1. Do Muslims go to heaven? [Link]

2. Dabbling in occultism ruins your mental health [Link]

3. “We were happy in prison…” [Link]

4. “…meekness and humility do not mean spinelessness and should not yield before manifest evil, and that a true Christian should be far from sugar-sweet sentimentality and should not step away in the face of evil…” [Link]

5. The Lives of Saints Cyprian and Justina [Link]

6. Are Protestants Beyond Hope? [Link]

7. “The Lord gives pure prayer to him who, eschewing laziness, prays much and regularly in his own manner, even if it is marred by inattention.” [Link]

8. “Orthodox Christians honor the Theotokos Mary more than all the saints and angels of heaven…” [Link]

9. Self-pity corrupts everything we do [Link]

10. “God gave us the sacrament of marriage as a gift that allows us to attain eternal life through service to and love of another person” [Link]

11. The Theotokos Prayer Rule [Link]

12. “The Apostle Paul counsels us to flee from sexual immorality. Do you hear? Don’t even fight with it—but flee from it!” [Link]

13. “Yoga is beneath [the] umbrella of Hinduism, and in many ways is the pole of the umbrella. It acts as a missionary arm for Hinduism and the New Age outside of India.” [Link]

14. The nature of dreams corresponds to the person’s spiritual state [Link]

15. The Pharisee speaks madness in his prayer as he stands before God in the temple [Link]

16. “They were willing to face even death to uphold their conscience before God” [Link]

17. “…the entire structure of contemporary life in the so-called ‘free’ world, where there is no open and bloody persecution of faith, where everyone has the right to believe as he wishes, represents a far greater danger to a Christian’s soul by drawing the Christian wholly down to earth and making him forget heaven” [Link]

18. “To fantasize about a person is to fail to see the person as a person. Just as in pornography, it is to objectify, to fail to relate, to fail to love…” [Link]

19. How God Punishes Nations for Fornication for Many Generations [Link]

20. “The Russian nation in its present capacity, and hopefully, ever more so in the future, is a living reproach for the modern West because we have regained what we once lost while they lost what they once had” [Link]

21. The German who went to Rostov and became a Russian Saint [Link]

22. “True light is rejected because it causes a painful exposure of the true state of humanity and persons” [Link]

23. How life continues after death [Link]

24. Christianity is a Kingdom, Not a Religion [Link]

25. How to read the Bible [Link]

26. “[The Orthodox Church] may be the only church which attracts and holds men in numbers equal to women” [Link]

27. WW1 Ukrainian Priest, Murdered by Austrian Catholics, Made a Saint by Russia [Link]

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