World Game

The hardest part of going to a new country is figuring out the optimum game that works on local women. Sometimes you can figure it out quickly, but even with full-time residence you need at least one month to nail something down, and that’s assuming you have strong observational skills.

But how about if you’re going to a country for only one week and don’t know where to start? Chances are you’ll use what you know: American game. This is all fine and good because you can still convert using basic American game, but it’s not your best option.

What I want to share is a skeletal game that you should use in South America and Eastern Europe. There’s a lot of variance in countries within these two regions so you’ll have to hack at it further to see higher results, but this world game will get you a lot farther than basic American game.

1. Relax your rules on buying things for girls. If you’re having a great conversation with a girl and she’s showing interest, you’re free to buy her a drink assuming she didn’t demand it. She will not think you are a weak man or assume that you’re in love with her like an American girl would. You could also take a girl out to an inexpensive dinner instead of only doing bar dates if that makes feel you more comfortable. Buying small things for girls in other countries often gives you faster access to her pussy. You have to be smart about it though: if a Brazilian girl in the club is acting aloof and interrupting the conversation to keep looking at her phone, don’t buy her shit. Buying a drink is a reward for the pleasant interaction you’re having, not a way to build her interest. It’s the foreign way of saying, “I like you, do you like me?”

2a. Adopt a more classic style. Don’t go out and buy new clothing, but pack the more generic items that would work anywhere. The two looks I rock is black v-neck and jeans or collared shirt with skinny tie. It doesn’t matter where I go—these two will not be objectionable to women. If you’re going to stay in a place for a long time, you can play a niche angle because you’ll have time to do it (and find it), but in a short time frame you should go for mainstream appeal. Understand that many foreign countries don’t have as many niches and scenes as in America. In Industrial Shithole there really is just one niche in the club: mainstream. If you roll up with baggy pants and a baseball cap, you may not be well-received (you probably won’t even be allowed to get into the club).

2b. Drop the hipster look. While you will find a hipster scene in most countries you go to, especially in Scandinavia, they are generally smaller than in America and don’t have the most desirable women. What I’ve found is that ugly women who can’t compete tend to fall back in hipsterdom just so they can get some attention from local men. To appeal to more women, tighten your look a bit to appear more clean-cut. I reduce the shag levels on my hair and also crop my beard close enough so that bits of food will not get stuck in it.

3. Don’t be reluctant to harvest numbers. One-night stands abroad are more rare because logistics will be against you. A lot of girls you’ll meet may never have had one and probably don’t want to start now unless she’s insanely into you or drunk. It’s better to get three numbers in the club from interested girls and plan to meet in a couple days than focus on one girl all night and just get blocked in the end. This is going to be your toughest issue while gaming abroad and the hardest to advise you on what to do. Unless the girl is feeling you strongly, you should get a number and go find another girl. A more advanced technique that awaits you is simulataneously working on multiple girls in the club in staggered time.

4. Drop all cockiness and teasing. Absolutely do not bring out these two devices unless the girl is bringing them to the table first, which in that case means she’s Americanized and therefore not a worthy target. Understand that in America you have to do these things to get a girl to be attracted to you, but with foreign girls it’s more about your look, vibe, and logistics. Of course you should be as interesting as possible since it doesn’t matter how good looking you are if you’re a bore who has nothing to talk about, but you don’t need to bust her balls to win her affections. I’m amazed at how just “showing up” can be enough. A lot of foreign girls genuinely just like being in your normal presence even though you’re not actively gaming them.

6. Be careful with your humor. One thing I like about Americans is their sarcastic and witty sense of humor, but this will likely not be received well on foreign women because they are not raised on Simpsons, Friends, Seinfeld, and Will Ferrel movies. Humor is actually not an important quality that foreign women seek out in men. I’m not saying don’t be funny, but they tend to like obvious “ha ha” humor instead of sharp humor that references something obscure. You’ll generally know what kind of humor to use when she tries to crack jokes with you. Just mimic her style.

7. You must day game. American nightlife offers the absolute best logistics for meeting the opposite sex. It gets significantly worse everywhere else you go. Either the girls go out in mixed set groups, they like to sit at tables instead of lingering by the bar, or they prefer mega-clubs that are painfully loud. If you only stick to night game, you’ll severely limit both the quantity and quality that you can get. In Industrial Shithole, there are only five major clubs even though the city population has around 1 million people. Compare that to the dozens of clubs in Washington DC, which if you don’t count the suburbs has a smaller population (about 500,000 people). Every city has a place where girls are easy to meet, whether it’s a trendy coffee shop, grocery store, university library, or what have you, and from day one you need to walk around and find where that place is.

8. Don’t be scared to escalate the encounter. When you’re gaming in a new country, and you’re insecure about what to do, you lose a lot of your edge as you put extra attention into soaking in your new environment instead of getting laid. You also will suspect, usually rightfully so, that girls are not as easy as American sluts. Even though this is the case, foreign girls don’t punish you for escalation. If you get rejected going for the one-night stand but she likes you, she will still come out on a date. If anything, staying aggressive is a great way to screen out wishy-washy girls who have orbiters or boyfriends.

9. Drop all anger. In the States, you will probably be amped up in a night out because of dealing with girls who have attitude. You can harness this anger into a cocky vibe that snags the next girl. But when abroad, anger will lead to a vibe that the girls don’t like. I wouldn’t even bother calling out a foreign cockblocker because it will just take you away from having the optimum softer attitude. Let things slide.

10. It’s less about being alpha or beta than being confident. Most foreign girls want a confident nice guy. This means you are more chivalrous and polite. It’s okay to smile, it’s okay to send emoticons in text messages, and it’s okay be yourself as long as you’re not needy. Since you still want to have a dash of edge in you, the best way to explain the vibe you want is to be a gentleman who makes the occasional rape or sexist joke. Political correctness has not hit many parts of the world.

11. Compliment (and cuddle). In America you are severely punished for complimenting a girl. She thinks you’re a weak man who is falling in love with her (like when buying her a drink). If you’re in a work setting, you may lose your job if she deems your compliment about her attire to be “sexual harassment.” It’s a different story outside of America. Girls warmly receive compliments because it’s part of the “I like you, do you like me?” game that is a natural progression to intimacy. If you’re like me, you probably have no idea how to compliment a woman after banging American sluts for so long. The three easiest compliments you can give which will give you a lot of mileage are: (1) “You have nice eyes,” (2) “You have a nice smile,” and (3) “I feel really comfortable talking to you.” If you’re American, you are trained to think these are cheesy or generic, but good lord have they helped me gain access to many a foreign vagina. A good time to compliment is about the same time you buy the first drink.

The easiest way to sum up world game is “horny nice guy.” You’re horny because you approach and escalate, and you’re nice because you treat girls well and are not arrogant. With this vibe you will do much better than hitting foreign girls with American game, which is highly specialized to apply to entitled cunts whose pussies only get wet when they are treated like a trash can. If you use American game on a feminine girl with good family roots and a heart of gold, she will think you are strange and crazy. Game as you know it is really a Western invention for use on women who no longer use biology or the pursuit of happiness to select mates. World game is nothing more than being a good man who isn’t a pushover.

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  • Old Glory

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now, but it just now occurred to me after reading #4, that there are few cultures where women feel that it’s acceptable to be “cocky/funny” (read: insulting) towards a man — American women find this completely acceptable though. It’s a ridiculous mentality to have — and they wonder why men don’t treat them with respect after sex.

    We’d all be more happy if American women would mimic their sisters in other countries.

  • Magic

    I like

  • Anonymous

    I like the sound of world game. In fact looking back nearly all of my bangs have been through this style. Iam a horny nice guy.

  • dickbutt

    cool story bro. now post your FSU stack.

  • LittlePDog (Starting Young and Aiming High)

    Goddamm this post is good. Really looking forward to what you’ll have in store in Bang Poland as well. I can’t wait to get out to South America and Eastern Europe.

  • Zorro

    World game is nothing more than being a good man who isn’t a pushover.

    This is why I read your blog. Your ability to capture truth cogently rivals that of Sun Tzu or Baltasar Gracian.

  • calex

    I liked the part about being “a gentleman who makes the occasional rape” (i’m ignoring the rest of the sentence on purpose).

  • Bronan the Barbarian!

    Great post. At this point, it’s hard to even picture dealing with girls that don’t require serious game just to interact with them. Interesting to hear that in other countries, being nice is actually a virtue.

  • Signature

    another Signature post. World class.

  • Brandon

    The more I hear about women like the ones from EE and SA, the more my mind gets blown. I owe you, Roosh, for opening my eyes.

  • Buenosaires

    I am from Argentina, living in Europe.
    I started with “Game” in 2003 in the form of “Cocky&Funny” and I teased hardcore, specially in dates during my fist 2 years.
    Excellent results doing that, creating tension through it.
    I would have great results on day game too, also making some jokes, but lighter on the beginning.
    I challenge point 4. of your list , although distinction should be made with arrogance, which is a killer.

  • Buenosaires

    I forgot to include in my comment that the game in 2003-2007 was done in Argentina

  • Jordan

    Another Great Post Roosh! I write this to you from my Vacation apartment in Medellin. I just ate a delicious breakfast cooked by my beautiful Paisa. Our first date a few months back was when I took her to a sports bar to watch football. I bought her a Postobon. Then we went to the grocery store to buy the food that she would be cooking for that night. She is madly in love with me and wants nothing more than to take care of me. Foreign women are incredible. I wish I could be on permanent Vacation like you! I dream about Polish girls and Brazilian girls. Keep it up man! You’re doing Gods work!!!

  • Omega Man

    I went to see my Colombian girlfriend around New Year’s. I got off the plane in Bogota and I was overwhelmed by how great I felt. “Man, this is incredible!” Maybe it was oxygen deprivation, but I think it was just being in a place where people are not insane. Because in America people are fundamentally insane.

  • Anonymous

    This is spot on, Roosh. I’m a female from a FSU country, and I can attest to that: every point of this post is true. Basically, this sounds like “relationship game” to me, and it makes total sense: girls in my country want to meet guys to start a relationship, not to have a one night stand.

    I can’t believe that this wouldn’t work in the States, though. I find it very, very odd that these are not just universal rules, and that guys need to be more like assholes in the States. Who would respond to that “game”? Don’t girls in the States want relationships too? Blows my mind.

  • Pete

    My current LTR was achieved via this kind of game, but with a bit more of alphaness. She is 3 years older, but in great shape and she’s beautiful.

    The first time we fucked she told me it was her first time with a younger man. Why? No one seemed fuckable. Just pussies, drunks and nice guys.

    I love my life.

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting how different American culture/game is compared to England. We share the same language, humor etc yet the English are much closer to European style game. A lot of what you describe is very normal… I am surprised you write about it like its some kind of revelation?! Still good info if you are American I guess.

  • Samuel

    Fact is, all girls respond to this sort of game, once you shut down the bitch shield and establish a little comfort.

  • dragnet

    Great post.

    It’s been my experience that you can have success with “horny nice guy” game—but only under after you’ve already demonstrated high value. For instance, if you’re really good looking, have wealth or high status “horny nice game” is all you need because you’ve already demonstrated your alpha cred.

    And being black, “horny nice guy” game is basically what I use to have sex with white women. It’s been my experience that a fair number of American white women (and their imitators), on a subconcious level, already view black men as being dominant—and not necessarily in a good way. “Horny nice guy” game is an effective way to defuse that, in my personal experience. No negging or anything like that—just demonstrate high value and once that’s done, physical escalation + comfort building will stand you in good stead.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    In most parts of the world if you run boiler plate D.C. game, girls will think you’re psychotic

  • (R)Evoluzione

    This post makes me feel more optimistic about the future of culture. The only thing that takes the edge off that optimism, is the creeping feeling that Americanism is spreading like a psoriatic lesion.

    We can only hope that the sclerosis of American institutions will slow this progression, and maybe reverse it.

    Question for Roosh/members of the forum: Anybody got good links for info on the Italian scene?

    Cheers, gentlemen.

  • Blunt

    “Horny nice guy”. I love it.

    I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts to explain what’s been working for me in EE and your list hit it dead-on. Approach a shit load and drop the dry humor.

  • doclove

    It was pretty much like Roosh says in South Korea with Korean women when I was there off and on most of the decade between 1996 to 2006. I won’t claim to know what it’s like now as destructive idiotic feminism advances around the world. Most Western men prefered Korean women to their own Western women when I was there. I’m a 44 year old man born in 1968, and I can tell you that American women of my generation when they were in their 20s were for the most part like the 20 something generation today, but with more sanctimoniousness and hypocracy than the young American women today.

  • That lithuanian guy

    If you are a foreigner from the West then the behavioural patterns mentioned in this article might get you some impoverished pussy; however for a local guy it would mean an instant defeat. If we act like you guys, we would be crushed and mocked to death for this beta stuff.

    [Roosh: Total nonsense. This game is a toned down version of the obscenely beta shit I’ve seen EE guys do. It’s only maybe 30% beta where EE guys go full-beta.]

  • PepperSpray

    Good insights Roosh. It seems that a “1950s courtship model” is still very much applicable outside of 21st century America.

    Women everywhere submit to dominant men. And modern American women – being the most dominant of all women – naturally need to submit to an even more dominant man to satiate their reptilian hindbrains.

    In patriarchal, non-feminized cultures where men still command respect, a man is assumed alpha until he proves otherwise.

    In the feminized West where men are scorned, a man is assumed beta until he proves otherwise.

    This is why American women lust for exaggerated caricatures of hypermasculinity – really tall guys, roid monkeys, thugs, outlaws, criminals, drug dealers etc. These are the only guys who project dominance on sight.

    Every other guy is assumed beta by default.

    The threshold for dominance is much higher in America today than anywhere in the civilized world.

    And this is why to have success with American women, American men today must:

    (1) Exert physical dominance: hit the gym (build muscles, raise testosterone levels)

    (2) Exert psychosocial dominance: learn game (how to carry oneself in a calm authoritative manner, handle shit tests) to project masculinity

    Interesting to note that American men do well with foreign women, yet foreign guys fail spectacularly with American women.

    Reasons for this?

  • Anonymous44

    I know two men for whom “compliment and cuddle works”. Both have slept with many women.

    One is DavidX, a Montreal Canadian.

    The other is local, a former high school football champ.

    DavidX is 60, the other is 45. Both are overweight and not physically good looking. Both pull pussy, and do all kinds of “beta” things. And yet… they are nice, and confident, never needy, etc. And they pull tail like crazy.

    Perhaps it is a Canadian thing? I don’t think so.

  • doclove

    #15 Anonymous
    American women want a relationship but the majority have little to no skills or ability to get one. A minority will listen as to what’s wrong with American women in general. A smaller minority will listen to what is wrong with them specifically. An even smaller minority will understand and realize what a mess of a human and woman they are. The smallest minority will be able to fix themselves to be better humans and women.

    This is why I advise against marrying American women in addition to the laws and their enforcement being designed to destroy male spouses through domestic violence laws, alimony and child support etc. A man even needs to be careful with a woman even if he doesn’t marry her because the domestic violence, child support and sexual harrassment laws are still in effect. It has led to a small but ever growing minority of American men who view women as vaginas for penile pleasure, and not as soul-mates. An increasing number of American men would love to be able to have pump and dump one night stand sex or friends with benefits(old school: fuck buddy relationship) on demand instead of marriage. The powers that be in the USA have left American men with few options but to do as I stated in the previous sentence or move to a foreign nation with better women. Note that I think most American men for at least the past 25 years get married because they are beggars for sex with some false hopes usually but not always in this order 1)the man will be able to handle a long term relationship with a woman in marriage without ending up destroyed by divorce, 2) false hopes that the woman truly love them, and 3)not enough ability or skill to get sex from a lineup or harem of women, or 4) they have been caught with impregnating women they didn’t want to impregnate and figure it would be better to marry than be stuck with child support.

    What I said above is brutal, yet closer to the truth than what most Americans would tell you. The reason for this is most American men are brainwashed pussy whooped (white knight) manginas, most american women truly see nothing wrong with this set up because they are seldom harmed as badly as men and wrongly yet truly believe themselves to be bigger victims than men, and this set up benefits our ruling elite for the moment or the ruling elite truly believe that the destructive feminst nonsense is good for American society and civilization. It doesn’t matter if our ruling elite believe or not in the destructive nonsense of feminism as it leads to destruction of American society and civilization from within like a cancerous corruption of what was once healthy. The real problem is chivalrous feminism which allows women to be equal or better but never allows men to be better. If there were true equality, women would cry and rid themselves of feminism faster than men would because they would discard the male apex fallacy. People are right that a higher percentage of males are at the top of society and its better to be a top male than a top female, but what they fail to tell you is that there are also a higher percentage of males at the bottom of society and it’s more terrible to be a bottom male than a bottom female. This may be long, but I hope it helps, and I tried to keep it short.

  • Growley

    Then how do you account for Argentine women?

  • doclove

    # 25 PepperSpray
    You speak the truth spectacularly in a clear and succinct way. White and Asian Anglophone Canadian women are the same as White and Asian American women when it comes to desirability of foreign men. White and Asian Anglophone Canadian men are the same as White and Asian American men in desirability amongst foreign women. I simply do not know enough about Francophone Canadian women or men, but I heard they are physically the best looking women in North America and at least initially more feminine than Anglophone Canadians and Americans. In terms of wisdom, sensibility, physical fitness, style and femininity from highest to lowest amongst American women by race on average are Asian, White, Latina and Black. Latino and Black American men are more popular in (the former West) Germany while White and Asian men are more popular in South Korea. I’m an U.S. Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and believe me that we compare notes.

  • doclove

    #26 Anonymous44
    You just answered your own question. They are allowed and expected to be nicer because they are older and more established. Google Tucker Max’s Hustler article about GAME or how to attract women. When you are 45 or 60 you are not expected to act like a 20 or 30 year old, and it won’t work if you do. The same can be said vice versa. The young can get away acting young, but the old must have a youthful vigor but mature demeanor.

    Consider this for David X the 60 year old. Montreal has the reputation for having the best women in north America. I don’t know because I haven’t had the opportunity to visit. Ferdinand Bardamu has said in his blog, Tucker Max has said this in his “Hilarity Ensues” book, and I’ve personally heard it from a 70 year old man who has been there in the past 2 years that the Montreal women were the best looking and best dressed women they have ever seen in North America. The 45 year old football player is probably still an athletic physically fit and tall man and even if he isn’t, he can trade his former glory for pussy. Any questions?

  • Paradise World

    @Pepper Spray

    you just blew my mind man.

  • around the world in 80 jobs

    brav-fucking-o. Straight to the point and the real scoop. These hit upon many of the stumbling blocks I have had and confusion dealing with an americanized attitude. Unfortunate for myself on some levels because I appreciate the sarcastic humor, but I do notice that a sharp wit with irony works well with brits and dutch (who are open). Also duly noted is the being just normal, cool and not afraid to go the date route.

    Because of the time factor in dating, it is also a major travel lifestyle change from a grubby backpacker trying to see everything to taking ones time feeling an area and the vibe out.

    nice post on this one Roosh. (not for lack of hate, but more astute adaptation).

  • Anonymous

    Stop blaming women people. American guys need to learn how to be a man.

  • Anonymous

    i just posted the comment right above. and then i re-read the article. lot of good points and i have some more reflections. i am polish but spent most of my life in the US. and honestly for some reason i always liked american girls better then polish girls. i mean i’d gladly fuck a polish hottie any day. but the confident, hot blooded american girls that need to be subdued with cockiness and teasing are just much more fun for me to date. to each his own i guess. maybe because i lived in NYC for a while where there is a plethora of super-smart and super-beautiful girls. and dudes i use emoticons all the time and it works just fine :-)

    good luck playas!

  • Rakishness

    American women see nice guy behavior as “approval seeking” and weak. But if you’re Aggressive, sexual and break social norms(ie Day Game)they see STRENGTH.

  • T and A Man

    I was hoping you’d explore this with greater detail after your “Not all women want an Alpha Male” post.

    You seem to be close to grasping something extraordinary, and you have both the inate ability to decipher relationships and expressing the conclusions well, better than most and definately myself.

    What I made passing mention was that as oppose to the Alpha/Beta dichotomy, where some 20 year old douche can get ridiculous enough to call Napolean Bonaparte ‘Beta’ because of his relationship with Josephine.

    Instead examining the ‘Positive Maculinity’ idea of Rollo Tomassi, of just bettering yourself. That is why I can find place for MGTOW’s and MRA’s.

    The most brilliant mind of the industrial and post-industrial era, Nikolai Tesla was a MGTOW, and he found positive stuff to do with his energy. His acheievements still overshadow all but a handful of people 80 years after his death.

    Yet PUA would call him Beta or even Omega.

    Where you observed in that post and here that you could be ‘Beta’ and pick up women in EE, I would still conclude that pre-game Roosh, the guy playing starcraft and being the eternal shoulder to cry on still would not have picked up in EE in 2001, because your interests have made you an intersting person and exuding confidence.

    It would conclude that improving yourself is good for men, and should be good at finding prospects everywhere in regards to mating.

    The requirement of negs, cocky/funny, etc in relation to western women could point to that the relationship dynamic in thw west in toxic.

    A 32 y/o Roosh in Industrial shithole, and prior to that Poland, apparently found (a greater degree of) happiness with feminine women, without the facade of the arrogrant jerk. You’ve implied you don’t enjoy projecting the facade of an arrogrant jerk, but its required to get laid in the west.

    That would have me conclude that it’s not wrong to be ‘beta’ as long you engage in a lifelong journey of self-improvement.. or ‘positive masculinity’. What is wrong is the toxic gender-relationship dynamic of the west.

  • baz

    Really solid advice man
    It can be tweaked a bit depending on how much american influence there is on the culture, but i would say 75 to 80 % could be applied as is to any country outside of the anglosphere

  • Anonymous

    I think that was well said. You simple can’t apply the harden game we’re use to on women outside the USA. To be honest, I find that I’m hardly gaming them when I’m not in the USA. Most women from around the world generally like it when a man treats them with respect and interest. With that said, I don’t even waste my time with women here in the states. It just simpler to deal with REAL WOMEN.

  • Guy Guides

    Thanks for rule #8

  • PUA_Rochester

    Excellent post Roosh.

    I’ve lived abroad for a number of years, mainly in Germany. The only times I got laid were being social and wanting to get to know a girl, but being very nice around her, and NOT using sarcasm/cockiness.

    I’ve been living in the States for four years now and recently went back to Germany for 10 days on a ski trip. Two hot 20-year-olds were with us, so I eventually went up and chatted them up. I thought that I would use negging and sarcasm to attract them (which I can do in German), but it fell fucking flat. The rest of the trip they couldn’t have cared less about me.

    Looking back now if I had followed most of Roosh’s rules above (barring gift giving, which is completely moot in Germany) I probably would’ve scored.

    It actually works to your advantage to being an American/Brit who’s a foreigner in EE, SA or SEA: since you’ll likely be learning the local tongue, you’re mostly listening and asking simple questions to the girls, which is attractive to them as long as you have confident body language and vocal tone. And rule #1: you’ve got to approach.


    This makes me not want to travel to USA ever.

  • Anonymous

    What about with 10’s?

  • Fluffy McGee

    I agree with everything but the “must d-game” stuff. D-Game is a massive waste of time in some places like Tokyo. I’d say calibration is what’s needed when moving abroad. Night game can be much more difficult in a place you don’t know well though, best bet is to contact someone in the area and learn where to go for good gaming, that requires connections though.

  • Orson

    And being black, “horny nice guy” game is basically what I use to have sex with white women

    dragnet just caused white nationalists to lose 10 more nights of sleep.

    OneSTDV actually admits that worrying about this sort of thing has led to his health declining.

  • say what?

    I don’t understand. So why do you write books on game in all these other places,if there is no need for game any where outside the US? So all this time its American girls that game is only meant for? Those off us who are stuck here are inexplicably looking to you for advise because we are under the assumption that generally all women are the same in their hypergamy and now toy contradict yourself by saying almost the opposite. That only American women are like that and you can pretty much be yourself with Latin and EE women. Pretty much that’s what it seems to come down to and its taken a few years of this blog for you to simply say”Stay the fuck away from American women. “

  • Armaggedon666

    Good post Roosh!

    doclove, about your comment to anonymous #15, very well said bro, especially about the elite’s part in all this. So you are an Iraq/Afghanistan vet eh? I too am a vet and got out on 03. You, me and Roosh I think are all about the same age. Somehow we all made it to this same understanding about women, feminism, and Americanized/westernized women!

  • Marmot

    That bit about the reasons for increased dominance threshold was brilliant and incredibly insightful. Bravo!

  • Marmot

    @”say what?”: The blogs are not contradicting themselves. The assumptions about hypergamy are entirely correct and represent fundamental female nature.

    The difference is that various parts of the world place various constraints on that hypergamy through their culture and standards/restrictions of behaviour. In the USA, there are maybe 10% of those standards/restrictions remaining, leading to extremely unleashed hypergamy that you see daily.

    In Western Europe, you could say there is 30% left, and in Eastern Europe / Latin America / parts of Asia 70%. You still need game and being attractive in various ways, but it is a lot milder than in the USA because the hypergamy in those places is still relatively constrained.

  • Danish Broski

    Great post Roosh. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    I’m a dane but always found American women easier to pick up than danish women. Part of that is probably meeting them in Denmark when they’re in the mood for a foreign romance.

    It’s interesting that danish have often in the past reacted to my advances by calling me too cocky or forward, while American girls seem very receptive. I probably have more American game, since I did also study some PUA material when I was younger. Not that it bothers me as American girls are honestly a step up feminity wise from Danish girls.

    The interesting thing about meeting girls from EE or South East Asia is that flirting and pick up just moves a lot more smoothly. As you’re honestly enjoying the company of these girls and they play to their femininity, you automatically (subconsciously?) respond in a masculine manner. After all, flirting and dating should be enjoyable.

    Btw, what American girls respond to i.e. thuggery and very overt displays of masculinity is similar to many American guys responding only to big silicone tits and slutty behaviour. It’s an almost perpetual teenage like attraction to only the physical characteristics of feminine and masculine. Probably because physical traits are easier to emulate than inate feminine and masculine character traits.

    I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Asia, mostly Thailand and Japan, and your advice is spot on. Except for the hipster part which is alive and kicking in it’s Asian form (for men only mostly – women still dress very feminine).

    Generally, cockyness and sarcasm/negging will be seen as weird. Just approaching a girl in Asia will already make you the 1% who doesn’t just hook up through your (tight) social circle.

  • dice3510

    How does all this make sense from the evo-psych perspective?

  • doclove

    #46 Armeggedon666

    I’m 44 now and joined late in life. I’ve been out for a year. I spent 8 years in the U.S. Army. Roosh is a little over a decade younger than me.

    I could have added that most men get tierd of trying to ride the pussy carrosol and not being able to hang on to the woman they want, not being able to get the woman they want, not being able to get any woman, and/or simply wanting to be loved especially romanticly loved and maybe respected by someone. They give up and take any woman which will have them which usually means they get married. Typically they are not good with the drama women bring and erroneously think that in today’s world marrying the woman will reduce the drama. Most women may say that just like most men, they hate drama too, but this is false and actions speak louder than words. Add to this that many if not most American men think most (American)women are the best confidants and love them more than anyone else and you have a recipe for disaster for the men. This is most men.

    Then there are the men who are good at riding the pussy carrosol. These are a minority of men. They may know better than most men about women, but often irrationally think they are better than they actually are and irrationally think they can handle anything thrown at them. They get tierd of all the work and drama and and usually marry to which often leads to disaster if they are unsuccessful for whatever reason to tame the shrew, keep retraining the shrew, or give up taming the shrew.

    For all men once you marry women, you raise the sexual market value in other women’s eyes, but coversely and ironically you lower your own sexual market value in your wifes eyes typically speaking especially in the USA. She has you by the short hairs once you marry her in the USA by culture and the way the laws are enforced.

    Here’s something interesting. I and my friends were saying this when I was 18, they were the same age or up to four years older in 1986. Men know what they want, but most don’t have a clue about how to get it when it comes to women. Women don’t know what they want, and all too often what they tell you is a lie to you, everyone else and especially themselves. Here’s an example. They say they want a nice guy, but why do most of them date and get fucked by assholes? Why do assholes finish first more often than not and don’t care where they finish as long as they are not beat up or arrested or otherwise harmed? Nice guys finish last if at all while assholes have more women than they know what to do with. I’m firmly believe young men were saying this before 1986 too.

  • Aleph

    @ #25

    Sad thing is, the dominance threshold is only getting higher.

    Like you said, lifting weights is basically a requirement these days unless you’re a tall dude. People keep trying to say that the fitness aspect of game is unimportant or overstated, when nothing could be further than the truth. Like you say, lifting weights has numerous downstream effects that increases testosterone, your presence in social situations, and subconscious confidence.

    A lot of game sites tell you to “hold your cup like this,” “say this joke,” “stand like this,” etc. When you’re a physically imposing dude who’s socially calibrated, and aware of their own dominance, all of that “alpha behavior” comes naturally. It makes sense to act alpha because it literally becomes who you are.

    I feel like there’s a generational gap in understanding on this issue. If you’re a part of the millennial generation, hitting on mostly millennial generation girls, you will absolutely notice that the rules of the game are different from what older guys have stressed.

    The best way I can compare it is this: you know that guy who never gets laid but still has ridiculously high standards? Maybe you were like this around age 12 or 13.

    That’s exactly what every girl is like these days. I could write about this at length, probably for days.

  • Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck

    Hm, you are in Donetsk, I think…?

  • Brianmark

    Roosh this is a good post about how to get girls outside of the good ole USA. The most amazing thing is that this is the way 90% the men got women in the USA prior to all this feminism crap. It’s amazing how well the “Game” as Neil Strauss describes in his book has been so widely and blindly accepted as the one size fits all Game for meeting women. Believe it or not, many men who are very successful with women never read that book and yes there was sex before 2005.

  • dragnet

    @ Orson

    My post wasn’t a potshot at WNs–just relaying my personal experience. But anything that causes white (knight) nationalists to blow a gasket is a good thing in my book.

    “OneSTDV actually admits that worrying about this sort of thing has led to his health declining.”

    I just don’t get this. From a purely practical perspective. I mean right now, as I write, there are probably thousands of black men banging white women in this country. What good does it do to worry yourself sick over this? Who does that help??

    It’s shit the like that makes me think that kind of extremism is more a product of neuroses, previous humiliation, or intrasexual competition than anything else.

  • Anonymous

    As a girl from Eastern Europe I can say that while I am sure that is what Roosh has experienced and he is not lying, he (and the other foreigners commenting) are definitely getting preferential treatment compared to the local guys. I know this for a fact. Girls who are super nice to you are nice not just because the culture allows them to be feminine, but most importantly because it is extremely high status to be dating a foreign guy.

  • dragnet

    “Girls who are super nice to you are nice not just because the culture allows them to be feminine, but most importantly because it is extremely high status to be dating a foreign guy.”

    So what? That’s what it means to be alpha (ie, to have high status).

    “Horny nice guy” game works when you have some sort of built-in, structural alphaness already in place. It’s why rock stars can write uber beta songs and give nauseatingly pussified interviews and still get laid like tile.

  • The Captain Power

    Roosh, Colombia is going to explode with tourists now that the secret service got caught with all those prostitutes…

  • DistinguishedGentleman

    Believe it or not, this is good advice in the US too.

    I think Roosh is overly bitter from dealing with exclusively DC women in his home country. Fortunately, women elsewhere aren’t completely like that.

  • Orson


    t’s shit the like that makes me think that kind of extremism is more a product of neuroses, previous humiliation, or intrasexual competition than anything else.

    100% agree. I’m white, and my view is, every man has to get up and compete. May the best man win. Almost anyone who is a fan of Roosh would agree.

    OneSTDV and other white nationalists are obsessed with colored guys who might somewhere be having sex with a white woman. That is the basis of white-nationalism – white guys who cannot get white women, and think the colored guys ‘took their women’.

    That idjit admits that thoughts of this (even with people he has never met in person) has made his health decline. If ever there was an example of male insecurity and loserdom, that is it.

  • Orson

    I think Roosh is overly bitter from dealing with exclusively DC women in his home country.

    I don’t think he is bitter.

    But it is true that DC will be much worse than the rest of the US. Big cities like NYC or LA would be better, while smaller cities and towns would be better for different reasons.

    But DC is probably a lot worse than most other parts of the US. This is because :

    A lot of women are black welfare queens (dragging down the pressure on even white women to look good).

    A lot of women work in government, and so are brainwashed in feminism even more than other parts of the US, and give less value to meritocracy than elsewhere.

  • http://[email protected] 20th Level

    This post is spot on and I can personally attest to the fact that it works on eastern euros that are here in the states as long as they have not been here long enough to get branwawhed and converted.

    I especially like the part about using a more literal and direct style of humor, which would get you blown out of the box as being super corny by American women but works like a charm with the foreign babes.

  • DC girl

    “9. Drop all anger. In the States, you will probably be amped up in a night out because of dealing with girls who have attitude. You can harness this anger into a cocky vibe that snags the next girl. But when abroad, anger will lead to a vibe that the girls don’t like. I wouldn’t even bother calling out a foreign cockblocker because it will just take you away from having the optimum softer attitude. Let things slide.”


    April 6, 2012:

    See also, March 2010:

  • Apocalypseman

    Couldn’t agree more. This goes for all kinds of European women. A lot of them, not just in EE, don’t get my humour soi have to play it down. They don’t really care about my job, unlike The United Skanks of America and Cuntada. So I am way more of the “nice guy” and it works. Goes double if you’re good looking because they are looking for signs you are a jerk or player. They aren’t as keen on those types I find.

    It took me a year to realise this and as soon as I adopted BANG. Instant results. I know another guy in his late 30s who always has attractive women with him. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and that’s all that seems to matter. He doesn’t try too hard and offers a hint of chivalry. Works.

  • Apocalypseman

    I want to second 17.

    English girls for the most part are much more feminine and like nice guys. Occasionally you meet a game player, but you just ignore and move on. They are the exception as opposed to the rule.

    Basically, since I moved to London I will not pursue a girl that plays any games similar to back home. It’s only the Cuntada girls I’ve met over here that still play the same game as back home. So I don’t touch them.

  • Apocalypseman

    Great observations in these comments.

    PepperSpray hits nail on head as well. Every American girl I’ve talked to has minimal interest in European guys. not surprisingly, they “can’t” (more like don’t) explain why but I know exactly why.

    Went to Houston recently for work. Hordes of cougars with back muscles and man-calves. How is this attractive? Can’t believe I used to find it so. Disgusting.

  • Bluebook Paper

    If only engineering textbooks were as cogent and simple as your posts. You have a rare gift for writing and breaking things down. You inspire me and others to follow suit. carry on.

  • Armaggedon666

    doclove, damn bro you did join late! I just turned 32 myself.

    Haha you damned right they are attracted to drama. American women tend to do things like get “bored” very easily. They are adrenaline and attention junkies. They are like children in women’s bodies – and by children I mean that by being around children, you notice that not only are children attention whores, any kind of attention and even the NEGATIVE kind is better for them than no attention at all. But since there is no repercussion for not growing out of this stage as women have every kind of advantage in this society, and since there really is no incentive to grow out of this kind of thinking, these broads STAY with this childish mindset ingrained in their mentality/being.

    You know what’s funny bro? Just like I’m sure you have noticed while you were in, countless friends of mine had so many problems with these broads, especially on deployments. It was constantly that the broads were cheating, leeching off the dudes, getting pregnant by other dudes, and cleaning dude’s accounts out. Since I never heard any of this on the controlled mainstream US media, I thought I was just experiencing an anomaly lmfao. After this, I had a very hard time swallowing the idea that women were princesses, but the internet was not as developed as it is today and so I could never find any mass stats or any other kind of info to confirm what I and others were seeing and why it was so.

    Absolutely though, you can NEVER tell a girl you love her, or even get married (not just because of all the laws) in the west, but because it lowers your value and once you do you lose your edge over the hoe. Not only is kindness “weakness” here, but now she’s “comfortable” and is done trying to please you. That’s why women notoriously start hitting the gym after the “relationship” ends, trying to bait another sucker. Not only that, I’ve found women in “relationships” to be the easiest broads to bang since it is impossible to please these deluded broads and so whoever the dummy in a “relationship” with her is, it’s guaranteed he cannot please her, and pretty soon she is going to be thinking what an “asshole” he is and how she can get back at him.

    Now what I do is just wear a wedding ring, tell the hoes I’m “married”, and I lie my ass off about anything and everything to these broads because they’re so dumb and so propagandized. Treating them like crap here is the only way they can respect you. I have to admit it’s pretty fun though lol. Once I put in all the research and I made the moral shift of understanding how moody, manipulating, vindictive, lying, conniving, and leeching these broads are – that is, I assume they all are until I have reason to believe otherwise (like how they’re trained to believe about men, all men are dogs, creeps, perverts, evil, etc., until they have reason to believe otherwise), now that I’m doing this with women, and once you know how the system works and how to adjust to it, you can easily use it to your advantage. This shit is fun as hell lol!

    Yeah bro, the sexual revolution in the states was in the late 60’s early 70’s and older friends of mine have told me from what they experienced, and changes in the broads they saw with their own eyes.

  • MQ

    In other words: most of the stuff that PUAs try to sell about women’s ‘essential nature’ is really just about the obnoxious personalities of American bar sluts. This accords with my experience.

  • Viking

    Cocky funny works great in Norway. I have never tried Mystery method but I know a lot of guys use it successfully. The same I think goes for most other styles. If these styles don`t work for an american here it has to be because there is something in the application that is over the top. And we do tend to consider americans as over the top, bragging, loud etc. Alpha as I perceive it, which is clearly something different from nice guy with a spine, works a lot better here than nice guy with a spine.

  • el guapo

    Hey roosh what is your opinion about verbally say to a baltic girl that you like her? not that you love her but you simply like her,leaving the meaning of that line free for interpretation?

    [Roosh: Before sex, no.]

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  • Anonymous

    Wait, so what’s left? What portion of GAME works globally?

    Offhand, preselection, moving on and plate spinning weren’t mentioned as a don’t so are these still a do? Can someone add to this short list?

    Roosh, you have my undying admiration for this effort, as well as the Denmark effort. You learned GAME to a high level, then consciously left for a place where Game as you know it doesn’t work and where you’re a beginner Beta or even an Omega according to local standards, where your previous Game knowledge will even hinder you, and everytime you’ve mastered that environment.

  • Vicious

    Excellent stuff. This is what most wannabe international players fail to get, the notion that game is “static” and completely inflexible. I’ve been telling self-acclaimed PUAs on net forums for years that “negging” and “the cube” only works within very specific contexts (such as certain cultures) without out much getting through. Good to see that word is finally getting out.

  • Big Game Hunter

    All respect and everything to guys like you, Roosh, but I gotta say, some of this stuff feels just plain wrong. I’m thinking you’re seeing something very different than a native of these countries would see, because of the fact you’re clearly a foreigner and/or in particular an American. Now, some girls are just into foreigners as we all well know – the exotic factor and the social value of bragging to your friends about it and more. And the American part is a factor in itself. Over here in Europe, when you meet someone and they realize you’re American, it’s a coin toss whether their first thought is “idiot”, “rich” or “rich idiot”. Sure, it’s a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea.

    Commenter 56 is correct, I believe. This sort of advice would be… well, let’s say suboptimal for a native Eastern European guy or the like. Let’s take 4, dropping all cockiness and teasing. I call BS on this one, if you’re not a foreigner in the land. For what it’s worth, I’d be very surprised indeed if Roosh had spent more time in EE and knew more folks there than I. If you’re even remotely normal looking – that’s to say, not unusually handsome or fitter than 90 % of the guys around – then you’re not gonna be alpha enough to the girl unless you show some of the teasing and cocky side of things, unless you’re growing money and/or political power from your ears. Sure, you American guys can come in and be all “horny nice guy” as long as it’s clear you’re American. But for the locals, this shit don’t fly. It’s true, yes, that Americans seem to require a lot more and brutal game than others, but seriously, even EE girls do require serious game if you’re not a foreigner she’s already set up on the alpha/sugardaddy pedestal. Of course, no girl requires game if you’re just that special – rich, handsome and powerful – but for the most of us who are not, yeah, you do need to know how to tease and act cocky, and you cannot compliment and cuddle anywhere near the start and hope to be respected and desired. My two cents, or less.

    [Roosh: I don’t know if what you say is accurate, but it doesn’t matter because this post is for American guys. Honestly, it makes no difference to me what game an EE guy has to use to succeed.]

  • random_guy

    Big Game Hunter:
    So you’re saying standard game still applies to EE chicks if you’re a native?
    How receptive do you find chicks to be to the game?

    Asking because I come from EE country and am looking to learn game.


  • Big Game Hunter

    @Roosh: Fair enough! Just thought I’d throw that in for those of your readers who aren’t American – plenty of those out here, too.

    @random_guy: Not that I’m any sort of guru – in truth, I’m a beta male, but one that has had lots (compared to my pre-game days) of success with game. But, yeah, I’m saying standard game applies to pretty much all women, no matter where they’re from. And yes, also to EE chicks if you’re a native EE guy. Standard game seems to be universal with only two caveats:

    1) golddigger/exotic fruit factor. If you’re in some foreign country or with some foreign girl, and your wealth is (likely to be, according to her expectations) considerably greater than hers or the “exotic” value and appeal of your culture comes into play (a lot of folks put value on you being an American, for example, cuz Americans are rich and cool and international – unless they’re stupid, inbred and republican, go figure the way some people think about the world), standard game can be very counterproductive. Because of your wealth or the appeal of your culture, she is already chasing you by default. If you then run game on her, act assholish and/or cocky and aren’t very nice to her, she’ll get scared and move on. She already believes you are higher value than she, so if you rub that in her face with game tactics, she thinks you’re too much higher value to accept her, and moves on. This is the effect that American PUAs like Roosh are seeing in certain countries, I believe. The girls already value Roosh highly because he’s an American – and has money enough to fly around the world just for the kicks – and if he runs too much game on them, they’ll get scared and run off. So, if he’s just sorta nice but manly enough to avoid being thought of as a pussy, he scores. That’s “nice guy game”.

    2) intensity of game required varies by culture. This is important. Standard game does apply to EE chicks if you’re a native, BUT. On a very pretty American girl, you have to run brutally hard game. On an EE girl that is just as pretty, you can’t run game that hard, or she’ll think you’re an asshole and hate her. On an EE chick, run standard game, but softer. All the game tactics work, but you need to be more gentle with them. You still need to be aloof and cocky and confident and you need to tease her, but just be less in-your-face about it, and you need to show your vulnerable and polite side more. I like to think American girls require James Bond game – James Bond, pre-Craig at least, is a totally unemotional asshole who’d sooner eat his own shit than cry – where for example EE chicks require Jason Bourne game – Jason Bourne is a tough guy, but he does sometimes show emotion and even weakness, and caring. There’s a good (I think) rule of thumb that tells you how hard you need to run your game. The more social and extroverted people are in the culture, and the more “equal” the two sexes are in that culture, the harder the game you need to run. Look at USA: American are very extroverted and noisy people and at least on the surface very social. In America, women and men are very “equal”, and feminism goes so far that in some things women are actually more equal than men, and have privileges that men can’t hope to have. That tells you that you need to run brutally hard game on an American girl. And EE girls? In EE countries, feminism and sex equality are nowhere near as far advanced as in the USA. Also, people are somewhat less extroverted, at least in that they don’t approach strangers as aggressively and boldly as Americans. That tells us we need to run much softer game on them.

    Longish, but you get the idea. Game is universal, but some cultures require hard game and some require soft game. Good example are Finns: very sex equal culture, but very shy introverted people. You can’t run brutal asshole game on (most) Finnish girls, or they’ll genuinely think you hate them. But you do need to show you’ve got balls: tease her, act cocky, be confident in your approach and actions. But it needs to be toned down A LOT so you’re not insulting her, because she will be insulted by the more brutal game American girls would require. You can think of it like playing soccer with different people. You play as hard as you can with your best friends who are all adults and as big as you, but you play soft and gentle with your 8-year-old cousin. The game and the rules are the same, only the intensity changes.

  • Ale

    I’m currently in Mexico and gotta say that all of this holds true. It’s a lot easier getting by showing more of my beta self. Most important thing is being confident. Undoubtfully being green-eyed, blond, and tall help but still. It seems like ladies appreciate men a lot more.

    Problem I’m having now is that upper class woman seem a lot more different from lower class. Upper class seems to be quite prude and traditional, it’s difficult to advance physically. You’re required to chase the girl a lot more, and supposedly declare your interest in her, as in “I want you”. Haven’t done this so far because everything you learn in the US, CA, EU tell you otherwise. Although they are more work at this moment it seems like they are worth the challenge, or at least they like to have you believe.

  • madmax

    wow man, eye-opening

  • madmax


    Roosh is a guy who happens to teach what he himself learns. He’s not the guy who will do your work for you, solve your problems, take you by the hand and wipe your ass, so stop whining like a stupid little bitch and don’t blame other people for your failures.

    The best teachers are actually the ones who are able to change perspective quickly, if necessary. It requires a flexible and versatile mind, all qualities that you obviously lack. You are obviously a value sucker, i.e. someone who believes the world owes him something. Grow up, that’s a good first step.

  • Theodora

    How come I missed this post??

    “If you use American game on a feminine girl with good family roots and a heart of gold, she will think you are strange and crazy.” AND RUN

    This is so true, I’m glad you’re letting people know!!

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  • Neary

    Something keeps nagging me about the idea of American women looking for extreme versions of dominant males,i.e. rich guys,body builders or criminals.Surely that’s pretty similar to how American men are viewed by say South American women or East European women,as rich guys who have a dominance due to money that local guys do not have,whats the difference?.

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  • Gabe

    When I read this I say to myself-

    Foreign girls seem reasonable and psychologically whole

    while our fellow opposite gender subjects in The Zionist Banker Republic of America

    have been brainwashed into being weirdos by Yiddish Hollywood.

    Read more-

    (He should’ve called this how America really works versus what Faux news told you)