The next Q&A video answers questions that were directed to me specifically. After you watch the video, scroll down below to see bonus text answers.

Here’s the index so you can jump around:

“I’m curious, in say, 50 or so years, how do you want to be remembered? For your game work? Or the push against the narrative pushed by the elite?” (INSIDE U O M)

“I also notice that you have more posts which hint that you’re more open to fatherhood and settling down. How realistic is this for you now? Do you think your writing over the last decade in regards to game, sex and women is a barrier to settling with a good woman and having a family?” (INSUIDE U O M)

“Do you regret using your real name?” (EVIGT REGN)

“If you do not marry and have children, how will you spend your remaining years?” (LAGUNA BEACH FOGEY)

“After the DC shitstorm, how are your mother and sister doing? Do they plan on staying in America or quite possibly relocating to Europe? How has their life’s change?” (KRATISTOS)

“What are your short term career plans(5+) years would you be interested in starting a podcast like Infowars, films that promote masculine values or a neomasculine magazine with short stories. How do you plan on moving the movement forward?” (KRATISTOS)

“When did you feel you made it as a PUA? Was there a specific instance where you felt all the theory coming together and it becoming easy for you to get laid?” (KRATISTOS)

“What does your mother think of ROK and your body of work?” (OCEAN SON)

“When in your 30’s did your chief pursuits change from slaying endless poosy to becoming a full-blown modern day masculinity sage / anti-SJW fighter?” (HUBERT CUMBERDALE)

“If you could go back in time what would you change? What was your biggest mistake? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” (RAASH)

“What is your greatest fear?” (ANDREA)

“What has been the biggest difficulties or most time consuming aspects of running your online projects, i.e. RVF, ROK?” (PHOENIX)

“What’s next with this whole movement you’ve started? How will you recruit more people to the cause?” (COMTE DE ST GERMAIN)

“How has worldwide infamy affected your day to day life especially in regards to women or something as simple as walking around in the street?” (COMTE DE ST GERMAIN)

“With your shift from romance to sociopolitics over the past couple years, do you feel the things you have said and done have made a positive difference in the world for men like yourself? If that sounds broad allow me to rephrase: do you think your recent writing and things you’ve said and done with your public-figure platform have been making a positive impact on society?” (GENERAL STALIN)

“When you reflect on the books you’ve written over the years, how do you feel writing has affected you and how much of a different person do you think you would be if you hadn’t written your books?” (FIGHTERSWORD)

“Who are the five males (either personally known or famous men) who have contributed the most to your views and current position in life today? What ideas, values or knowledge did each specifically contribute to you?” (GENERAL ZHUKOV)

“Why should men listen to you? And how much faith should they put in your words?” (TOM ARROW)

“What were you like before Roosh, before you became renown?” (VINCENT MENNITI)

“If your income didn’t depend on it, do you think the world was better before the internet?” (TEEDUB)

“Who are your favorite prose authors and your favorite poets?” (TOKYO JOE)

“Do you believe that we will live to see radical life extension?” (TYSK KILLE)

“What is your current relationship with a large contingent of the DC blog community that you socialised with back in your DCB days?” (HIPSTER STINK)

“What was your need of expose in public yourself like this ? Marketing ? Sell your books ? Because I saw that even you appeared in talk shows of eastern countries like Ukraine and Romania.” (JOSE LOPEZ)

“Return of Kings has many great, supportive articles for Republicans and Donald Trump. In which ways do they repay you for them, or is it fully non-profit and based only on internal beliefs?” (SENIOL)

“When can we expect your next book from your most successfull series Bang?” (SENIOL)

“Do you use any sort of beard oil/conditioner, and if so what brand?” (LUCKY)

“How do you react to those who are against you; those who are against your progress and your well being?” (SOUNDBYTE)

“Do you try to plan your life years ahead, or do you take it one day at a time?” (SOUNDBYTE)

“What can you say about how your compassion towards the Social Justice Warriors changed since they rose up against you?” (SOUNDBYTE)

“Have you thought about when your parents get elderly and they can’t look after themselves, Will you help with looking after them?” (ONETOUCH)

“Assume the global outrage over the tour and the meetups hadn’t happened, everything fine and without the media noticing – what would you have done afterwards?” (BENOIT)

“Do you browse 4chan’s /pol/?” (EDGY EDGELORD)

Bonus text answers

“In light of all that has happened, are you planning to get more involved in the culture war of the west (media/public appearances) or pursuing more EE/SA/Asia ventures and blogging from afar as you get older?” (MICKEYD)

I’ll be doing more blogging from afar. I rather be the idea man for young revolutionaries than the guy leading the charge on the battlefield. I want to focus on big ideas more than daily tactics.

“Will you ever do another tour, conference, or summit similar to last year?” (THE CITY BACHELOR)

Yes, possibly in 2017. Last year’s tour was tons of fun, especially being able to meet so many men in a short amount of time.

“Do you see yourself spending more time in the States/returning to live permanently in the future? And if so, why?” (NASCIMENTO)

I don’t plan on returning. There are lots of reasons, but the main one has become money. I can easily achieve my ideal lifestyle outside of the United States for a fraction of the cost. If I didn’t have family in the USA, I’d never come back, since it doesn’t have anything that I can’t find elsewhere.

“Do you ever get bits of food trapped in the hairs of your beard?” (CAGGYBEAR)

Yes, all the time. If I eat a meal with sauce or grease, like a cheeseburger, I pretty much have to take a shower afterwards to clean it.

“Given that you’re Europe-based, what is your plan regarding the inevitable future civil conflicts that will erupt in Europe? I.e. leave/stay, move further east, fight etc. ” (PHOENIX)

Unless I am rooted to the land and have an ideal survivalist setup, I’d probably leave to safer lands. If I have a family and home in Europe, I’d be more inclined to stay. My backup plan if I leave Europe is Colombia.

“Do you intend to grow ROK into a more active alternative news source, i.e. having reporters/correspondents as well as opinion pieces?” (PHOENIX)

No, it will not become a news site, because that’s a different ballgame. I want to stay focused on the gender issue and male improvement.

“What do you see as your next step(s) in life?” (YOSARRIANS RIGHT)

I’d like to make myself more resilient to media attacks, prepare for future world turbulence with more survivalist prepping, be on the lookout for a woman to possibly create a family with, and understand the “relationship game” knowledge that that would require.

“Does your fame or notoriety cause you to be recognized publicly in your day to day life. If so are they usually negative or positive experiences from haters or fans?” (JOSH BAR)

Haters never approach me alone. Either they yell from a distance or try to get a mob to confront me, like recently happened in the DNC. Getting recognized comes in spurts. It’s more common in the USA than Europe. It doesn’t happen enough that I’m tired of it.

“Would you ever seriously consider getting involved in politics in the US, in the next ten years?” (KAII)

No, because that would require me to live in the USA and re-enter an aspect of the rat race, though I’d consider it if Donald Trump calls me to serve in his administration.

“What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?” (DARIAN FREY)

I’d like to learn more about home improvement, wood working, carpentry, and gardening. I figure these skills will be easier to learn once I move out of the city. I’m ready to build my own castle.

“What are your long term writing goals? Dabbling a bit more in fiction or sticking primarily with non-fiction?” (2WYCKED)

Nothing in particular, but I will focus mostly on non-fiction. For ideas that are too dangerous, such as challenging the government, I will package them into fiction.

“Since the media outrage about the meet ups, has this exposure helped you to sell more books and being recognized by the girls in a sexual way?” (DR COTARD)

The increase in book sales and attention came in a wave and then went back down. For me to really take full advantage of exposure, I’d have to be in the middle of the news cycle regularly to constantly expose myself to mainstream audiences, similar to what Mike Cernovich is doing. That’s a job in itself.

“Since your newest book launch, have you experienced a renewed interest in your other books?” (DR COTARD)

Not too much since they’re so unrelated, but at least now I have an offering for men interested in more free speech and political issues than only game.

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  1. Hubert Cumberdale August 19, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    Oh, I didn’t even realize my question was answered until now. Thanks Roosh 😀

  2. MCGOO August 20, 2016 at 5:56 am

    In question #2 you mention groupies and Charles Manson. Just on a fluke, I searched Manson to find his age. He’s 81. Then I see he was a singer songwriter prior to the Lablanca/Tate incident. In ’67 he put out a few singles which I was never aware of. An album ‘Red Snake’ – the way of the wolf. Some pretty puzzling lyrics: ”the bugs are mad” . . ”a spider crawled up a guy’s nose and ate his brain”:

    What’s amazing is the cult following he garnered. He’s a study in cult leader game.

    Those girls show no bitchiness or hamstering. They’re in a perfectly feminine state and in a state of communion like harmony.

    So it seems women singing in group hymnal chorus fashion has the effect of taming the hamster. It unroughens the bitter. Kind of like adding sugar to straight cocoa powder. Mmm what a difference. I doubt the crazed screeching obtuse sjw’s ever tried singing. They were raised in day care by obese frothing lesbians who were too inhibited to sing, but they sure can scream like banshees. Females must be brought back to cosmic balance by developing their vocals & vibrato in their formative years.

    Also the PELVIC THRUST and the BELLY DANCE HIP SHIMMY is another skill that females sadly never learn in their forced public schooling. Michelle Obama had her chance with the school breakfast guidelines so now I eagerly await MELANIA’S overhaul of the girl’s school PE curriculum. To reduce the risk of girls succumbing to the obtusity and hambeastery of the previous generation of sjw’s, BELLY DANCING should be required course material for girls. (Ironman training and cases of protein powder should be readily available for all boys in school as well). Girls should have the option of majoring in PE and home-ec!! A typical girls PE class should look like this:

    The hips are extremely important to exercise for a woman to avoid the sjw spare tire. So much of a woman’s value lies in her mid section and it is imperative for women to tone and exercise every single muscle in the mid latitude regions.

    Trump must make sure the PE coaches are paid well. The beauty of OUR NATION is at stake for God’s sake.

    The sideways hip shimmy is Egyptian/Lebanese in origin but the front-to-back ‘pelvic thrust’ is a different move altogether that originated not in Egypt, but in the deepest darkest parts of central Africa. It is all the rage with Asian girls now. They’re doing it everywhere outside of their practical schooling and they still remain the homiest and wifiest women anywhere. In the streets they’ll break into a pelvic thrust. And the payoff is a neat slim waistline. Ever seen an sjw with a ‘pear’ shaped torseau with cellulite folds do this:

    Notice how the Asian girls try to dry hump each other? It’s a symbiotic communicating of the ‘phantom dick’ syndrome. They’re ready to mate but with no patriarch around, they literally begin humping the air. Better get in there boy before the globalists channel their energy into becoming debauched wretched sjw’s. The ‘dry humping’ is a sign that they want to get married pretty durn quick. Screw the sociology degree. It’s time to become a mama. If obese white western women need anything African it would definately be a pelvic thrust regimin practiced at least 1000x a day! Hump the air and burn away that waist. Tradition. June Cleaver. Elvis with the pelvis. Let’s make America SHAKIN’ again.

  3. Leads August 20, 2016 at 8:16 am

    Couple free thoughts. Next book should be:
    1. ‘Big Bang Theory – Men’s guide to parenthood and life
    2. Approach – making the first step and dissolving anxiety
    3. Focus – guide to living on the grid

  4. Caggybear August 20, 2016 at 4:39 pm


  5. YosarriansRight August 21, 2016 at 11:56 am

    Thank you for answering my question Roosh.

  6. Lucius Clarus August 23, 2016 at 12:24 am

    Hey Roosh – really enjoying these vids. Voice and a face closeup communicate nuances that are not possible with text.

    I’m 9 years older than you at 46. A few things you said resonated with me:

    – Desire to get back to the land, live in a small town

    I too live in a city. When I was younger chasing girls all the time it was great being here. Now that I have a wife and two children I find myself wanting a simpler life. People and population density drive me batty sometimes. There’s something manly about providing for your family with your hands instead of earning money in a cubicle to buy stuff. Or, maybe I’m romanticizing a bit…

    – Focusing more on yourself and your own world, feeling far less need to “prove” yourself to anyone

    I think this is a function of age combined with moving down the red-pill “zero fucks given” curve. I don’t care about others so much any more. I mean, I care but I’m far more comfortable putting my own needs first.

    Recently I was invited to present to a small industry group in my field. I declined. A few years ago I would have jumped through hoops, prepared a preso, given free information and advice to the group and *hoped* for business. Now I’m ruthless about the cost/benefit calculation. If I feel it’s negative I just don’t do it.

    – It’s important to a man to have a family

    I bought into all the “children are just work and will make me miserable” bullshit we’re fed in the American media. Then in my late 30s I decided that having children was an experience I wanted. I wifed up a traditional, sweet (foreign) girl who believes in gender roles and male headship. I found that heading and bearing responsibility for a family is a supremely manly thing (done properly). It’s tremendously satisfying. Can’t imagine not having children now.

    1. MCGOO August 24, 2016 at 4:23 am

      #plant a victory garden. You could count your children as a yield of your garden since they too were ‘planted’ by your seed. Now it’s time to plant the vegetables.