Women Who Still Say I Hate Women

I still get criticism from women that I secretly “hate” them even after I previously addressed the issue. In that post I also took a stab at the “you hate strong women” comment that I’ve been getting more of recently.

A more amusing hater comment I come across is, “He hates strong women.” I’ve always thought “strong woman” was an oxymoron—it would be like a beta male going around saying, “Forget her, she can’t handle a weak man.” When someone says “strong woman,” this is the image that comes to my mind:

  • burly build, definitely not svelte
  • short finger nails, short hair
  • overly opinionated
  • thinks she understands how the world works
  • self-absorbed
  • too much focus on building her intelligence instead of her attractiveness

Why would any man on this planet want a strong woman? Shit, I’ll accept that charge without debate—I do hate strong women, because it would be like dating a she-to-he transsexual. It’s actually a good screening question you should ask the next girl you meet: “Do you consider yourself a strong woman?” Unless she hesitates, run for the hills.

(I seem to have inadvertently described Danish women before I stepped into Denmark.)

Haters will say that my current lifestyle is a way to get back for not being good with women when I was young. I’m about to use logic to handle this argument, which means it will not convince a single woman.

What would you say is the most intensely pleasurable feeling that a human can experience?

The orgasm, right?

I hear some drugs can mimic and exceed the orgasm, but for 99% of the human population, the orgasm is bliss.

Believe it or not, it actually happens that I give women orgasms. I don’t try too hard, but in order to obtain an orgasm myself, the girl sometimes experiences one before I do. My favorite sexual position also happens to be one that women greatly enjoy (doggy), so I’d estimate about 50% of girls I have sex with have at least one vaginal orgasm. Since I don’t try to experience an orgasm for myself while purposefully preventing a girl from getting one, many girls that I supposedly hate will get an orgasm from my actions.

Therefore, in my quest to hurt women, I occasionally give them the most pleasurable feeling that a human being can experience. That’s a crappy way to show your hate for women. For the women I slept with that didn’t experience an orgasm, at the minimum I made them feel intimacy and good feelings in their vaginal area. A better way to hate women would be to wear a mask and break their legs with baseball bats. Or get into a long-term relationship with her, wait until she tells you she loves you, then fuck her mom. I must be misguided to think that having fun conversation, giving good vibes, and having casual sex is a way to make women of the world feel pain.

Some women say that you hate women if all you want to do is have casual sex, but they also say you hate women if you’re a nice guy who doesn’t want to be treated like a door mat. Unless you do exactly what a girl wants, and serve her immediate needs with absolutely no concern for yours, you hate women. That, my friends, is an argument that only a hamster can believe in.

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  • Tampa

    Honestly – I’d love to get a post from you on how you deal with the bitterness associated with women that almost any mam who has had any remote success with women is likely to suffer from. I look around and I just see a sea of cheating lying ass women. It’s hard to not be bitter after the things you see up close and the things that you have had done to you. I think Neil Strauss talked about it after his time in the game. He said he saw enough infidelity and lying for 1,000 years.

    I guess in short, how do you keep your idealism when you know most women are lying cheating whores and will trade your ass up for a better deal in a heart beat.

  • samseau

    On one hand we have men who claim that we pedestalize women,

    and on the other hand we have women who claim that we hate women.

    How is it possible to have such contradictory accusations hurled at us?

  • Garrett Patterson

    Addressing the subject alone is beta. You’re letting it be known they’re getting under your skin, RV.

    Although I appreciate you pointing out that we should in fact despise strong women. Could we call that an oxymoron?

    Femcunts are so confused. Truly strong women don’t even know they are, and definitely don’t go around adverting it.

  • Jim

    Sexual liberation and job titles do not create strength. Depth and character do. Hence why women are in decline.

  • http://bogspua.wordpress.com/ Bogs

    “Or get into a long-term relationship with her, wait until she tells you she loves you, then fuck her mom.”

    love it, so funny lol

    Imho strong women is one big bulshit, talk is cheap, lets see her backing it up with actions.

  • Theodora

    What would you say is the most intensely pleasurable feeling that a human can experience?

    Being in love.

  • http://taoofdirt.wordpress.com Dirt Man

    “A better way to hate women would be to wear a mask and break their legs with baseball bats. Or get into a long-term relationship with her, wait until she tells you she loves you, then fuck her mom.”

    Gold man, gold.

  • Yams

    “Being in love.”

    You mean the thought of being loved by someone you love. Else loving someone who doesn’t love you is a shitty feeling as well as having someone love you without you loving them. The only way this works is if both people are on the same level, which is almost never case.

  • http://www.marvelousmanboobs.com/ David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™


    you misogynist™….

    it is evillle patriarchy when you stand up and urinate….

    if you truly want to ride yourself of your evillle ways and have empathy with womyn, you must pee sitting down….


  • namae nanka

    “Unless you do exactly what a girl wants, and serve her immediate needs with absolutely no concern for yours, you hate women. ”

    Even then a girl wants what patriarchy has conditioned her to want, and you being a part of that privileged class hate women unknowingly.

    How to stop hating women? Stop letting patriarchy dictate what women should want, for example sex with men, especially hairy men, and set them free to enjoy lesbian relationships and hot scissoring action.

    Oh and pay your taxes on time, those ovaries aren’t gonna fertilize themselves.

  • Theodora

    Yes Yams, you said it very nicely. It is rare but it happens, and it IS the most intensely pleasurable feeling that a human can experience.

  • Wolf

    Most American women are so normalized to the fawning of weak men that when they encounter a man who sees women realistically she is faced with a conundrum: accept that a man sees her true hidden nature (very uncomfortable) or get upset at him and accuses him of hating women for not pedestalizing her. A man with game is like a man with xray specs: he sees every woman naked and as she really is, including flaws. and for the same reasons this greatly upsets some women. especially feminists who are putting on the biggest false construct about the goodness of women. By writing this blog RV you’re sharing the view so it’s no wonder why women accuse you of hating women. If you were a woman they would accuse you of gender betrayal. A man who has the xray specs is a strong man because he can’t be fooled, can’t be lied to, can’t be manipulated. It’s not the man that hates “strong women”, it’s the women that hate a strong man.

  • Anonymous

    1 vaginal orgasm is better than nothing but it’s not in the same league as giving multiples to a squirter.

  • Perfect Stranger

    Wow this guy sometimes is sublime, you should get more publicity than many many other bozos that pose as Casanovas pick up artists, seducers, whatever…

    When will you be invited to a tonight show, major circulation newspaper coverage, etc. etc.

    you are a genuine contribution man, perhaps even a world historical individual, please strive to get more publicity and fame, you deserve it !!

  • internetguy

    ha if you think “doggy style” is women’s preferred sexual position all other musings on women and sex become suspect.

  • ce9999

    This idea of the “strong woman” is pretty funny, actually: Why is it that so-called “feminists” struggle so hard to make themselves as un-female as they can? At some level, they must actually believe that male traits are superior.

  • JackBlack

    I got an IV of demerol once in the hospital — that was better than an orgasm.

  • Anonymous

    Lol. Internetguy is a clueless beta

  • Timothy

    For women, strong = I’ll start an argument over the most meaningless nonsense imaginable. Or “I have a job and pay my own bills,” as if that’s an extraordinary undertaking.

    I wouldn’t say that the feeling of “being in love” is greater than the feeling of busting a nut, or the combination of busting a nut and watching a woman squirm or twitch in ecstacy. I’ve only encountered ONE woman in my lifetime that didn’t want to take it from behind. I guess when a woman wants to “make love” she may want missionary so she can look deeply in your eyes. But when she wants to get FUCKED? Straight doggie.

  • Timothy

    “When the guy wakes up in the morning and you’re gone, you now have the upperhand. He’s left all alone with his insecure thoughts, his mind will run wild. Have you ever had a butterfly land on your finger? You admire it, and then it flies away. Come back little butterfly, you were so pretty. Be That Butterfly. He will chase you (text you, facebook you, etc.). And if he doesn’t… he’s an asshole anyway.”

    This is typical of female logic. This chick encourages women to duck out on you first thing, to essentially avoid talking to you or seeing you at less than your best, so to trigger a man’s insecurity, when their own behavior is insecurity personified. And then if you don’t come chasing you’re an asshole. Gotta love the hamster!

  • Mostly Agree

    Roosh, as always, you have a clear-cut, refreshing iconoclatic opinion that busts through the facade of PC bullshit that American society has built up.

  • alejandro

    the thing I like about Roosh is he says what he believes unlike a lot of pick up gurus who instead focus on being politically correct for business purposes. So at the very least you cant bash him for hypocracy

    Also he is able to accurately bring to the surface many nuances of female behavior that many of us feel at one time or another but are not able to describe or even identify in many cases.

    and to the poster #3 that said adressing such contradictory and senseless behavior from women is beta……well if he dosent say something about it hed be guilty of not providing a public service for not only many guys out there but also society as a whole. Additionally it actually makes him more alpha for not giving a shit about whats politically correct and speaking his mind. true alphas do whatever they want, they dont hide behind obscure notions of what is believed to be alpha or beta, to do so would be beta. a true alpha does not change his inner being or personality to mold to anyones worldview. the term alpha has different definitions so saying things in terms of alpha and beta is not really accurate especially with borderline topics, but more useful for describing generalizations

    fucking epic post Roosh!

  • Cocoon

    I don’t know why I read this.

  • http://thecaptainpower.blogspot.com The Captain Power

    You listen to women??? Women tell me they don’t care about working out, but when I cut up over the summer they come flockin….

    Keep up the good work Roosh, you can bang my gf if u want!

  • Perfect Stranger

    The best part of the post is: ” I’ll use logic so it won’t convince any woman ” :)))

    and lo and behold, there is also a lot of men who don’t get the argument either, thanks to being effeminized in a western society I presume…

  • Amour Fou

    Stop feeding this hate Roosh, it does you no good. Leave the bitter ones to themselves, no point in keeping this back and forth going.

  • Fisto

    Haha Awesome

  • it’s whatever

    Is RooshV “strong man”?

    Maybe not, if that means provider, leader, father. But maybe so, to others who prize prowess with women.

    So really, it’s whatever.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Time to man up with a “strong woman”?

  • http://opinionationblog.blogspot.com Grace

    I wouldn’t say you hate women. Based on a quick reading of your blog, I would say you have HUGE issues with intimacy (as in, having a genuine sexual/romantic relationship with another person).

    Maybe you don’t want to ever have a truly loving long-term relationship. If so, then you don’t have a problem (I don’t have any moral objections to a life of debauchery).

    If you do, though (I think you mentioned wanting children somewhere, though I could be wrong), then there is no way this will happen for you without a lot of introspection and psychological work.

    It makes me sad for you. I hope that someday you are able to find the bravery and honesty necessary for real love.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    How could a guy who wrote that wonderful poem in Polish last year, to Little Egg, hate women?

  • Jensix

    I hate that shit too. It’s stupid enough to over-use the alpha/beta dichotomy – but to sit on on your laptop, deciding whether someone else’s actions are alpha and beta (as if they are inherently either), just strikes me as stupid. That comment is not directed towards you Garrett, it’s just something I see a lot here in general.

    @30, Grace
    You’re an idiot. “..without a lot of introspection and psychological work.”, who the fuck awarded you the title of internet psychologist?

    Just because someone doesn’t do anything, hasn’t done anything, or prefers doing something else, doesn’t meet that they are incapable of doing it without “a lot of introspection and psychological work”.

  • Matt

    It is obviously not what is meant by strong women. It is someone who does not rely on a man to succeed career and family wise. It can also be a very attractive single mum or something along these lines. You have a very twisted view of everything. Your mama and sista are probably overjoyed with your views. To a certain extent you are right some women are rather bad if they produce such offsprings like yourself.

  • Retrenched

    “you do exactly what a girl wants, and serve her immediate needs with absolutely no concern for yours”

    They generally refer to this as “manning up”.

  • Generate

    You need to get famous bitch. This shit is hot no doubt.

  • http://www.insideawomansmind.wordpress.com Dins

    Doggie style -is- the best position. Nothing comes close.

    I do however need to make a new to-do list, according to Roosh.

    – Get trimmer
    – Trim long hair off
    – Cut nails down, remove make-up
    – Buy baggy clothes – from thrift shop, right Roosh?
    – Burn my bras

    On second thought; I’ll settle for being me. Overly oppinated? Oh yes. Feminist? Fuck, no. It’s a swearword in my book. Strong? Physically, not at all. Mentally? Yup.

    Roosh, you need a realitycheck on your stereotypes. 😉

  • Anonymous

    @36 What is oppinated?

    I’m sure you are quite a unique snowflake. So sassy too.

    The reality is most chicks claiming to be strong women on the internet are busted or expired, check their pics.

    Exceptions aren’t the rule, sweetheart.

  • http://insideawomansmind.wordpress.com Dins


    My bad, meant to write opinionated.

    And darling, I’m 29. I’m sure -I’m- expired in your book. 😉

  • CH

    “ha if you think “doggy style” is women’s preferred sexual position all other musings on women and sex become suspect.”

    spoken like a true nerd with zero experience with women.

    women love love love the doggy style. i mean, i can’t recall a single woman i’ve been with who didn’t start moaning and screaming in ecstasy when i turned her around for the discovery channel special. yeah, some positions may be better than doggy for giving women orgasms, but nothing is as much an animalistic turn-on for women as getting it from behind on all fours. the reason is simple: doggy style is the most dominant one for the man, and chicks love surrendering to dominant men. it harkens back to the bush and cave days.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe 50% of your partners have vaginal orgasm, that’s impossible

  • Roosh for President

    I APPROVE this post.

  • @31 Glee

    LOL! right on the Spot.

    awaiting next (pre-saint valentine) post on Little Egg….

  • Anonymous

    39 CH

    “spoken like a true nerd with zero experience with women.”

    ha okay champ! internet male syndrome in full effect.

    never said women don’t / can’t enjoy it… but the idea that it’s most women’s favorite comes from porn not asking women.

    I’m SURE none of those women were faking or exaggerating… don’t worry I’m sure they were all also accurate when they told you you were the “biggest” they’d ever had, statistics be damned.

    then again smaller guys and/or larger women tend to find doggy more exciting… when the fit is already super-tight it’s less enjoyable for the dude as well.

    of course you’d have no way of knowing that.

  • AssNeck

    Actually, it is women who fear strong men.

    Let’s face it – feminism is an ideology for female losers in the sexual marketplace. Yeah, some college sophomores embrace it, but they lose those pathetic attitudes once they leave school and have real-life experience.

  • 20th Level

    Its fun little metagame trying to spot all of the chicks posing as dudes on blogs like this. The tryhard harsh language before the (not so) subtle hamster rationaliztion is always a dead givaway.

  • bendix

    G’day Roosh,
    not really relevant, but how many languages are you fluent or functional in?

  • Generate

    Well, based on my experience, if it’s a one (or a few) night stand, finishing with hard doggy is the way to go. It’s always a great fuck and that’s what you want for a casual partner. For girlfriends- oh yeah I guess…..hmmmm….. Yeah still finish hard with doggy. An arched back being crushed is a big turn on regardless.

  • seeker of truth

    Roosh, you are fantastic!!! your perfect, logical, honest analyses expose the most obvious facts that need to be excavated from beneath layers of politically correct BS that society has poisoned our consciousness with.

  • seeker of truth

    @Anonymous: you need to go and fuck yourself….you sound like someone who thinks too much, and never gets laid.

  • http://xsplat.wordpress.com/ xsplat

    You mean the thought of being loved by someone you love. Else loving someone who doesn’t love you is a shitty feeling as well as having someone love you without you loving them. The only way this works is if both people are on the same level, which is almost never case.

    Even better is when the girl loves you and needs you more than you love and need her, but you are still into her and bonded to the girl.

    That happens more as men get older and ease out of their strongest youthful passions.

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  • http://nighthawkpl.blogspot.com/2012/02/pussys-in-well.html.com/ Professor Ron

    It cracks me up that the ‘poor pussies’ who claim to be victims of discrimination in one breath often proclaim how strong and intimidating they are in the next. They can’t have both, can they? http://nighthawkpl.blogspot.com/2012/02/pussys-in-well.html

  • turbodyke

    Okay, this is funny. You still have some fucked-up ideas about women, though.

  • Anonymous

    I am so tired of the mean girl bullying cliques then individual bullying..gosh these witches are the most fucked of every race gender and cruel. The worse of it all is make believe friendship and oh she can’t breathe because she is kind and I CAN BE THE DEVIL IF NOT WORSE. FUCKING SICK WORLD OF OHHH I AM BETTER THAN YOU. I BLAME INTERRACIAL DATING, THE YOUNGER GENRATION AND JUST THE ALPHA FUCKS