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The hardest part of going to a new country is figuring out the optimum game that works on local women. Sometimes you can figure it out quickly, but even with full-time residence you need at least one month to nail something down, and that’s assuming you have strong observational skills.

But how about if you’re going to a country for only one week and don’t know where to start? Chances are you’ll use what you know: American game. This is all fine and good because you can still convert using basic American game, but it’s not your best option.

What I want to share is a skeletal game that you should use in South America and Eastern Europe. There’s a lot of variance in countries within these two regions so you’ll have to hack at it further to see higher results, but this world game will get you a lot farther than basic American game.

1. Relax your rules on buying things for girls. If you’re having a great conversation with a girl and she’s showing interest, you’re free to buy her a drink assuming she didn’t demand it. She will not think you are a weak man or assume that you’re in love with her like an American girl would. You could also take a girl out to an inexpensive dinner instead of only doing bar dates if that makes feel you more comfortable. Buying small things for girls in other countries often gives you faster access to her pussy. You have to be smart about it though: if a Brazilian girl in the club is acting aloof and interrupting the conversation to keep looking at her phone, don’t buy her shit. Buying a drink is a reward for the pleasant interaction you’re having, not a way to build her interest. It’s the foreign way of saying, “I like you, do you like me?”

2a. Adopt a more classic style. Don’t go out and buy new clothing, but pack the more generic items that would work anywhere. The two looks I rock is black v-neck and jeans or collared shirt with skinny tie. It doesn’t matter where I go—these two will not be objectionable to women. If you’re going to stay in a place for a long time, you can play a niche angle because you’ll have time to do it (and find it), but in a short time frame you should go for mainstream appeal. Understand that many foreign countries don’t have as many niches and scenes as in America. In Industrial Shithole there really is just one niche in the club: mainstream. If you roll up with baggy pants and a baseball cap, you may not be well-received (you probably won’t even be allowed to get into the club).

2b. Drop the hipster look. While you will find a hipster scene in most countries you go to, especially in Scandinavia, they are generally smaller than in America and don’t have the most desirable women. What I’ve found is that ugly women who can’t compete tend to fall back in hipsterdom just so they can get some attention from local men. To appeal to more women, tighten your look a bit to appear more clean-cut. I reduce the shag levels on my hair and also crop my beard close enough so that bits of food will not get stuck in it.

3. Don’t be reluctant to harvest numbers. One-night stands abroad are more rare because logistics will be against you. A lot of girls you’ll meet may never have had one and probably don’t want to start now unless she’s insanely into you or drunk. It’s better to get three numbers in the club from interested girls and plan to meet in a couple days than focus on one girl all night and just get blocked in the end. This is going to be your toughest issue while gaming abroad and the hardest to advise you on what to do. Unless the girl is feeling you strongly, you should get a number and go find another girl. A more advanced technique that awaits you is simulataneously working on multiple girls in the club in staggered time.

4. Drop all cockiness and teasing. Absolutely do not bring out these two devices unless the girl is bringing them to the table first, which in that case means she’s Americanized and therefore not a worthy target. Understand that in America you have to do these things to get a girl to be attracted to you, but with foreign girls it’s more about your look, vibe, and logistics. Of course you should be as interesting as possible since it doesn’t matter how good looking you are if you’re a bore who has nothing to talk about, but you don’t need to bust her balls to win her affections. I’m amazed at how just “showing up” can be enough. A lot of foreign girls genuinely just like being in your normal presence even though you’re not actively gaming them.

6. Be careful with your humor. One thing I like about Americans is their sarcastic and witty sense of humor, but this will likely not be received well on foreign women because they are not raised on Simpsons, Friends, Seinfeld, and Will Ferrel movies. Humor is actually not an important quality that foreign women seek out in men. I’m not saying don’t be funny, but they tend to like obvious “ha ha” humor instead of sharp humor that references something obscure. You’ll generally know what kind of humor to use when she tries to crack jokes with you. Just mimic her style.

7. You must day game. American nightlife offers the absolute best logistics for meeting the opposite sex. It gets significantly worse everywhere else you go. Either the girls go out in mixed set groups, they like to sit at tables instead of lingering by the bar, or they prefer mega-clubs that are painfully loud. If you only stick to night game, you’ll severely limit both the quantity and quality that you can get. In Industrial Shithole, there are only five major clubs even though the city population has around 1 million people. Compare that to the dozens of clubs in Washington DC, which if you don’t count the suburbs has a smaller population (about 500,000 people). Every city has a place where girls are easy to meet, whether it’s a trendy coffee shop, grocery store, university library, or what have you, and from day one you need to walk around and find where that place is.

8. Don’t be scared to escalate the encounter. When you’re gaming in a new country, and you’re insecure about what to do, you lose a lot of your edge as you put extra attention into soaking in your new environment instead of getting laid. You also will suspect, usually rightfully so, that girls are not as easy as American sluts. Even though this is the case, foreign girls don’t punish you for escalation. If you get rejected going for the one-night stand but she likes you, she will still come out on a date. If anything, staying aggressive is a great way to screen out wishy-washy girls who have orbiters or boyfriends.

9. Drop all anger. In the States, you will probably be amped up in a night out because of dealing with girls who have attitude. You can harness this anger into a cocky vibe that snags the next girl. But when abroad, anger will lead to a vibe that the girls don’t like. I wouldn’t even bother calling out a foreign cockblocker because it will just take you away from having the optimum softer attitude. Let things slide.

10. It’s less about being alpha or beta than being confident. Most foreign girls want a confident nice guy. This means you are more chivalrous and polite. It’s okay to smile, it’s okay to send emoticons in text messages, and it’s okay be yourself as long as you’re not needy. Since you still want to have a dash of edge in you, the best way to explain the vibe you want is to be a gentleman who makes the occasional rape or sexist joke. Political correctness has not hit many parts of the world.

11. Compliment (and cuddle). In America you are severely punished for complimenting a girl. She thinks you’re a weak man who is falling in love with her (like when buying her a drink). If you’re in a work setting, you may lose your job if she deems your compliment about her attire to be “sexual harassment.” It’s a different story outside of America. Girls warmly receive compliments because it’s part of the “I like you, do you like me?” game that is a natural progression to intimacy. If you’re like me, you probably have no idea how to compliment a woman after banging American sluts for so long. The three easiest compliments you can give which will give you a lot of mileage are: (1) “You have nice eyes,” (2) “You have a nice smile,” and (3) “I feel really comfortable talking to you.” If you’re American, you are trained to think these are cheesy or generic, but good lord have they helped me gain access to many a foreign vagina. A good time to compliment is about the same time you buy the first drink.

The easiest way to sum up world game is “horny nice guy.” You’re horny because you approach and escalate, and you’re nice because you treat girls well and are not arrogant. With this vibe you will do much better than hitting foreign girls with American game, which is highly specialized to apply to entitled cunts whose pussies only get wet when they are treated like a trash can. If you use American game on a feminine girl with good family roots and a heart of gold, she will think you are strange and crazy. Game as you know it is really a Western invention for use on women who no longer use biology or the pursuit of happiness to select mates. World game is nothing more than being a good man who isn’t a pushover.

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