Your Life Will Always Be Full Of Struggle

There is work you are doing right now to reach certain goals or improve your standard of living, but even if you succeed on those efforts, the satisfaction that results will not be sustained. There may be moments of satisfaction, especially right after a notable achievement, but then you will return to unsatisfaction and commence a new struggle. This process will repeat until you die, meaning life will never get easier.

Achieving a higher level in life simply unveils a new level that you didn’t notice before. For example, when you don’t get laid, you think all that matters is getting laid, but once that begins to happen, you then want to get laid with a certain quality. The difficulty it took for you to get laid at all will be much less than the difficulty it takes to lay your dream girl. The amount of labor and struggle you are required to put into getting laid, whether you’re hitting clubs every night or maintaining a serious relationship, will therefore not decrease. The same happens with money. An amount that would have satisfied you today will soon not be enough. The struggle you put forth to make your first $100,000 will be as intense as the march towards your first million.

Accomplishment increase your standards, but standards are easily adaptable, creating a spiral staircase of accomplishment and adaptation. A girl that you would make love to five years ago is one you wouldn’t notice today. A payday that would have caused you to celebrate in the past is now pocket change. Therefore the amount of effort you put into your goals never decreases. Relaxation remains elusive. You will enjoy a new state of achievement for a short time before your brain pushes you to tackle something harder that requires even more labor. Step by step you climb to loftier heights of life’s ladder, but each additional step takes the work of the two that preceded it.

Get rid of the notion that you will ever arrive. Forget about wanting to work less. Things will only get harder because each additional success you experience will push you into an elite standard that requires even more skills and labor. You will have to learn more, experiment more, and fail more. The goal you are working on today will eventually lead to an even harder goal, and this process will be repeated throughout your life unless you drop out of all races entirely.

Some men keep their standards stable, but I know of very few who can do so. Perhaps it’s the flaw of man to have a stubborn desire to look upwards at what more he can attain, and that, I’m afraid, will require much more of you tomorrow than what you are doing today. The nature of man dictates that there is little room for satisfaction and comfort in his life.

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