess she is. The monetary investment will come back ten-fold with eternal love.”

In love with a girl who has a alpha-male jerk boyfriend? “Spend quality time with her and remind her how much better you will treat her. Eventually she will dump the alpha for you, an emotional sack of love who loves going down on women.”

Listening to advice from woman is like asking a car dealer what’s the best way to deal with other car dealers. They are not going to sell out their kind.

At risk of sounding like a Seinfeld episode, I think every man should do the opposite of what a woman says. A woman’s advice is pretty typical anyways: they either tell you to give more attention (i.e. try harder) or be patient. When you hear these, it usually means you are probably putting in too much work and need to withhold attention while being more firm with your needs. Your best bet is always to get advice from a man who actually, you know, fucks women.

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