Women Are Killing The Golden Goose

I feel sorry for any young man who gets started in the game today. He must deal with significantly more challenges when it comes to meeting women that tax both his free time, mental health, and overall life enjoyment. This man may eventually come to the rational decision that, based on the standard of women he wants and the value they’re able to give him, it’s too much of a strain to chase them.

What is the number one female behavior that is turning men off from pursuing women? Without a doubt, it’s flaking. We are now in the middle of a worldwide flaking epidemic where women are showing a shameful lack of respect to men by leading them on with clear interest and then canceling plans at the last minute or outright disappearing without notice.

It used to be that the type of girl who would flake on you was drunk when you met her, but now flaking is happening with girls you’re currently having sex with and who, we must fairly assume, have enjoyed your company to a strong degree. As girls are encouraged by the culture to pursue their momentary whims, feelings, and desires, we are facing a generation of women who don’t know how to make plans and keep them.

Most horny young men have natural immunity to systemic flaking. They are so single-minded in getting laid that they are able to temporarily forget the disrespect that was served to them and instead chase another girl. They can get flaked on as many times as needed in order to eventually fulfill their biological desire of fornication. Such a man may remark that it’s “no big deal” when a girl flakes, that it’s something that you have to “deal with,” as I surely have stated in the past. There are two things that I didn’t understand:

1. A man’s horniness will decrease from its peak. It’s easy to ignore the effects of flaking when your testicles are commanding the action, but that will inevitably fade and soon your more logical brain will take over and start convincing yourself to modify your behavior to avoid the flaking. It will first try to weed out flakes using various techniques but when that fails to work to a satisfactory degree, it will begin avoiding women.

2. The effects of flaking are cumulative. If a cat scratches you for the first time, you’ll be surprised and shrug it off. You may find the cat to be playful and coy when it scratches you subsequent times, but after a cat scratches you 250 times, you will establish a strong link between cats and the ensuing pain that comes from their scratching. Either you’ll start wearing gloves to play with cats, put your skin within safe distance of them, or avoid them entirely.

Men have flaws to their nature just like women, but those flaws are not enough for women to decide to drop out entirely of dating men, and the only women who suggest that are older spinsters who were forced to because they no longer get even scraps of attention from them. Yet like in Japan, we’re seeing young American man in their hormonal prime completely drop out from all interactions with women.

Imagine how bad the behavior of women has become for men to voluntarily forgo the immense bodily pleasure of sex. While there are additional deficiencies in the modern woman that can fill encyclopedic volumes, incessant flaking in the biggest one that quickly sours any attempt by men to try their hand at having a normal sex life.

As long as women are encouraged to shop around for men, and there is a lack of cultural shaming that punishes women from breaking their word, ghosting, and not maintaining their commitments, you will only see an increase in sexless “men going their own way” groups. It’s becoming too hard for a man who doesn’t deeply commit the time and study to game to even get a date with a girl who shows up at the agreed upon time, let alone have sex with her. The pain for these men in not having sex doesn’t outweigh the pain of the flaking and other abuse that women are now giving (pain that our male ancestors didn’t at all have to experience), and yet there is nothing that suggests women are even capable of recognizing their anti-social behavior.

Women are currently enjoying a party of epic proportions. They are allowed unlimited personal freedoms to live as they want, date how they want, and act as rude and disrespectful to men as they want. There is no institution in the establishment that wants to reverse these behaviors, but men are also allowed the freedom to make a choice of not dating these women, and that’s exactly what growing numbers of them are doing.

It used to be that men who were socially awkward would drop out first, but in the next ten years you will see accomplished, ambitious, and even top 10% handsome men drop out of the sex game simply because women keep abusing the goose. There will be always be thirsty beta males who give these women unlimited attention, but we already know that women don’t want them. Once men of higher value start giving up, and it’s only a matter of time if current trends continue, I wonder where women will find their golden eggs.

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