You Have No Idea How Easy It Is For Good Looking Men

Neither do I, of course, but I know such a man. We became friends in my senior year in college when I started to become aware of game and the successful habits of guys who get laid. Almost daily he would have an anecdote about talking to random girls and how easy it was to get phone numbers. Many of the dates he ended going on resulted in getting some type of action. Sometimes I wondered if he exaggerated his success, but looking back I believe he actually underplayed it to not hurt my feelings. He knew I wasn’t getting any play and probably hid the strong interest girls were showing him while I got none.

Fast forward twelve years. I was back at home for a month after my trip to Europe. I hung out with him and another college friend in Baltimore. All three of us majored in the sciences with intentions to become doctors, but we all dropped that in favor for eventually starting our own businesses. One would open a restaurant, the other would start a consulting firm, and I would write.

We went out to a nearby bar that had about two guys for every girl. I immediately noticed my friend getting extended eye contact from women. I would maybe get a glance while he would get a double take. One girl walked by us, stared at him, and slowed down, possibly to give him a chance to approach.

We walked to another bar where it was more of the same thing. I might as well have been invisible. Then I saw a girl grab his arm and stare at him like a lost puppy dog. It was both pathetic and amazing at the same time. He didn’t say anything and she walked away, continuing to stare from a distance. She seemed to be displaying signs of love while even more girls stared. For him this was normal, another night of receiving more female attention than an average guy receives in an entire year.

All the game you learn and all the effort you put yourself through to make yourself an attractive man still can’t compete with my friend. He just has to show up, smile, make small talk, and seal the deal. The reason is because the United States is a country where aesthetics is an increasing component in attraction. My friend gets more visual attention now in his early 30’s than his 20’s, even though he has passed his physical prime like I have. The shifting culture means my friend’s value is actually going up every year, not down, while average-looking men who don’t work on their game are seeing their value plummet.

All is not lost for the average man because nature always provides opportunities to counter imbalances. Since my friend gets so much attention, he doesn’t do many cold approaches. This has a way of limiting his potential. On the other hand, I approach like a dog, which means it expands my potential. Approaching is the great equalizer. I also visit countries where aesthetics play a minor role, so in the end our quantity and quality are similar. The only difference is I work much harder than he does.

The irony of his attractiveness is that he would do worse if he left America. If his main strength is his appearance, and American girls value appearance more than anything else, he wouldn’t do as well in places like Ukraine or Lithuania, where appearance is valued much less. In Washington DC, a land of stiff men who wear khakis on the weekend and think girls are impressed by job titles, he’s at the top of the pack. While he does have justified complaints of crappy DC girl attitudes and overall low attractiveness, he’s a shark in a land of goldfish. He doesn’t plan on moving away from the city anytime soon.

The better looking you are, the happier you will be in America. When you consider that American women will actively chase good-looking men, I don’t see the urgent need for handsome men to hit the road in Eastern Europe or South America. Most men, however, don’t have these looks. We don’t get daily attention from beautiful women and therefore need to learn game. We need to consciously improve our value. We need to go to countries where we can get much better than our homeland with equal efforts. We have to hustle more for not hitting the genetic lottery. And I completely accept that. I want beautiful and feminine women, and I will do what it takes to get them.

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  • Onder

    It’s not the end of the world Roosh. My cousin is a natural but he often gets told he looks like Daniel Craig and has the build of an MMA fighter, so he gets plenty of action with girls who are into that type of man.

    I on the other hand have a footballers build, am good looking but often don’t get as much attention when going out with him. Then I realised it was all because he carefully picked his niche where the type of girls that would favour him, frequented the places he would go to.

    So it really is about finding your niche and little to do with your looks. I would probably do very well in Spain as I often get noticed by cute Spanish girls the majority of the time.

    You got it when you were in Poland. It really is subjective. What one girl classes attractive, another girl would find unattractive. So it makes sense to frequent places that contain the types of girls that would likely favour you.

  • work in progress

    hi roosh, thanks for being one of the guys I’ve never met who made my life better in multiple lanes

  • ve

    I’m very good looking (been told often that I should model), and this is true. I almost never cold approach women –they will approach me, stand next to me twirling their hair, or eye fuck the shit out of me from across the room. The only “game” I need is being relatively non-boring and escalating.

  • Brandon

    Bill Harris, a very smart man, tells us that the time is near when the world will be forced into a lower standard of living. It’s inevitable and I believe it. It will also hit hard in the US because of the massive debt and the entitlement generation won’t like it. Let’s see if women are so picky about looks in about a decade. My guess is they’ll be more attracted to money.

  • Alex

    I’m a good looking man and I can tell you that it’s not this candy coated.

  • HCE

    The worst thing about female hypergamy isn’t the desire for the best possible partners – that’s normal – but the incredibly steep curve that it produces. For every one genetic-lottery-winner guy like that, a dozen go sexless and abandoned. The distribution of sex among men has never been so unequal since the prehistoric times, mainly due to the shifting preferences of women.

  • Guavaberry

    Hey, you’re at least over 6’2″ right? That is a pretty good height I’d say so although you have to deal with not being conventionally good looking you’ll never have to dear with being short.

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    Does he have a full head of hair? Im pretty handsome but will probably lose my hair when im older

  • Peter

    Could plastic surgery be the answer? I’m seriously thinking about it. 20k to make your sexual and professional endeavours infinitely easier for the rest of your life…..or a sports car for 5 years…

  • Greg

    “All the game you learn and all the effort you put yourself through to make yourself an attractive man still can’t compete with my friend. ”

    Some people were given greatness and others had to sweat and toil for it. But the ones that had to work for it appreciate it more.

    Attractive men will get more girls short-term but most have never had to develop a personality to keep a woman interested. Average looking guys who study game learned you have to develop a personality, be more assertive, and improve your looks. In the long run this will be more attractive to girls over looks.

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is that it may look this way from the outside to Roosh and others but I am actually a very shy person and admire Roosh for getting out there with no fear – looks don’t always equal success.

  • dragnet

    Thank you for acknowledge the impact looks have on the game. It’s taken as an article of faith in some game circles online that a guy’s looks are irrelevant—this is delusional. I talked about this back at Roissy’s here:

    The whole comment discussion is worth a read.

  • Hawk

    Roosh it would be a good idea if you could name a few famous men that you consider good looking simply for the sake of comparison. For example would you consider Vin Diesel to be good lookingg?

  • Dr. Illusion

    I think this answers a question I have had about PUA and game for a while. Looks never seem to be addressed on these sites. Game is awesome, especially for maintaining a relationship, but I’ve never done a cold approach. I go shoot pool with my boys and they come to me. I imagine it would be rather intimidating and I doubt I would be able to do it.

  • Anonymous

    I get lots of attention … From mediocre chicks. I have to put work in for the girls i actually want. Guess I’m not as pretty as i thought.

  • Good Looking Massa

    Hey Roosh! Stop telling my competitors to invest in their looks. It’s much better for me if they think that the secret to success with women is just overwhelming confidence, some PUA lines, and personality!

  • Uruguayan

    Before I had access to texts on the internet as yours, I believed that “being rich” dwarfed “be beautiful” but I realized that there is a “technical tie” between “be rich” and “be nice” and hence the few decades, “be Beautiful” will surpass “be rich” in the West, all because we are in the “age of obesity.”

  • Tampa

    You know what dwarfs looks?? Fame and money. It beats looks every day of the week when it comes to women.

    I half decent looking famous pro athlete is going to pull like you would never believe.

  • Virgle Kent

    Great post bro, just spoke on that today about my boy/ writer Tyler. What I notice is that guys who aren’t that attractive think learning game will help them pull the most attractive woman in the room or supermodels. They still have to work within reality. On average you may pull two to three points higher but you that depends where you’re at on the point scale. This is great if you start at a 7 but if you start at a 4 good luck with pulling a Miranda Kerr

  • Wigwam

    You know what else?

    The guys with the model looks are notoriously badmouthed by the hottest women. They’re often shit in bed or crying wusses with those women. Women are almost universally disappointed by pretty boys. That’s why they’re often single and you don’t see gorgeous people always together. The women are dumping them for more powerful men.

    I’m a 6, at most a 7 in looks, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. Having a frame of steel is what counts, so the male 10 with the mushy core can enjoy the spoils of his genetic luck, I don’t give a fuck. He has absolutely no merit compared to a guy like me.

    Tampa is fucking on the money.
    Fame and semi-fame are the way to go if you’re more average looking.

  • Alex

    Roosh is right. If you’re a tall, classically white boy handsome guy with a borderline narcissistic personality – women will just flock to you. If you have no game, you can still fuck it up mind you. But if you’re handsome and have some game congruent things going for you, the typical american girl who is screening for nothing but sexual attractiveness is gonna be all over you.

  • frank

    I can’t believe this even merits a post or any discussion. You didn’t figure this out in 8th grade? No shit, attraction is over 80% physical; same in both genders.

  • Sexy Girl Expert

    Roosh you are awesome like always.

    Pictures with you on my website 😉

  • masculineffort

    I beg to differ, he would get more play than you get in countries such as Lithuania and Ukraine.

  • Jamie

    22 – Yeah, I don’t see why this is supposed to be a revelation. I thought people on this site were beyond the “nice guys finish first” nonsense and realized it all came down to SMV.

  • speakeasy

    Glad to see you cover this topic. I think a the combination of a man’s looks,physique and height are the biggest determinors of how much attention you get. I’m often astounded at the ease with which women will spread their legs for good-looking guys. Us more average guys are constantly battling flakes and resistance while they just keep stumbling into girls handing out pussy for free. This is frustrating but it just gives me more motivation to improve myself in every way possible, physically, socially, fashion, lifestyle.

    I like roosh’s international perspective on this. Most of us have never been to a place like Ukraine, so we simply have no idea what it’s like to be somewhere that average or even ugly guys have access to very attractive girls.

  • Kepaso

    I have a good friend that must be a 9 for the girls. He’s a DJ too, the perfect combo. It’s incredible to see random girls giving him napkins with their numbers written on it. At the end of the week he has a big collection that he just throws away. He has so much choice that he wants more than girls with good look that are giving him numbers, he’s super picky and wants a lady with charm and personality. It’s like the role were reversed, he would be in the skin of a hot chick which all the guys want. I feel like his ugly fat girlfriend sidekick, since the girls approaching him won’t even look at me or talk to me, i’m nonexistent to their world when he’s with me, i’m invisible. The worst part is that i’m not fat and ugly, i’m good looking but a little small, while he’s like a bright star in the darkness for the girls. Hey, even when you game a cute chick and she’s with her fat friend , you acknowledge her, cause you have to game the group and also just to be polite with everyone, fat girls included.
    So not only he is constantly being approached, but he has a bunch of beta girls orbiting around him, they have been LJBFed. They all come to him in the bar, one after another, waiting their turn.
    He has a FB that he practically doesn’t use , but each time he posts a photo of him, the comments from the girls are flowing like beta men on a hot chick.
    We have a good friend in common, and even his GF flirts with him.

  • Drama

    I might disagree with having less luck abroad.

    It’s true that looks are generally valued less in countries like Poland and Ukraine because most of the men there dress like 12 year olds and have typical eastern european features.

    However, I think that makes a good looking guy stand out even more. Having this conversation with the girl I stayed with in Warsaw, she agreed, she was not proud of her male countrymen in that respect.

    While in Ukraine, a girl I met in a club told me I was a beautiful man. Perhaps that’s because she didn’t have such an extensive english vocabulary to interchange handsome, good-looking, attractive, etc. but I think that’s a minor detail.

    I’m a pretty good looking guy and it has it’s advantages. Whether here in the states or abroad, good looking is good looking and the more the ratio leans in your favor the better.

    While the eastern european women may put less emphasis on looks because reality dictates such, when they do come across a good looking guy, there’s a good chance they will be more excited because of it’s rarity.

    A Ferrari in a car show is nice, but when surrounded by average Honda’s and Chevy’s on the road is when the special value of it is realized/appreciated by all.

  • Anonymous

    But a lot of those studs are paying baby daddy money out the wazoo, lol!

  • bad blake

    i was in the the northeast of brazil for a while.

    i definatly noticed that some hot middle class girls were out with guys only for the money.

    In the northeast of Brazil you see a lot older men with young, sweet things… is all status there.

    One of the reasons i left i guess is because it was very discouraging to look your best, try your best game and lose out to a fat, ugly, 55 year old man that drove a HiLux.

    If you do not have a car and a lot of money in cities like Fortaleza, Natal, etc…..middle class girls will not give you a sencond look and they are rude, rude, rude I do not know about Rio or Sao Paulo though.

  • Gaius

    For women it’s harder when they are not good looking

  • Noob

    @31, I agree. I’m just getting into Game myself and no matter how daunting the task of approaching strangers may seem, I always remind myself that at the end of the day, men have the upper hand because they get to select based on their standards and have the power to walk away if things don’t go their way–which is why you don’t see less attractive guys cock-blocking their friends out of jealousy nearly to the extent that grenades do to their girl-friends.

  • John Galt2

    Your determination is contagious.

  • dat bro

    Just a few thoughts:

    I’m a solid 8/10 guy, between ages of 18-20 I did a bit of modelling – mostly pictures, but one runway. My only setback is Average height, which is why I didn’t do much more runway.

    You have to realize that a lot of good looking guys are introverted like me. For me particularly I had a great deal of social anxiety growing up and through high school, but I will say my looks got me out of that hole – girls would approach and despite shyness they would open their legs.

    A surprisingly large amount of guys I modeled with were also quite shy – while some of my friends in modeling had ridiculously high partner counts, I would go to a club with some guys who looked even better than me but they wouldn’t approach or anything. Some were even frustrated. One of the guys I know who most girls agree is one of the hottest at the school often goes several months without a girl. And when he’s with one, she’s painfully average.

    During the modeling stint I dated two extremely hot female models. Have had very few girls even close to that level in looks, which brings me to my first point: LOCATION and AVAILABILITY is everything.

    I go to an Ivy league school where there is a major lack of good looking girls. It doesn’t matter how good looking of a guy you are if the girls who surround you on a day-to-day basis aren’t very spectacular.

    Secondly, a vast majority of the hot girls I’ve been with in the past from ages 18-21 I went very soft and beta after banging them. It’s what I thought they wanted. You have no idea the amount of conflict in a girls head when she’s attracted to your looks but your behavior is disgusting to her. While good looks might initially attract the girl, bad behavior will repel her just as fast.

    I get criticized by many girls on my choice in women. I often go below my level in looks (6-7/10 girls) and hearing “You can do better” doesn’t help my game out at all. One of the problems of being attractive is that both men and women alike expect you to be dating the best, but when you come up short there is a great deal of dissonance you deal with. While I do notice hotter women checking me out, I rarely approach them. Many nights I’ll see a fine girl and we’ll check each other out for a while but nothing happens.

    Many attractive guys like myself end up hooking up with less attractive women because they make it so easy. Bad game gets reinforced when you talk to 6s and some 7s who will hang on every word you say and will open their legs no matter what you say. This should be encouraging for less attractive men, as many of the hottest guys at my university aren’t even going for the hottest girls.

    I do have some extremely attractive friends who are hooking up with only 8+ girls. But even they aren’t maximizing their potential. Most of them rarely go out enough to maintain a rotation of attractive girls.

    The extended eye contact and approach invitations are very true – one of the most common moves hot girls do to you at a club is walk by, gently stroke your arm and smile as they pass. But unlike Roosh’s friend, you usually still have to do the approaching, which is where I’ve seen even hotter guys than me falter. Back to the accessibility note, many times these hot girls who give me invitations, however, are ALREADY TAKEN. That’s a major confound in the “good looking guys have it all” – its hard to game the hottest girls in a venue without looking like a major tool when they came with a guy in the first place.

    All and all if more average guys just put themselves out there more than good looking men, they’ll do much better. Many attractive men will garner a great deal of attention from girls but won’t do anything with that attention until a 6/7 girl does the approaching for them and goes home with him.

  • Apocalypseman

    There is another factor at play. Women in America are far, FAR, more aggressive than women anywhere else.

    I left North America a while ago. Since being in Europe, women will NOT approach. It happens once in a while, but usually I get approached by….you guessed it….an American woman.

    When I went back to the US for work women were aggressively pursuing me.

    Let me say this. It might seem like that’s cool and everything but once you get a taste of how women “should” behave (i.e. not replicating men by approaching themselves), you soon lose interest in these American tactics. It isn’t feminine. It is no longer attractive.

    Sure I was taken back for a while, not being used to having approach women. But Europe has made me a better person as a result. Happier as well. Men are built to be hunters, take that out of the equation and something will seem like it’s missing. Maybe not everyone in my situation would feel that way but I sure did, I just didn’t realize it until I was faced with different dynamics.

  • Anonymous

    @19 virgile kent
    agreed with good game you can only shoot 1-3 points above yourself
    like i rate myself a 4…with good game i should score with 5-7s
    if i want to improve my quality of girls than i have to DHV or impove passive game(lift weights,play sport,dress well,language,cash,etc.)
    this artivle sums it up

  • Lion Rampant

    As western women become more masculinized, with higher baseline T-levels, looks become more important to them. They also begin to pursue relatively aggressively for a woman – giving blatant IOIs. Unfortunately this behavior is most predominant among lantern-jawed, apple-shaped 5s and 6s punching above their weight.

  • Basil Ransom

    You also have to think about what constitutes ‘handsome.’ Let’s just say we could agree on how to rank men on looks. To experience what Roosh describes, how high up the ranks must you be? 90th percentile (ie 1 in 10)? 95th? I’m guessing his friend is at least at 95th percentile, probably 98 or 99th.

  • Lion Rampant

    This bro was a good-looking guy all throughout high school and his twenties. He was only of average height and build, but his face and hair were damned near on par with Brad Pitt in his prime.

    Girls gave him open signs of interest all the time. The best looking girl in any given place would often make it her mission to bed him that night. Beautiful girls fell effortlessly into his lap and none of them really seemed to mind being part of his soft harem. It just made it even more thrilling for them.

    Because of his ease in getting female attention, he develops a confident, funny persona that attracts the girls even more. His looks, charisma, and preselection, made him absolutely deadly. Landing hot models with no job or car.

    But he has a weakness. At heart, he needs the female attention so much that he behaves like a spoilt schoolboy when a relationship doesn’t go his way. He simply can’t take it when a girl rejects him for whatever reason, because he craves blanket acceptance. His pissy tantrums and hidden insecurity become legendary among girls, and his star slowly fades.

    Because of all those years of hot girls, his standards for beauty are set ridiculously high. He will accept nothing less than a 9 or 10.

    The problem is, he never needed wealth, fame, or even much game to get girls when he was younger. So he failed to develop any of these things. He held menial jobs, was perpetually broke, and always relying on his boyish looks and charm to get girls who would pay for things.

    After years of his alphatude weakening into betatude, he finally got a hold of a hot young girl that did him in. Where he would have had the upper hand before, he decided to give in this time and let her have more control. She used it to destroy him.

    Now he is a tired and broken man. Hasn’t had a woman in a long time. Doesn’t have any idea how he used to do it so easily. Would never be able to write a book on game, even though he has probably bedded a lot more 9s than Roosh has.

    Looks ain’t everything.

    [Roosh: Nice parable]

  • Giovonny

    What do they call it???

    “Don’t Fuck it Up Game”

    My best friend is like a 8.5-9. His game sucks, he doesn’t talk much, he gets laid all the time.

    He always asks me for advice and I give it but he still gets more quantity and quality then me.

    “Approaching is the great equalizer”

    “We have to hustle more for not hitting the genetic lottery. And I completely accept that. I want beautiful and feminine women, and I will do what it takes to get them”

    Amen to that!

  • La Mouette

    How handsome are we talking about ?

  • Marusya

    Its great to be attractive and handsome for a man but if he has some brains too-it smore important! Of cours eits easier in terms of varieties and quantities but everyone has his bad and good days..I disagree with Roosh about his comment that his handsome friend dosnt need to leave America in order to go to Europe ,why not?!He can have variuos fan there as well! As same applies to you Roosh, start approaching American girls, with all the experiences and all the tricks you ‘ve learned -you will have no problem to get any girl you wish-WORLDWIDE!

  • patrick

    pics or it didnt happen

  • OGNorCal707

    @34 Datbro

    Sorry bro, but you got no place to complain here, about society expecting you to date hotter chicks, and dating down with 7’s that throw themselves at you. At least you get easy sex with a cute (7) chick, while guys like myself in the 6-7 range have to work like a dog to hook up with chicks that are equal in looks. Good luck hooking up with 8+ caliber women, I have dated/fucked a handful, but it’s definitely not the norm.

    Just grow some balls and start approaching women, I’m sure there are plenty of hot women that give you the IOIs, just step up to the plate. You will surely need less game, then less attractive men.

  • 4corners

    #36 Makes a good point taking it back to active and passive game. A guy with a handsome face but bad clothes, lousy haircut, skinny with bad posture, shy, low income job ect– I know guys like this and although they ARE handsome and get lots of compliments, the rest of their passive game is a mess.
    Even if their passive game is okay on the whole, it’s like #34 says, they often lack the confidence to actively approach the girls as hot as them, but feel weird about approaching girls who are way less attractive than them, like 5’s and 6’s. Meanwhile everyone keeps telling them how easy they have it (which it would become if they figured out a few things), but it’s not, yet. So you end up hoping that a girl will you. Which happens– rarely.
    I’m not saying they deserve much pity, but there are guys out there who are very handsome but very frustrated. Even the top 1% has to have some game.

  • jim

    Looks give your game a boost anywhere in the world.

    Without looks you need to work harder.


    And be proud of that and of what you achieve.

    The good looking guy will get girls due to his looks, you’ll get girls due to your effort.

    Bottom line – you both get girls, and chances are you’ll enjoy them more since you put your heart in the game.

  • surfman

    Roosh…can you please post a pic of your friend for reference?

    This hasn’t been my experience at all. I’m told I’m very good looking, and in Japan people were incredibly friendly; women told me in restaurants that I look like a model, middle aged men bought me dinner with no expectations. In Brazil I get looks all the time and feel appreciated. In the US I think there’s much LESS of an aesthetic sense, and I get much less attention, and often open hostility. Yes I’ve had episodes like what you describe with your friend, girls hitting on me in bars, girls making out with me on the street, yelling out that I’m hot, etc., but those are the exceptions. Very often I strike out with the girls I want, and very often I feel I’m getting much less attention and appreciation than in the countries I mentioned.

    Anyway please post a pic of your friend or give a close physical description so we can judge.

  • dat bro


    Thanks for the response.

    But one of the main premises of my post was to point out that many guys at top tier in looks are not all Paul Jankas, most of them don’t bother approaching hot women so keep that in mind if you ever think you are limited by your looks – quite often you are not, with solid game, that cute guy she kept looking at before you approached won’t even be an afterthought in her mind in 5-15 minutes.

    I’ll cite a previous Roosh piece on this one:

    Game really is the great equalizer, especially when good looking guys get complacent and expect the girl to do the work for them – trust me, its pretty easy to get that behavior reinforced. While I’m more game aware than all my buddies (started during the social anxiety years), all the game knowledge in the world amounts to nothing when you expect the pussy to be thrown at you.

    To that extent, You all might disagree with me on this but I really think that good looking guys have a lower limit to how good their game can get.


    I’m serious.

    UNLESS they are surrounding themselves with 8+ girls on at least a weekly basis, which at my college is impossible, great looking guys just don’t ever have the need to develop a high aptitude of game in the first place.

    There are literally only 2 guys I know above an 8/10 in looks who have what I’d consider “player” status with game.

    There is a huge void of high level game for average-relatively attractive men IMO.

  • dat bro


    What parts of the US have you been? You could go to Santa Cruz California, be a complete hit with the ladies there, and then travel just 70 miles to San Francisco and strike out left and right. Guys with top-tier looks typically do better in SouthernCal than NorthernCal IMO. In other states you’d be surprised how different reception you get. Try all the big states, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Miami, before you sell America as being hostile to your looks.

    While a prominent jawline, high cheekbones, and symmetry are classically accepted as “attractive” for men, what stands out model men from other regular attractive guys is “the look” – a very unique look that stands out to model talent scouts which is why not every attractive guy can be a model.

    I really think “the look” affects women’s preferences too. Some just might be digging your look more than others. This is why you should NEVER be outcome dependant when you are a good looking guy and aren’t getting what you want. And to that effect, an average looking guy might have a “look” that a cute girl nearby completely digs, and he’s in there like swimwear.

    “Very often I strike out with the girls I want” – I’ve noticed this too. I’ve scored with numerous hotties before but generally its not a particular girl I’m lusting for. Sometimes they’ve even chased me. I think the issue with both of us is that you’re placing too much value on the girl you REALLY want, and it’s all implicit and subconscious.

  • alphascout

    its ironic that the best looking men don’t have access to the best looking i.e., slavic women in slavic countries.

    which is great for the average looking guys who work hard on cultivating other aspects of our lives. although we have to work hard for access for average girls in the west, all that hard work puts us in a great spot for the best top-tier girls, while the neighborhood DJ/aspiring actor can have what is ultimately second class.

    If I had to boil it down to a sort of math formula. I would say the further East you go, the more personality and ability to assume traditional male role matters, also humor is definately helpful. The more west you go, the more looking like a male model matters and the less personality and being able to take on traditional roles matter. i.e. unemployed dj/aspiring actor does amazing in the west but fails miserably in slavic countries.

    so on the one end (east): slavic countries
    middle: europe, incluing scandinavia all the way t o say england (obviously huge variance among euro states)
    then the other end: usa, canada, australia (And arguably GB)

    if we had to break it down socio-politically,
    the countries with the least wars that are geographically isolated from danger exihibit female western behaviour. the countries with the most historical wars an the most dangerous to war areas historically (i.e. slavic countries) exhibit the females with the eastern mentality.

    the complete seperation from war, and indeed – the need for any raw male physical labour whatesover to earn a living (i.e. most westerners earn livings as information workers) – makes the distnctions between man/woman confused, if not completely obsolete in the west. its not surprising gender roles break down almost completely…

    of course… history and neccessity tells us that shit eventually always hits the fan. so don’t expect it to last for ever.

  • alphascout

    to add… theres a reason why countries like usa/canada/australia, which never had war on their teritories are even closer to the gender-role-cnfusion end of hte spectrum than countries like France, Germany and GB (which I think are all in the middle, but learning towars western).

  • bobadilla

    its funny how this article sums up something i realized in high school. Its all about facial aesthetics and success with women all amounts to your face. Commen sense, women are more superficial in terms of judging mens looks. Im a 5/10 and a girl in my league would be a a 3/10 girl with 2 kids.

  • Josh

    I agree. I’m a 23 year old student who has done some modeling and while I’m critical of myself would objectively have to say I’m pretty good looking. It’s pretty hard for me to not have girls hitting on me…I usually just sit around at the bar and look moody/James Dean and wait…haha.

    Unfortunately, my game sucks. Not in an embarrassing aspergers sort of a way, but more in a ‘I’m slightly uncomfortable so I come off as flat and disinterested way’ I manage to close about 1/2 of nights I go out…more, maybe even much more if I’m making a strong effort which starts with good vibes before hand (see

    The problem is there are plenty of times where I ruin a potentially epic situation by being totally flat and not knowing what to say or do. Basically ‘flatness’ as I said. A black buddy of mine has told me to man up and not waste ‘your mothaf**kin pretty ass boy looks’

    I see it like intelligence-earning potential. Being smart really, really helps and there is a definite correlation. But there are plenty of genius failures and average at best major successes. Good looks is one major tool, maybe the most important building block…but it is not the end all be all, and sometimes I wish I was of a stronger personality and not as ‘pretty’.

  • Boz

    In Valhalla, men who have to work for their poon are honored and exalted over those who just have to show up. It only seems fair.

  • Howzer Cooch Tate

    Being a late bloomer, I was pre-conditioned to react the way I was brought up when young, small, and physically premature – with low self-confidence, poor signal recognition from women, and book smarts instead street smarts. Now in my 20s, with good physical mass & tone from years hitting the gym, some slick yet simple threads, strong career headstart & progression, I get plenty more attention from women. It’s not until I took the red pill that I even started to refine small talk, escalate, and scan/read IOIs. I can’t tell you how many situations (females approaching me) that I fucked up that would have been a shoe-in for most guys due to my lack of game. Bros continually bag me for not closing a sure deal. I still fuck up a sure thing on a regular basis, but much less than pre-red-pill.

    At the end of the day, game is the gift that keeps on giving, when looks, money, and all the other superficial elements wear off. Charm is the eternal slayer.

    Looks are a catalyst for game, but not a precursor for game. And certainly not a requirement. Shit looks + excellent game = better than excellent looks + noobie game.

    In Western societies (big middle class..individualistic…US/Can/UK/Aus/W.Eur), girls have options and will go for looks. In non-Western cultures (collectivist, family orientation..E.Eur,S.Amer,Asia), girls will care less for looks. But everywhere, game will work depending on the calibration. From a pure tactical perspective, feminist mecca big blue cities (DC, NYC) who cater to the career manjaw feminazi will have the most options for less attractive women (better men competing for worse women) leading to sexless hell for many a Joe without a blow, and less regulated societies which facilitate more natural gender roles breed more feminine women, and better opportunities for western men. I have had the best experience in a mix of those two (E.Europe, S.America) where everything is not so developed/regulated, and at the same time you can walk out on the street without worrying about getting mugged. Employ some ol’ Roosh world game.

  • http://[email protected] @bobadilla

    C’mon man!!! Listen to yourself. That loser attitude is holding you down. Buck up and be a gdamn man. Quit smoking weed, compulsively masturbating, playing FIFA, etc. Hmm let’s see…you’re not working out, not approaching, not dressing well, and generally moping around right? Quit acting like you lost before you ever gave yourself a chance. You’d be surprised what an actual man with the same limitations can pull.

  • Howzer Cooch Tate


    Medium looks + *great eye contact is superior to
    model looks + **shit eye contact

    * = thousand yard brow clench stare eyefuck, eternal warmth soul-sink comfort glance, smile with eye glint (depending on the situation)

    ** = epileptic semi-automatic blink rate, deer-in-headlights eye-popping frazzled stone-cold, smiley clownface gleefuck expression (depending on situation)

  • j

    Who knew Roosh was mandatory reading in the male modelling world.

    This is why game blogs, and even your forum, isn’t really that much help. Lots of guys talk about getting laid easily and often with cute girls (6/7’s) often and fairly easy and claim it as good game.
    If we could see these guys, I’m assuming that they are male 7’s, 8’s, maybe even 9’s. Why are we looking up to these guys? It’s not that impressive; they’re dating down. If the guy is a male 5 or 6 and he bangs 6’s/7’s/8’s, that’s a man you can learn from.

  • Anonymous

    and i bought bang thinking ill get girls..

  • Anonymous

    Surely everyone on here knows this.All other things being equal,the better looking guy will win everytime.

    It’s like saying you want to beat Usain Bolt in a 100m can train 24 hours a day and be on every ped known to man but without the 1 in a million genetics you will never get there.

    Every activity has it’s genetic freaks and pickup is no different.The guys with movie star looks AND charisma have an advantage that regular goys cannot overcome.

  • World Unweary

    Actually I DO know what it’s like. I was blessed with killer good looks, as all my female friends have always said to me, and has been confirmed throughout my life by the way both women and men treat me.

    I’m not a natural alpha, and have been through periods of life when I slumped into sheer betaness, especially after having been married and having fallen out of practice. When I reentered the dating scene at 40 a couple years back after my divorce, I learned just how “hard” everything had gotten because of the way women had changed from my youth, when it was OK to be a beta and still get laid. I had to learn game.

    I’d also put on wait and purposely dressed down and out-of-fashion for a while, because of my mood. So I really dampened my attractiveness for a while.

    But even at my low point I knew I was garnering way more attention than most men. And when I finally got back in shape and started dressing like a “man” again, things just picked right back up.

    I almost feel embarrassed about how easy it is to charm women. It’s like always having a safety net while running game. It’s like playing a video game on easy, and with constant reset.

    For example, everywhere I go in a coffee shop or bar, I can eye flirt with all the women I want. If I look at an attractive woman, chances are she will almost immediately look back right into my eyes, as if she has been waiting for me. I go to dance clubs even in my forties and attractive women “back up to me,” as if they want to be part of my entourage.

    But it still takes game to seal anything. As a man I still have to be ACTIVE. But usually it only takes one killer active move, getting up close in conversation and whispering “I want to fuck you” or something equivalent. It’s so deadly effective that as I get older, I’ve gotten extremely selective in how I use it. I wish I had had this awareness when I was younger. Back then I was contaminated with so much feminist programming about the evilness of my sex impulses, yet I still got laid plenty because of my looks and because it was the Eighties (which were awesome).

    The biggest problems I have today is no longer my beta-oriented programming (game and Roosh have helped solve that) but from other men. I am constantly getting cock-blocked by other men, betas and lower, who want to around me, even touch me, in some sort of crypto-gay worship way. Since men are much more aggressive in this than women, then can really fuck things up when I doing my usual MIMITW game. For example, in those dance clubs, they will try to “ring” me closer than the women.

    I can see it in the eyes of these men. They look my my gaze too, as if seeking some kind of confirmation of attention. So I’m always avoiding the gaze of men all the time, as if I’m attractive chick. I have come to be able to sense this instantly, this craving for my attention, and I LOATHE IT. Nothing turns me off more than when I notice this in a weak sub-beta, trying to “hit” on me.

    And then they are the gay guys themselves. That’s for another post.

    Roosh is right by the way. You don’t need looks in Eastern Europe. I spent plenty of time there back during the Iron Curtain days and during the Fall of the USSR. I learned a whole different game of being “The Most Interesting American They Have Ever Met.” In the Ukraine on the beach I was a rock star. I knew what Frankie Avalon felt like in the those beach movies.

  • Doug

    This is absolutely true. I had two roommates with impeccable game who would pull 7s and 8s like nothing, but my friend had us all beat with blonde hair, classic good looks and a 6’2″ 190 lb frame. He had a girlfriend (this helped him immensely as well) on the other coast and would only fuck the topnotch 9s on the campus, often without having to do much. He would be bored about it and not even the hottest girls on campus could hold his interest for long.

    When I stood next to him at 6’1″ 155 lbs I might as well have been invisible.

  • World Unweary

    I meant “put on weight” of course. Sorry for the typos. I’m a horrible typist and proofreader.

  • Nik

    All I can say is I have never scene a trophy skank with a guy who was equally as handsome as she was hot. All the model chicks tend to have boyfriends who are ugly and abusive, but usually have something she wants like money or drugs.

  • AneroidOcean

    This is absolutely true, but keep in mind that like others have said, often times these guys develop NOTHING for game.

    I had a neighbor whose first name was James. He had the kind of build (yes, he worked out to improve this, but he had a very manly shape genetically), the jawline, hair, eyes, smile, etc… that would have women stop their damn cars to whistle at him or try to get his attention. The dude was a douche, but he couldn’t hold a conversation to save his life.

    He’d get approached by plenty of girls. Every once in a while he’d take a hot girl home, but most of the time they’d turn away disgusted once he opened his mouth. He’d take home 4-6s the vast majority of the time.

    A friend called him “No Game James” one time and the nickname stuck. Hard. I still remember No Game James and what he taught me through utter dearth of game.

  • Seattle

    Attractive guys who read this genre are often guys who grew up with beta fathers, or grew up chubby/fat/nerdy and then became fit later on.

    As a result of their upbringing, they may have a lot of limiting beliefs to conquer — in this sense I am speaking from experience.

    I’m taller than average, exotic/mixed race features (I am white/blue eyes though, take that for what it is), lean, muscular, agile, with good sense of humor and a highly attractive voice that resonates.

    Most girls automatically assume preselection even though I am still attempting to learn the skills how to escalate and deal with logistics. It’s frustrating that there are these halo effect expectations of me that confuse females when I do anything that is incongruent from that.

    The Game book f*cked me up because nobody told me it wasn’t for good looking guys AND I didn’t believe I was good looking at the time anyway. Double whammy.

    I am glad there are more authors speaking out about the power of looks in game… it would have saved me trouble years ago attempting to use lame a** canned lines to “build attraction” which actually ended up KILLING attraction!!

  • mental

    I’m also very good looking (best in my circle of friends and one of the best in nightclub, and when I wear round singlasses I get told a lot I look like John Lennon), and while I got several girls to approach me, I still have to work on a girl because I’m not in America , but I like it that way since I value working to get something. You are right, when not in America, you STILL have to game.

  • wohohoo

    im amazed how many self-described good looking men we have here :pika:

  • outlaw

    I hope some of you, especially “dat bro,” register for the forum next month. Would be an asset.

  • Josh

    66 Seattle
    December 6th, 2012 @ 4:23 am
    Attractive guys who read this genre are often guys who grew up with beta fathers, or grew up chubby/fat/nerdy and then became fit later on.

    As a result of their upbringing, they may have a lot of limiting beliefs to conquer — in this sense I am speaking from experience.

    Totally describes me. Didn’t have a beta father per se but strange upbringing for sure. I wouldn’t even characterize myself as beta so much as almost outside the realm of characterization, but I’m positive I have ingrained thought processes/beliefs that limit what I can enjoy from my looks.

    I don’t think it strange that there would be a lot of good looking guys on here…it raises our expectations and increases interest if we feel we have an ingrained advantage. It’s like going to a basketball skills camp if you already have great talent but need help with fundamentals. You want to hone what God gave you with skills you may be lacking in.

  • Wigwam


    I love to say I told you so, so I’ll say it:
    “I told you so!”

    These good-looking guys are fucking pussies.

    I never get approached by a fuckable woman, only by fugly whales. When they see me with the girl I date and they back off stunned and in shame for thinking they had a shot.

    You know you’re dating up when the bitches hanging around of your girl keep telling her she could do better and they don’t understand what she’s doing with you. That’s how you know you’re like 2-3 points under her, which puts me at 5 or 6. Of course, when they see how many girls you can charm with game, they reevaluate you, but it doesn’t change your objective looks.

    If you’re constantly getting approached by 7s who will fuck you whatever the beta shit comes out of your mouth and you’re not dating only models, gtfo of this game blog. You don’t even understand what game is. In SMV differential, you’re the equivalent of that fucking loser in a plaid shirt shopping at Walmart of a Saturday afternoon with his morbidly obsese wife and his two hellion kids. He’s a 4 and she’s a 3. That’s one point dating down. He’s got the same game as you have. Male 8s and 9s dating 7s, you’re such a joke!

    Yeah, maybe 1 out of 15 has real game and will pump and dump magazine cover level girls as he should, but that’s still no better than me or Roosh pumping and dumping 6s or 7s. It’s no big deal.

    And I reiterate: You’re shit in bed. Of course you are! You’re just little bitches with self-esteem issues. Of course the 8-10s are repulsed by you. It’s cause you can’t fuck them like a man should.

    You think you’re alpha because you can fuck 6s and 7s at will? Don’t kid yourselves. Like 58 j and 65 AneroidOcean said: you have absolutely nothing to teach us – your bragging is empty and laughable.

    Men who had to struggle and hustle hard to get money or confidence or power are the ones who get the respect of hotter chicks.

  • Rael

    “I never get approached by a fuckable woman, only by fugly whales. When they see me with the girl I date and they back off stunned and in shame for thinking they had a shot.”

    You know, this points out a phenomenon that Roosh never deals with: the effect of dating women at a certain level within a certain social circle over a period of time.

    Roosh’s rule is “if I can get a boner for her, I should try to bang her”.

    But Roosh is essentially a traveller. He never runs in the same social circle long enough to see the longg-term effects of this.

    When women see you dating 5s within a certain circle, 7s will just not consider you anymore. If you are staying in one place for awhile, it may be worth it to pass on sure things with 5s & 6s for awhile if you can occasionally pull 7s. You may want to get a rep for always dating 7s or higher… it depends on your priority: quality or quantity.

    Women will talk among themselves about how good a lover you are. That matters a lot if you are staying within one social circle for awhile. Some average guys pull well above what you think their level should be just because they have huge cocks, or are otherwise great lovers.

    This is because women will talk about this stuff among themselves.

    Roosh’s rule: “Never masturbate before you go out … you won’t be motivated to approach”

    Within one social circle though, you don’t want to get the rep for being a horny bastard who will say anything to get laid & then comes in 2 seconds when he does.

    You want to project this vibe: “yes, I’ve already had 3 girls suck me off tonight. If you meet my high standards I may give you a spin & see how you measure up. If you annoy me too much, though, forget it. It’s not worth that much to me …”

    One of the best ways to project this is to be pretty well satisfied before you go out …

    I’d like to see some links to gamesters who take the effects of staying within one social circle for years into account.

  • Sam Diego

    I’m 6’2″, 190 lbs, athletic, full head of hair, etc. I’ve never had difficulty pulling women — the observations that others have had about being present, non-boring, and escalating have worked well for me.

    And even though I’m pushing 40, I seem to pull more women every year. After discovering “game” and therefore absolving myself of all “duty” to get married to an entitled princess, raise a pack of whiny brats, etc., I’ve seen no real reason go beyond what “G” calls a “mini-relationship” with women, because there’s always something new to try around the next corner — or in another country.

    Does it make me “alpha” to sit back, relax, and enjoy the poon parade while I watch the wannabe-PUA types embarrass themselves by being approach-machine monkeys, hoping for scraps among the series of blow-outs they experience? Most definitely.

    I know, I know… I’d probably be kicked off the forum for being some sort of “appearance troll” for this sort of thought. :eviler:

  • anon1

    first world problems

  • anon50

    You should see the female orbiters these guys get. Close man whore friend practically has a full time secretary. Plays wing-woman, picks up his dry cleaning, whores her hot friends out to him, takes care of him if he gets sick.

    They are usually around a 5 or 6 and just worship the ground these guys walk on and will do anything for him just to bear near him. They know full well they will never have a chance but just spending time is apparently enough.

    Say what you want about their game and whatnot, but there are some serious fringe benefits to winning the genetic lottery.

  • Duke City Man

    To @71 Wigwam, so if you are not an average looking man pulling chicks that are more physically attractive than you, you’re not allowed to post here, that sounds a little bitter to me. There are more important things than satisfying your ego or pleasing everyone else by dating within or above your attractiveness scale. Maybe 6’s and 7’s are less bitchy or have a better personality than 8’s 9’s and 10’s, and we don’t want to deal with bitchiness or entitledness. Maybe some attractive men enjoy banging 6’s and 7’s and don’t feel the need to have the higher self esteem to get the better quality women. If it makes you feel better to pump and dump women that are above your attractivness, than good for you. I’m glad that makes you feel more like a man than the “pussies” that don’t fully suscribe to that type of thinking. In the end its all about getting pussy and being happy with yourself, anything else is enslavement to your ego and what other people think.

  • Rael

    Being a good lover cuts both ways … a talented, motivated, responsive 5 is much more fun for me than a dead fish 8 trying to get by on her looks alone …

  • Wigwam

    I don’t get it how now every guy has to worship the dicks of good-looking mansluts just because they claim they’re “alpha” based on their “amazing results”.

    I’m saying these are VERY bad role-models.

    They’ve admitted themselves that they have low self-esteem and can rarely keep women above their level in looks.

    If average looking guys were trying to convince everyone here that they’re alphas because they can sleep with tons of 4s, they’d be ridiculed unanimously. Why is it different for good-looking guys?

    That “ego” bullshit has been overused. Hey! Maybe you’re lazy and you don’t want to end up dating 8s and above, but I do and I’d like to discuss that, not delve into anti-gaming shit like “only looks matter, your efforts are futile”, especially when I know it’s not true.

    I want to send hope to all the average guys out there. You can get and keep 8s and above and do a better job than these guys.

    They’re usually dumber than a bag of rocks and they lose easy lays so badly you’d want to bang your head against a spiked wall.

  • j

    @ 73 sam diego

    Great, good for you. Besides stroking your own dick, what did that add to this discussion?

  • Josh

    @ Wigwam, actually Im pretty good in bed…I’ve had many women say Im lousy as a potential boyfriend but they just want nsa sex. Also I have a pretty large appendage.

    And most of the girls that hit on me, talk to me…etc I would classify as in the 7-9 range. Below that just sort of give me shyly smiles.

  • Anonymous

    Are these even decent looking girls though (6.5+)? I’m sure most good looking guys wouldn’t even care to mess with anything less than cute girls. Sure you’ll have some 5’s that will be all over you but do you really want those girls when you know you can do much better? If you want the best girls you can get at any given moment, you have to put in the work and do approaches. Sitting back does you no good for good looking or average looking guys.

  • Wigwam

    Sigh… this is getting into Zoolander territory.

    Look, I’m just saying back what I’ve been told from chicks who can sleep with pretty much any guy they want.

    The hottest chicks usually don’t want to date the hottest guys because they’re A)boring and/or B)dumb and/or C)lousy lays.

    It’s not like this is a huge revelation. Go read any hot female’s blog.

    And OF COURSE there’s exceptions. I’m just stating the general trend.

  • Josh

    Its a revelation to me. Why would any chick, especially a hot, probably shallow one actively prefer less attractive guys?

    I live in NYC, and here the hot girls in the bars, clubs etc (age 21-35) are all quite shallow when looking for sex. Maybe for dating they would prefer an established, rich man.

    I know this for a fact, because when I groom just moderately I get hit on a ton when out versus if I’m kind of scrubby I get way less attention. When I know I’m looking good, I get constant attention. It can’t be in my mind.

  • Brandon

    why does there have to be polarization between the two? just agree about the pros and cons. good looking guys generally do have worse game, while average guys have more incentive to reach optimum potential.

    i’ve found that some girls (6-8s) will think im adorable and others think im a fag. but it makes me strive at music, so just play up your strengths and and keep improving all facets of attractiveness ie physical, mental, spiritual, fashion, social, career etc…

    dont hate on the adorable fags either.

  • nek

    Guys, there’s just as many good looking guys with game, good in bed, etc. as there are non-good looking guys. Trying to take it to some binary extreme and using ancedotal evidence of good-looks and bad game is sad. I was in a rather social fraternity in college and alot of the guys the would just clean up. And yes, they have game. In fact, I’d say most. Girls love the guys most that they want to chase, not the guys approaching all the time. I know it makes you feel better about your lot in life to think there are Karmic forces acting here, but they’re not. It’s like in combat sports, you get people talking about “Skill vs. athleticism”. A complete lack of skill is bad regardless of athleticism, but your ceiling, your potential is based on your god given attributes. Life really is a lottery. Ask someone born without legs.

  • Sam Diego

    My point, #79 (now that I’m done stroking my dick, of course) is this:

    Roosh, I concur!

    You have no idea how easy it is for good-looking men.

    I was blessed with mixed-race exotic looks, height, and build; these definitely make laying attractive women easier for me. But add game — courtesy of this site and the wisdom of G, Roissy, etc. — and I’ve become an unstoppable force, and even pushing 40, I still rule the roost wherever I roll.

    And since I’m not under the aforementioned categories of A)boring and/or B)dumb and/or C)lousy lays (I know, you’ll have to believe me here), I do pretty well in quality as well as quantity.

    So yeah, boys: play up your strengths and keep improving all facets of attractiveness (@83), for *that* is the ultimate game. Being good-looking isn’t a club (regardless what you’ve heard, ) that you can be permanently excluded from, it just requires a little more effort than others to reach said status.

  • Brandon

    I still think looks will be less important as the world becomes increasingly more hostile. i’d be more worried about preserving your cash than looks right now.

  • Gorilla Dildo

    Men don’t need to be good looking if they know how to rape.

  • Gorilla Dildo

    BTW, and I’m 6’5 with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a 10 inch cock. Just thought I’d mention that. I’ve been told by all of the women I’ve raped that I’m the hottest guy who has ever raped them.

  • cuckooclock

    Roosh pic or GTFO

  • cuckooclock

    How do I get a hot girl to cuckold me?

  • Socialkenny

    I’m of the opinion that looks doesn’t matter as far as men are concerned. To be more specific, having good game and good skills trumps looks.

  • Chic Noir

    Well thank you for being honest about this. I recall having epic drag outs with Roissy about this. Roisey would flame me hotter than his balls after a all weekend pump and dump bender. Looks do matter but what I find is that men don’t know what sort of men most women find attractive. For the record, most women find pretty faced muscular men very attractive. Think Reggie bush, russel Wong, Blair Underwood, Rob Lowe .

  • cuckooclock

    lol @ chic noir, 3 out of 4 are 2 black guys and an asian GTFO

  • Matt H.

    For millennia, there’s been a myth that women don’t care about looks.

    It only seemed that way because in more primitive times, women prioritized other qualities in men; namely, physical and mental strength. A man with these qualities could protect and feed her in a brutally harsh environment where death was always on standby.

    Today, in a pampered civilization that provides police for protection and supermarkets for easy access to food and clean water, women can be more picky about looks.

    If society ever breaks down (and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from history, it will), the men who are the toughest physically and mentally will get the pussy, and not necessarily the pretty boy with the chiseled chin.

  • Josh

    Cuckooclock, haha I thought the same thing but didn’t wanna say it.

  • cc

    I mean, I understand that just because some guys have been dealt a better hand in life doesn’t mean us less attractive guys can’t bang hot girls, but I really find it hard to stay motivated knowing how easy they have it and while we have to put all this work in. I guess it will make the results feel that much sweeter, but it’s hard to compete when all some guys have to do is just show up.

  • Giggity

    Tonite just reminds me how good we good looking guys have it, especially when we got game.

  • Sam Diego

    95 posited:
    “If society ever breaks down (and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from history, it will), the men who are the toughest physically and mentally will get the pussy, and not necessarily the pretty boy with the chiseled chin.”


    Till that time, my chiseled chin etc. will pull plenty of action.


    If it ever comes down to it, my physical domination will pull. Societal breakdown, or its current counterpart, known as closing time at one of our local establishments in a military town, well, I do just fine under such sausagefest circumstances. And under the worst breakdown of society, I got plenty of confidence I’ll do quite well.

    Chin up, ladies.

  • Ezkimo

    As a ugly guy (I would rate myself max 4), somewhere deep inside, I find it rather depressing to realize that 6 is max I will ever get.

    Fuck you genes.

  • bobadilla

    Focus on chasing money cuz if u focused on chasing sluts then you hustling backwards

  • outlaw

    Underlying some posts here is jealousy. Jealousy that some dudes have it so easy while you have to work so hard. Life is not fair.

    There is perhaps an unspoken belief in the game community that if you work on your game hard enough, eat well enough, and lift heavy enough, you can get any girl. I don’t think that’s actually true. The amount of effort that you need to put in may be so great that you are effectively capped at a certain level of women. And that’s ok.

  • j

    This comment section sums up the puashpere. Self-aggrandizement and delusion.

  • Josh

    I agree there is a cap on what most can get.

    But even for me, a model level male…I can usually only get 8’s with ease and sometimes 9’s. The 10’s (I know people claim it doesn’t exist but u know what I mean) are hard for anyone without a lot of money/fame. That’s something ANYONE can strive for.

  • Luis

    I more motivated to get a cutie from east europe and use my mexican charm on ood oothem and beat those good looking guys and show them we can do the same. with our game skills and thanks for putting this roosh you motivate us all and follow what you did

  • james

    Any of the dudes saying that looks create an impossible divide have not seen Tyler in action. That guy’s a short little ginger and he cleans up.

    Keep the faith, non Brad Pitts among us.

  • anon

    a few points, esp for the Wigwam (troll)

    1. Most truly good looking guys get chased by so many women and have so much (quality) contact
    with women in general that they develop game, whether they like it or not.

    2. Most truly good looking guys have game. Only the ones who grew up as nerds have a brief period until they realize that they are getting chased non-stop.

    3. Being a truly good looking guy is like being a billionaire. The guy has a TON of opportunities. He doesn’t care about losing the opportunity to bang a half-witted 7. He’s already banged hundreds just like her. It’s like 10K to a billionaire– nothing to him, a tidy sum to the rest of us. The analogy is spot on. If you grew up with money, you’re not impressed by it. Likewise, if you’ve been banging half witted 7’s your whole life…..
    4. Game can be learned, just like weight can be lost. But looks can also be developed– through style, the optimum haircut, working out and developing the right demeanor and personality.

    5. To Dat Bro: Male model does not necessarily equal good looks. Just like female model does not necessarily equal beautiful.

  • anon

    lol at the whole– why are your with that guy?

    That really is the hallmark of a guy with good game, but most of us would just assume that the guy is loaded or holds some high position.

  • Anonymous


    nostros amemus?

  • Josh

    Anon, I agree but it has helped me only to develop a passive game. Basically, I can act cool, calm, and relaxed. And close the deal with prompting. But I still don’t have natural, proactive PUA-style game.

  • Bill

    Stange, Because I totally disagree with Roosh about American women choosing looks. When I´m back in States all I see is fat joe blow guys with hot chicks. The guys that have ¨game¨as you call it or as I call it BS. I´ve found that in America image is more important than reality. You don´t need money only dress the part. It´s like acting really. Talk shit and portray an image and you get women. Hell many of the guys I see getting the best women probably work at Mcdonalds and live in a box. They just spend all of the money they do make on their clothes and fixing up their cars.

  • Brandon

    I’ve got one last bit of wisdom to share on my version of the future. it’s no big secret that lefties with their socialist views want to level western civilization with the rest of the world. frankly, every country will suffer and be forced into a lower standard of living.

    if you want to prosper, then you will need to have enough awareness to stay out of the herd. read about positive vs negative social mood ie, elliot wave international and books by robert prechter. the biggest wave of positive social mood peaked in about 1999. since then we’ve been descending further and further into the negative and it will ultimately continue that trend for some time.

    well before we see the biggest major war of the centurty, expect a lot of financial crisis (pretty soon). corrupt democratic, liberal socialist with their bogus beliefs of global equality demonize free-markets and capitalism…wanting to destroy all your hard work and exasperating the debt with unlimited QE will cause a massive implosion in the form of the biggest depression in history. of course, financial debacle is merely a by-product of negative social mood. socialists think capitalism steals wealth. they want bigger government and more authoriatarianism.

    be mindful of this process and don’t follow the herd. get out of debt asap, have plenty of cash and some precious metals (gold/silver) on hand and perhaps long-term food stores, supplies and weapons. banks will fail, stocks will plummet and ious in the form of bonds etc. will never be repayed. have your cash and assets buried in a field if you have to and remain debt-free.

    when will the next big crash be? anywhere between 2015-2018. when that comes, be close by to your family. there is no safe haven in this environment. be with those you love and keep CASH on HAND! don’t follow the herd and riot/loot. try to help others. protect yourself, family and assets. WAIT for the BOTTOM! when the market bottoms out, take your cash and buy liquidated real-estate, gold/silver and stocks at rock bottom prices. pennies on the dollar for real estate stocks is what you’re looking for. most people will be wiped out and surviving dollars will be very valuable. expect your investments to soar later on during inflation.

    logistics will be important for getting laid in this environment. don’t get wiped. invest your life’s savings accordingly and you’ll be wealthier than most who defualted on their debt and lost their ass when the bottom fell out. also, if you vote, choose an honest republican that advocates smaller government and more liberties. if you have to, shoot to kill any looters.

    this will affect the entire world, better to be aware than ignorant.

  • Andrew S.

    I’m not a bad looking guy, but I have always struggled with mental illness. In my early twenties I was being prescribed about every drug you can imagine and this continues in my mid-thirties. Of course anyone who knows anything about these drugs knows that they wreck havoc on your weight, and anytime I would start to lose weight it was if almost by magic some shrink would decide I needed to be on the new “miracle drug,” and back the weight would come. Of course I see it as a conspiracy, but that is just my mental illness talking, I’m sure :).

    Anyways, fucking chicks has always been pretty easy for me even with my weight the way it mostly been, but most of these women are nothing to brag about. Had I not been on psych drugs though banging hot chicks would have probably been pretty easy and I’ve always regretted that I let the mental health industry take control on my sex life.

  • notafag

    This concept isn’t true at all. Good looking guys still require game. I’m good looking but 99x out of 100 I have women walk away when I approach them. How good looking? Girls gasp and catch their breath, and say things like ‘sexy’ and ‘OMG’ as I walk past them. But if I try to talk to them or dance with them, they leave.

    They assume you’re a fag, and will even tell you so and tell all their friends, so you have no chance with them either. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been accused of being a fag, I’d be rich.

  • polishhammer

    Its true I suffer from goodlookingness and I am a lazy one. I don’t know of one girl I have been able to befriend. I just end up fucking them all. Sometimes I feel great about it sometimes I don’t. I am just a good looking shallow man whore with minimal game. I don’t try and my numbers are sky high.

  • Anonymous

    “I beg to differ, he would get more play than you get in countries such as Lithuania and Ukraine.”

    maybe not . if he has features that are global i n attractiveness, like square jaw,etc you are right. however, Eastern Europeans do not go crazy for what Hollywood or western society considers good looking. For example feminine pretty boys are considered not manly in that part of the world.

  • Krauser

    The most fundamental immutable rule of game is: “you must be fucking girls better looking than you are”

    If not, you have no game

  • Boz


    That might have been a reasonable “rule” in 1950s America, but not in today’s cesspool of self-entitled chicks where a 6.5 thinks she deserves a 9.5 and anything less is settling.

    Some game is needed to even close one’s equal these days.

  • Sam

    While guys are spending most of their time and energy trying to get laid, women are getting education, reading, making carriers…

  • Brandon

    @ Sam

    while men are busy bettering themselves in many ways and enjoying one of evolution’s main imperatives with lots of attractive mates, women are being brainwashed by socialist media and education while getting fatter, uglier, while becoming more and more unfulfilled and dependent upon a corrupt government.

  • Anon

    Sam – Lol, and looks where that’s getting them…

  • Josh

    7 Krauser
    December 8th, 2012 @ 7:38 pm
    The most fundamental immutable rule of game is: “you must be fucking girls better looking than you are”

    If not, you have no game

    Ugly guy detected

  • Georgia Boy

    Roosh, what’s the best way for a guy to get an accurate assessment of where he sits on the 1 to 10 looks scale? I know I’m not at either extreme but other than that I don’t know and I’m the personality type that has to consciously make sure I don’t sell myself short.

  • Georgia Boy

    Sam, men can make up that time gap entirely by not using Facebook. Heh.

  • not-found

    Hey, i stumbled across your site and your writing style and methods appealed to me more so than the other game authors.

    I found out about game about a year ago and quickly dismissed it as it did not suit my goals . (i’m not interested just in pussy , i can bypass all that bullshit and just get a hooker, what i am really interested in is getting intimate (need not be sex) with a decent looking girl that just likes me for ME ( and ,unlike a hooker she wants to be there).

    Most game to me is just a fake personality projection in order to get pussy, like i said i can get escorts for that.

    Is it possible that i can reach my goal (finding a girl that likes the real me and wants me) given the fact that i’m very unusual ,intentionally blunt (i use filters and am very open about me from the start), weird looking/ugly , angry and bitter?

    I am also smart, driven and have other qualities like loyalty , honesty and integrity that women don’t seem to care about, i am also confident in many areas of my life. (whatever the hell that means to those brain dead bitches- they use it as a buzzword for – “hot” these days as to give them excuses in covering up the fact that they fucked that guy just because he was hot- no , he was “confident”)

    Those filters have worked great for making great friends , but never for pussy. (the scene i was in highly valued looks over everything else, and frankly any other “first” indicator like status and money makes me thing i’m “buying” the girl, looks is the most honest one, followed by personality filters if she’s interested, of course)

    I give credit to your work because your methods seem to permit some reconciliation between beying yourself (and targeting your own audience) , while still using some core game, something all other game i encountered or PUA does not permit- they limit game to being a normal guy getting normal club trash in bed and the likes.

    My outlook is pretty bleak, objectively speaking : i used to go for the misfit girls (but quickly realized that their way of “rebelling” is through cock and i’m not interested in some filled up girl) , nowadays i go for the introverted girls , the nice, overlooked ones , the non-whores, but those are few, even fewer are decent looking ,even fewer are single, even fewer don’t reject me and so on and so on.

    My preferred age group are teenage girls (as they are not so much devastated by cock and more open minded and less interested in status) , the “different” or the nerdy ones.

    I await feedback from you and your readers, it’s something i’ve been pondering on for some time.

  • Radio Wright

    This article makes it sound like you have low self esteem because you Roosh, are a decent looking guy.

    It’s soooo damn easy to look good. I was sitting in the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas with a Cirque Du Soleil honey. A place that should have well dressed guys.

    My date made the comment about how bad the guys were dressed. I sat there and watched.

    Out of every 50 guys, 1 guy would be dressed well (Even though all 50 THOUGHT they were dressed sharp) and this alone would skyrocket his looks even if he wasn’t a model in the face.

    My point: Guys need to learn how to effin dress!

    Buy a damn subscription to GQ or something.

  • Troll King

    I can’t agree with this, at least not wholly.

    There are two things missing.

    To start, I have had dozens upon dozens of girls ask me out during middle school and especially in High School. I do have a very attractive face, wasn’t fat, and was also blessed with an accent (due to a comibnation of being raised by a baby sitter from boston and also due to chronic ear infections while young which set back my speech).

    In middle school the hottest girls, re: the ones that matured early and started sexually experimenting early, would constantly flirt with me…sometimes simply to gush over my accent.

    When I moved over seas, to Egypt, later in middle school I had more than one woman tell me I looked like a movie star. I would walk around in the Bazaars and have women, especially modest and traditional women wearing the hijab, tell me I was beautiful and they would often touch my hair(I started growing it out).

    I also had the biggest titted girl in my class in 8th/9th grade ask me out more than once. She, and a few other, girls would show up randomly at my moms flat and try to get me to invite them up to my room. When my mom was home she wouldn’t have any of that. Luckily she wasn’t around much.

    It was in Egypt that I also got into the “wrong crowd” and that only escalated the female attention thrown at me.

    Now, this may sound great to many guys but it isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

    Have any of you ever been caught off guard or suddenly found yourself, without being prepared, as the center of attention in a room with everyone waiting for you to open your mouth and say something???

    Multiply that by 100 and make it semi-constant and that is what it is like to grow up attractive.

    I remember when I got kicked out of school and sent back to the states to live with my dad. The first day back I found myself with a group of about 15 of the popular kids in the school staring at me while one of the cheerleaders asked me out. It was kinda embarrassing. I didn’t know these people and all I was trying to do was find my freakin locker. A year or so later I had this chick ask me out in front of my clique.

    She professed her undying love for me and when I politely turned her down but told her we could hang out and get to know each other, she got my phone number from one of my friends and proceeded to stalk me for about six months. Keep in my that I didn’t know she even existed before she very loudly blurted out how we were soulmates and then proceeded to follow me around all day long.

    Now. I am not the hottest. If I was taller I would definately be more alpha, I am on the short side, but between being good looking and having a strange accent and running with the bad crowd I had plenty of female attention and often times it is kinda fuckin creepy.

    One problem that arises is that you never get a chance to develop a real social sense because you are constantly on the outside of the group looking in because all the more popular kids are getting everyone else to look at you and treat you differently.

    This is why approaching is so difficult for guys. Most of us have no idea what it is like to have some random girl come up and approach us. I am not sure how to remedy that. I will tell you that if you want to become better at approaching girls then you need to understand how it feels on the other side of the equation. Maybe you guys should get your buddies to hire some women to cold approach you in very direct manners to understand.

    I know it will make you better at game. I learned it naturally that way and only came to find out about game because I saw some threads relating to things I had observed but didn’t know the name for…like preselection.

    Note: I always tell guys to go for the 10 or 11s in the room because they are the loneliest girls there are. Their gfs who are 8s hate them for being more beautiful and 99% of the guys are scared shitless of even talking to them. So, if you can talk to them without mangling up your frame and words then they tend to be grateful in my experience.

    Second. You have to take into consideration female rejection. We have all heard of stories where women try to destroy a ex for one reason or another. Let me tell you something. If you are attractive and your gf is one or two, or more(what can I say, personality trumps barbiedoll fuckdoll sometimes…or it did in my youth), points lower on the scale than you then the scorn of that woman will burn with the power of 1000 suns.

    From a female point of view it is bad being rejected by a normal guy, worse being rejected by a popular guy, and even worse being rejected by a guy socially hotter than her. If you have two or more of these above her then it will be worse. Before 20 I had half a dozen gfs, and some wannabe gfs, and fuckbuddies who went way out of their way to destroy me after the relationships ended.

    They would psychologically abuse me and spread rumors or convince me to get back together only to cheat on me with one of my friends….I mean, I could go on and on but I won’t.

    So, just understand that after being burned a few times most guys don’t want to be burned again. Between the social alienation and the scorn of a woman who simply was turned down because she caught you off guard and you saved face. It isn’t all it is cracked up to be. In many ways my experiences have only helped to build and reinforce the most depressing and negative aspects of women. Fucking psycho bitch attention whores…the lot of them.

  • A.J.

    Most PUA gurus will tell you that:
    1) Status/Fame
    2) Money/Wealth
    3) Good Looks/ Height

    99% of 10’s would date a so-so male doctor/politicia that drives a ferrarti than a not well-known model that drives honda accor

  • A.J.

    In short, a real tight strong game is difficult to overcome those with real high status, celebrity figure, powerful and super rich.
    Not even top models. The Gambler and Mystery also admitted it. However, those two are like celebs now, so their pulling hot chiqs won’t be a problem even without a tight game

  • nYc Dude

    @ anon #107.

    #2 was definitely me. from junior high until 10th grade of h.s. i had bad acne. i actually used to have ppl tease me, “you’re ugly…” not a joke…then i went to the derm and got the acne taken care of. then i got contacts, then i became a state champ and set records; then i shaved my head and started lifting. then i went to an ivy league school for college. i shot up from 5’10 165 to 6’1″ 175 (ripped)between summer of high school to college. i started fcuking alot, then gay guys started hitting on me and i was like, wtf is going on. now i’m 32 and i have a roster of 6 girsl of whom 1 is a 10. she is an appellate lawyer with great genes and pedigree. she will be my future ex-wife…

  • nYc Dude

    *roster of 6 girls of which 1 is a 10. (subject/verb agreement)
    –sorry, i’m a “type A”

  • Girth Rodash

    @10 Greg, @Lion Rampant, I hear you guys.

    Now, looks are definitely a huge, huge advantage, ONLY when the dude in question has enough ‘CONFIDENCE’ When I lived in Sydney, I rented a shared apartment with this guy. He was gorgeous, like a 9. He loved talking to girls and he had tight game, knew how to make up stories that would make you either cry or laugh. He had a of action in his room that our other two flatmates had to move out because they could not stand having their dicks erect all nights from the noises and screams.
    However, we’ve all met guys who would put ((insert the most good-looking man you know of)) to shame, only to just dream about banging 10s. On the other hand we have met guys who look like Steven Tyler, but cannot just stop attracting beautiful women.

    Average looking guys who realize their reality, put in all the work (game, nurture personality, being in great physical shape, learning to deal with rejection) will bang all the hottest ladies that the Lord has created, more than good looking guys who don’t know a thing about approaching (Because they have been approached for the rest of their lives), have a bad personality and don’t improve themselves.

    You might say, ”but, that sounds like a lot of hard work” Yes it is, but in the long run, is translates into fun. Just like all things that give you rewards for hard work, you begin to enjoy it. You even feel bad when you don’t approach like a dog. This thing is just like Just like making money. At first it’s hard work, after getting good at it, it feels fun and more fun. Waking up at 4am starts feeling good.

    Here’s an analogy:
    Pretty boys are like guys who are born to billionaires. They can choose to work hard and become richer or collect the rarest ‘tea-bag labels’ for the rest of their lives, and still be rich. Average looking guys are like guys born in poverty. They can choose to become ‘self-made billionaires’ or maintain the status quo. Trust me, self made billionaires know much about making money than ‘born-rich’ dudes.

    Also, I live in Norway and Sweden. In Nordic countries, you will find probably some of the best looking guys ever. Guess what? Do they bang these Nordic goddesses a lot? No. Why? Most of them have zero game, zero swag and they don’t know what it takes to walk up to a woman and own her. They would rather go ski in the toughest mountains than face gals and tell them how they feel about them. Skiing in the French Alps kills, approaching Bar Refaeli wont!!

  • 4corners

    I like your analogy with to billionaires Girth.

    There’s something today at The Rawness that got me thinking about another analogy.

    He posts a link to a study where children are set up to ace an easy test and are either told A) “Wow, you’re really smart!” OR B) “Wow, you must’ve worked really hard!”

    The ‘hard workers’ were eager to seek out new challenges (eg a harder test “that will teach you a lot”), but the ‘smart ones’ were content to rest on their laurels (re-taking an easy test).

    From there, they had the kids take a test that was way above their skill level, one they were sure to fail. The ‘hard workers’ stuck to it, even enjoyed themselves. But the ‘smart’ ones stressed out, struggling with the dissonance, thinking, “If I’m so smart, why is this so hard, what’s wrong with me?” Next, the researchers gave the kids another easy test that they should ace.

    The ‘hard workers’ improved their scores on the easy test but the ‘smart kids’ did WORSE than before! They had one bad experience that challenged their ego, and they psyched themselves out.

    The way I see it, the ‘smart kids’ are like good looking guys (the ones who end up lacking confidence at least). People tell them all the time how awesome they are, how easy they have it. But 5’s and 6’s are going to be suspicious of a pump and dump (and feel too obviously like slumming), and the hottest women are always going to shit test, or at the very least expect to be approached. How does the good looking guy respond? Is he going to rise to the challenge, enjoying himself as he fights approach anxiety and works through shit tests? He’s heard his whole life that he’s the shit, from grandparents, strangers, guy friends, girlfriends, ect. People told him this was supposed to be easy. But beyond generating initial attraction, it really isn’t. So he finds a his comfort zone and he stays there, acing the same easy test again and again (underachieving with a few sixes who throw themselves at him).

    In my opinion, good looks are ‘just’ another aspect of passive game. This article could just as easily be called “you have no idea how easy it is for guys with great passive game.” A really dramatic way to have great passive game is your looks, but a pretty face isn’t much more valuable than fitness, fashion, status, dominance, preselection, ect. Guys with pretty faces can be tricked into thinking he’s got it all wrapped up and don’t have to work on the rest.

    Anyway, the article at the rawness has a lot of implications that are a lot more interesting than this (who really cares about low confidence guys who can’t pull, or guys like Sam Diego who have it all figures out).

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  • 4corners

    For Georgia Boy, “what’s the best way for a guy to get an accurate assessment of where he sits on the 1 to 10 looks scale? I know I’m not at either extreme but other than that I don’t know and I’m the personality type that has to consciously make sure I don’t sell myself short.”

    You could get an assessment from gay guys. It’s hard to miss their IOIs in a night atmosphere. As far as whether your face is handsome or not, I think they’re just as qualified to judge as women.

    And less jealous than straight men, it looks like! So much hate against good looking guys here. Sam Diego comes off a little stupid, but why the hate? How do you feel about G Manifesto?

  • Prankeapple

    You guys are giving WAY too much credit to looks. Looks only matter in the sense that you can’t be a fatass and you need to have a good sense of style (two variables which are easily controllable).

    I bet most people on here don’t even go out and approach women on a consistent basis which is why there are so many delusional posts. The #1 thing that women go for is your overall ‘vibe’. If you are confident, badass, edgy, charismatic and well-calibrated you will blow out the vast majority of pussy dudes in the club who don’t have a dream of competing with you because they have no game.

    When I go out at the start of the night, I might get a girl here or there checking me out. After I build up a lot of social momentum, make out with a few random girls, get some numbers and start having a great time, the IOIs/AIs come FLOODING in. Does my facial symmetry change over the course of the 2 hours I build up my state? Fuck no. The only thing that changes is my vibe.

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  • Dippz

    @ 128 AJ:

    “Most PUA gurus will tell you that:
    1) Status/Fame
    2) Money/Wealth
    3) Good Looks/ Height

    Thing is, you always have to look at where the author of the message is coming from, what motive, what background does he have? The human mind is an extrodinary talent when it comes to fabricating coping mechanisms to justify your deeds, fill in your blanks.

    The above quoted list is not in order of importance. It is listed in order of what can be achieved best if starting from scratch, and correlating to that in order of what the author is being capable of generating the most of.

    I’m a pretty face myself, always have been, always have been told so. Did let lots of opportunities pass, it’s ok though, got my fair share and I just wasn’t ready at the time. I’m very aware of me and my surroundings, constantly trying to better my tone of voice, gesture, body language, eye contact. Gonna start working out seriously, because I want to be the best me that I can be. And so should you. No excuses, no looking left and right.

    Start with yourself. You’ a dancer? Dance! You’ a sweet-talker? Talk? You’ none of the above? Buy mmo subscription…(srs).

    Just don’t try and feel better than other ppl all the time. They’re not the ones stroking their tip on these lonely winter nights.

  • Ari

    It’s not ‘game over’ for lesser lookers yet. He can improve his wardrobe and humor. Work on a better body. Or even better…be an engineer. That’ll get you laid by goldigging blondes! :)

    My game runs on a blend of shameless self promotion, being a super dick, being more vain than the girl I’m seeing thus making her mad insecure and by being smarter than her. Never date a chick who thinks she’s Hillary Clinton in the head and Pam Anderson in bed.

  • Deb

    vagina hole

    fuck it

  • TheSin

    You are totally wrong. He will be much better in Europe.

    Well I had read your forum several months ago about Poland and how all your guys were saying how difficult it was getting SNL in Poland.

    First night I went out, tried to follow your and other guys tactics all failed. Then next day I read forum again, and I followed a advice by a guy who has been banned, and you guys made fun of him.

    The next 2 nights I got 2 SNLs. And advice was: Just go to club and stand there.

    In america I used to get such approaches, or more direct by women, but in Poland it was like 3X more.

  • home remedy for carpal tunnelCarpal Tunnel Syndrome – Do You Have It?

    This is a topic which is close to my heart.
    .. Thank you! Exactly where are your contact details though?

  • Joe

    I am black and am/was told that I like nice. However I have been unlucky with women all of my life. I have not had a woman in years. Iwill say this, looks mean nothing to women. It’s all about money. Also a below average white male will always get more attention that the best looking black guy from All women. That is a fact. Where I live women of all ethnic backgrounds pretty much ignore me. I mean they literally act as if I don’t exist. It is a very dehumanizing experience but that is how it is in america, especially the deep south for men like me. If you are white and you have some money, you’ve got it made in a lot of places. That is the truth.

    As for me. I have given up on american women. I have also given up on america and am trying to immigrate out of this shitty place. i have received a little bit more respect abroad and it is there where I wish to make my life. A man can only take so much abuse before he realizes where he is not wanted.

  • Anonymous

    Does your friend have a number? Hehe! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Is your hot friend as hot as Sean O’Pry? Sean is a babe. I would do anything for Sean.

  • Girth Rodash

    You say ”i have received a little bit more respect abroad”

    It would be interesting if you tell us where you have got some respect.

    Also, I have never lived in the US, and I hope I never have to, so I can judge your situation, however it seems to me you need to work on your self esteem a lil’ bit. Let me know if I’m wrong. (BTW,I’m black, I consider myself a 6 and I can say I have had relative success in Europe)

  • IndianFred

    I am 5’5, Indian and westerninsed( born in Australia). it is impossible as fuck to get laid for guys like us and reading about this would hae ben a hit to my self esteem had i not built it up . I have accepted that guys in my position cannot get laid, even Indain women look at me with disgust even though I am rich and buff. I just have an ugly face and am 5’5 and that kills attraction tonnes. Even fat chicks won’t have sex with me. Believe me, I have tried game for 2 years. Even roosh V, complaining about his loks…the guy is 6’2 for god sakes, he has no need to complain.

  • joemomma35

    @ Seattle (66)

    This describes me so well that I thought I might have been the one who wrote it. I definitely learned a lot about women when I read the game by Neil Strauss. I way overdid the disinterest though, like I think a lot of guys learning did. I also started thinking that girls always had to be attracted in steps like that mystery model, even when they would give me obvious as hell signals to keep plowing. In fact, watching a video of mystery later highlighted this, I forget where I saw it on the ‘manosphere’ but he was getting obvious IOIs from women, and he would still run his fucking routines. Can’t hate though, he really did start it all.

    My appearance has improved big time since I read The Game years ago, both my clothes and body. These days, unless a girl is exceptionally hot I barely have to play disinterested, or else I just scare girls away. Right now for me, attracting girls has become a breeze though sealing the deal can be a mixed bag..mostly because I usually can’t bring girls back to my house. Right now I’m really starting to work on my cold approach skills..the goal is to be able to get pussy on demand, especially for when I move out in a few months.

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  • roxana

    Actually, good looks are most appreciated in Easter Europe, as men there
    are rather ugly (don’t care about their looks). It’s just that women
    want foreigners so they can get out of those countries. So they/we don’t
    care how you look or even what you think. If you are american, trust
    me, you already are probably better looking, smarter, and definitely
    have more money than the average misogynist here 😀 sorry, but it’s the

  • Steve

    Pick up “gurus” need to sell their advice to men who aren’t physically attractive. That is the majority and they are the people trying to get advice picking up girls. Of course they’re going to say that good looks aren’t that important: they’re trying to profit off of suckers.

    Also, alpha fucks/beta bucks

    Women want to have sex with good looking guys and settle down with providers who will support them.

  • nathan bedford

    or maybe you’re just an ugly negroe. stop pulling the race card for stupid bullshit, fuck head.

  • nathan bedford

    and they suck at all that shit, so maybe they should get back in the kitchen instead of pretending they have a penis.

  • nathan bedford

    if you think russian men are ugly, then you’ve never seen a shit-colored wetback.

  • Sean

    What a terrible thing to say. Good looks don’t guarantee you women in America. As a black dude, Joe would be much more appreciated overseas such as Europe, Australia and Japan. It’s no secret that many good looking men don’t do well with women in America so I don’t totally agree with Roosh’s article.

  • CB

    San Diego?

  • nathan bedford

    or maybe he can try africa!

  • Michael Formless Form Goins

    So yet you’re saying don’t pull the race card but at the same time being racist??!!? Joe is right! I’ve had plenty of women in my life but my white friends don’t have to work as nearly as hard as me. Girls are worried about what others think on a constant. If I dated a white woman white guys like you would trip and she hear about it. True story…and the story of my life

  • Michael Formless Form Goins

    Agreed, but It’s getting old.

  • Michael Formless Form Goins

    Now I didn’t have it that easy but I do understand your point of view. The older I’ve gotten the more shit they want to put me through, or maybe I’ve just gotten complacent.

  • Michael Formless Form Goins

    Lol hot girls will try to talk to you when they bring someone else. They do it to make him jealous. Been down that road, its a bunch of bullshit.

  • Michael Formless Form Goins

    Lmao that was funny

  • Bidi Biderman
  • NOVA

    I pray rats eat your testicles and bats gouge your eyes. You are pond scum.

  • NOVA

    Men always try to get the prettiest girl in the room. The reason men get shot down is because they are not realistic about who they are. If you are who you say you are and approached a good, decent black woman with a nice job and good family, I doubt you would be rejected. But that isn’t what you are doing, is it?

  • NOVA

    die motherfucker, die

  • rooshgetalife

    This article is such bull@#$$. You got some imagination. But curious, you ever get tired of manipulating desperate men then giving them false hopes? another one, do you sometimes look in the mirror and hate yourself? with the moral values high in this society I doubt you can sleep well at night.

  • Pip

    The race thing exists. It’s definitely does. All of you white men have it abundantly better than a lot of other races. In my experience (notice I don’t say everywhere and that it is a definite truth), I have seen many Far Eastern, Indian and Black men get shot down from women of all races for no real reason by women I call ‘friends’. After I asked them, they simply said ‘I don’t like Asian/Black/Indian guys’

    It might be a grass is greener thing, but unless you have a lot of money or are ridiculously good looking – the average Asian/Indian guy is worse off than any white guy in any day. Just look at the Multi racial couples. Mostly white guys and

  • BigBoinkaMoFo

    If you were a hot chick, would you run game on, or date yourself? Discuss.

  • Jake Carson

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    some of “Don’s Scenes” from his productions of his classic hits “Tales
    From Kutcharitaville”. You know that Rickles and Johnny Carson together
    produced those comedy hits about their friend “Mr. Kutchie Pelaez” and
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    We Cried Watching Those Funny Movies. “The Tales From Kutcharitaville”, I
    Think That They May Still Be Available In A Boxed Set. Maybe Try Looking On Amazon.

  • Christian Smith

    I know what you mean I fucking hate when women do this , and than they go and spread this bullshit to. All the women around them making it harder to get chicks

  • Daniel

    Lmao “she will be my future ex-wife”. Im a gold digging handsome mother fucker too. Fuck, if the girls can do why cant we. I bull-shitted my way through college and barely graduate, now im dating my future x-wife; a 3rd year Med school student. Im a 8-9ish and shes a 4, maybe. I sound like the biggest dick, but Im planning on milking these looks for as long as I can.

  • R bere

    Then date black women. Leave the whites alone.

  • TheHusband

    Too bad most white men are ugly though, so they themselves would have trouble dating attractive women.

  • karan

    I hate the good looking guys who laugh at the average guy who didn’t got a women.
    In this I am the average guy and my brother and my roomate is that good looking guy who laughs at me because i got no looks.

  • maría josé suárez

    I would not think this about you, I would like you very much and would actually feel flattered but intimidated *blush,blush*

  • monkeystuff

    I dont know whr you get this assumption figuring most attractive men and women are white. Please google golden ratio and phi in the face. Or maybe you a ratchet white chick who only gets hit on Mexicans and Blacks which would explain the hate.

  • atpcliff

    Black guys are in high demand by Japanese women….it really, really helps to speak at least basic Japanese, though. Also, The South is pretty crap. There are places in the US that are MUCH, MUCH better…my suggestion is the Pacific Northwest. Canada is also TONNES better than the US…I recommend Vancouver and Toronto…Calgary and Edmonton aren’t bad, either (Edmonton is cold, though).

  • atpcliff

    Africa is not so great for black guys, in my opinion, unless they have a LOT of money, or they are really attractive…Japan is much better..and I can see how Australia would be too…Australia is amazingly multicultural…I go there all the time and basically haven’t met anyone there from Australia!

  • atpcliff

    This is modern day. Everyone should feel free to date anyone else. If this idea bothers you, then work on improving yourself…the world is getting smaller and smaller and more and more multicultural…you will be better off adapting to it than fighting it.

  • atpcliff

    This is true. It is lucky if you are white…

  • atpcliff

    If you are focused on chasing money, you won’t be happy. No matter how much money you have, all you will want is more…all your life will be filled with wanting something you don’t have…MORE!

  • atpcliff

    Women are brilliant at many careers….and the way we are modernizing, the careers highest in demand are mostly the ones that women are great at. namaste

  • atpcliff

    I think most of what you mean is money. To be “well dressed” means you have to have a lot of money to spend on clothes. If you don’t have a lot, then no matter what clothes you buy, they won’t be “stylish”.

  • atpcliff

    I have met a lot of Mexicans. I don’t know any that are squat or hairy. I also know that a lot of illegal immigrants are paying a lot of taxes, and helping their local economies by spending the money that they make in jobs that White Americans won’t take, because the wages are too low for the work that is required.

    I also know of a lot of Rich, White, Republicans that make a TONNE of money by employing illegal aliens, AND illegal Mexicans. I also know a lot of people, including me, that really benefit from illegal aliens at the grocery stores in America, as their illegal labour keeps the costs of our fruits, vegetables, meats, and foods of all kinds artificially low…lower than they would cost if legal Americans did the work.

  • atpcliff

    I’m a socialist (and Libertarian), and want smaller government and WAY less authoriatarianism.

  • atpcliff

    You must only be looking at young girls. Girls who have a little experience see right through the bullshit in the US. They want money AND looks.

  • atpcliff

    To find a wife????

  • Chris

    Shut the fuck up u little keyboard bandit…id like to see u say it to his or my face ( so I could make u eat your teeth.) Nothing like a a real world miscreant coward who shows up in the message boards and is now liberated to say racial, demeaning things to strangers because life has treated you bad. Boohoo. Grow the fuck up u sophomoric imbecile.

  • Ranjita

    hereon Hot and Sexy Hot Female Models are available on this .

  • Vincent Rome

    I have a good looking face very handsome medium built 5’9…Confidence is key… I dont have a job and live with mom and dad at age 35….I feel like I cant approach hot women because don’t earn a fat check? part of my confidence is there but deep inside its superficial

  • bear

    I would agree. Genetics has given me good looks. I have been told this by many women. On top of that I have always kept myself physically fit. When I was chasing tail, it was very easy for me to get what I wanted while buddies of mine would have to work much harder. It was not uncommon for a first date to end with the girl jumping me and becoming very sexually aggressive. It was like having fruit fall into my hand. Being single was fun and very easy but ultimately I wanted something more. I was blessed to have found it with a woman that stands in marked contrast to the bulk of what is out there.

  • jjjj

    I’m a “gorgeous” Asian guy (like the tall, pretty type) and it has zero benefit to me in the long run. It’s actually depressing since so many Asian guys are short and squat.

  • SkinnyDom

    No asian guys are gorgeous. sorry

  • SkinnyDom

    At 5’9 you cannot be good looking

  • SkinnyDom

    eastern european men are some of the best looking on the planet

  • orange70383 .

    Before I got married I had a good many years of fun. I’ve been told I’m extremely attractive, and constantly women would stare, flirt and even walk up and just hand me their number. At my peak I’d be somewhere like for instance at a concert and I’d see a group of hot chicks walking, I’d just go up to one, not say a word and start making out with her. I was in line for an oil change once and a girl in the car behind me got out, walked up and got in my car and we just started going at it. Oh it was good times, then I got married, twice.

  • Bogdan

    My dear friend. I am one of them and I am the most unsuccessful man I ever knew. Shall I let you know that my IQ is over 120? Guess what, having these things are useless for me. It’s something about my social skills that is really not at it’s place, self confidence and self esteem. Was laughing when I saw this article. Extrapolating from “one friend” of yours to an entire population such a characteristic it’s too much!

  • gandagan
  • Say what

    I notice this about an old school friend of mine. I have to try anything, he can go up to any woman and score. Never seen a man smoother than him

  • michael145

    Just came across this article. I would have to disagree on one thing though. In other countries women love American guys. If you are American, and good looking, they are crazy about you. Hell, even in the US foreign girls are easier to pick up than American girls.

  • Looks_Do_Not_Help

    Here is my problem with this:
    I am the most beautiful man encountered for thousands of miles. I say this because of all of my travel and experiences with individuals who say this to me. I get NO women. Ever. It is almost impossible for me to pull a number. I intimidate women to the point where they do not trust me for even 2 seconds. I have better skin, hair, eyelashes, etc. than most female models. They hate me. I have not kissed a girl in years. Not for a lack of trying. But it really seems to me the the factors that trump looks by a landslide is “physical maturity” (I am 33 and still look 19) and possessions. I have met quite a few not-so-good-looking men that get way more attention without trying because they appear to have have a lot of things and/or they look older.

  • Mosby

    I have similar friend. They throw themselves at him. He’s not chiseled, GQ, but solid 6ft, dark hair and infectious smile. He tales his pick.

    Now, that said, he’s still got solid game and red pill mindset, which means he doesn’t screw it up…. like my other good looking friend who radiates neediness within 5 mins. He routinely fails.

    Me, I’m not ugly, but they’re not putting me on posters for the walls of teenage girls (which is where the looks obsession starts, compounded by the Internet…. Which the other guy I knew in Dubai didn’t have the height or bulk, but the boy band cuteness in spades. He did very well there, so it had to do with early implanting of visual definitions of attractive.)

    I have to work for it and very high standards mean long dry spells punctuated by 7-9s who are more intellectual and attract to my travels and smarts.

    So yes, in the U.S. looks grease the skids in a major way.

    But after the first 5 mins you’re on your own if you can’t close.

  • brain

    utter rubbish you need game, ive done modelling, but I have aspergers meaning no game or confidence, I get a lot o looks but always ail because of my disability, handsome men need the things all men need, if you don’t have it your in for a frustrating life watching others pull the girls that liked you but rejected you because your game was so bad ! literally will never have a date or girlfriend !!!!!

  • Rick

    I think if the guy is white, tall, and has a nice looking face, he has no problems. I’m short, east asian, but I’ve been told I have a nice looking face and I have zero luck. I do get noticed but, majority of them are just average looking women. Real hot women aren’t as desperate because I’m too short. I wish I was tall.

  • Wilpo

    Lol, it is not easy for good looking men. Often times in our careers we get abused by insecure superiors and or bosses. I was constantly harassed during my time in the military from my superiors. It made them feel good to know they controlled a fit, healthy, strong soldier’s life in their hands. If anything, it is the OTHER way around. Good looking men must work TWICE as hard to be taken seriously. For women however I believe it is much easier, and good looking women in GENERAL are handed the easy cards in life.

  • Mayor McCheese

    You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. When you have to work for living and are better looking than other men, you get treated you like crap. It can also hinder success as I found out the hard way. I never even thought I was that good looking until I started to realize why I was getting screwed.

  • Timothy Dannenhoffer

    They’d be smart to only accept a lower standard of living AFTER we prohibit anyone from being worth more than a few million dollars.

  • Jordan Lewis

    Agreed. I am Movie Star good-looking so in the short term I can get a lot of women, but it’s been very hard for me to keep any girl, no matter their looks.

  • Jordan Lewis

    no. I think he means more like George Clooney.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Why would we prohibit people from making a lot of money that’s just uamerican what’s wrong with u man.

  • Timothy Dannenhoffer

    The previous commenter said that Americans will have to get use to a lower standard of living. I pointed out that Americans would be fucking idiots to accept that without the very rich being kneecapped considerably first. I stand by that. Only an idiot country would accept Third World status for 99% with extremely wealthy people not paying their fair share.