You Are The Last 3 Women You’ve Slept With

If you’re seeking a measurement of who you are and where you are in life, simply look at the last three girls you made love to. If they were lined up before me, I would know your tastes, your game, your capabilities, and your environment. They are a strong indication of your value, though of course not the sole determinant.

The last three doesn’t lie. These are you most recent conquests that will immediately make apparent any self-delusion or ego that you may have been fooling yourself with. If the last three are below-average, the product of drunken nights out or lazy copy-and-paste internet game, you have no one to look at but yourself. If your last three were low quality but the result of hard labor, of hours spent approaching day and night in different venues, from trying different techniques and methods, they will be a reflection of your environment or personal limitations you may not be able to overcome without moving elsewhere. No matter how hard you work there will always be limiting factors beyond your control. I believed Washington DC was the biggest one for me, so I got up and left, to find that the ceiling was lifted in what I could sexually accomplish.

More recently, I examined my last three in Poland and noticed it took a dip than when in Ukraine. Thirsty Polish girls in the 6 range are quite easy, and because getting hotter in Poland was time-consuming with no guarantee of success, I took the easy option. I ate fast-food in Poland more times than I would like to admit, simply because there were so many fast-food restaurants near my apartment. Better food options were limited and I was too lazy to seek them out.

I especially remember one fast-food bang. It was a Wednesday night and I was unable to find a decent spot to hunt in. For some hormonal reason, I strongly wanted sex. I spotted a girl in front of a club and was able to get her to join me at a bar next door. She was not very pretty—I have to give her a 5.5 at the most due to her extra 10 pounds of carriage—but on this night she passed my boner test so within ninety minutes I made sexual congress with her in my bedroom.

The day after eating McDonald’s, when my bowel movement becomes problematic, I regret my decision to eat there. The situation with the 5.5 was no different. I felt ashamed that I was unable to control my sexual desires to avoid a girl who was way below my average, and when there were many prettier (though harder) options around. The sex with her was actually quite good, but I can’t ignore the fact that the women you sleep with are a representation of you. The same goes with your friends—I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that you are the sum of your five closest friends. If I’m voluntarily banging a 5.5, how high is my value really?

I calmed down in the face of this question and looked at my previous three bangs. There was one gourmet girl, but also a KFC girl. If I were to continue on this path, I risk becoming morbidly obese, so I made the choice to hit the farmer’s market and buy the freshest produce and meats, even if it was less convenient and more expensive. Because I wasn’t entirely pleased with my last three, it was time to take the right steps to improve them, even if in the short term I would not get laid for a while.

It’s fun to get a new bang and share that conquest with your friends, but because they don’t want to strain the friendship, they won’t be honest with you if you actually banged a beast. We have to be real with ourselves and consider our three most recent conquests to examine if they are the types of women that we want to make a part of our lives. If not then changes must be made, either to our approach or to our environment. Eating fast food is okay once in a while, but do it too much and you will have a fast food body, with the diabetes to boot.

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  • Inside UoM

    Eating too much processed American food is also unhealthy. Finer, fresher European foods are recommended.

  • Fuck that!

    Women are judged on their youth and beauty, and men are judged on how hot their girlfriend(s) is / are.

    Another factor is wealth – men are judged on their wealth and the beauty of the women their have on their shoulder. Generally speaking the wealthier you are the prettier your skag. This is a general rule though, not always a correlation. Look at Zuckerberg. One would think with his kind of wealth he could shop around for something better looking then what he has now. This is a good example that wealth alone can’t save a man who is über beta.

  • Kaiden

    Don’t say that man. I’ve banged two hogs and a single mom (Single mom I get along with as friends still).

  • Esteban Holder

    Latina food is good and spicy and can be very high quality.

  • D – Rak

    someone will be having chinese tonight

  • cassander

    So I’m a MILF hunter?!…or secretly want to fuck my own mom…LOL

  • George Fair

    I think you have to include a time factor in this “last 3 bang” – formula. Two of the last three women i’ve been with were way above my average, so i should be pleased. But i’m not statisfied with the quantity in my sex life at all.

  • PeeWee

    Growing ones own food can be healthiest of all , though I can’t apply that to mate selection.

  • Dick King

    Ok Player Roosh that’s all good

    But what Countries now are good for defeating the age span where we can still dine on prime rib rather than Big Macs?

  • Deebos

    Lets see the last 3…surfer whose condo overlooked the beach (great morning view!) biker (motorcylce) and college student (new flag…I was in UK at the time) None over 28, I’m 40… biker chick was hardest to get to bang…took a few hangouts at the clubhouse and an actual date. Im generally unconcerned with flags bit I thoroughly enjoy sleeping with women that are outside of my typical target range. I’m proud of that biker because that seriously pushed the limit of my skills and nerves

  • J Dilla

    1.) 23 yr old Korean ex-Sorostitute Marketing/PR whatever with a pussy as tight as her asshole

    2.) 24 yr old Pediatric ICU Nurse in a hottub who broke up with her bf of 3 yrs a few days prior

    3.) 30 yr old French PhD/Biologist who I didn’t allow to speak English during the act

    Pretty diverse array, thoughts/assessments?

  • Raul Felix

    Thinking of my last three, I’m actually quite proud of myself. I’ve come a long way thanks to many of the insights that have been given to me from your articles and books. Its best to take the harder path more times than it isn’t.

  • Hormoz

    When now its happens for measurement what are your top 5 countries for game?

  • da

    so what can it be said about tiger woods mistresses who are busted? i wouldn’t have banged them for sure. any opinion?

  • Casanova

    Good post, but I would further add to it by saying that the last 3 women you’ve slept with, does not only speak about the quality of your women or your standards, but they also determine your mindset, lifestyle and thinking patterns for the present. Every woman psychologically and physically affects the man who fucks her, so never forget that. You begin to talk like her, think like her, and even act like her in some ways. Never forget that.

  • ??

    My last three chicks were black and all met out in the real world. I’m white. What does this mean!

  • Paine

    ur black bro

  • Windom Earle

    It’s called fapping.

  • Eli

    If you want to hang onto your wealth and raise good kids in a patriarchal environment, you cannot marry a really hot woman. They tend to be terrible wives, mothers and love the divorce system, not to mention lacking in intellectual development. It’s one thing to bang or date these women, another to marry and have kids with them. Don’t think that Zucks is just light years ahead of you in business and wealth, he might have actually thought through the women piece as well.

  • d

    useless narcisissm

  • John

    Refined tastes. Impressive. Im still banging college biddies at 29.

  • Fuck that!

    Quote: “Don’t think that Zucks is just light years ahead of you in business and wealth, he might have actually thought through the women piece as well”

    I hear what your sayin’ but men today are just too fucking stupid to think in those terms

  • Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    “… hit the farmer’s market and buy the freshest produce and meats….”

    Straight from the harvest; sweet, tender, young Polish cabbages.

    So where where is this “farmers ‘ market” of which you speak? Are you spooking around the local liceum?

    Good for you. I haven’t been able to get over myself and approach those yummy but age-inappropriate young ladies I naturally desire. Something holds me back. What I like wouldn’t be illegal or anything, but proper society would frown upon me. Any tips?

  • Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    Eventually you get to an age when banging college girls is very impressive.

  • Noah

    DC is pretty horrid must agree

  • Eli

    I think he was well advised in that sphere by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett…Had he married a trophy wife it could have been a disaster for him and the company…i really think its better for him to have married a nerdy academic, regardless of looks…I actually commend him. It takes no game to rope in women when you are worth $30bn. he could get anything he wanted without any effort.

  • jimmaye

    im 17 and only slept with 2 girls haha

  • Dr. Murray F. Rottencrotch

    You can’t seriously game for any meaningful length of time without facing the option of a face food bang, or a string of them.

  • John

    My wife, wife and wife.

    Hapa,20 years old, studying astronautics.

  • fuck yourself

    you’re really just a below average pop psychologist, roosh

  • dcl

    Damnit youre right.
    The last three, I had never thought of this.
    Thanks for this. -dcl

  • nah

    What age is that?

  • Guest

    Wow, this was a severe wake up call. I’ve been deluding myself by thinking banging the “occasional” hottie means I’m making progress. Looking at my last 3 tells the true story though and I wouldn’t be proud to line them up for public viewing.

  • Kristoph

    ‘It’s fun to get a new bang and share that conquest with your friends, but because they don’t want to strain the friendship, they won’t be honest with you if you actually banged a beast.’
    Really? That’s interesting. I banged a 5 one time and have never heard the end of it. From male and female friends.
    I deserve it though. She had four seperate belly button piercings and three tattoos of cartoon hippos. Ugh.

  • Kristoph

    Society’s objection to men sating their natural urge to bang women when they are in their physical prime (assuming you’re talking around the 17-24 range which is my personal preference) is ridiculous. If you do it, men will be jealous of you. Even if they pretend to be disgusted they would actually love to be in your shoes.
    Women your own age will be furious, for obvious reasons. You’re showing them how their own worth has diminished. They will resent you, but not truly look down on you.
    So why worry about them frowning on you? Yes, other people’s opinion of you can be important, but in this case they would be hiding their anger and jealousy behind self righteousness. If you’re banging girls in their prime, guess what – you’re winning already.

  • Kristoph

    A biker, that does sound difficult. I find that girls who are really ‘niche’ are quite hard work. I really like those ‘scene’ girls; the big hair, a bit too much eye make up, generally on the pale side. But woe is me – they seem to prefer beardy guitarists rather than clean cut, shirt wearing me. Life goes on.
    My last three…the girl who lives upstairs from me who finally gave into my advances, a friend of a friend who is a bit chubby but I quite like because she’s fun, discreet and gives good head (sloppy kisser though), and my current regular girl, a lovely, if slightly dull, young woman with a fantastic ass. It’s a good time for me. But I do feel like my game has relied too much on alcohol recently.

  • Deebos

    Ahh, that biker. She was pretty attractive too, probably in the 7+ range and heavy makeup, fake tits, and a few tats…one of the few women that could outdrink me. Safety move but on the night of the bang I actually asked her if it was okay to kiss her, about 40 other bikers around… wanted the bang but didn’t want to get stomped trying, Ha!!
    If you’re into scene girls you could give it a few trys, I was a novelty to that biker (her phrase was “You intrique me…I’ve never met a man like you”). Thats the fun part of niche girls, you can see outwardly what they like but internally all women are quite similar. Good luck to you!!

  • John

    fuck……I’m Asian?

  • Anton Chigurh

    That’s disgusting.

  • Wizard

    …….But I’m a virgin.
    Who am I then ?

  • Vaughn

    My last 3 were escorts. Would that be classified as “fast casual”? Like Chipotle Mexican Grill? They are above the fast food girls in terms of looks.

  • There Will Be Woman

    What do you mean Washington DC was a limitation? Isn’t it one of the best places for singles?

  • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

    Elliot Rodgers.

  • Ruckus

    This is a bullshit post, but for a good cause. BUY BANG! ON SPECIAL UNTIL TOMORROW!! ONLY THREE COPIES LEFT!!!

  • SmackMe

    American chicks suck and are selfish and fat. I’d know. I am one.

  • hahaha trash

    Poland and Ukraine…ok trashy, poor European countries where women are sexually abused at birth to be ‘good wives’ then pimped into prostitution. You have to go to the gutter to get laid. You have no value hahaha.

  • DJ

    This article was exactly the kind of swift kick in the ass I needed. Thank you!