Women Who Say I Hate Women

A common charge leveled against me by women is “You hate women.” It’s a mind-boggling accusation if you consider I’ve spent more mental energy at “figuring” women out than 99% of men on the planet. If you also account for the amount of time I’ve spent writing out my thoughts and analysis about them, it gets upped to 99.9%. I’m not going to be cheesy and say I love women and how they’re all beautiful creatures, but my entire life would be a fraud if I really hated women. I would be a goddamn fool to dedicate a good portion of my free time to them if I genuinely hated their guts.

Think back to all the women you’ve ever dated in your life. How many of them would you consider “special?” It’s probably in the single digits. Now how many of them were just alright or slightly memorable? Finally, how many were forgettable enough that you wouldn’t care if you ever saw them again? It’s safe to say that most women you meet won’t make a positive impact to your life, and only a select few have brought you sustained happiness. Some women you’ve loved, and some you’ve hated, but you unless you’re desperate you approach each woman with a little skepticism, wondering if she can please you with the qualities you desire. Having a default opinion that all women are wonderful snowflakes makes it likely that won’t you even get to experience them in bed. It’s not a matter of hating anyone, but having a high opinion of yourself and knowing that you deserve a woman equal to or greater than your own value.

The truth is that when a woman reads my blog, she becomes exposed to some uncomfortable truths. Chances are I’ve perfectly described her own flaws. She now has two options: accept my criticisms and make an honest effort to improve herself, or block out what she just read by saying “He hates women.” The latter makes it’s easy for her brain to discount everything I’ve written and continue on her current trajectory. It’s a form of self-denial.

I do something similar after I read the opinion of a girl about dating, when I snoop around to see if I can find photos of her. If she’s pretty, then I may consider the points she raised, but if she’s not someone that I would bang, I safely disregard everything she said since following her ideas would push me farther away from getting the attractive women that I desire. Another example: if a pretty girl in a bar compliments my shirt, I know I’m on the right track, but if an ogre does the same, I disregard it completely. I prepare to burn the shirt if another ogre hits me with a similar compliment.

American feminists who accuse me of hating women think that I’m bitter because I can’t fuck a feminist, but the reality is that the easiest girl for me to fuck are feminists. And when I mean easiest, I mean easiest in the world. They’re so easy that I suspect European men prowl through international airports in their cities looking to “assist” fresh female American arrivals, knowing it’s just common sense that a woman who doesn’t believe in a “slut” concept will fuck anything for the most arbitrary of reasons, like a “sexy” foreign accent or so-so skill at playing Wonderwall on guitar. Ultimately, I believe feminist hate against me stems from all the guys they’ve fucked who have never called them back, who made them feel anything but “empowered” and “independent.” I’m their punching bag to make them fell less like a… slut.

Humans need a way to filter information, and one way we do that is to trash everything that comes from someone we don’t already agree with. Feminists do this to me by saying “Roosh hates women.” You better believe that no feminist wakes up and says, “Today I will change my mind or my lifestyle if someone challenges my beliefs.” So they have quick retorts that keep them in their fantasy bubble, easy rationalizations for their lonely existence. I’m getting older so my beliefs are getting entrenched, but I will change my mind if new evidence suggests I hold an incorrect viewpoint. That’s because I’m a man, and most men are capable of doing that. I’ve never seen a woman change her mind in the face of contrary evidence. Not once in my entire life. She either throws a temper tantrum, starts with the name-calling, or pretends she never held the incorrect viewpoint in the first place.

A more amusing hater comment I come across is, “He hates strong woman.” I’ve always thought “strong woman” was an oxymoron—it would be like a beta male going around saying, “Forget her, she can’t handle a weak man.” When someone says “strong woman,” this is the image that comes to my mind:

  • burly build, definitely not svelte
  • short finger nails, short hair
  • overly opinionated
  • thinks she understands how the world works
  • self-absorbed
  • too much focus on building her intelligence instead of her attractiveness

Why would any man on this planet want a strong woman? Shit, I’ll accept that charge without debate—I do hate strong women, because it would be like dating a she-to-he transsexual. It’s actually a good screening question you should ask the next girl you meet: “Do you consider yourself a strong woman?” Unless she hesitates, run for the hills.

Some women I hate, some women I care for, but most I hold in neutral regard. Unless a girl can come close to matching qualities of someone special I’ve dated in the past, I’m not going to worship her. And the reason I don’t worship women is because I actually like sex and want to continue having it. Instead I will treat her like the filthy dick hole she really is. Who knows—if American women rewarded men who worshipped them, the rules of the game would change and maybe my first book would be called Compliment & Cuddle instead of Bang, but they don’t. In the end this is just another case where if you listen to what a woman says about how men should act, your existence would be completely void of sex. I feel that if I’m not getting accused by women for hating them, I’m probably doing something seriously wrong.

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