You Are The Last 3 Women You’ve Slept With

If you’re seeking a measurement of who you are and where you are in life, simply look at the last three girls you made love to. If they were lined up before me, I would know your tastes, your game, your capabilities, and your environment. They are a strong indication of your value, though of course not the sole determinant.

The last three doesn’t lie. These are you most recent conquests that will immediately make apparent any self-delusion or ego that you may have been fooling yourself with. If the last three are below-average, the product of drunken nights out or lazy copy-and-paste internet game, you have no one to look at but yourself. If your last three were low quality but the result of hard labor, of hours spent approaching day and night in different venues, from trying different techniques and methods, they will be a reflection of your environment or personal limitations you may not be able to overcome without moving elsewhere. No matter how hard you work there will always be limiting factors beyond your control. I believed Washington DC was the biggest one for me, so I got up and left, to find that the ceiling was lifted in what I could sexually accomplish.

More recently, I examined my last three in Poland and noticed it took a dip than when in Ukraine. Thirsty Polish girls in the 6 range are quite easy, and because getting hotter in Poland was time-consuming with no guarantee of success, I took the easy option. I ate fast-food in Poland more times than I would like to admit, simply because there were so many fast-food restaurants near my apartment. Better food options were limited and I was too lazy to seek them out.

I especially remember one fast-food bang. It was a Wednesday night and I was unable to find a decent spot to hunt in. For some hormonal reason, I strongly wanted sex. I spotted a girl in front of a club and was able to get her to join me at a bar next door. She was not very pretty—I have to give her a 5.5 at the most due to her extra 10 pounds of carriage—but on this night she passed my boner test so within ninety minutes I made sexual congress with her in my bedroom.

The day after eating McDonald’s, when my bowel movement becomes problematic, I regret my decision to eat there. The situation with the 5.5 was no different. I felt ashamed that I was unable to control my sexual desires to avoid a girl who was way below my average, and when there were many prettier (though harder) options around. The sex with her was actually quite good, but I can’t ignore the fact that the women you sleep with are a representation of you. The same goes with your friends—I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that you are the sum of your five closest friends. If I’m voluntarily banging a 5.5, how high is my value really?

I calmed down in the face of this question and looked at my previous three bangs. There was one gourmet girl, but also a KFC girl. If I were to continue on this path, I risk becoming morbidly obese, so I made the choice to hit the farmer’s market and buy the freshest produce and meats, even if it was less convenient and more expensive. Because I wasn’t entirely pleased with my last three, it was time to take the right steps to improve them, even if in the short term I would not get laid for a while.

It’s fun to get a new bang and share that conquest with your friends, but because they don’t want to strain the friendship, they won’t be honest with you if you actually banged a beast. We have to be real with ourselves and consider our three most recent conquests to examine if they are the types of women that we want to make a part of our lives. If not then changes must be made, either to our approach or to our environment. Eating fast food is okay once in a while, but do it too much and you will have a fast food body, with the diabetes to boot.

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