“You Broke Me”

One week before I moved to my logistically superior Zagreb apartment, I encountered a 20-year-old girl at a taxi stand late at night. We ended up talking and I got her to come with me to an after-hours bar. We kissed. We met up again a few days later but she insisted on not drinking. We kissed some more and my hand passed over her vagina for 300 milliseconds. It didn’t go farther than that.

I was anxious on the day I moved to my new apartment. It was the longest I’ve ever gone without a flag. At the tail end of a long European trip that contained many easy notches, I had absolutely zero motivation to play the dating grind. I was dropping girls off my pipeline for minor transgressions that I wouldn’t have two years prior. Croatian girls aren’t the easiest but I was confident that bad logistics was requiring me to date instead of banging on the same night. But after moving, what if I still failed? What excuse will I use if I still couldn’t get my flag? My pride was at stake.

I went out the first night with two guys, one American and the other British. The American has been living in Croatia for a while and was amused at my flagging mission, while the British guy was in the same boat as I was, still after his first Croatia bang as well. The Brit and I exchanged many “so close yet so far” stories. He had what ended up being a dud date that night while I went with the American to a bar near my house.

At the bar I met a tall girl with a nose stud. She was very pretty and after a short while she ordered a shot, took it, kissed me, and then ejaculated it into my mouth. It felt gay but I went along with it. Later I touched her and she said, “Don’t touch me.”

I replied, “I’ll touch you if I want. If you don’t like it then walk away.”

“I like that,” she said. She liked the hard game, so I gave it to her. We walked out of the bar and sat on a bench, a mere three minutes away from my apartment.

She went over to the next bench about 30 feet away and asked for a light from a random group of kids, but when she came back she realized it wasn’t lighted. Then she asked me to take her cigarette and go re-light it because her “feet hurt.” Based on the game she was responding to inside the bar, I knew my best option was to say no. It was a test, and I’d pass the test by refusing to be her puppy dog.

I was wrong.

She was furious I didn’t light the cigarette, saying I was “cold” and not a “gentleman.” She stormed off, disappearing into a taxi. I was stunned. It seemed like such a sure thing. Most times you’re allowed to make a couple mistakes but this was all she wrote. I went home, unable to recover.

The second night I went out solo to the same bar. My first two approaches went nowhere. I didn’t want to continue. Then I got a text message from the Brit, saying he just got his flag from a last-minute date. I couldn’t give up now. Then who do I see with her friends but the taxi stand girl, Maya. She was curt, not giving me much affection. I sarcastically asked her if she wanted me to pretend I didn’t know her.

Eventually she warmed up and kissed me out of view of her friends, but would leave every five minutes to “find” them. I didn’t feel safe to hit on other girls while she was watching, yet it was primetime Saturday night—I’m not going to stand around like an idiot. To cover my ass, I told her, “By the way I know a lot of people here. If you see me talking to someone, either guy or girl, don’t feel shy. I’ll introduce you to them.” Truth is I didn’t know anyone there.

When she was right out of view I got into a conversation with a young Croatian girl who looked a bit Estonian with her chubby cheeks. She had a huge booty and a good vibe. During the conversation it turned out that she loved America and men with beards. She accidentally touched my stomach, felt that it was hard, and licked her lower lip like I was a piece of steak. Maya saw me talking to her so I waved her over, knowing she’d refuse to join.

As a test I told the new girl, “How about we go into that corner over there and make out?” Most girls would laugh that off, but she looked in the corner and said nothing. She might as well have yelled, “Take me, you hairy stud!” Then I asked myself why go for the silver when you can go for the gold? I said, “Actually I’m kind of annoyed by this crowd and all the smoke. How about we go for a walk?” She agreed. I steered her into the direction of my apartment. Halfway there we sat down and made out.

She said, “I have to use the bathroom,” and walked towards a tree to urinate. I told her not to act like an animal and use my bathroom right down the block instead. I said, “After you use the bathroom we can have a quick drink and then come back to the bar.” Once in my apartment, we were fucking within ten minutes. She begged me to give it to her hard and I obliged. When it was done she said, “You broke me.” I liked that.

It didn’t take long for her to receive a shrieking “Where are you?!” call from her girlfriend. She fixed herself up in the bathroom, taking away the tell-tale signs that she just got her pussy pounded, and gave me a kiss goodbye. Her friends will never know she banged a guy barely 45 minutes after meeting him.

I was content with my flag, but not too much since it was something that should have been coming anyway. Still, in the most vivid way I confirmed how important logistics are and thought of my Washington DC days when I lived in the boonies. I wondered how many dozens of notches that cost me.

I sent a text message to the Brit: “Croatian flag!!! Finally, damn.” Then I remembered Maya. I texted her a lie: “I went to meet up my friend real quick. Are you still at the bar?” After nearly an hour I didn’t get a response. I thought that was odd, and when I looked at my phone more closely, I realized it had crashed. I restarted it and she did in fact reply, saying she was still there. I casually asked if she wanted to meet for a drink before she went home, and when she said yes, I took a quick shower and met her near my front door. I said, “We can go to the after-hours bar, but how about you come see my new apartment? It’s very nice.” She came in.

Once inside, she went to my bedroom and we got down to business. The resistance was token. The only problem was that the other girl was a 8 out of 10 on sexual ability while Maya was a 2. Her kisses were average and she wasn’t doing much to turn me on. I got her naked, put on a condom, but had trouble putting it in. Not only was her pussy tight like an anus, but the angle of entry was all weird. I was fumbling around while she laid there, not helping. I penetrated her by a hair and then my dick started going soft. There was no way I could get it in.

I took off the condom and regrouped. I explored the topography of her pussy with my fingers to loosen it and figure out how it was constructed. I looked down and saw that my hand was covered by blood. Then I looked at my crotch and saw more blood. I asked her if she was a virgin but she said no. We cuddled for a bit and once the shock of the blood wore off I started getting hard again. My dick, that son of a bitch, wasn’t ready to give up. At the height of my new boner I put on another condom, slathered it with lube, and properly laid pipe to get the notch.

Afterwards, I wasn’t surprised to see that the lower half of her body was bloody. She took a shower while I examined the scene. This has happened to me so many times before that I knew what to do with the sheets (soak it in cold water). She was deeply embarrassed and I reassured her that it was okay. I changed the sheets and told her she could spend the night but she declined and took a taxi. As soon as she was out the door, I sent another text to the Brit: “Another notch!!! Hahahaha!!!!!”

In my sex afterglow I thought about what just happened. In the previous month I tried my hardest and only banged one German girl but no Croatians despite working hard at it. Then by merely having a better located apartment I was able to get my flag and a bonus bang within two days of moving.

I can’t deny that my game has changed. It used to be marathon jog of dating, of driving around town and going to hotel bars and cooking dinner for girls. Now it’s a 50 meter dash. I want to be the Usain Bolt of game, of hitting girls with a fast-paced performance and capping it off with a short walk to a nearby apartment where sex is inevitable. In marathon game, when you’re building a real connection with someone, logistics aren’t a dealbreaker, but in the sprint, it’s everything. The next time I go out, I will look around the room and use all the experience I’ve gained to identify the one girl who wants to have sex with me right now. I won’t accept anything less.

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  • Luke PieStalker

    Classic Roosh.

    That being said this is the evolution of game. Do it as fast as possible as efficently as possible.

  • Team-Red

    It’s all in the eyes, the most telling sign if she is Dtf.

  • http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com George

    Roosh, how often do you see these girls again?

  • Mike.rocker

    Roosh, I’ve been following you closely for a while now and have enjoyed reading your game analysis. Moreover I have incorporated some of your style into my own game, which has been improving consistently.

    After reading this post it confirmed to me that one-night stands and quick lays are not only your specialty, but it’s what you’re honing your game for.
    While this is often fun, I think you might be selling yourself short by obstinately refusing to go on dates. The highest quality women are more likely to put out after building a real connection. Whilst you might object to dating one girl exclusively, it would be better to have several high-quality women going on at once (MLTRs) and then supplement your fucking with some one-night stand easy lays on the side.

    I’ve had quick lays but I would always prefer to sleep with someone I’ve slept with before. You have more of a connection and know what the other likes.

    ‘Jamie Oliver’ game (quick and easy) is good for when you’re hungry, desperate and time-short, but the best results come with perseverance and skill (Heston Blumenthal game)

  • http://littlepdog.com/ Starting Young and Aiming High

    Roosh your blog has taught me a lot since I first stumbled upon it, and one of the most important things it has taught me is the importance of tight logistics. The comparison between your two different cribs in Croatia I’m sure is a wake up call for a lot of people. When I move out into my perfectly located apartment in a few months, the first new notch I bang there shall be banged in your honour. Thank you.

  • Carl

    Interesting read, but I still find the behavior of the females you described to be eerily like american females say from LA or New York. They’re just a tad too dysfunctional for what I would expect in east euro chicks.

  • Eugenius

    I like the spirit of this post….its so descriptive, and fast paced..felt like i was there……yes two notches in one night short time apart….a very rare occurrence, that you will remember for a while …(7 years and counting I still do)…

    You have become an animal :-)…….the bar keeps getting raised, soon nothing but virgins will do :-)

  • http://embracethehunt.wordpress.com Young Hunter

    Congrats on the flag.

    @Mike.rocker: He may be missing some things by focusing on the sprint so to speak, but given his desire to pursue flags abroad, it’s honing the most important aspect of his game. Once you start allowing dates to be part of the pursuit then you open yourself up to wasting a lot of time.

  • Future Men’s Rights Activist

    Thank you for posting these stories, I fucking love them, especially since they remind me of how nice it is to be happily married to a great girl, and to have some stability and purpose in my life.

    Yes, great girls exist. In America.

    At my age (38), if I was still spending countless hours hanging out in bars and clubs chasing my dick around, I think I’d probably shoot myself.

  • Jethro Sauve

    “The Usain Bolt of game” had me in tears of laughter. Great story. Your posts on logistics have been key lately.

  • Anonymous

    It honestly is the best way to play the game. The minute you get a phone number or put things off for a few days, you’re giving the girl a window to decide whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to seeing you again.

    Add to this, their never ending surge of imbalanced emotions, and you have a sure fire way of getting frustrated and developing blue balls.

    If you want the lay, it needs to be that same day/night, else there’s absolutely no point.

    As they say, ‘Get them while it’s hot’.

  • madmax

    great story. The first bitch storming off because you didn’t kiss her ass, was crazy. I think you fucked her because you didn’t give in to her shit. Why you thought you were wrong? I think she stormed off but deep inside she felt sorry for walking out. Deep inside her twat :)

  • Nomad77

    I won’t bang a girl that’s bleeding IF she’s not a virgin or not having her period, which I am assuming is the case. Otherwise, it means there is a high probability she has some sort of VD which has damaged the interior of her vagina.

  • 20th Level

    The best time to go out pulling is right after an early date. The chicks at the bar can sense that date still on you and it drives them crazy. An unusually high percentage of my SNL’s have happened because of the date residue factor.

  • samurf

    Vaginal bleeding is a symptom of chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis: or vaginal yeast infections.

    Hope you’re not deluding yourself that your easy lays are going home with you because your game is soo tight. They are sluts, who you could easily bang in any club in the USA.

  • http://www.rooshv.com/you-still-need-game-to-bang-whores Slutsky

    @samurf – You still need game to bang sluts. http://www.rooshv.com/you-still-need-game-to-bang-whores

  • xyz

    What Zagreb bar were you hanging at? In which part of Zagreb were those two apartments? Give us a few hits for more pleasant stay at Croatia…

  • Count Mackula

    Hey Roosh,
    Workin’ but glanced at this post from a link on somewhere else, maybe krauser or someone, but.. good work on the double flag in one night..and not to criticize, but to add some ideas of some alternative approaches to the cigarette girl scenario.. i think you did totally read that scenario right.. she was looking for compliance, possibly in part to her personality and/or sh!t tests possibly in part because you framed yourself as the non-compliant “bad boy” earlier at the bar {which was good, as I’m sure you know or you wouldn’t have said it}..

    Anyway, some ideas:
    1. Be loudly embarrasing. Yell out, deep voice, “Hey! Does, anybody gotta lighter? She let it go out” (pointing at her)”

    (a)She might grab you and say, “no!! stop!!” (some girls do this to me, because I’ll get loud and/or start talking to/involving strangers passing by and it’s kinda embarrassing to girls [supposedly, they say.. or is it? wait..are they embarrased? hmm, maybe not, they’re kinda laughing now and grabbing my arm.. my, my how a lot of girls like attention, even if they say they don’t.. plus, the idea that you’re more comfortable being more publicly outgoing than her is likely appealing, why wouldn’t it be? Guys are often attracted to women who are outgoing too, but most people in general just aren’t outgoing in public..

    (b)If she’s hot, any dudes within ear shot’ll come swinging in on vines to light her cig anyway, then you dismiss him with a “Awesome, thanks bro, have a good one.. High Five! (hand up).. Just kidding, dudes haven’t high fived since Top Gun came out 30 years ago” (hand back down), hopefully, he complied as you were putting your hand down and looks dumb and walks off before he can even attempt to spit any game..

    (c)If the kids are still there, (loudly and embarrassingly “ey-OH! skater dudes/bros/G’s.. let her use your light again, she let it go out”) again, if she’s hot, he’ll come over there, you DHV by getting someone else to come over there, then, “great, thanks skater dude show us some dope skateboard moves!” [make him entertain you, puts him on the spot to do some fancy kickflip move for your new girl]

    2. Ignore what she said outright
    You: “Holy sh!t, there’s a midget on a unicycle over there!”
    You: “Did you say something?”
    You: “Say What? I thought you were gonna burn that thing? Here, give it to me, I’ll smoke it..” [grab smoke out her mouth and take your lighter out your pocket, and giggle when she says, “Hey, you jerk!! you made me go ask those skater kids for a light and you had one?” i smoke, but don’t nonsmoking dudes carry lighters for such cases? i just assumed so]

    3. Comply, but make her work for it.
    Her: Will you go get my cigarette re-lit? My feet hurt.
    (looking away,not paying attention, why? Classic sterotype.. women say guys never listen, right?):
    (a)You: “Huh?”(kinda weak.. you didn’t hear, a few possible perceptions by her: Alpha: “Men never listen” so he’s just not listening to me, submessage, she’ll need to try a little harder to get you to comply.. beta interpretation: he heard me, but has no answer, due to.. pushover.. less like if you’re looking away cuz eye contact and saying, “huh?” then, it’s hard to sell anything other than, my brain/inexperience doesn’t have an answer to that)..a little weak)
    (b)You: Say again?(turning your head away and pointing to your ear.. You didn’t hear, you’re feigning attention, plus, giving a command by telling her to repeat it (embedded, as question)
    (c)You turn head only to her and say: “Repeat that?” (similar to B, different body language, words interchangeable there) <more smoothly delivered..turn head, direct eye contact, eyebrow raise that says, "um, excuse me, you're talkin' to who like that?" without actually saying anything.. often silence with the correct facial expression says it all and she'll backtrack, say something else or:
    In all these cases.. she's likely to: COMPLY
    You're attempting to get her to repeat/rephrase her question..
    At minimum, she'll repeat what she said (these A,B,C's aren't necessarily meant to match up scenario to response, btw just possible scenarios I've seen):
    (a)Her:"Oh, I was saying my feet hurt really bad, could you please get my cig re-lit from those kids? (possibly more timidly/more respectfully, like how a childs attitude changes when their mother's [and some Dads who ain't pushovers] get their daughter's to tighten up.. they don't even say anything, they give them the [DO NOT FU©K W/ ME RIGHT NOW or I will wear that a$$ out, I'm not even playing] look)

    (b)maybe more seductively, as if, blatantly using her girly, secksualness to bribe you to go do it, like lean her body into you putting her hands on you.. "Please baby? my feet really hurt" then, maybe you comply and do it, but you made her work for it first instead of just handing it over..

    Her: "Oh, I was asking if you'd go get my cig re-lit from those kids, it went out".
    You: (reflective listening)YOU're saying.. (over dramatically/playfully ) (pause, turn towards her, eye contact,) that YOU WANT ME as you pause, step towards her).. you need a real man to get this handled for you?(lift head slightly and slight sideways tilt to look up over her shoulder staring off into distance with “contemplating eyes” as if you’re thinking about whether you want to or not).. now, you’re framing it as, she “needs” a real man [you, as framed] and if she says yes, you can possibly, comply as she’s agreed out loud, you’re a real man that she needs, ie. she needs you.. or by implying she’s “needy”, she’ll say, “no I can get it myself”, you may still lose her, but you didn’t back down, didn’t directly say no, and she still might respond to that, like she did at the bar, precendent having been set.. or, you can THEN say, “NO, fine here, I’ll take care of it” [you’re technically saying the word “NO” to her, but now actually complying with her original request] grabbing the smoke from her to go get the lighter and light it, and obviously/optionally smoking a few puffs for yourself before she gets it back, teasing like you’re going to smoke it now and not give it back to her immediately unless she begs you for it.. etc…

    Since this is a hypothetical scenario and moments of interaction.. I still think overall, there’s a chance I might’ve done what you did and just say NO, especially if I wasn’t that into her, so, not criticizing because I’ve seen tons of good advice from you in the past and since you framed it as “you lost” her, I was just thinking of some alternatives that might work in that type scenario based on my experience

    Keep up the good work, lots of guys benefit from your work, I’ve seen plenty of references to your work around


  • Alex

    Badass story Roosh…i would definitely get my pecker checked out after all that bleeding though

  • madmax

    # 15 samurf

    so what? They are all sluts, anyways, and your put-down was shit, you suck

  • incredible




    you put way too much thought into girls. Just talk to them.

  • CMan0928

    “My dick, that son of a bitch, wasn’t ready to give up.”

  • Anonymous

    @ Roosh,

    I don’t know croatian culture, but it seems to me that the 9 was asking for a kind of politeness and respect she wasn’t giving to you herself. I conclude this when she ejaculated alchool into your mouth. So when she asks you for the cig, she was just a bitch trying to control you. It wasn’t genuine.

  • Yarbles

    Roosh, cold water is great but if it’s still tough to get out, pour salt all over it and scrub it out. Works like a charm.

  • http://www.naughtynomad.com Naughty Nomad

    Hammers home the point:
    Logistics, logistics, logistics.

  • Anonymous

    Unless this is a fiction, the author is a really sick person. Realizing the person evidently suffers (and vaginal blood outside of the period means the person REALLY suffers) and press on with the abuse under intoxication… man, this is sick and inhuman

  • OttoAu


    “merely having a better located apartment”

  • OttoAu

    @26 Anonymous
    “Unless this is a fiction, the author is a really sick person. Realizing the person evidently suffers (and vaginal blood outside of the period means the person REALLY suffers) and press on with the abuse under intoxication… man, this is sick and inhuman”

    WRONG!, should could have said no, got dressed, wanted to leave etc etc
    The truth is she needed a good-pounding which she nearly did not get, Roosh took the aunty-flo for the team! :-)

  • http://www.raulfelix.com Raul Felix

    Awesome. When I travel the world I’ll make sure to have good logistics. Keep my shit close to where the action is.

  • hamster

    For 99% of humanity, the longer sex takes to achieve the more fulfilling it is. It’s funny because Roosh is systematically pursuing the most meaningless sex he can humanly achieve. It’s almost inhuman.

  • moop

    @hamster speak for yourself. Myself and most of my male friends hate when it takes forever to fuck a girl. The same way a girl feels used when a guy fucks her in an ONS and never calls, that’s how a guy feels when he strung along forever by a woman.

  • Anonymous

    I am a female. Blood as described is not a symptom of an STD such as trich or chlamydia, so I assume she was having her period. However, I would avoid contact with the bodily fluids, especially blood, of a stranger since it sounds like a good way to pick up hepatitis.

  • OldHornDog

    “Not only was her pussy tight like an anus, but the angle of entry was all weird.”

    And you are complaining about WHAT again? :-)

  • nicky

    The blood was probably her hymen, doesn’t matter if she was a virgin or not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qFojO8WkpA

  • The Vain Yogi

    You had me scared there for a bit. Glad it was your antagonist who broke and not you!

  • Sphere

    Drives the point about logistics home.

    So much hate in these weak replies.

    Roosh fucks for a living. Get over it.

  • samseau

    Since when did you start using condoms again?

  • http://thealphapersona.com Alpha Persona – How to pick up girls

    I laughed pretty good at “Bonus notch”

  • Vice from SoSuave

    This blog has been helpful and informative, but the whole concept of “getting flags” is very ego based and ultimately an empty pursuit. But if that’s where you are at this point in your life that’s fine.

  • bog roll


    Roosh does not fuck for a living, he’s a writer.

    It’s like saying JK Rowling is a professional witch

  • / Apocalypseman

    Dude, you should put your energy elsewhere. Way too much insight. Bottom line? Who cares. Plenty of girls out there. Win some, lose some. No big deal.

  • demetrius

    I guess roosh has to go to Africa now. that will be a heck of a read. An entire continent not seen many times on international playboys agendas.

    All the beautiful mixes i have seen there are quite impressive. beautiful body with silk hair and green eyes, my favorite mixed African treat.

  • http://automatic6pack.wordpress.com thecaptainpower

    Roosh, you quit corporate America 5 years ago today? No wonder you still have hair…


  • person

    Totally Random….

    I was having a discussion with my parents of people ‘who made it’ and they were saying “You have to make it on your own without anyone’s help” and I was like “That’s b.s…..NO ONE makes it on their own without anyones help…Steve Jobs was a suckerfish on Wozniak…I can’t think of one example of someone who ‘made it on their own'”

    Then I got quiet and said…I take that back…Roosh…Roosh is the only guy I know who has made it on his own.

  • Anonymous

    You must use condoms!! This is good.

  • Anonymous


    Though I’m a longtime reader and love what you are doing for men, your across-the-board disdain for Western women is a little tiring, and I think a bit misleading to readers who haven’t spent extensive time abroad. I’m a 26 yr old US expat whose been in Paris for 3 years now, making only yearly 10 day trips back to the States. During my three years, I’ve traveled to 30+ countries around the world (many work related with vacations tacked on at the end using my 40+ French vacation days), and hit many of the same spots you did. Hell, last weekend I got my Colombian flag in Medellin after a week of work in Bogota. I, too, loved Croatia, though now it becoming too Mexico-ized.

    My point is, when people ask me about females, I always tell them, ‘there are probably more differences between individual females than between nationalities of females. Meaning, you can find the same grade-A turrrrible woman in the US as in France, Brazil, South Africa, or China. I do agree that certain places have higher proportions of these bad females than others, but I think your US vision is skewed spending all your life in the DC area where I’ve always found the people, male and female, to be insufferable and status obsessed. All you have to do is drive 5 hours south to North Carolina and you’d find a totally different breed of female, as I did when I lived there.

    I’ll probably be called a beta for saying NAWALT, but I’m trying to add a bit of perspective from someone in a similar situation who relates to the Manosphere.

  • http://www.partytravelsexlove.com Brian Mark

    @13 and @15. I doubt is was VD, but the thought of it usually scares little boys away. Roosh just banged her hard and she was having her period, or maybe just finished it, or it was about to happen in a few days. A good banging will cause a period to start. Been there done that!

    Agree 100% logistics is everything!

  • samurf

    @ Brian Mark – is this the male rationalization hamster at work? Didn’t know that intelligent people could be so cavalier about their sexual health.

    Most women feel hornier during ovulation and less so during menstruation. It seems unlikely that a woman would go to a club on her period and not use tampons or sanitary towels (leakage), then go bang some strange man.

    I’m dreading the day I read about Roosh banging some skinny, lethargic chick with purple blotches… Oh no, it’s not Kaposi sarcoma, she’s just an anorexic with strange and interesting birthmarks.

  • Jay

    Brother, gotta tell ya, I don’t think you’ve been paying attention to what he and others have been saying about American women. Of course there are good and bad in each country, and even some good American ones. No one would argue that.

    But the point he is making is about the general masculinization of the American female, a disease which has spread from the wide-spread acceptance of femi-nazi theory in US culture.

    Now if you think the level of masculinization in American females is no more than what you could generally find in the foreign countries you’ve mentioned, then it doesn’t matter how many countries you’ve been to- cause brother you’re blind.

    In general, American women are ashamed of being feminine because modern culture teaches them that to be feminine is to be weak. In Brazil, Colombia, France, etc, they are taught the opposite. This is taught to them and to the Americans through their and our Culture, and culture is Pervasive.

    Yes, individuals are different, but you’re underestimating the power of culture and how deep into the subconscious its messages lurk.

    I’ve met American women from all over the country and generally speaking they all talk the same, dress the same, act the same, look the same, value the same things, blah blah blah. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if they weren’t so fuckin nasty, but alas. And yes, I’m from the US.

    Nah, it doesn’t mean you’re beta. But at this point in time, I’d say you’re probably not the sharpest tool in the shed. You’re young though, let’s see your thinking after about 5 more years of hard life experience.

  • stalker

    “The next time I go out, I will look around the room and use all the experience I’ve gained to identify the one girl who wants to have sex with me right now. I won’t accept anything less”

    You’re an inspiration. You make me feel ashamed for making up sex stories on your forum.

  • roosh has great stories

    Roosh your stories are great. Keep it up.

  • Timoteo

    “You Broke Me” just replaced “I Love You” as the three most beautiful words a man can hear…HA HA!

  • Timoteo

    @44…Malcolm Gladwell discusses this extensively in “Outliers,” with regards to the “self-made” man. It’s definitely a combination of circumstances and others helping you along, even if that help is subtle.

  • Jay


    My comments(see post 49) were directed towards you, not to post 47. Sorry 47, haha

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  • http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com George

    “She went over to the next bench about 30 feet away and asked for a light from a random group of kids, but when she came back she realized it wasn’t lighted. Then she asked me to take her cigarette and go re-light it because her “feet hurt.” Based on the game she was responding to inside the bar, I knew my best option was to say no. It was a test, and I’d pass the test by refusing to be her puppy dog.

    I was wrong.”

    This flashed in my mind at a pivotal point of a pickup I had on Saturday night. Luckily I took on board what you said about being wrong and chose to acquiesce slightly in order to pass a little test. Turned out to be the right move and went smooth sailing from there.

    Thanks Roosh!

  • Anonymous

    @18 – Counta Mackula, @21 – incredible

    Yeah, Count Mackula’s comment was long. But it was absolutely right.

    There were plenty of ways to handle a girl’s shit test of “go light my cigarette.” The Count’s first choice – you yell to the dudes to come over and give a light, and then dismiss the dude – is the best response here.

  • Anonymous

    @49 – Jay, @46 – Anonymous

    By and large, American women are much more of a pain in the ass than women in non-western countries.

    * Shit testing up the wazoo
    * flake rates that would make a French bread baker proud
    * disgusting foul-mouthed swearing
    * total lack of domestic skills
    * no real exercise routine except for yoga once a week, while consuming massive amount of high-calorie alcohol regularly
    * thinking she’s such a special little snowflake for that master’s degree or unique fashion business that’ll never get off the ground or how essential she is at the cubicle job

    A great comparison is with women who are recent immigrants to the United States. Even though they don’t “need” an American man for the money or citizenship, they have such pleasant traits:

    feminine, softly flirty, cooking for the man, snuggling into the arm, being reliable for dates, answering texts/calls quickly.

    Even the sweetest of American-born women rarely do these.

  • Eugenius

    One of the greatest paragraphs you ever wrote:

    I took off the condom and regrouped. I explored the topography of her pussy with my fingers to loosen it and figure out how it was constructed. I looked down and saw that my hand was covered by blood. Then I looked at my crotch and saw more blood. I asked her if she was a virgin but she said no. We cuddled for a bit and once the shock of the blood wore off I started getting hard again. My dick, that son of a bitch, wasn’t ready to give up. At the height of my new boner I put on another condom, slathered it with lube, and properly laid pipe to get the notch.

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