1. “No Christian should be a merchant.” [Link]

2. “The family peered attentively at the barred windows and suddenly saw a hand there, blessing them with a priestly blessing.” [Link]

3. “Where God’s presence is not, where people do not have God before their eyes nor do they look to God, something else is at work — the presence of demons.” [Link]

4. “If someone says, ‘I love God’ and hates his brother, he is a liar.” [Link]

5. “The message of ‘repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand’ has been supplanted by the message of ‘let us build an earthly kingdom of well-being for all humanity.'” [Link]

6. The Church Will Never Alter Her Beliefs or Practices Out of Fear [Link]

7. What are the Christian rules of engagement for war and violence? [Link]

8. The world will perish when love dries up [Link]

9. “Hell is a democracy but Heaven is a Kingdom.” [Link]

10. How American Politics Destroys Orthodoxy [Link]

11. “A man who rejoices can instantly ascend to Heaven. But he who grieves, languishes, despairs, can neither pray nor remember Christ.” [Link]

12. How to eat food [Link]

13. It is Difficult to Find Christ [Link]

14. “What makes us Christians? Faith, we’ll say. No! The devils also believe, and tremble.”

15. What Should Christians Do About The Great Reset? [Link]

16. Will Orthodox priests resist against bishops who follow the secular authorities? [Link]

17. The Broken Covenant [Link]

18. Interview with a Ukrainian Catholic priest who converted to Orthodoxy [Link]

19. “Even the simplest of true Christians is wiser than the ‘wisest’ of this world because he has God for his teacher.” [Link]

20. Three monks in Russia were martyred by a Satanist who carved 666 into his weapon [Link]

21. “Turn me over, I’m done on this side.” [Link]

22. How To Use A Prayer Rope [Link]

23. A spirit of complaining leads to hatred against God [Link]

24. “You have everything you need! If you want to pray, go ahead and pray! If you want to go to church services, you’re free to go!” [Link]

25. The religious nature of secular life [Link]

26. “…the efforts and struggles that married people have to engage in for their salvation are greater than those of monastics.” [Link]

27. The Poison Of Pride [Link]

28. Examine your faith [Link]

29. A modern “fool for Christ” [Link]

30. The moral power of music [Link]

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