WARNING: The following article contains graphic depictions of degenerate sexual behavior.

At a time in my life when I was attacking homosexuals for their degenerate fornication lifestyle, I was participating in a degenerate fornication lifestyle. Outside of the difference that they had sex with men and I had sex with women, our lifestyles, moral outlook, and approach to intimacy were almost identical. I may not have been a homosexual by definition, but I was a homosexual in spirit.

Here are 15 ways that a heterosexual fornicator acts the same as a homosexual…

1. They fornicate late at night under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Both the straight and gay man undergo the same fornication ritual at night: they congregate in dark rooms within a big city and warm themselves up by taking alcohol or other drugs. All potential sexual prospects for the night are plied with drink or pills to get them in a heightened state of lust, and then at the peak moment of attraction, an attempt is made to move to a private bedroom (or bathroom) to complete a sex act. If you’re an active fornicator, I can just about guarantee that you have never slept with a woman for the first time without the aid of a psychoactive substance.

2. They’re obsessed with holes

Both homo and hetero can’t get their minds off holes. Every day, they fantasize about how a mouth, vagina, or anus located somewhere in meat-space can give them an orgasm. These holes, they believe, will save them from a meaningless existence, but the pursuit of holes only makes life more meaningless.

3. They’re obsessed with having big muscles

They only way to guarantee access to sex is to be attractive, so both gay and straight have active gym memberships where they pay money to perform the manual labor of lifting things up and down. They do useless work to build huge muscles that act as a tailored suit in order to get a little more attention than a guy wearing an off-the-rack suit. The fornicators spend dozens of hours a month—if not each week—working out in the gym for muscle growth that only gets used inside the gym, but which aids their ability to fornicate. It would be the same as building a car to run only on a dynometer but not on a real road.

4. They groom as much as women

To maximize attraction, everything about their look has to be perfect. Hair has to be trendy and well-coiffed. Clothing most be modern and fitted, but not formulaic. And then there’s the manscaping. Back hair and excessive chest hair must go. Beards and even eyebrows must be carefully sculpted. I hear that some gay men now wear makeup, which means that straight men may soon start doing it as well. If you don’t look in the mirror and think “I’m an ugly dude heh” then you may be a homosexual or acting like one.

5. They rack up dozens or hundreds of sexual partners

While the homosexual racks up innumerable partners with ease, don’t underestimate the ability of an average-looking heterosexual man to do the same through third-world travel, prostitution, and dumpster diving. I’ve known many straight men with hundreds of notches who believe they’re one sexual encounter away from meeting the perfect women when they’re lifestyle actually precludes that from ever happening. For both gay and straight, the weekend is nothing more than an anxious whirlwind of trying to secure fornication so that on Monday they can say they had a good weekend.

6. They’re obsessed with anal sex

Straight men have relayed to me the sordid details of their anal encounters and how it made them feel “powerful” or “dominant.” The only way they could have come to this conclusion is through the brain-rotting effects of pornography. Anal porn is pushed onto everyone and unfortunately many straight men have fallen for the anal meme.

7. They prize sex without protection

When you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you tend to lose control of your will, and even if not, homosexuals love the “bareback” feeling. Heterosexual men are no different in preferring to do it “raw.” The ones who say they “always use condoms” are not being honest, because once you hear details of their sexual encounters, you’ll realize that they use condoms only when a woman forces them to, or when one puts out severe warning signs like having a facial tattoo, but even then, many men hope they can fornicate without protection.

Both types of men will fornicate with a stranger without doing any type of vetting, exposing themselves to all sorts of diseases, and yet freak out if they’re dining in a restaurant and find a hair in their food.

8. They have sex with partners they have no feelings for

Fornicators look at other human beings as just a potential orgasm, as a way to take away the pain of a life that is out of communion with their Creator. Many times I would dance like a monkey for a girl I didn’t like, to entertain her and maintain her attraction, just so I can sin with her. I have been a complete fake to innumerable women by exaggerating my strengths, omitting my weaknesses, and sometimes resorting to blatant lies about my career, background, or intentions. Through fornication, both gay and straight stop viewing human beings as human but as vessels to a sex act that is barely more intimate than masturbation, and any means will justify that end.

9. They think sex makes them happy

All fornicators believe that sex is making them happy when it’s really doing the opposite. They focus on the bodily pleasure without looking at the immense emotional costs of malaise, depression, guilt, and anger, which seep into every area of their lives. The more sexual partners a man has, the angrier he is, but is too blind to see that that anger is caused by his own sexual behavior.

10. They’ve sterilized the reproductive act

We already know that gays don’t care about reproduction, and must instead convert other people’s children into their lifestyle, but the same goes for most straight fornicators. I’ve lost count how many men I’ve had to counsel through a pregnancy scare. They feel like their whole life is about to fall apart because they may have accidentally impregnated a woman—the horror! How could a baby interrupt my carnal fun?! Oh it’s no big deal, you can just convince her to kill it, to destroy the inconvenience on your quest to surpass the conquests of even Casanova at his peak. Truth is if you’re not ready to be a parent, you shouldn’t be having sex.

11. They insist on living in big, expensive cities to improve their access to sex partners

Fornicators would never consider living in the mountains or on a cozy farm with chickens and goats, because then how would they meet enough people to gain a coveted “sex life”? The bigger the city, the better, because it gives them more selection of sex partners and also a higher chance of sleeping with someone who is “hot.”

The only acceptable life for a fornicator is one near other people who have the same disorder as him. If he happened to be living in a rural town, he may not fornicate for a long time, and that would make life not worth living.

12. They don’t believe it’s immoral to fornicate

Both gay and straight have no moral qualms about using other people for sexual gain. They bought the Satanic conclusions of the sexual revolution and insist on ignoring their conscience, which is easy to do with all the substances that must be taken to participate in casual sex, but the Gospel is written on our hearts, and the act of fornication will eventually catch up with them. If they continue to ignore their conscience, they will approach the point of such hard-heartedness that their souls may be forever condemned.

13. They believe that fornication is the main source of their “confidence”

Confidence is a variant of pride, and pride is a deadly sin that separates you from God, so of course it’s one of the first things you develop as you become accomplished in fornication. Confidence and self-love have become false gods in the West. If only I could have a really high opinion of myself that has no metaphysical basis, then I will really be happy! You are sick with delusion if you believe that your ability to fornicate somehow makes you more important, skilled, or accomplished. If God’s only begotten Son, with divine powers we cannot even begin to comprehend, was more humble than you, what does that really say about your “confidence”?

14. They didn’t read the instruction manual of the human body

A human mouth is not a place to put a penis. An anus is not a place to put a penis. When you’re addicted to gaining physical pleasure, you have to get creative in vile and disease-causing ways just for a little extra shot of pleasure.

15. They throw temper tantrums when they can’t secure sex

If a gay or straight loses their preferred sexual partner for the night, get ready for an epic temper tantrum. He will get obnoxiously drunk, start a scene, or simply obstruct his fornicator friends. The most “confident” and “masculine” of fornicators act like children when the partner they thought was secured for the night slips through their grasp. Not only do fornicators have no self-control over their body but also their emotions.


A society of homosexual fornicators, flaunting their behavior in public, can’t be achieved without first having a society of heterosexual fornicators. Both go hand in hand to divide and destroy both sexes while preventing the creation of families. More severely, fornication separates you from God and destroys your soul, one casual hook-up at a time. It pains me to think of how deceived I was to partake in this evil for so long.

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  1. Alx July 30, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    Fun Fact: the guy and 2 girls on the first photo are all from Novi Sad:)

    1. cczzz August 3, 2020 at 6:15 am

      even Serbia , is now multi kulti ..

  2. Çatal Höyük September 12, 2020 at 4:25 am

    Yes. If Christians want to criticizes homosexual act that should apply the same standard to fornicating, pedophilia and pornography viewing as well.

  3. Çatal Höyük September 12, 2020 at 8:43 pm

    What is your religion anyway but a morality play in which you try to be a little better than the person down the street?