Women Who Still Say I Hate Women

I still get criticism from women that I secretly “hate” them even after I previously addressed the issue. In that post I also took a stab at the “you hate strong women” comment that I’ve been getting more of recently.

A more amusing hater comment I come across is, “He hates strong women.” I’ve always thought “strong woman” was an oxymoron—it would be like a beta male going around saying, “Forget her, she can’t handle a weak man.” When someone says “strong woman,” this is the image that comes to my mind:

  • burly build, definitely not svelte
  • short finger nails, short hair
  • overly opinionated
  • thinks she understands how the world works
  • self-absorbed
  • too much focus on building her intelligence instead of her attractiveness

Why would any man on this planet want a strong woman? Shit, I’ll accept that charge without debate—I do hate strong women, because it would be like dating a she-to-he transsexual. It’s actually a good screening question you should ask the next girl you meet: “Do you consider yourself a strong woman?” Unless she hesitates, run for the hills.

(I seem to have inadvertently described Danish women before I stepped into Denmark.)

Haters will say that my current lifestyle is a way to get back for not being good with women when I was young. I’m about to use logic to handle this argument, which means it will not convince a single woman.

What would you say is the most intensely pleasurable feeling that a human can experience?

The orgasm, right?

I hear some drugs can mimic and exceed the orgasm, but for 99% of the human population, the orgasm is bliss.

Believe it or not, it actually happens that I give women orgasms. I don’t try too hard, but in order to obtain an orgasm myself, the girl sometimes experiences one before I do. My favorite sexual position also happens to be one that women greatly enjoy (doggy), so I’d estimate about 50% of girls I have sex with have at least one vaginal orgasm. Since I don’t try to experience an orgasm for myself while purposefully preventing a girl from getting one, many girls that I supposedly hate will get an orgasm from my actions.

Therefore, in my quest to hurt women, I occasionally give them the most pleasurable feeling that a human being can experience. That’s a crappy way to show your hate for women. For the women I slept with that didn’t experience an orgasm, at the minimum I made them feel intimacy and good feelings in their vaginal area. A better way to hate women would be to wear a mask and break their legs with baseball bats. Or get into a long-term relationship with her, wait until she tells you she loves you, then fuck her mom. I must be misguided to think that having fun conversation, giving good vibes, and having casual sex is a way to make women of the world feel pain.

Some women say that you hate women if all you want to do is have casual sex, but they also say you hate women if you’re a nice guy who doesn’t want to be treated like a door mat. Unless you do exactly what a girl wants, and serve her immediate needs with absolutely no concern for yours, you hate women. That, my friends, is an argument that only a hamster can believe in.

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