1. “I do not experience misfortune, because misfortune happens when a person seeks his own desires.” [Link]

2. The Cosmic Significance of Tsar Nicholas II [Link]

3. “Without fail, sodomy brings death to the body and destruction to the soul.” [Link]

4. “If people do not think about death, they are living outside of reality.” [Link]

5. Vladimir Soloviev’s “A Short Story of the Anti-Christ” (Full Text) [Link]

6. The Quest for Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Unity [Link]

7. “Despair is not for a Christian. Despair is only for a man who is attached to the material.” [Link]

8. Live Not By Lies [Link]

9. Sinful Dreams and Spiritual Warfare [Link]

10. “God justly punishes us by the same means that we use to sin against Him.” [Link]

11. Why Won’t Orthodox Bishops Fight for California? [Link]

12. The Orthodox view of creation [Link]

13. Orthodox priest: masks should be forbidden in church [Link]

14. How should we react to doubts about our faith? [Link]

15. We have something to thank God for every minute [Link]

16. Taking responsibility for your life [Link]

17. Spiritual deception is common [Link]

18. “Sickness and poverty humble a man to the finish.” [Link]

19. How did Christians respond to leftist terrorism in the past? [Link]

20. The demons will try to take you when you die [Link]

21. In God we no longer trust [Link]

22. 8 spirits of evil [Link]

23. How individuals and nations become demonically possessed [Link]

24. We should be thankful for 2020 [Link]

25. 2020: The Best Year of Our Lives [Link]

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Originally posted on RooshV.com

22. 8 spirits of evil [Link]

Thank you for sharing. Learned more about the Orthodox Church and saints after reading the article:

November 26 is a date well known for many of us, since on this day the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast day of St. John Chrysostom. But a day earlier, on November 25, the church calendar marks the commemoration day of the disciple of St. John - the Venerable Nilus the Faster (Sinai), whose work "On the Eight Spirits of Evil" was included in the famous ascetic collection "Philokalia"

Found a nice source for parables too:

Since the time of the primitive Christian Church, a story told by Jesus Christ as an illustration of His teaching has been called a parable (in Greek, "parabole"). At the root of the Greek word " https://stjohndc.org/en/orthodoxy-foundation/gospel-parable

Appreciate the artist and artwork included.
The article presented artwork attributed (and has been disputed too) to Hieronymus Bosch.

Bosch is an interesting artist to study; along side to the religion during his time.
Hieronymus Bosch was a Christian.
good thing from college liberal arts requirements: art history. Not like now a days.

"Hieronymus Bosch is a canonized figure in art history for his religious and allegorical panel paintings populated with grotesque creatures and nightmarish scenes. Bosch’s macabre imagery is often interpreted as a visual translation of metaphors found in the Bible with the intent of instilling moralizing Christian principles in the viewer. link

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Really enjoying these Roosh, keep 'em coming! :like:

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These are great articles. I'll read them all for my morning reading. Thank you.

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