1. The central bank of Central Banks controls most of the world financial system [Link]

2. The story of Siamese twins who did not get the same illnesses [Link]

3. The institutionalization of social autism in South Korea [Link]

4. Jews are increasingly using psychedelics and other drugs for spiritual experiences and to heal from “generations of displacement, state violence, aggression, and antisemitism” [Link]

5. How the 1993 Movie “Demolition Man” Perfectly Predicted (and Ridiculed) Today’s Society [Link]

6. Development of a new, multipolar world order [Link]

7. The historian whose life was ruined because he spoke the truth of World War 2 [Link]

8. “The people in power want a Great Reset, but what we are going to give them instead is a Great Restoration” [Link]

9. “We have been so hopelessly dehumanized that for today’s modest ration of food we are willing to abandon all our principles, our souls, and all the efforts of our predecessors and all opportunities for our descendants.” [Link]

10. “In the NFT community, we are witnessing the logical conclusion of a generation that is so alienated, so profoundly unfulfilled, that they are considering abandoning the physical world altogether. At least the metaverse is something new–maybe somewhere they can be rich, or important.” [Link]

11. Viruses have never been truly isolated [Link]

12. “[San Francisco] is carrying out a bizarre medical experiment whereby addicts are given everything they need to maintain their addiction—cash, hot meals, shelter—in exchange for . . . almost nothing.” [Link]

13. The United States is is trying to become the landlord monopoly class of the entire world [Link]

14. The Great Russian Restoration [Link]

15. How the Rockefellers took over medicine by pushing vaccines and other dangerous drugs [Link]

16. “…the petrodollar system was incredibly beneficial for (a) commercial banks, (b) arms manufacturers, (c) real estate owners, and (d) stockholders.” [Link]

17. The Intelligence Branch in the United States acts as an independent government free of supervision and constraint [Link]

18. A mother’s attempt to save her adult child from drug addiction [Link]

19. “…the collective West is now a totalitarian and aggressively anti-religious power-block that seeks to export its anti-Christian and anti-human ideology onto the rest of the world.”

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