“You Can’t Get Laid In The United States”

A common criticism I see is the following: “You can’t get laid in the United States so you go to third world countries to fuck poor women.” It’s an easy insult that serves a strong purpose for the two groups that primarily use it, women and beta males.

For women, it allows them to believe that they are still beautiful princesses who don’t have to lose weight, adjust their attitude, grow their hair, or put on a pair of high heels. It’s much easier to call guys like me “losers,” to believe that no desirable man would ever step foot inside Brazil or Poland to meet women, than it is to look in the mirror and be disappointed with what they see.

For beta males and white knights, the insult allows them to deny the fact that other men are pulling quality women while they’re getting nothing but turd droppings from butch feminists. They want to believe that a man who does “dating travel” only gets uneducated, diseased women who have AIDS and large vaginal sores. It’s much easier for him to fire off the insult than to tighten his game, stop playing video games, stop pedastalizing masculine women, and undertake the challenge of world travel where English may not be the dominant language.

There is no snappy retort when someone uses the insult because it comes from two deeply held beliefs of self-preservation:

1. “I don’t have to change or improve myself to get what I want.”
2. “If someone doesn’t like me, it’s never my fault.”

Most guys who dabble in dating travel do it not because they can’t get laid in America, but because they want to lay better. An American man with tight game can leverage that into getting with foreign women who I guarantee will increase his happiness level. Yet as I’ve said before, how you’ll do abroad is based on how well you do at home. All the guys who think that it’s a cakewalk to get laid with beautiful women in places like Colombia and Argentina have obviously never stepped more than a couple feet away from their masturbation station. It can be easy only after hard work and time, but not right as you get off the plane.

How about the guy with severe appearance deformities, negative game, and a psychiatric disorder who decides to hit Thailand in order to sleep with a dozen prostitutes? Should we shame him for such a trip?

We shouldn’t. If it makes him happy, and he’s able to leverage his American dollars to get abroad what he can’t get at home, he should fuck all the prostitutes he can handle. Explain to me how it’s smart for any society to prevent millions of sexually frustrated men from getting their biological needs met. For feminists to deny fucking these “losers” and then shame them at the same time for paying prostitutes is nothing short of cruel. If these men committed mass suicide, not a single feminist tear would be shed.

I have any analogy for why guys like me hit the road in search of their own little slice of happiness. Let’s say that the town you live in has only two bars called Cuntfest Bar and Poonani Paradise Bar. It’s Friday night and you get separate text messages from friends who are at each bar. Here’s what the text messages say…

Friend number one: “I’m at Cuntfest Bar and it sucks. There are six dudes for every girl, and the girls are hideous and overweight. Their attitude sucks.”

Friend number two: “I’m at Poonani Paradise Bar. There are four girls for every guy. The girls are feminine, beautiful, affectionate, and a pleasure to talk to. Most are wearing short skirts and 4-inch heels.”

American women and their beta-male apologists would have you believe that you’re a creep and a douche bag for going to Poonani Paradise Bar. Their argument is that you should “man up” by going to Cuntfest Bar, which is close to how I see America.

By going to Poonani Paradise Bar and refusing to put up with bad behavior, obesity, and so on, you have declared war on American women. You are now the enemy. They will begin to use all sorts of weaponry to make you feel ashamed for going to Poonani Paradise Bar, because they know that the less people who believe in Cuntfest Bar, the less power they have. Anything you do that increases your ability to be sexually successful while decreasing your dependence on dating American women will result in them trying to isolate and disparage you. The quickest way to enrage an American girl or her beta male orbiter is to state that you don’t need American pussy.

Imagine for a second if every man in the United States not only knew about Poonani Paradise Bar but also the means to go and stay there. What would happen? Withdrawal of penis from the American dating market. The most valuable and sharpest men would abstain from relationships with American women, who would gradually lose their power and have to make adjustments. While I don’t think this will happen in my lifetime, women are only willing to make changes when the number of men trying to fuck them decrease. To keep the line of desperate men long and obedient, they will do all they can to spread the word that Cuntfest Bar is the only acceptable bar for men to drink at.

Their growing problem, however, is that too many men have been to Poonani Paradise Bar, also known as the “third world” (a tag given for any country not in predominately white North America or Western Europe). These guys are now starting to tell their friends. They’re going on forums and writing positive reviews praising Poonani Paradise Bar:

“5 stars for thin girls”
“Fell in love, will visit again”
“A++++ says my dick”

Women can continue to call me and my brothers-in-arms losers and creeps for going to the “third world,” but we still won’t accept their obese and sloppy appearance, we still won’t put up with their shitty attitudes, we still won’t marry them, and we still won’t give up the prime of our lives to be with them. If being happier means being outcast by low-quality women who don’t even act like women, then so be it. South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe, here we come.

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  • sardino

    I could’ve gotten laid a lot more than I did when I was living in the States but was dealing with unfeminine women and putting up with their bullshit really worth all the effort just so that I could get my dick wet? like you’ve said in a previous post, men need to be inspired. I was uninspired by the women in the US and that lead me to a depression that wasn’t cured until I stepped into South America.

  • bad blake

    i have always enjoyed your articles Roosh. They are the bright spot in my day. Right now i am living in Brazil and it is very nice, but i do have to report that Brazil i now unfortuatly becoming much more Americanized. You see the girls with the big – ass sunglasses and the money minded attitude more and more.It is very sad to see women lose their proud Latin Roots I have had women give me the look and then when i approach they have litteraly turned their back or my personal favorite…..look straight ahead with a huge scowl and pretend you are not speaking to them. I think it is time to move on….

    Just for the record. The friendliest and most beautiful girls i have met was in Guadalajara, Mexico. Very friendly and approachable women there.

    any suggestions?

  • http://www.greendroppings.com greendroppings

    I think if I lived in DC or even in Boston, where I grew up, I might agree with you here. I wouldn’t generalize the USA that way though – there are still hotbeds of talent (San Diego, San Francisco, areas of Florida, the South, NYC, etc.)

    I, like most readers of this blog, prefer foreign women because they’re different, and more feminine. They are exciting, unpredictable, and the process of making it work in another country to the point that you’ve got her panting your name in her foreign tongue is a badge of honor that only those who’ve attained can understand.

    I think there’s an argument somewhere for the lasting quality of this thrillride though. It works because they’re different and exciting. But what happens once they’ve adapted? Will we have to travel to bleak, unattractive locations to find the untarnished women? I hope not.

  • http://johnnyshornofplenty.wordpress.com/ Johnny Milfquest

    Great post Roosh.

    Fair play to any man who has the financial means and the language skills to emigrate or take regular trips abroad.

    For those of us who are stuck in the Anglosphere, it might be an idea to simply stop wasting time in unproductive venues or with unattractive women.

  • Steven Lurkel

    Well done, Roosh.

  • doesNotMatter

    Roosh, you’re probably talking about DC. the women in cities such as NYC and austin are quite good. But as I have already commented earlier, your post makes complete sense for a white guy. For an Indian guy, it’s the United states and other englosh speaking nations that are the best bet for running game and getting laid. Once I get the means to quite my soul sucking beta-izing corporate Job, I’m gonna hit the world full time like you. I bet my experiences will be very different from yours. If my experiences so far are anything to go by, for the same amount of game I get a better American/Western European woman than an EE/Asian/Hispanic woman. Still, if
    a. you’re white and American……and
    b. Have the means to do what Roosh is doing…… and
    c. you Are not doing it
    then YOU my friend are a Fool.

  • Fortaleza guy

    Just make sure American femcunts don’t start opening subsidiaries of Cuntfest Bar in the rest of the planet by exporting feminism!

  • Brian

    Two thumbs up. The so called “Sexual Revolution” went in the wrong direction. Instead of having the sexual freedom to create a non-judgmental society where men and women could genuinely feel free to express their natural sexuality together as a masculine man and a feminine women thus being happier, it was turned into attacking men and having women seek an economic agenda. Today some men are looking all over the world to find the few women who still have some feminine energy that turns his masculine energy on enough to generate the desire to do something.

  • JJS

    Amen! I moved to Taiwan and love it! It’s funny because I’m not alone. I’ve met Swedish, Canadian, American and many other guys from Western countries and they tell me how much better Asian women are compared to Western women.

    Asian women: generally thin, sweet, feminine, lovely, humble, caring, and endearing.

    Western women: generally fat, mean, masculine, bitchy, arrogant, indifferent, and despicable.

    Roosh, maybe you should keep this “third world” secret a secret. More poon for you and me! Ironically though, with the women here I actually want to respect and love them instead of pump ‘n’ dump. Back in the States I couldn’t actually treat most women with enough respect to consider them relationship worthy. But here… I just can’t “fuck them over.”

    I can’t wait to visit Latin America and Eastern Europe later on.

  • Agent Orange

    I never realized how chunky the ladies of the good ol’ US of A were until I went abroad.

    I had trouble reconciling the idea of thin women acting friendly and not like stuck-up “goddesses” until I started researching it on the net.

    I still have trouble believing that which I saw with my own eyes…how can women be that thin and that nice at the same time? It’s not like I rolled up in a Ferrari wearing top-shelf Armani, so they can’t all be gold diggers.

    Now that I’m back in the US, I keep staring at the land-whales and their inflated sense of self-esteem…with horror. There are far too many. Why?!!

    I really need to get out of America.

  • JJS

    @ Fortaleza

    Don’t worry. The American Empire will fall within our lifetimes and feminism will be the main culprit for America’s demise. American influence will begin to wane. It’s already starting wane in Southeast Asia. We should hasten this fall by expatting by the millions to the “third world” and make the world a happier place for millions of unappreciated American men and abused foreign women. Then we’ll see how “strong and independent” American women really are when billions of dollars of tax money that should have come from hardworking American men never materializes because they “jumped ship!”

  • http://bogspua.wordpress.com/ Bogs

    A man should do what is good for him, who cares what other think. Only you have best interests for yourself and no one else.

  • http://rationalmale.wordpress.com Rollo Tomassi

    One thing I’m noticing in the MSM; there is a developing social convention not just to shame men for looking into foreign options for women, but to also conflate that desire with ‘sexual tourism’ and human trafficking. Essentially, admitting to actively seeking sexual opportunities in another country is tantamount to being a sexual predatory.

    Naturally this only applies to men. Women going on holiday with the express purpose of fucking the cabana boy on the French Riviera (eat, pray love) are just empowering themselves in exploring their options away from all the rude and infantile American men.

  • Basil Ransom

    Excellent thought experiment.

    The distinction between beta and white knight is an important one. There are plenty of betas who secretly admire players, and they don’t explicitly encourage these negative traits among Western women. Not so with white knights. Both do contribute indirectly as well, unfortunately.

  • Rakishness

    Ugh…Beta male orbiters and white knights are the WORST. I actually hate them more then I hate feminists.

  • Black Knight

    “If my experiences so far are anything to go by, for the same amount of game I get a better American/Western European woman than an EE/Asian/Hispanic woman.”

    Sure my friend, go ahead! You can take and keep all the western women you want! Have fun!!

  • Shango


  • turner

    I couldnt agree more.

    Bad Blake– I am considering Central America or Brazil next…is Brazil really becoming that tainted? What part are you in? Maybe you are in more of a tourist spot?

    Great post Roosh, this especially hit home:

    “Anything you do that increases your ability to be sexually successful while decreasing your dependence on dating American women will result in them trying to isolate and disparage you. The quickest way to enrage an American girl or her beta male orbiter is to state that you don’t need American pussy.”

    I have only been home for two weeks from Eastern Europe, and I have already made this mistake. People I once considered friends who have I met up with try to pigeon hole me into their way of thinking. I have been vocal about my preferences for foreign women and even more vocal about my displeasure of the attitudes and masculinity of the Americans girls and “isolation” and “disparagement” are most certainly what I have been greeted with.

    Probably has a lot to do with the fact that they dont feel comfortable going abroad without being in a sterilized resort or have to keep their belief systems safe and justify why they got married so young, but it certainly feels like I am crazy sometimes because no one else (besides guys on this forum or dudes I meet abroad), see what I see and have understanding.

    ah well. Back to South America:)

    Keep the posts coming Roosh.


  • Timothy

    Roosh isn’t talking about JUST DC. Yes, NYC has nice looking women, and there may be more of them because the cream from other cities not just in the US, but the world come here. Industries like fashion, PR, TV and other media are here, so that lures many of them also. But there are also more fatties too. And it’s not just about he looks – it’s about the attitude of the American woman that lives in the big cities. Just because their feet touch the concrete in a metropolitan city, they believe their stock is raised.

  • KingofScotland

    Good article. I travel a lot for extended periods, never solely to meet women but I do like to sample the foreign exotic beauties whenever I can. Many people have branded me a whoremonger and think I go abroad and pay for it when in fact I’ve never paid for it in my life, at home or abroad.

    I had a Brazilian girl who I met in Rio come visit me at home recently, good looking and fun girl, had told a few people from work and mates she was coming over and got a lot of comments and qurestions like:
    “Are you paying for her to come?” (I didn’t)
    “What’s wrong with the local girls?” (The majority of girls round here are a disgrace),
    “She’s only after your passport and money” (She has more money & a higher class of life than me and is better travelled).
    and the best one….”She must be a ladyboy or something”. Charming.

    Give me those fun, sexy, good looking foreign girls any6 day.

  • Timothy

    @20 KingofScotland…it’s funny how you don’t hear the “buy American” cheer for anything else, but a man dares to spend time with a woman that wasn’t born here, and all of a sudden everyone wants to wrap themselves in the stars & stripes. Some years ago I told some of my boys that if I could help it, I wouldn’t bother with another American woman. I got some of the same reaction. But that was before they themselves started venturing outside of the US. Once they sampled foreign woman, and experienced how they were treated as compared to the average chick stateside, they were ALL hooked. American women will never understand, because it isn’t in their interests to, but I’d introduce her in a social setting to some of the clowns…I mean guys in your office that question you.

  • Bortimus

    Honestly I think foreign countries are still easier even with a lower degree of gaming ability. I had about an order of magnitude (We really need an SI unit for this) less approach anxiety in the Czech Republic as I do here in the U.S., and it’s mainly because Czech girls were actually nice instead of either flat out ignoring me, providing a minimal response without returning eye contact, or insulting me because they got worked up from the latest article on Jizzabel they just read.

    That said, time to go to Starbucks and get hit on by Billy the baristo…sigh.

  • Jordan

    Another fantastic post roosh! I’m saving up for my Penthouse in Medellin. Just a few more years and i’ll own a piece of paradise!!!

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “I think if I lived in DC or even in Boston, where I grew up, I might agree with you here. I wouldn’t generalize the USA that way though – there are still hotbeds of talent (San Diego, San Francisco, areas of Florida, the South, NYC, etc.)”

    I can’t think of a place in a foreign country I have been to in the last few years that didn’t destroy San Diego and San Francisco.


    - MPM

  • Timothy

    I think guys are confused, and believe Roosh is saying there aren’t good looking girls anywhere in the US. He’s talking MORE about the lack of femininity and fucked up attitudes that are lacking in American girls. A woman can be physically attractive but not be feminine. They can be physically beautiful, but dress sloppily and don’t highlight those attributes. Sure, you can find physically beautiful girls in just about every city, especially big cities and warm weather spots. That isn’t the point. If you’re talking about the combination of looks, femininity and attitude, you find that more offshore…

  • Brian

    And now for our theme song, American Woman, by Lenny Kravitz. “American Woman stay away from me,..I got more important things to do,..American women Listen what ROOSH say,..I gotta go.”

  • SAC

    Poonani Paradise!

  • http://xsplat.wordpress.com xsplat


    One thing I’m noticing in the MSM; there is a developing social convention not just to shame men for looking into foreign options for women, but to also conflate that desire with ‘sexual tourism’ and human trafficking.

    Yes. While this makes for poor logic, it makes for sound propaganda. Take two mildly related ideas and put them side by side habitually. It’s a type of NLP. People don’t pay much attention to where they get their ideas from, or if their ideas fit together cohesively into a big picture. People are largely content with fragments of ideas loosely conveying feelings hither thither – a kaleidoscope of ideas rather than a hologram of ideas.

    Women naturally use propaganda – they argue socially, not rationally. Win over the group in order to win the argument, rather than win the argument in order to win over the group.

    This is great, sound, wise politics.

  • http://xsplat.wordpress.com xsplat

    I keep secret the cities I know of that are undiscovered by westerners for poon hunting.

    I’m counting on secret cities being available for 20 more years. After that I’ll work the secret villages.

  • Good Luck Chuck

    American men have been immersed in this shithole for so long that unless they have had the chance to experience just how much better foreign women are they will continue to accept our substandard women without a second thought.

    I find it very hard these days to muster the energy to put forth even a token effort into hooking up with american women. The formula is 10 phone numbers = 6 flakes, a couple of dates and one lay. Hours and hours of my time to bang one chick who in most cases I would be embarrassed to introduce to my mom.

    It would be one thing if I was looking to get married and I had to sift through a pile of garbage to find a diamond, but the marriage value of these women has been utterly destroyed. Even if I didn’t have to worry about divorce theft I have no desire to chain myself to one of these football loving, overweight men with tits.

    I am still working on formulating a specific goal but tentatively I would like to be in the position of being able to travel extensively in about a year and a half, maybe at least spend my summers in EE.

    Life is too short fellas. Wake up. Regardless of what anyone tells you you have no obligation to buy a load of damaged goods. You only have one life and it’s a short one. Look out for #1.

  • Dan Fletcher

    I’m a young blood and still haven’t had a chance to travel to these places where feminism hasn’t ruined the women yet. It will be a number of years before I have enough money to really travel(though my Spanish is getting quite good).

    I’m worried that feminism will get to these places before I do. How long do you all think until all but the most remote places are turned?

    I’m excited to meet a real, feminine women and would be distraught if they vanish before I can.

  • bill

    all i have to say is…. FUCK YOU CUNTS!!!!!

    I love this post

  • http://www.krauserpua.com Krauser

    This post is true. My favourite is “economic disparities” as if the new entrants to the EU were still in the USSR and the girls couldn’t simply move to London and get a job there – which of course hundreds of thousands of them do.

    My answer is always – if it’s so easy to pull stunners overseas, why are you still in the West?

  • Anon
  • Papa Smurf

    Roosh = God.

    Carry on.

  • No Shit Sherlock…

    I´d wager that before you ever ventured out of the usa you were one of those idiots who called men who traveled and dated foreign women Looooooooosers….
    What you stated here has been common knowledge for globe trotters for well over 10 years now.

  • Anonymous

    @26 Brain
    “American Woman” was written by The Guess Who–canadian band from winnipeg who came from a mormon backgrond :)

    Kravitz’ rendition was good though!

  • Anonymous

    sorry Brian

  • http://www.expat-chronicles.com Colin

    I live in Bogota, Colombia, and there are many nerdy gringos in Latin America who never got laid in their home countries. There are lots of guys taking advantage of being seen as rich in the third world. It’s even worse in ASIA!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, “American Women” has a different meaning when you know that it was written by Canadian men.

    I have always agreed with the idea that femenism was a giant collective shit test by women on society. Our fathers generation failed the shit test. So, as players, what do we do when a woman (or an entire society of women) shit tests to much and becomes undatable.
    We walk away.

  • Bortimus

    I think I’m doing the day game stuff wrong:

    “Hi, is that purse a good brand? My current purse isn’t working very well and I’m trying to shop around for a new one. You know when I was abroad men’s purses were referred to as European Carry-alls…”

  • doclove

    I like how you said to stop shaming men for the choices that they decide to make regarding women. You tell them to stop both ridiculing men who go the foreign women to find love and/or sex and men who go to prostitutes to find sex. If a man takes himself out of the competition either through foreign women or through prostitutes, it only makes that much easier for us men who remain. I feel the same way about gay men, although their sex behavior viscerally disgusts me, but they take themselves out of the competition. Female homosexuals irritate me more because even though it may be exciting to watch two hot chicks go at it(mainly because as aman I want an orgy with them), they increase the competition of men who want to date or have sex with women.

    I’m not surprised by the heterosexual female response as they have a dog in the fight. The one’s who really disgust me are the men who use shaming tactics regarding men who go to foreign women or prostitutes. They really disgust me if it is done in mixed company. They disgust me even more when they single a specific man out for ridicule.

    If a man tries to shame me by saying I use prostitutes among men I tell him to shut his mouth if he’s lucky. If he does it in front of women too, I tell him his mother was a great whore. If he has a problem with it, I tell him she must not have raised him right because noone would bring the topic up in mixed company nor even up among men unless they trusted eachother and were friends. If women do this, I ask them how much she as a whore is charging, and that it’s too much for whatever it is. Don’t get jealous of better competition than yourself(to the woman) or to your mom(the man). Even in East Asia, specifically South Korea, where prostitution is way more rampant and accepted, it is not ok to say such things. Only men who are trusted and preferably friends would ever talk about this with eachother, and it is forbidden for men to say which men have been to prostitutes. Try these tactics with these assholes if you think you can get away with it.

  • Vision Quest

    A very common sound byte that one also hears when an American man goes foreign is that “He can’t handle a strong woman” pure bullshit shaming tactic. I even heard this being said one time when I was in Norway speaking to a colleague of mine, who is european. The topic was brought up in a discussion about a man who found his wife in the Philippine islands. My colleague played this sound bite. Meanwhile he’s miserable many times, and his wife (from Germany) although she’s not horrible, nonetheless she is still is westernized and well cared for on his dime. It’s incredible just how this crap has transcended borders.

    But it behooves any man to also think about becoming an expat. If you live outside the anglosphere the whole criticism becomes a non-issue. You will never have to deal with the pathetic shaming tactics from citizens of a society that is profoundly sick. You will be able to spend your life with your foreign sweetie and watch the rigor mortis of what was once a great nation (USA) turn into a wasteland.

  • Jive man

    Going overseas for sex is an admission that you are not in the top 40% of guys with game in America.

    Guys who are getting the hotter girls in any large American city, with the sweet feminine girls from this group (and there are many), wold not want to deal with all the bullshit and the huge learning curve for getting girls overseas.

    A guy who has tight game should have no problem getting the hotter, sweet, feminine girls in America, even if they are a much smaller percentage of the girls than in any foreign country.

    For that guy, having to deal with the bullshit of a foreign culture and the learning curve just does not make any kind of sense.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with going overseas for better sex – I think its an awsome thing to do! – but by definition, if someone does that, he is pretty much admitting that he does not have great game and he is incapable of getting with the hot girls in America, and so is willing to take on a huge learning curve and foreign culture bullshit, which is not fun.

    Again, nothing wrong with this, and just because a guy does not have tight game is no reason he should be shamed – in fact, he should be ENCOURAGED to go overseas to have some fun and see how easy it can be!

    But lets be honest, no American guy in the top percentiles of attractiveness to women will have any incentive to put up with the learning curve and other foreign bullshit.

    Fortunately there is another reason to travel overseas – adventure!

  • Twenty

    @”Jive man”

    Y’know, not everyone considers foreign culture “bullshit”. Personally, I find it refreshing to take in a culture that hasn’t been marinating in feminism for 50 years and homo-norming for 15.

    If Western culture is so wonderful, why is it so sick?

  • Jive man

    Twenty, I meant the huge learning curve that Roosh alluded to in his post to get good with the local girls – it takes time and effort.

    No guy who is getting decent poon in the States is gonna rush into that.

    Western culture is very sick, no question about that – but there are still fairly large pockets of sweet, feminine, super-hot girls in any large American city.

    Problem is, you gotta be in the upper quintiles of male attractiveness (i.e have tight game) to get with these girls.

    Guys who cant do that SHOULD travel to get girls, there is no shame in that, its a fantastic idea – but traveling for poon is pretty much an admission of not having tight game in America, thats all – and again, there is nothing shameful in that!

    Of course foreign cultures are fun and a great reason to travel!

  • lucien

    “any large American city, with the sweet feminine girls from this group (and there are many)”

    I call bullshit on this assertion. I travel a lot in the USA and there is no way in hell that there are ALOT of hot, sweet, SINGLE feminine women in the USA. Total bullshit. Women like this do exist but they are SUPER RARE and most of them are already taken. Think about it, how many women are a 7 or above in the USA ? I’d say less than 20%. How many of those 7s and above are SWEET and FEMININE in the USA ? We are talking crumbs my friend.

  • doclove

    Adding to my commentary in post 41, it really come down to an issue of respect. If you want respect, then give respect and expect respect. It would be difficult to find worse than American women, although Canadian and British women are fierce competitors being dregs of womankind. It really is shocking on how little most American men know how poor American women are. American women don’t know either until they go overseas. Both are shocked when they finally realize it and are even hurt when it begins to dawn on them.

    If you think an American woman is top flight and you have great game. Get married to them See what happens. Let someone like me laugh at you as you realize that you have either enslaved yourself to a nice master at best, and to a cruel vindictive master who relishes destroying you at worst. Also see what happens when they realize that you don’t want to marry, and how unpleasant they become.

  • Anonymous

    You stole my thunder.life is too short.fuck what friends or family are going to say about a trip to Thailand.they’ll have to get over it and realize that everyone has needs that American women can never provide what a over seas chick could.They are just warmer than most american women will ever be.
    well put,good points made sir.

  • doclove

    A woman’s true worth is what kind of man, a good man, wants to marry her and how many of these good men want to marry her. Most American women are cum dumpsters at best. They are creatures to avoid at worst. Where marriage would be favorable to a man such as Saudi Arabia, it is not even a good idea to marry a typical American woman who would never be allowed to leave that country.

  • Jive man

    @lucien, you just cant get them my friend ;) (Not that I am bragging, I have a hard time too. Lets just be honest here, they exist, in droves)

    Even roosh once admitted that Polish girls above 8 are extremely rare but there are a ton of 6s and 7s.

    Which is exactly my point. For guys getting sub-7s, overseas is the way to go!

    There are tons of 8s and up in Miami, New York, Los Angeles – heck, lots of Third World beauties make a beeline for these cities, heh.

  • JJS

    @ Jive man

    Dude, have you been outside the US? I’m in Asia and there are attractive, thin, feminine women EVERYWHERE. All I have to do is walk outside and they’ll be droves of them. Of course, I’m not saying that there are no women like that in the US, but American culture is profoundly sick and seriously lacks quality women relative to the general female population. I lived in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, and while there are attractive, thin women in these areas, I have rarely met marriage worthy ones. Only in seriously conservative, ethnic churches have I seen a decent number.

    Travel is good regardless of whether you’re going for women or not. But let me tell you… feminism has seriously screwed the majority of American women mentally, psychologically, physically and emotionally. They’re beasts ready to attack when times go bad – for the most part.

  • Brian

    In the U.S. there is cute girls here and there, only to discover that many of them are still in high school or college, so for the guys not also around college age it may be better to not end up playing jail game. From their mid 20′s to 30′s most women in the U.S. go downhill fast (looks and femininity), thus there is a limited supply of attractive women (because they don’t have the incentive or motivation to stay in shape because they now don’t need men to reach their financial and career objectives, and the majority of men are not going to say to these women that her degree/80 pound overweight ass/and expensive vehicle is so HOT. Then when we see a sexy foreign chick with her firm body in a short skirt and look at her ass and think FUCK and immediately approach her – that was a hard decision.

  • name

    To make the analogy a bit more accurate, imagine that the Cuntfest bar has some pretty, decent girls. Not as many girls as the Poonani bar (and not as nice or pretty) but still decent and with a little hustle you can land one.

    Imagine further that in order to frequent the Poonani bar you need to quit your job and give up any hope of leading a normal middle class lifestyle. Instead, you will go back there every week like some kind of drug addict, accumulating various strange diseases.

  • Mig Mack



    To make the analogy a bit more accurate, imagine that the Cuntfest bar requires you to go back every week like some drug addict to try to find a pretty decent girl, accumulating various diseases because the women there are sluts that sleep with random guys without condoms. Also, when you think you’ve hustled a decent one, she divorces you and makes your normal middle class job irrelevant by stealing hald of what you got.

    Imagine further that in order to frequent the Poonani bar, you need to buy a plane ticket and discover a country that has a higher quality of life despite “third world” slurs by ignorant people. For the price of learning the language eventually, you can find a good wife after having slept with an abundance of hotties.

  • DoesNotMatter

    @Jive man I agree and disagree. When a guy is getting laid like gangbusters, what happens is his physical needs are satiated, but the ego needs more validation. This is where Foreign women come in. Is my game so good and so adaptable that I can go to a foreign country, game women in a language that is not my own and sleep with them. It is the ultimate challenge for a player. I can totally see good players wanting to do foreign women just for the challenge. Some people just want to know how good they are. Kinda like mel gibson in that movie “maverick”. I really want to know how good I am kinda deal

    now the other point. A lot of this complaining regarding american women comes from American (white) men because “why should an American man be bothered with gaming a woman when an EE/Asian/Hispanic woman will fuck him just for being American (White)” You see, I’m indian. So no EE/Asian/hispanic woman will treat me as anything special. For me, I have to run game on all women. So to me, American women do not come across as anything extra-bitchy. In fact I have a better chance with them because of the common language and also the fact that they will give a brownie like me a chance. You see, to an american woman a white American man is no big deal. she’s used to them. She asks , “so what else you got?”. that’s where game comes in. As for an EE/Asian/hispanic woman, a white western man is a prize. I can’t beat a white western man in competition with such a woman unless his game is way below mine.

  • K-Man

    The problem is (of course) that it is harder to make a decent living in Third World countries. Well-paying jobs are very hard to get there, and if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to grease the local bureaucrats.
    As soon as there is an abundance of money and well-paying jobs in a given country, it is not Third World anymore and the women become just as bitchy as in the First World (what is the Second World, by the way?)

    So it definitely is not just a matter of hopping on plane. Yeah, you could do that and blow your saved $$$ for a while, but it will eventually run out, and then you’d be without a pension, savings, or health insurance.

    Compare the pros and cons yourself and decide if the trade-off is worth. Like in every area in life, there is a trade-off here as well.

  • Roosh

    Jive man is a woman, posting from Utah. Female trolls take on a handle that tries to “convince” everyone that she is not really a woman. Further proof is that if the comment was real, he’d be writing from the perspective of being in the top 1% of men, saying how easy it is for HIM to get women who are sweet and feminine, but instead she’s writing as if she’s a neutral observer and always sees great men getting with great women in America.

    The third person references to purportedly seeing magical hookups between amazing people in America was the troll’s undoing. The only way this isn’t a troll is if he’s talking about mormon chicks, but I don’t know anyone who wants one.

  • Brian

    In the U.S. the hottest girl I was gaming recently I approached her during the day by walking by and saying hi. She asked me my name in an accent. I said I was in a hurry. She asked me if I was single and she had a facial expression of surprise and interest when I said I was. Later, I liked it when she was rubbing my arm. She is from EE. I will be going to EE for my next game trip.

  • DiamondEyes

    Assuming Jive Man is sincere (which is in doubt), the fatal mistake in your idea is that you keep grouping these three adjectives together to describe the same women: sweet, feminine, and hot. This is like the old joke in business: fast, cheap, or good – pick two.

    The reality is that the number of girls who possess all three traits are unbelievably rare in America. They are mostly snatched up and married by inner-circle males from their social or family milieu, well before they ever hit the ‘open market’. They’re married and having kids by 22.

    Kind of like how all the best jobs are always filled from within.

    If you are an older guy in your thirties, looking for sweet, feminine, and hot girls in their twenties, good luck in America. If you look at girls older than 27, the number who aren’t ruined by cock-carousel-riding and obesity are minuscule.

    I know plenty of top-tier men, including some ex pro football players. These guys have access to the absolute best women America has to offer. And you know what? These women STILL turn into nagging, sexless shrews after marriage, and just spend the guy’s money like narcissistic whores. They also make terrible mothers and home makers. Often, they divorce and take the assets less than ten years in. And this is with super-alpha, handsome, millionaire guys who are built like football players. Imagine what happens to run of the mill betas.

  • DiamondEyes

    BTW there are TONS of American couples who put on a front. Why, it’s the American way after all.

    They look like the perfect happy couple with the perfect jobs and life, but you want to pay attention to the cues and see what lies beneath the facade. It is always what is unsaid that is most revealing.

    How often do you see raw affection displayed? Do you see her gaze up into his eyes with that look of smitten admiration once in a while? Does he lovingly smack her butt with a sparkle in his eye? Does she post flattering things about him on her Facebook page? Does he brag to his guy friends about the hot sex he’s getting all the time? Does she tell her girlfriends how in love she is and how she would never dream of straying?

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Not with American women. They are more adversarial combatants than complementary sweethearts.

    I tried to explain it to my mother using an analogy I believe I picked up here from Roosh. It’s like fishing in a toxic pond. The environment is poisoned, and no fish can fully escape that. Inevitably, whatever you catch from that pond will be tainted. The toxic pond is feminism, and the American fish are fully steeped in it. This has turned marriage into a 50/50 crapshoot that the man’s life will be completely ruined. What wise man takes odds like that? What desirable man exposes himself to such foolish risk? And what is the payoff if you succeed – a beautiful, dedicated woman? No, just a normal average woman who won’t divorce-rape you or gain more than 25 pounds.

    Nope, American women will be left with the beta dregs and white knights and losers. Unless they start loudly and emphatically denouncing feminism en masse, and refining their homemaking arts……hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timothy

    I think there may be pockets of the women Jive man refers to in middle-America somewhere, but as one of you stated, they stay and marry within the circle they grew up in. They marry Billy who they’ve known since elementary school. That girl doesn’t exist if she grew up in NYC, Miami, LA, etc.

    As Diamondeyes touched on, the strongest men fall victim. I believe Sports Illustrated and Real Sports did pieces on athletes going broke after retirement. According to lawyers/agents, divorce is the greatest drainer of post-career assets. The chick stays around as long as he’s playing and checks are coming in. As soon as he retires, she cashes out, taking at least half of whatever he has left, after spending freely while they were together. Because of the circles she gained entry to while being married to him, she’ll move on to another guy that’s making decent coin, and he’s left holding his dick in his hand. If he isn’t like Deion Sanders, who moved from playing to a well paid job in media, and due to his persona can still get endorsement opportunities, he won’t survive a divorce. Granted, many of these guys spent lavishly on themselves on stupid things while they were paying, but if they had saved/invested the money, she would have still gotten a huge chunk of it. This happens to men in all walks of life, and especially guys that are just pulling down middle-class money. At the end they turn hateful, and immediately run to court to get as much from you as possible, even if in doing so she bankrupts you and ruins YOUR life.

  • George

    “Guys who are getting the hotter girls in any large American city, with the sweet feminine girls from this group (and there are many), wold not want to deal with all the bullshit and the huge learning curve for getting girls overseas.”

    @ Jive,

    1. Most hot girls in America are not normal in the head. Unless they’re very young, they’ve long lost their femininity. When every other American woman in her 20s is obese and paired off with a non-obese man, why wouldn’t the few remaining single, hot girls not act entitled?

    If there are many millionaires in big American cities willing to act as sugar daddies for washed up, below average looking women in their 30s, why would the few remaining, single hot girls act normal?

    2. Game is game. Other than language, there is no overseas learning curve.

    “he is incapable of getting with the hot girls in America, and so is willing to take on a huge learning curve and foreign culture bullshit, which is not fun.”

    1. What if someone wants a larger selection of blondes, or Asians, or Russians, or Brazilians, or whatever? America doesn’t have that.

    2. The fact that you think it is STUPID to learn new things, travel, and experience new cultures shows just how stupid and typically American YOU are.

    “it is harder to make a decent living in Third World countries.
    So it definitely is not just a matter of hopping on plane. Yeah, you could do that and blow your saved $$$ for a while, but it will eventually run out, and then you’d be without a pension, savings, or health insurance.”

    @ K-Man,

    1. Many people work in America part of the year, and spend the rest in another country.

    2. Many Americans don’t have pensions, savings, or health insurance anyway. Those who do, have a good chance of getting raped out of those things by their ex-wives.

  • jive man

    Roosh, a nice conversation was developing here, whats the problem?

    Is it really not permitted to voice an opinion different from your own? Do you really just not tolerate debate at all? I dont get it – whats the big deal?

    You said something, I said something different, politely, using logic. Why so allergic to logic?

    Where does this need to keep such a tight lid on what anyone says come from?

    Just put up a set of rules that no one is allowed to materially disagree with Roosh on certain key points, and that only comments which endorse what roosh says whith perhaps offering some additions to them, are permitted, and youll save everyone a lot of trouble.

    Jeez, such sensitivity! And I am the girl! lol

  • Timothy

    I don’t understand anyone who knocks traveling, learning new languages and experiencing different cultures. Who cares what the motivation for doing it is? Jive is against doing anything that is motivated by wanting to be with women or to impress women. To an extent, he has a point. However, change/self-improvement is often motivated by something or someone outside of ourselves. Something or someone has to make you WANT to change something about yourself. I also take it that Jive hasn’t read Roosh for long, because he would know that he DOES fuck American women, some that could be considered top-notch (as do other participants on this blog), and still finds the experience to be wanting. And yeah…some players that bang top-notch domestics regularly STILL might like to elevate themselves to INTERNATIONAL players. And even though they can pull top American women, might actually PREFER foreign (ask Donald Trump about that…two of his three wives weren’t American born, and the American one was the most needy and entitled, and the one he divorced quickest). If a man is looking for a wife, and doesn’t want to go the mailorder route or relocate himself, his next best option is to find women in the US that weren’t born here and aren’t infected. Who have essentially brought their own cultural mindset with them and adhered to it.

  • Jordan

    Jive man is an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  • Girth Madders

    Demographers call this the “wang drain.”


  • Shawn


    What made you decide to sport the beard? I’m just curious what your rationale is.

    Being unlucky I cannot grow a full one, but I do sport a stache and hair on the chin (I cannot connect it). My own rationale for it is that I look like I am 19-20 when I am clean shaven and 30 when I am not. I am 29 and most of the girls 18+ and I get more eye-fucks with the facial hair. It was different in High School because my dating pool was 14-18, so even if I could grow decent facial hair at that point it would repel women; now it’s more the opposite as women in their 20s prefer a man who looks their age or 5-10 years older.

  • doclove

    Fools who ridicule men who fo for foreign women or prostitutes never cease to amaze me for their foolishness especially if they are men and if they are women, I see that that they have a dog in the fight and are not as foolish as the men who do it. On average, American women are no prize and equally neither are American men. However, typically it is the men who pay not only for their mistakes, flaws and shortcomings, but they pay for those of the women as well. Why a man would be critical of someone trying to escape this is beyond me. For the men who criticize for this, do youself and the world a favor, cut off your cock and balls to match your female mind. To the women, you made your own bed, now lie in it.

  • Anonymous


    What’s so wrong with Mormon women?

    In the context of this thread, I can’t think of any women, as a group, (in America, at least) sweeter and more feminine than Mormon ones.

    And who wouldn’t want a woman who not only accepted, but for religious reasons encouraged, her husband to pick up a younger bride or four once she got a bit older? I realize even Mormonism has, in mainstream practice, fallen away from the latter; but those that still practice the Principle, are the ones God bless with the most children. Which by extension means the most young, sweet, family minded daughters :)

  • Buitre


    Dude, Please give me a break!

  • Timothy

    @70…that’s all well and good, if you’re a Mormon man. On top of that, you’d have to be a follower of Fundamentalist Mormon sect leader Warren Jeffs (doing life in prison for raping underage “wives”)to even think about having multiple wives, as the LDS church hasn’t practiced polygamy since the turn of the century I think. These bitches are even MORE mentally defective than the average American woman. They still walk around dressed like they’re on “Little House on the Prairie.” NO THANKS.

  • Anonymous

    Dude Roosh this is so spot on man!!! good for you for writing this, couldnt have put it better myself!!!

  • jive man

    Thanks for publishing that comment, roosh!

    To others, I would like to respond to you, but roosh has blocked some of my other comments, so I have no interest in writing a response to you guys without knowing if he will publish them or not.


  • Castor Troy

    This is a great post and aside from going abroad to the “Third World” to pay for sex; the reality is as Roosh has said many times: that if you’re not getting laid in the States you are in for a rude awakening when you arrive abroad.

    I can only really speak to Latin America (right now I’m living in Mexico) but if you don’t have at least a working knowledge of the language or half decent game to mould to your specific situation you could find yourself having a hard time. I have seen several American and Canadian tourists getting shut down time and time again here. That being said, if you’re willing to put the work in and learn the language and come looking good and with solid game you can do very well. And I don’t need to talk about how much better the women are; that has been adequately discussed. The rewards are great and you owe it to yourself to do better than some of the garbage you can pull in some American cities right now. Great post Roosh.

  • Phoenix

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but one other aspect of why many men won’t get laid has nothing to do with women’s attitudes. Millions of American men won’t get laid or be able to find LTR simply because not enough unmarried American women exist.

    Hopefully the data below is readable.

    United States (2009 Census)
    20 to 24—–25 to 29—–30 to 34
    Never Legally Married-Male
    Never Legally Married-Female
    Excess Males

    Selected data for NorthEastern US:
    % and (amount) of excess unmarried males:
    Age 15-19: 4.5% (85,831)
    Age 20-34: 16.3% (515,708)
    Age 35-44: 20.4% (162,643)
    Age 45-54: 15.1% (85,909)
    Age 55-64: -3.6% (11,223) shortage of men

  • Phoenix

    I suspect the situation is the same for any 1st world country–it’s almost spot on the same situation for Canada, and no better in say Australia or Netherlands (too lazy to look up other countries).

    Per my post here (http://www.rooshv.com/western-culture-poisons-women#comment-46967) Poland’s numbers are horrific. I’ve never been there so I don’t know how this translates with Polish women.

    15-19 years: 5.6% excess single men (89,813)
    20-24 years: 24.4% excess single men (276,361)
    25-29 years: 59.6% excess single men (266,816)
    30-34 years: 80.8% excess single men (136,213)
    35-39 years: 100.8% excess single men (110,372)
    40-44 years: 110.3% excess single men (112,189)

  • Timothy

    I guess when you look at those figures, then assess how many of those females are actually marriage material, the situation may even be worse for men. All the more reason why men need to expand the pool of eligible women by looking to other parts of the world.

  • TryJapan

    I live in Japan and there’s a famous comic called Charisma Man that runs in a magazine targeting foreigners. It makes fun of the foreign guy who comes here and gets (relatively speaking) star treatment from the women. (This was much more true 15 or 20 years ago from what I understand.) Anyway, the comic exists for a reason. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people talk about “all these losers that come to Japan cuz they can’t get laid at home.” It is the popular perception, even among many of the men that are here. (It’s interesting that at least 50% or more of the guys I’ve met have said this. Think about it. LOL)

    Anyway, the women have pretty much the same view and, while I’ve never been directly accused of coming here because I can’t get laid back home, I do have a retort ready for if it ever comes:

    “You’re right. I’m a pathetic ugly loser with no game. So how does it feel to know that even I don’t want to fuck you?”

    Or, if I’m feeling slightly less abrasive:

    “Interesting. I hear the women come here for the same reason.”

    For the record, I see the same thing happen again and again here. The vast majority of foreign guys aren’t banging anything much above average. However, the new guys don’t realize it because average here is an 7 in North America. Only once you’ve lived here for a while do you notice that nearly all the women are thin – ergo, thin is average. It takes a while before you can start to distinguish between trailer trash and the true gems or the ones who only look good because they’re made up nicely and wearing nice clothes vs. the ones who are truly hot naturally. Guys that have been here for five years wouldn’t be caught dead fucking half the girls the new guys like to brag about.

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  • Anonymous


    Bullshit. I’ve lived in NY, Miami, LA, and briefly in a few southern states and the Midwest.

    I’ve run a lot of day game AND night game, across a variety of social circles, socioeconomic levels, high-end occupations, etc.

    Hot, young, feminine women are in extremely short supply. You can find them, to an extent, on some college campuses (schools that are prestigious but still party schools) and occasionally daytime at restaurants and coffee shops near office buildings.

    In LA and NYC, most of the mid-20s girls are wannabe models, singers, and actresses.

    Approaching those hotties obviously results in huge blow-offs and flakeage, even with tight game.

    I’ve spent time with plenty of 5-star men with good game who still have to settle for 7s or pain-in-the-ass bitches or used-up sluts — even on the girls in their social circles. These guys include:

    * former NFL player at Harvard B-school
    * well-known, handsome Hollywood talent agent with big clients
    * up-and-coming young politician with movie looks and lots of his campaign commercials on air
    * etc.

    The mass mediocrity of women in this country has fucked things up for men all over the U.S. While the 5-star men have greater chances, the men who aren’t in “the top percentages” are 96% of all U.S. men — what they hell do you want them to do?

  • http://www.thebachelortimes.com/The_Bachelor_Times/BLOG/BLOG.html P. Bateman

    Fair post. I don’t get why any man or woman would criticize anyone for looking for a woman abroad…no matter the reason. If the guy feels he can only get an asian bride and it makes him happy then so be it!

    Why is this a problem? Well, usually the woman making the comment is frustrated at her failed attempts at locking any guy down to marriage. Then she sees Bill the fat plumber married to a skinny, feminine and caring asian woman. It’s so obvious why anyone complains about this sort of thing.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on Gentlemen. My brother married a stunning Russian lady about 6 years ago. They have 2 beautiful children now and you should see the way she treats him and the way they look at each other even after 6 years together. I asked him why he went halfway around the world to get married. He only said “Women suck here. They have forgotten how to be woman”. He was 38 at the time he married her, she was 23. She still looks the same after 2 kids and 6 years of marriage. Side note: my brother is not a loser he is a VP level bank executive for a major US bank.

    I was married for 18 years, my wife cashed out and wiped out my 20 best income earning years. I still have not recover completely from the finacial loss. Then I met a EE woman and all I can say is OMG I was a fool to marry in the USA. She is VERY feminine, the sweetest, most wonderful person I have ever known. I would give her the shirt off my back but I know she would never ask for it. She does not care if we get married – she just wants to be with a man that will love her and I most certainly do. She does not want or need my money as she has as much as I do. When she looks into my eyes I understand what my brother feels from his Russian wife. It just makes me love her all the more.

    We were talking about college one day and she told me she took a course in “Women Studies” i.e. feminism. I asked her what she thought about it. Her response “It is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard” she said. I asked her why and her response was “Women are not men. We each do different things better than the other. Why would I ever want to be like a man. I LIKE being a woman. It was a stupid class with very stupid ideas”.

    To you younger guys – do yourselves a huge favor and find yourself a quality woman. There are millions around the world better than here and do not get married in the USA. Google “marriage strike”. There are lots of us men who are getting wise. Learn from us older guys and our biggest mistake in life. I wish I could go back and do it over with what I know now. The marriage failure rate in the USA is 50 or 60% – ask yourself this question – Are you willing to risk a 50% marriage failure rate and loss half or more of everything you worked for all your life, loss the right to see your kids and pay monthly alimony for the rest of your life until the day you DIE? Remember under US law it does not matter if she cheats on you, leave you for no reason or anything else SHE wants to do – you will pay the price forever, to her. As soon as you say “I do” she and the courts OWN you ass. Don’t be a fool like I was!

    Peace and happiness to you all my brothers.

  • Timothy

    “Side note: my brother is not a loser he is a VP level bank executive for a major US bank.”

    This is key. The perception is that only chumps that “can’t” pull decent American women do this. Not so. Men of means, that want a woman that will be dedicated to their happiness, are opting for overseas women. Don’t get me wrong – these women are LOOKING for men with resources, because there’s no point in leaving your own homeland for a broke dude. But they’re dedicated to being a good woman to you in return. It’s telling that she thought feminism was a joke, and that FEMININITY was important. That adherence to certain gender roles wasn’t degrading, but crucial to the overall success of a relationship. If more of the cream of US men start to seriously consider this option, American bitches will be ASSED OUT. American tricks will either reassess their priorities, or you’ll see a marked increase in cat sales in the coming years.

  • Buttmunch


  • Anonymous

    Buttmunch my ass, feminist troll! Thank you for proving Timothy is so right about the cats – sounds like you’re one of those growing mass of women contributing to the increase in cat sales. Is that’s all you have left to contribute to the world is the sum total of your cats output! Figures! Another pissed off feminist whiner chimes in to the conversation and doesn’t like THE TRUTH! How sad! welcome to reality!

  • Rocco

    Roosh, your insights are valuable, but if men had more common sense it would be obvious. It also seems that in some parts of the U.S. where there are more attractive women in the dating pool Texas, Florida, Phoenix and Atlanta you start to see some balance in some areas as compared to women in Northern cities. The competition amongst females creates a natural order where the women seem to appreciate men more. I noticed that after traveling to South America, Eastern Europe and Asia where women were more receptive, my game picked up significantly when I returned to the U.S. This is the residual benefit of traveling outside the U.S. because you have more confidence and put up with less crap from bitchy women.

  • Doc

    I love American women, but foreign women just tend to put more into it. So I really couldn’t care less what anyone might say. On a really good night I may see one 10, in my opinion, at various places in the US – most need to lose 10-20lbs to make it above an 8 in my book. But in other countries it seems like I come across a lot more 9′s and 10′s than in the US. And they are nicer – who could ask for anything more?

    So while I don’t criticize American women for all of the non-sense filling their pretty little heads – I do have to say that most need a good work-out regiment. In Brazil the only thing I can think of is the samba must give them a workout since they tend to not have that “baby fat” which is all too common with US women. Now if you’re the type that likes that bit of flab – that is fine – but I’m not. I like hard-bodies always have and always will.

    The women from the old Soviet Bloc countries tend to lead the pack in my list right now. I jump at the chance to travel in any of those countries for business, and always mix pleasure in with it. Heck, the women are amazingly nice, and sweet – they are like the homely chick that babed out and didn’t realize it so isn’t bitchy. Thank heavens for Google Translate, and other electronic translators.

    Could you imagine how a woman in the US would behave with a man who was trying to chat them up with an electronic gizmo to communicate? It would be laughable – in some of the other countries they are enthralled. So, I don’t knock American women, but I can tell you that on average foreign women are just nicer in so many ways… Of course, it could be that they are just “different” and that makes it better.

  • Yulia

    You can get laid ANYWHERE in the world if you’ve got money. Girls in places like Brazil want money like anywhere else, and if you say you are American, they see an opportunity to get e green card. Same in Estern Europe. And in China, women under 30 are encouraged to be mistresses of wealthy men, rather than a broke-ass loser. People in foreign countries are Americanised for sure. They watch TV, they know the value of the dollar and, if they are young and beautiful, they expect gifts and money from you. There is no such thing as free pussy!!! And if you are a cheap-skate, you get what you pay for. Broke tourists normally end up with older, fatter prostitutes. The thinner and younger cost more money so yeah, you better save up if you are planning to get a lot of fucks. The pretty young women don’t really care if you’re good-looking. They have cocks lined to fuck them-one after another and the cocks attached to men with the most money get the most good quality fucks-whether they are old and wrinkly. CASH IS KING!!!

  • http://badassdating.com Brian

    this is right on. I have no problem meeting women in the US. The difference is the quality of women. People in the US IN GENERAL (men too) tend to be unhealthy, overweight, ignorant, and tense. I’ve had the good fortune to travel a lot, and its VERY different everywhere else. Once guys catch on to this a lot of shit is going to change. Not only are women better looking, but they are more feminine, happier, and generally more intelligent even if they are uneducated.

  • Yulia

    Here is a more realistic older man who also fancies younger women like everybody else:

  • Anonymous

    @91 Yulia…that article seems to pair 60 year olds with 20 year olds. You don’t really see “relationships” with that kind of age disparity. Older men will always want to have sex with much younger women, but they don’t want to live with or marry them. There aren’t many guys like Hugh Hefner around, nor are there many women like Anna Nicole Smith that get rich 80 year olds to marry them.

  • Yulia

    What is your point Anonymous??? What I am trying to demonstrate here is that most men want younger women but younger women don’t want old men but are willing to date them only if there are enough financial rewards for them in doing so. For the record, the average “sugar daddy” is about 38years old and the average girl is about 28 years old. Most men on this forum have unrealoistic expectations. They expect a woman 10/15/20 years older than them to date or marry them just because they have “game” but conveniently ignore the fact that young women capitalise on their looks and femininity EVERYWHERE in the world. If a man is so much as 10 years older than them they want to know what he can do for them before they date him-otherwise they prefer men their own age. After all, if you are going to go for the embarrasment of being seen with an older man in public (considering how old men love being seen with young, attractive women) then it better be worth it (in terms of finances). I know a girl whose sugar daddy paid for her African safari while the rest of us had to use our savings!!!

  • Yulia

    @92 Anonymous: Sorry typos I meant “Most men on this forum have unrealistic expectations of women (they want a woman to be beautiful and young even if they themselves are not beautiful and young).Most men on this forum have unrealoistic expectations. They expect a woman 10/15/20 years younger than them to date or marry them just because they have “game” but conveniently ignore the fact that young women capitalise on their looks and femininity EVERYWHERE in the world. If a man is so much as 10 years older than them they want to know what he can do for them before they date him-otherwise they prefer men their own age. After all, if you are going to go for the embarrasment of being seen with an older man in public (considering how old men love being seen with young, attractive women) then it better be worth it (in terms of finances). I know a girl whose sugar daddy paid for her African safari while the rest of us had to use our savings!!!

    Here want these women to like them for their personalities while they persue them for looks and beauty but women are not stupid. The ones who are open to dating older men tend to seek to be financially rewarded for doing so. Very rarely would you see a woman with a partner who is more than 10years older than her and he is broke (if she is good-looking). I know what I am talking about. I’m 21 and I have seen young women in certain places around the globe. In China, many women in their 20s aspire to be mistresses of older rich men (even if they know that he is dating other mistresses on the side). If he is very wealthy and buys them gifts and gives them virtually bottomless credit cards, they don’t mind. They know that most of these men are sexist and will dump them as soon as they turn 30 and so they make the most of their youth by milking them of as much money as humanly possible, some have been known to save vast amounts of sugar-daddy money and open up a business when they turn 30, then marry and have kids with a younger man who is not wealthy-but many attrative young women would NEVER give a broke older man a second glance no matter how good-looking or fit and muscular. He would be wise to date women his own age and older who are less likely to use him. It’s the same case in Eastern Europe. Melania Trump is something of a hero. A gorgeous woman who snagged an extremely wealthy man and will be set for life no matter what. It does not matter that he is over-weight and has a “comb-over” and kids his wife’s age. Same case in South America. All this talk about sleeping with younger women is just a fantasy many men in their 30s, 40, 50, 60, and even 70s have. Very few of them actually get to do that. Yes, men can get an attractive prostitute every now and again but the more attractive they are, the more costly. A much older and overweight prostitute will probably charge less. It takes many men a long time to accept this: that if they treat women as if they are expendable objects-they have to adopt a survival strategy. In other words, they accept their fate; that the older they get the less desirable men find them so if they take trouble to look desirable they seek a maximum return on their investment (in their looks and femininity).

  • Tyson

    @ Yulia: “I know what I am talking about. I’m 21….”

    With all due respect, a 21 year-old (man or woman) cannot have a completely accurate view of how real life works. I don’t care what your life experience, occupation or background is. 21 is 21. Women, in particular, change a lot (not just physically) as they grow older. Your current views on relationships are guaranteed to change in 10 years when you’re 31.

    Basically, a financially stable man in a rich country is considered rich in a poorer country. He can therefore land himself a woman who is YOUNGER AND HOTTER than her counterpart in the wealthier country. End of story. A 50 year old may not land some hot naive 21 year old but he does have significantly more bargaining power in that sexual marketplace.

  • JST

    @ Yulia

    Yulia, what are you talking about? It is very common in many cultures for older men to marry younger women. After all, men want youth and beauty, while women want status and wealth… when it comes to marriage.

    Why are you so passionate about this “issue”? You’re 21. You’re at your prime and should be able to attract men easily. I expected you to be a middle-aged, fat, shriveled hag. Regardless, it’s just how the world works. More often than not, an older man can attract a younger woman. The other way is just less common. Look at it this way, when women are young and hot, they can pretty much have any guy at any age. Most of her same-age, male peers are ignored and invisible to young women. It sucks balls for most young men. Only a small percentage get to attract a large number of women.

  • Dan

    @10 Agent Orange. they are gold diggers, and on top of that they know if they marry you (all hope that) they will get american green card. Wake up buddy.

  • Pingback: Why would I ever want to be like a man. I LIKE being a woman. « Rivelino in Spain

  • Chemical O

    @Yulia. Yes, i dont think most American women realize how other cultures do emphasize and encourage girls to go for older men. I’m in Vietnam now and it is young girls in their early 20s who would be ostracized and ridiculed for being with a same age man. That same age man would be seen as a boy, neutered, unsophisticated, less worldly compared to a guy in his 30s. Their mothers and family and friends hammer this into them early…but it changing, cause the more people go to university and beyond they start to expect or meet their future husbands there. Some…but still not many.

  • Nathan

    I agree with what he say’s, when I went to Costa Rica I was stunned of how hot the girls were down there. I went to Jaco, and went to the famous beetle bar. I was amazed of how hot the girls were in there : ) Went I got back to Texas I quickly noticed how different the girls were, and how bitchey their attitude was. There is a reason why American guys leave to go to foreign Country’s, to meet real beautiful girls. Plus South American girls have the best bodies in the world and Costa Rica is a great place to visit, and also find a hot girl every night you’re their : ) Top two places to see in Costa Rica is 1. Hotel Del Ray and 2. The Beetle Bar.

  • Keseleth


    Roosh, the article that I am commenting on right now totally contradicts the article that I linked above. Are you possibly a feminist in disguise?

  • zach

    It is lame for a PUA to travel to another country to pick up women. Someone with real game can get good looking women in any country.

    Outside of the US and Western Europe, being a white American puts you on top of the pecking order. I don’t have much game and have easily picked up girls in other countries who are out of my league. It isn’t that hard.

  • Dan

    @zach: Waw buddy. You really have a good point here. This Rooshv guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He should try to see the reality from a local’s gut perspective. Eastern European women (most of them) , are materialistic, and all they care about is money and social status. They know how to put up faces so people like Rooshv get caught in their game. He should notice that a decent (I mean looks, and manners) eastern european guy with little money will never (with few exceptions) date a hot woman.

  • http://www.marvelousmanboobs.com/ David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    oh, Rooffie,

    I was at the nudie beach today and there was only one hottie girl there….

    since everything was off, i noticed that she was 15 lbs overweight….

    There were some older cougar ladies who didn’t undress and since they stood around allot, I think they were there to look at weenies….

    Since you are a travel guy, where’s the best nudie beaches?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s the AM themselves who encourage the women to behave in that way.
    Going abroad also means leaving the mangina/captain save a ho mindset at home.
    I read some comment about that foreign women are becomming just like the US ones and of course the commenter blames the feminists but it’s not them it’s your attitude.

    finally I find the calling of developing nations 3rd world is bigoted and condescending.

  • LR

    American women are far more materialistic than European women. American women care about looks, money, and social status and will never pick up a man nor make moves on him because it is considered trashy and slutty for women to do so in America.

  • Anonymous

    do the comments work without a signup?

  • Mr right

    I think the problem is VERY obvious. People just don’t speak it up because they are afraid of the retaliation by ZOG or their Jew employers.

    Basically, to be short about this (even though I could personally write all day on this so very touchy subject) USA is a soulless, corporation state whose sole interest is $$$. What that in turn means is that the image of The Big Black Man + White/Latina/Asian girl sells so heavily to the rejected American male that to destroy it would be killing off several industries whose profits grow higher and higher each year.

    In conclusion: I’ve thankfully gotten laid in Colombia myself, but paid a HIGH price for it in my life. The problem with foreign travel is that the jerk “proud” guys in south america ‘colombia’ for example, is that they kicked my ass bloody just for being a ‘gringo’. They apparantly don’t like foreigners in their countries, so keep that in mind when going overseas. I am American and have yet to get with a girl in the USA. But its OK cause I still got my whole life ahead of me to try.

  • oslooskar

    “American women are far more materialistic than European women. American women care about looks, money, and social status and will never pick up a man nor make moves on him because it is considered trashy and slutty for women to do so in America.”

    I had both attractive and unattractive women hit on me all the time back in the late 1970s when I drove a taxicab in San Francisco.

  • Konstantin

    Its the product of western civilization in general and America in particular. A plastic disneyland society. Everyone is damaged to one degree or another. Most men have lost their balls and backbone. With drugs and perversion considered “normal”.

  • Anonymous

    Many American women, living in cities or not, ARE sweet. We’re just sweet to men who respect us and GENUINELY care about how we feel and what we have to say. Not just pretending so they can get laid. And really? Come the fuck on. We can tell. At least the intelligent ones of us that will produce more viable offspring, many of whom ARE feminine and beautiful. Your problem is you want instant gratification, which is a decidedly Western trend. That and your ungodly sense of entitlement, which is what you’re complaining about in females. So you’re just as tainted as the American women you so readily insult. You have such a skewed way of looking at things, and your double standard bullshit is abhorrent. Congratulations.

    And by the way, why would you choose a name that rhymes with douche? You’re making it too easy, Just sayin’.

  • thi

    Hey man.. I am from Brazil and live here.From my experience women in USA are much easier to lay than brazilian girls. Although french kissing here is actually much easier.. And you cant expand you experience one city in Brazil to another (i believe USA must follow the same logic), In the north and northeast of Brazil, you will probably find only ugly girls (dont go there, unless u want very easy sex and u dont care for appearence), in the southeast we have more mixture (sao paulo and Rio) note: the best girls in sao paulo and rio thinks that they are the best in the world so you should come prepared for bitchness, there you will find every type of girl and a lot of ugly and beautiful. Now, if you want the best brazillian girls you should go to the South (Florianopolis, BAlneario Camboriu, Porto Alegre, etc..) thats where you have the best ratio.

  • Jake

    Women are fine the world over. It’s up to the voyagers (people who travel) to adapt to the culture they happen to cross paths with and get involved in.

    There are millions of American women who will put out (have sex for pleasure) at a moments notice. Women are animals of the moment. They cannot help who they are and neither can you — but, you can accommodate them in having that great moment if you first recognize this state of being.

    Confidence and Timing are everything. No matter what culture you’ve stepped into – their are standards of recognition for everyone. To be successful it’s up to the man to make themselves presentable, seen and desired. Meet or exceed the requirements of the day and you’ll have no trouble finding a sex mate for the night…or in some cases even more.

    A guy can’t walk into just any ole place and be the jerk of the day and expect to get laid. I have seen this happen but, it’s not the normal run of the day rule. There are always a woman who will take a jerk of the day type guy to have some sex with so the guy can be disgarded afterwards like a finished cigarette but, that is not the norm more the masses of women or their cultures.

    Women like being in the moment and they like their men being that icon figure that fits into the female moment. To women the rule of the day is always going to be about what they look like to their peers who are around them – regardless if they know them or not — but, more importantly if they do know them. If you can live up to that woman’s expectation/s of what is required for that moment – you will get laid or it could work into a long term relationship if you can stay in her life style of moments. Remember the moment and fit into it.

    Feelings…If you help to feel great about herself and then she feels great about herself being around you in public then you will have a great life with this woman. When the woman begins to lose her great feelings about herself in today’s society, the man is more than likely to be the first thing kicked to the curb regardless if they are actually the issue in the womans life. Having a man is like having a baby to women. When the screeming is over – they really don’t want or need a man anymore…until that next “moment”.

    In today’s techno world it’s more important for a woman to have a degree than have a baby. That is becoming more and more the accepted norm the world over as life becomes more dependant on intelligence and education than hormones, muscles and braun.

    Teach youself to be accept others as well as present yourself in a accepting manner. Match yourself to the woman by her moment. If you can’t get into her moment — then walk away from it until later — if that “later” comes around.

    Stature — Some women like talk dark and lanky. Some women like short fat and bald with money. Some like athletically built and scrufty. Some like ugly and rough looking. Appearance is always first and foremost into a woman’s moment. Figure that out and you have got most of the race ran. No matter who you are or where you are in the world travelling – their is a woman who is a match for you no matter what you look like and no matter how smooth of a talker you are. Finding that woman who is in the right moment for who you are being at that moment is the most important thing to be able to spot.

    Intelligence — has a lot to be counted for in today’s society. You don’t have to be a engineer or scientist but, every woman has her own agenda and requirements as to the intelligence level she wants her man to be at. She will dictate this — not you. Remember – the male has to be accepted into the femaales moment and not vise versa. Once you have figured out if you are presentable to the female and can physically be in her moment – then match her moment for intelligent dialogue and unless you are successful at duping her — she will dictate if you meet her requirements or not. Even if you have sex — you may not meet up to her expectations or you may be well above her levels so you scare her off with too much intel. So just be a normal bloke and match the requirements of the woman and try not to be more or less that what she needs or wants.

    So — dress in an acceptable manner and have perform with manners as to the environment that you are in. If you are at the party – then have party manners. If you are at a play then act accordingly. Remember – women live in the moment so don’t offend them with unwanted mannerisms in public areas.

    Remember you are in the moment with women. Some of them may be the predators looking for some penis or maybe looking for Mr. Right to marry. Be wary of these moments. If you screw up when the woman is on the prowl you can really get yourself in trouble because with their tools they can get many of you. Merely a fact of life and with their tools they can easily control the moment especially if you are a weak minded man. Once you have served your purpose — to the curb you will go.

    If you are the male predator — you still have to be in the woman’s moment and she still has control. It is you doing the work and her making the decisions if she likes your actions or not. If she says “No”, then walk away. Do NOT look into the light and do not look back. Remember there are 10 days each month that women aren’t themselves quite as much as they would like to be and you “DO NOT” want to be the whipping post for being in “HER MOMENT” when she has those times each month that she does not like being a woman or having babies. Theirs nothing for a male predator to do but, to become humble, have empathy and stay out of the woman’s 10 day moment. Not all women have it so hard — but, those 10 day moments have certainly screwed up a lot of lives of both women and men. Respect those times each month and accomodate the best you can. If there’s nothing to do but staying out of the way – then stay out of the way.

    Be confident in yourself as to who you are and find your match. Be confident in women as well. Be well versed in humanity. Any woman in any country will drop their pants in a moments notice if they are with the right guy that is in that right moment with them. Don’t be a jerk and blame the woes of the world on women. Fix yourself first before you fix everyone else. Women who stick their noses in the air are telling you that you that if you want to be in their moment – you have got to be able to meet or exceed her requirements for her moment…and that’s when she’ll invite you in. You’ll never know until you approach her. If you don’t meet her standards she’ll let you know and usually in a nice way. Don’t be offended. You simply don’t meet up today. The same woman in a different situation on a different day may be approachable. But, even then if she says “No”…remember…”No” always means “No” so walk away and don’t look back. Cheers.

  • mark

    A guy that doesn’t give a fuck will fall into a girls thighs. A guy that does give a fuck will fall into her hands.

  • Mike

    Well I don’t think this is just a cant fuck American women post. More about how American women are compared to other countries.

    After my divorce a single friend said to me that basically all the good women are married. Guys who are lucky Enough to find a good one never let them go. We are left with women who are completely deranged. After dating for the last 3 Years he is so right.
    Already planning my trip to ukraIne later this year

  • EE Girl

    Well, I’ve got to be honest. I’m not offended by this article at all, and that’s because I *am* one of those pretty foreign girls. I’m Eastern European, and my boyfriend is a wonderful American guy. Our relationship isn’t successful only because I provide him with a contrast to American women, but he admitted it’s a big turn on for him. However I don’t think it’s fair to disparage American women as a whole, because every country has its fair share of overweight and/or entitled bitches. Surely, visiting a place for a couple weeks doesn’t give you the full picture of its entire female population?

  • Jo

    this site is the saddest thing ive seen in months. im just gonna post this link and then im going to close my browser and pretend I never discovered that such hatred existed. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wutbürger

  • Mike

    @ 11 Anonymouse
    “Many American women, living in cities or not, ARE sweet…”
    You don’t have the slightest clue of the meaning of the word “sweet”. Blogs like this wouldnt exist if you did.

  • Strainge the Strainger

    I don’t think the picture of western-men-marrying-3rd-world-women and living happily ever after is quite as rosy as we would all like to believe. I lived in one of those countries long enough to begin to see beneath the surface. 3rd world women are still WOMEN — that is, hypergamous; and they are not totally unaware of their foreign husbands’ SMV. In other words, you can’t just marry them and then relax into blissful betatude.

    You don’t have to travel to those countries to begin to research this. Just look for expat forums. Google things like ‘life/living in mexico/laos/china/thailand/peru/estonia’ etc. etc. and search especially for subforums where Western men discuss their marriages with their foreign wives, or where seasoned expats give experience-based advice on meeting women, marriage, etc.

    On the whole I still believe that chances for a decent marriage ARE better with non-Western (or non-Westernized) women, but do some reading as suggested above to get at least a few perspectives from men with long-term experience of such things.

    Quick anecdote: Acquaintance of mine told me he’d just returned from a trip to Thailand to attend his British friend’s wedding (to a Thai girl). The girl’s relatives, wedding guests, showed up in a group of 20 (12 had been invited) and completely took over the house. The man was unable to, or unwilling to put his foot down. Acquaintance told me he’s seen this sort of thing over and over again through the decades. And an Asian lady we both know said she had, too, both in her own country and in others.

    I was surfing some Latin American expat forums recently and there are hundreds of warnings and cautionary tales concerning these subjects. Forewarned is forearmed.

  • Globetrotter, female

    I was on a plane to Cuba (from Toronto) last year. Two Canadian (white) guys were behind me. These strangers struck up a conversation and realized that they had one thing in common: they were both in the process of divorcing Cuban women and wrangling custody, and she’s being a bitch, he can’t see his kid, etc.

    A lot of posts here are anecdotal, so I thought I’d throw in a contribution. Take it however you want.

  • jj

    Just a question. Why is it impossible for you to like South American women without simultaneously despising and disparaging American women? I am an American woman living in Colombia and I think the women here are beautiful, charming, and talented — an inspiration. And of course the men are good looking and warm too, which no one ever mentions. Why can’t you complement Latin women without having to demean and insult American women? It’s that quality that seems to give away some insecurity/bad experience/mental issue on your part.

  • M Taylor

    It’s really just American women as I see it. I moved to Australia some years back and completely stopped thinking about American women. They’re just normal here. Not stuck up, don’t get offended easily, can give and take jokes with any bloke – very refreshing! And my god what hotties there are here! There aren’t many blimps here, so the thinner women are in abundance, and sans the attitude.

    Until I read your article I had forgotten how stuck on themselves American women were (and I guess still are!). I really don’t understand why. Unless it’s we men who have become guilt ridden with feminism that we no longer act like men. Well, forget trying to be nice to them guys, it’ll never work. Being too nice to an overweight, over-confident U.S. female is an invitation to be treated like crap (or worse, sat upon! ouch!). My advice, move overseas. Short of that, you’re just going to have to settle.

  • skwisgaar12

    I am so sorry that I single handedly disrupted mens peaceful sanctuary, often referred to as the United States of America. While many of my fellow Americans are happy making their own choices, I understand that you are upset that all the women here are ugly ass dirty whores and has made it difficult for you to whore around with better looking folks. I take full responsibility and would not have let it happen had I known the inconvenience it would bring. That being said, I regretfully am unable to change the minds of American women and their sick ways of ruining all of society everywhere, but I assure you, if I make that mistake again, I will personally call the president to remove all rights from american women so they will no longer be able to leave the bedroom or kitchen. This should prevent any inconvenience to the innocent American male.

    Yours Truly,

    American Woman

  • michael

    lol@ all the american hogs trying to write witty posts here that just end up looking like the pathetic useless cunts they are….keep the awesome witty clever posts coming girls, we’re just falling head over heels for every witty smart intelligent post that you make!

  • whatthehel

    I don’t think that getting laid ever had anything to do with game.. but how big your junk was that you were born with..

    also the same thing happens to other animals..

    since I have small junk i’m never gonna get any unless the woman used to be a lesbian or is bisexual or something..

  • whatthehel

    and i saw a study before about guys in india with small junk who get laid but wind up with aids because condoms don’t fit..

  • whatthehel

    if I had a large thing I would have gotten some a lawl the time..

    you don’t need any game.. you need a tool which I don’t have..

    well I die toolless.. then I burn in hell.. or go to heaven..

  • whatthehel

    unless you come up with some science make it bigger which won’t happen for 100 years atleast.. probbaly..

  • Bad Spiderman

    Thank you Roosh and all your followers!

    I am so happy that you and your minions find sex with women in different countries and not trying to procreate here in America.

    The country is in need of more good looking, intelligent and successful people having hot sex and making babies with superior genes. It is very generous and kind of you and your followers to take so much time and spend so much money to go to different countries to let your blue balls unload into some third world country girl.

    We need this as it is obvious that your genes (and your followers) are vastly inferior. This is perfect as we need more ugly stupid poor people to make my designer clothes.

    It is too bad that there are no planets yet for you and your ‘followers’ to go to…yet.

  • Funny

    Funny— I’ve always heard both here and while traveling that American girls are easy.

  • PeeWee

    Seinfeld said it best” 95% of the population is undateable, if that”

  • Anonymous

    dude im a horny fucker and all that but you cant go dismissing video games like that
    sometimes you need to kick back and play some ps3

  • a woman

    I jumped to the end after reading all the utterly complain from you guys about women. Men are horney bastards who are always eyeing younger, Thin, beautiful gals. THAT is insulting to any wife/gf. And it does not matter how beautiful, nice, devoted a woman is…Men they sleep around regardless. THAT is ONE of the reason why women they get back to you and take whatever they can. You insult a woman, her ego- you pay. Besides women need to ensure that the children will be well provided. Money is needed for their future. Men will find a younger woman and give her Everything…could not care less about the children that he created with this ex. If you guys are going to be people with no substance, flaky, and gets upset cause his woman put on weight which by the way is a natural process of life after a woman gives birth – you pay. So that you know..Im not an american woman, and english is not my mother tongue. I am thin, intelligent and made my own fortune. I choose to stay single. I do not like to Serve any man. Why would a woman have to cook, and do his laundry? Women are not maids. I do not want any man to give me anything. Dating is just great!

  • a woman

    Oh… and I forgot to mention…these guys sound like loosers. They suffer of an inferiority complex. I can only feel sorry for their lack of intelligence. In one hand they complain that they are easy…and in the other hand complain that they are prudish. Certainly.. loosers.

  • http://DatingSolutionsForMen.com TL

    Roosh, I think you don’t agree with what people are telling you, so you’ve slotted people into two categories.

    If you have game, you can get laid anywhere! The thing is, I think you were stuck in a spot with ugly prudish overweight women (Washington DC) and have generalized that to all of the US (a mistake). Have you been to San Diego, LA, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Chicago? All great places to meet good looking feminine women.

    I’ve also traveled a bit and although I do think European women are more feminine, I also think you went there because it was easier to have sex with them. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t claim you are traveling just for the variety.

    You want the easy sex and being American with some money is definitely advantageous, even if you are a hairy beast.

    P.S. This is coming from a guy who’s slept with over 103 women, mostly American and who’s been in the game for 11 years. I guess you have to create a third category for me ; )

  • oslooskar

    Jive man wrote: “traveling for poon is pretty much an admission of not having tight game in America.”

    oslooskar replies: On the contrary, it has nothing to do with not having a tight game in America and everything to do with the unwillingness and outright refusal of that rare self-respecting American male to put up with hostile and angry women who are unworthy of him.

  • Voyageur

    I’m always amused by the fact that women, and whiteknights, feel the need to come in here and tell us how mysoginists/betas/loosers/blah blah blah we are.

    I mean, what’s the point? If we losers are all going out of the country it only means that you’ll find more and more top-quality-winner-men right? Do us a favor and stop browsing this blog.

    Oh btw, I’m also a “looser” by your standards who’s planning to go for a “third-world-woman”. The joke being that I actually think it’s harder to get a woman in a foreign country (racism/cliché/…) than in your own, yet I find it WORTH the work.
    That’s it, western women are just… not worth the time.

  • oslooskar

    Dear a Lady, perhaps you’ll stop banging your head on your bedroom wall and will be far less frustrated when you come to accept the fact that the male of our species is a creation of nature and was thus designed to want to screw every attractive female he sees.

    As for the rest of your comment, it reads like SOUR GRAPES. And if the truth be known, all you need is a good screwing and you’ll calm down.

  • Anonymous

    all of their men in the so called fantastic and great SA are leaving those nasty used up dried up pretend to still be virginal at their quinceneara party and again on their third marriage to their ex’s uncle’s bestfriends old man bar owner cuz he pulls a fatter check,….no you know what Roosh. I Am an American woman here in the good ole US of A, I am feminine yet damn proud of my strong mind, I am nurturing, and fn smokin hot buddy, but I have to admit your whole little spiel is a it lame pal. The women there ARE desperate for men,…or well just desperate. LMFAO. Man up, get married, quit chasing money loving pigs here or there. simple enough eh?!

  • Hunter

    Man, I always loved this Roosh thing. See, PEOPLE in general, not only women, are worthless scumbags. If you treat them badly enough to show your genetic superiority they will just bow to you and do whatever you want them to do. I learned that because I was diagnosed with APD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) when I was 16, so I never really cared for no one, was always good on faking feelings and playing games to get what I wanted from people, and never committed or got attached to anyone. So, that made me the king with girls, because they couldn’t possibly guess what would I do next. Got all the hot girls I wanted in the US, then tortured their pathetic souls until they became suicidal, drug addicts, until I crushed their pathetic selfs, and then, threw them away, changed my phone number, moved to another apartment so they couldn’t find me, and crawl with their loser lives to bother me again.
    Like a good Sociopath, I was able to get tons of money by doing all kinds of legal business people with a “soul” won’t do. Then I decided to go South America, and there is even funnier than in the US, because these wetbacks have the QIs of retarded chimpanzees. Brazil is the best. Brazilians think they are something but all male are gay, the first thing they try to do is touch and hug you. As I am rich I can break Brazilians necks and their cops will just ask for some money and let me go away. They are not even a country, they are a bacteria colony. Their women are kinda hot (mostly in the southern states, like SC, RS, PR and SP, and Goias and Brasilia. In the north and northeast their monkey stench is unbearable for any normal human being), and they have lots of feelings, and dreams of moving to the US, so I like to use their bodies and crush their souls until they become complete nutcases. Then I call some of my buddies up in the US, have them come over to gangbang the Brazilian bitch, with her total consent, and throw that monkey in the garbage.
    The only women in the world that were able to bring up some feeling of pit on me, were Colombians. Besides being pretty, and hot, they are so lovely, tender, and caring, that sometimes even someone like myself would feel bad (if I could feel anything…) to make them suffer.
    That is the way fellas, women are out there just to be used like sperm repositories, and men to be used as steps for us to make money and get richer.
    Humankind is a pathetic bunch of losers and they don’t even deserve the grace I give them to stay alive.

  • Anonymous

    I married 3 foreign women 8 years each. First a Polish virgin who cheated and left with a richer man. Second an Irish red head who gave me 9 kids. Third a Russian valedictorian at a top university here i paid for who makes $100K and left with my friend. I date overseas women because they answer only 2 or 3 boy friends before me. In my 60s I like that. American women fema-nazis answer over 100. and we wonder why we have lots of STDs. I have set up my friend overseas with 3 shops I OWN and she manages. I have given her an 104 meter apartment in the center to live in. She is wonderful to me she behaves like a woman should. This relationship has lasted 14 year and will last till the day I die. She will never cheat. I am educating her son in England. My last American lady was a college dean. She never gave me anything. My lady now bought me a fishing boat. she brings me flowers. She really loves me and is proud of our daughter. She will never sue me. She will never have her courts go after me and rape me because in her country men have rights. She knows I will care for her always as I still give my second wife a few hundred a week even when our youngest kids are in their mid 20′s In the USA there was a time I was paying 52% child support. Fortunately I come from an extremely wealthy family who set it up so I paid reasonable sums not outrageous ones as initially the American courts raped me with. What is nice is I am still friends with 2 & 3 and my children from #1 talk to me some times as they hate their mom.I was very handsome in my youth but in older years i would not touch an American skank. Stories of how they banged 3 boys a week at 15 years old NO Thank you. Stories of how when divorced at 32 they screwed 50 guys in 4 months. I would not want to do anything but wear a rubber with such a woman. U all can have the disgusting American women at least none of my exs has ever slept with more than 5 men. Yes I travel so they get frisky. Being an executive for an International Company has its issues. Maybe if my mom bought the company I work for I would not have to travel so much or if I became #1 not #3

  • John

    If I wanted a cum dump into which more men had dumped their cum than seating on a gray hound bus I would choose a fema-nazi American woman but I wanted my children to know that no other local man could lay claim to humping their mother. Kids do not like knowing Mom was a whore. I also protected my daughter from having single mother friends because these girls followed moms example and at an early age of 13 or 14 were
    having sex with a few boys. By doing this my girls all but one waited till 17 years old while idiot laws in America say 18 virgins over 21 only exist in China I had a 32 year old while working in China

  • lls

    Roosh and any american western men reading this blog should dedicate this salsa song to their women lol!!!


  • Mark

    I felt and lived thru the American woman feministic attitude in 1989…shunning even me, 6′ handsome, a runner, degreed young professional. Read a personal Ad in paper about a 26 yr old women seeking an older wealthy gentleman to pamper her. Angered me so…i wrote a nasty letter to her. Went to mexico..found a wonderful woman, thin, sexy, educated…married, two grown kids later…we’re the millionaires and I hope there’s one sorry feminist that didn’t give me (the nice guy!, shy guy) the time of day..and is living in poverty! Sure, I’m happy with my great situation…but there’s bitterness because I DID MY JOB, i got my education Electrical Engineering and had excellent potential…but American women want it NOW, no American woman wanted to wait or hang around potential..they didn’t want to build the empire with me. My wife helped me build our financial empire of success. So here’s to me..sticking it to the American woman…”stay away from me”…remember that song! So, ladies..next time…when you see a wealthy couple…white american man with mexican lady having it ALL…that could have been you…if you weren’t handicapped into beleiving you’re all that..snicking with your friends about losers…when in fact…you were the loser! Good job Roosh..enjoyed this post…so true!!!…so true i had to express myself too. It was the same for the 1981-89 dating generation…dealing with american women so mean and cruel to us.

  • Mark

    Yes, someone mentioned it up above…the entire “key” to why there exists an unbalanced issue between American men and American women is that American woman are “stuck up”….with ultra high expectations…snobbish and snickering with their stuck-up GFs…”going out to clubs just to degrade men”…that’s not fair and it’s not fun! It leaves the man alone…to seek a foreign lady. Now I’m Done.

  • lol

    remember one thing folks, when in asia especially a couple of those countries where many go to find love from their pockets? be very careful, as corruption runs high and people could careless about you! there ar emany woman to meet you who want to meet you and take care of you for lifeand dont care about money other than the means of feeding her and keeping her safe. I have a wonderful filippino fiancee and she is amazing, in everyway, being 48 and marrying a beautiful woman over 26 but under 30, makes me feel alive and lucky to have such a doll. American woman dont care about what or how you feel as a american male, because if it in someway dont benefit them they wont give you anytime.. good luck, keep it real with any woman you meet in the world outside of america and you should get lucky and be happy.. American woman have blown a good thing and the problem is many american men allow them to act this way, so why should they stop as it is being breed into them by their mothers, guess what you have already failed before they are born..

  • coop

    so you guys would rather fuck a prostitute who has been with lord knows how many men? Cool.

  • Guy from Chile

    I though Santiago (where I live) had the gold medal in ugly females of both Americas, until I landed in Atlanta…

    In Sweden or Argentina you just can’t stop looking the girls around. In Atlanta you just keep looking at your cellphone :Z

  • http://www.partytravelsexlove.com Brianmark

    I just read this again and it is so true. All my are beta plus but not quite alpha. They make every excuse in the book why not to go overseas for girls. These guys have much more money than me. I no longer even tell them when I go overseas, because it just causes so much nastiness from them.

  • mika

    i want to say that american men that go to overseas ( to find a bride) are very low quality-ugly, fat, and perverted ( american culture is perverted itself compared to sophisticated european one). I am an eastern european girl, and i would want to say that such perverted men usually date low class girls, that can’t get a handsome and decent local guy. Such women just labeled in our country like whores and nothing more…Anyway eastern european girls still prefer eastern european men, even these whores dump american men ( white prize haha, to be more exact -the wallet of this ugly yankee) for the sake for a guy of her nationality. Is it possible to love an ugly, loud, dumb and obnoxious american man? It looks like the worst nightmare. I am not surprised why are so many lesbians in the Usa. Poor american women.

  • josh

    This is nonsense! American girls are the best! me and my GF Shaneequa are very happy

  • josh

    Had to respond to this knucklehead “mika”. You are one of three things:A)A dude.B)A fat American feminist hog. or C)You came across this blog because of Roosh’s appearance on that Ukranian TV show and want to spout your horseshit. Shaneequa says she gon kick yo azz!!!

  • http://stupidstuff.org/ Mike

    And this is exactly the reason I married a lovely lady from SE Asia. :)

    American women are petty, rude, self-centered, demanding, obnoxious, and vain. And those are their good qualities.

  • FuckMeUpATree

    What man would like to get laid in the United States? Most American females are disgusting whales

  • playerhater

    You people do realize that these women are so ‘pleasing’ towards Western guys out of economic necessity, right? Most of them haven’t had much education and can’t carve out a living for themselves, so they hope to find a guy who can provide. And you guys buy right into it. Sad.

  • Mohammed Stevenson Braun

    Liberals, feminists, “progressives” are the worst, and most racist, Third World bashers. The so-called Third World is a vibrant place where men can be men, women can be women, and families can be families. The so-called First World is heading toward demographic suicide despite all its money and freedom. Or maybe it’s because all of these so-called freedoms that never come with any sort of responsibility.

  • Mohammed Stevenson Braun

    I’ll also add that the real challenge is not so much “getting laid in the United States”, but getting married and raising a family in the United States. That is even harder.

  • William

    You need to talk more in-depth about having success in both the US and aboard cause some people here don’t understand that.
    If you’re not one of the men who gets plenty of women in the US then you have no business going aboard.

  • Claudius II

    Have an interesting story. A few years ago I finished grad school in engineering and moved to a large US engineering city. Found pretty much as you say [with women] but must confess I made my share of mistakes on the dating scene as I’d spent my previous life in the sciences and not in reading GQ and in how to fake out the opposite sex. Still I owned my own company, am 5′-11″ tall (big mistake every guy should list his height as 6′-3″ but being an engineer I was merely being accurate). Have a nice varied personality (I think?), do weight-lifting, & etc & have a really good physique. Had a nice car, a nice boat & etc.

    Could NOT get a date to save my life. Had some 300 pounders that were nice to me but nothing of log-term interest to me. It wasn’t that women didn’t like me, once they got to know me they liked me, it’s that they’d never bother to even try to get to know me. Was simply trying to get a semi-decent woman I could take sailing & maybe to Cozumel for scuba diving that didn’t look like Moby Dick in a swim suit.

    I believe it was because I’m slightly different than the stereotype they had in mind, is why women were not attracted to me. I have a dry sense of humor and can appear a bit aloof or intellectual to some. Also I was not in one of those “Easy-to-Understand” gold-mine professions that any female can monetize e.g. “yes I’m the senior partner at the City’s largest law firm”, or “my family owns the USA’s 3rd largest bank”, etc.

    Finally after 11 [eleven!] years of getting nowhere did the dating thing in Latin America. Met a beautiful very smart girl who also liked me!!! Only problem was that she was 10 years younger. However got married anyway & very happy now & that was 15 years ago. She’s one of 4 siblings. All 4 are married to initial spouses, none are divorced, & parents are still together after 40 years.

  • http://cnx.org calling process

    I do not even know the way I ended up right here, however I thought this post used to be great.

    I do not know who you might be but definitely you
    are going to a famous blogger should you aren’t already. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    sounds like the words of a beta, to me.

  • John Rambo

    Americans are uncivilized, uncultured barbarians. Why even waste time arguing with them? Just ignore them. I fucking can’t stand Americans which is why I don’t have any American friends. Rude, arrogant, idiotic, ignorant, etc etc etc.

    As for betas? I laugh at them. They are getting the left-overs.

  • Liquid Chords

    Going overseas for sex is an admission that you are not in the top 40% of guys with game in America.

    Not necessarily. It can simply mean that game is work, no matter who you are. Why not go to where you have to work less — i.e., selected foreign countries?

  • Anonymous

    I agree that going abroad increases your chances exponentially of finding a higher-quality girl for short-term. That being said, you definitely hear the horror stories about women who just want a Green Card and ditch the guy, and American women love to say that Latinas or EE girls are just “using” American guys. Yeah, like American girls are any different? Enjoy yourself but if you’re going to throw caution to the wind and get married, be very careful who you choose and don’t rush into the first hot chick you meet.

    As for there being pockets of attractive American women, I would say that while they usually don’t age too well, I meet a fair number of hot ones (and I have been abroad in Latin America). I find I do pretty well with the “college chick” crowd. I live in Miami, and find that I have better luck with the petite white girls than with the Latinas here. But, like many have observed, better use a condom, because you’re definitely not the only one they’re fucking.

  • Angry Young Man

    You speak too quickly. You are not here in the USA, so save your bias. Though I may hide behind the alias, Angry Young Man, does not mean I lack the maturity, empathy, attitude, romanticism that it takes to get women aroused. I am the full package. Though the stupid American men are not blameless, you are giving a free pass to some terrible women. I have not done much traveling outside America, but the women here are terrible. Bye, USA. I’m coming your way. Get used to it.

  • Angry Young Man

    …with whale-sized egos. Help, I’m Jonah stuck in the belly of this beast. Someone lay a pallet on the floor for me to sleep on. I want out of the US NOW- I MEAN NOW. I’m headed to where the good lovin’ is. It sucks that this is biology. I can’t completely give up on her, but these American cunts make you want to throw your life away.

  • Angry Young Man

    As brutal as it may sound, I’m at the point that I don’t care how many of these women die. Sick of them. They ruin everything- business, relationships, whatever. Throw them in the trash. Anyone have a cot for me to sleep on outside USA (preferably Latin America)? See you soon! I’m coming!

  • Angry Young Man

    Your comment, “woman”, makes no sense at all. That, and you have commented anonymously, which means you lack the courage to staple your thoughts to your online alias. Pathetic. My response to you? Go play in a microwave and blow your brains out. Men, especially me, don’t need you. Fuck you and die.

  • Angry Young Man

    Wow, 103 huh? Yet, you find yourself writing quite the dialogue on a post about why there is a male-female clash in America. Who knows if you’re even telling the truth about hooking up with about 9.36 women per year? I’m sure many of those were not ideal matches.

    I don’t believe your story. I’ve been to those cities. It’s all the same. I’m a really hot guy with lots of female acquaintances who don’t fuck me. Screw this! I’m going where her big booty can be swooned!

    USA has many problems and will be dead soon. The US gov’t is the most criminal the world has ever seen (just wait until the FEMA camps open). TV & pop culture ruined love. This place is damned!

  • Angry Young Man

    You can’t even spell losers right. On the one hand, you’re an immigrant just learning the language. On the other hand, you’re more than likely another American idiot.

  • Angry Young Man

    You’re a follower as well, “Bad Spiderman”. What planet are you from? You’re another worthless fucking American. Die, bitch.

  • Angry Young Man

    With what I’ve experienced (women ruining business deals, unthinking women, cold biyatches), I’d welcome that. While I do not approve of that to be written into law, you women have displayed your ineptitude to not screw things up. Now, get back in the kitchen before I leave this country. I’m done being nice to you American bitches.

    With all of that hate spouted in the women’s general direction, that’s not to exclude MORONIC, TV-WATCHING, SPORTS-OBSESSED, BALL-SCRATCHING, IGNORANT American MEN.

    NO WONDER THIS NATION IS GOING FULL-ON, 100% HOMOSEXUAL. Atlanta just had its third (or fourth?) gay pride weekend. Sick society. Fuck you all,

  • Angry Young Man

    Who cares? American bitches suck. It’s really made us, the attractive American men, quite sick. You women bash us all the time, so it’s our turn. Once again, this doesn’t excuse men for buying into the TV & pop culture that is the real culprit to blame for why everyone hates each other in United States.

    United we stand. Divided we fall. If this is true, then FALL, BABYLON, FALL!

  • Angry Young Man

    It’s pretty bad. I guess it’s my fault for giving in to it and exclaiming such hatred for this country, but there’s not much love here in the USA. I guarantee it- I’ll always be alone here. 25, attractive, talented, well-spoken, employed, blah blah blah blah blah. It’s never enough for American WHORES.

  • Angry Young Man

    I won’t bash this, but I’d like to express that I disagree with this. It’s like hearing that tired pile of tripe, “She’ll come when you’re not looking.” No, that just means you gave up and won’t go after who you want when you want (like an alpha male would do).

  • Angry Young Man

    You’re the one who came to write such an elaborate comment, bitch. Though I may not know the girl and would like to express my interest to get to know her, the reason we approach is that we like what we see. It’s sexual! Is my body chemistry bad now? Is my biology inexcusable? Should I stop working out and just sit in front of a TV, so that when I approach a woman, my cock stays as soft as a sponge lest you women think I’m a rapist? Sex is great, American bitches. Get over it. Fuck you!

    -Another Douche that rhymes with Roosh

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  • too late

    The Women ARE desperate for men you say? How come? they have 10 to 1 on any given day. They’d rather sleep with a funny DJ than any decent hard working Engineer or accountant.

    I see so many middle aged men at US embassies abroad with Asian or other ethnic women, and guess what? at the same US Embassies, lots of middle aged women alone who cannot get a man.

    The problem is – it is too late, men are afraid of you, they cannot even approach you anymore, they know the answer from your feminism.

    The difference is this:

    in the USA: first is looks, second is – what do you do? got to be drop dead gorgeous AND successful. All of you looking for James Bond. All of you are not desperate for men, you are desperate for YOUR James Bond.

    in Europe: a woman goes like the 80′s commercial: this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs – any questions? Result – yeah the brain is cool, I can sleep with this brain. Women in Europe will talk about the arts, politics, travels, etc.. they never bring up your profession (meaning what you make) into the “game”.

    The sad part about this blog is that no one volunteered a true solution,
    except those that talk about having “game” – most men (me included)
    don’t have game.

    What I’d like to know: How can we fix this? instead of bitching. Things are about to get worse, 2/3 of college graduates will be women by 2030. Do you see the trouble?

    One answer is this: American women MUST go after the guys to get them back, with the globalization, American men now have options.

    If you think you’re desperate now, wait till you see the hordes of gorgeous eastern Europeans marrying American men in your neighborhood

  • inachu

    I used to fuck only american women until I moved close to the nations capital and OMG the women here who are born here all all so stuck up! Every girl here uses you as a ladder and dumps you the moment she has used you up. So after 3 tries here on the east coast NO MORE AMERICAN girls for me. I just date asian and I am so much better for it. They do not cry to spend on them. In 12 years living with an asian woman we have only argued only 3 times and they all lasted for about 7 minutes each. What is mine is mine and what is hers is hers. The only thing she claimed as hers to use are my car cleaning towels which is a minor thing anway.
    No other woman can stand up to the honor and quality like that of an asian girl.

  • Modern Casanova

    I not agree with you, look for example http://how2getlaid.us/ and you’ll see that is US one of countries where is actually easiest to land one night stands, especially in larger (major) cities…

  • oslooskar

    They’re easy but not easy to be around.

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  • Read Albert Pike 3 World Wars

    I read all these comments and none of you can see that women and men are at each others throats because of decades of Zionist brainwashing to put them at odds against each other. It’s simple divide and conquer. Look up all these crap shows movies college commie circle jerk aka “academic” writngs and look at the names behind them- there’s your answer.

    America has been subverted by the Rothschilds. Americans are beyond retarded- let’s just hope some Countries out here have the brains and courage to stand up to the “Synagogue of Satan” (that’s actually a book title about all these issues btw)

    Like my friend says about American people- they’ve got American Idol, Football, Beer, and car payments to keep their heads stuck right up their asses while they’re getting royally screwed out of their birth rights- things like that are why I call the American public a giant big box Walmart trailer park- dumb ass sheep.

    Let see these lying Jews pull this shit on Putin- they have been trying and eventually will and the result will be WW3.

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  • Williams Harryson

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