1. “Whoever is not participating in the divine services is dying spiritually by falling away from the Church…” [Link]

2. “The renunciation of the Orthodox monarchy was the renunciation of Divine authority…” [Link]

3. What is Orthodoxy? [Link]

4. The basics of spiritual life [Link]

5. God will allow the Great Apostasy at the End of Times [Link]

6. “The Zionists want to rule the world” [Link]

7. Elder Paisios the New [Link]

8. Introduction to the Jesus Prayer [Link]

9. “Our judgment of the other is really about ourselves, our own actions, words, attitudes and temptations” [Link]

10. The art and science of prayer [Link]

11. Saint Paisios on Positive Thinking [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]

12. “It’s often the will of God that the wondrous deeds of ascetics and virtuous monks remain hidden from our eyes as long as they’re with us.” [Link]

13. Father Seraphim Rose and the Signs of the Times [Part 1 | Part 2]

14. I Keep Repenting of the Same Sin Over and Over, But I Can’t Get Rid of It. What Should I Do? [Link]

15. “College life will doubtless give you many temptations. But remember that learning in itself is useful and can be used later in a Christian way.” [Link]

16. On dealing with distracted prayer [Link]

17. Lessons from the life of Fr. Seraphim Rose [Link]

18. “It seems since the appearance of Christianity on earth there have never been more ‘evil days’ than those we are now experiencing.” [Link]

19. A perspective on St. Patrick [Link]

20. Are you bearing the cross? [Link]

21. The Orthodox Christian justification for NOT getting the coronavirus vaccine [Link]

22. On Humility [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5]

23. 55 maxims of the Orthodox Christian life [Link]

24. If God grants the gift of parenthood to a family, it means it is essential for them [Link]

25. On Christian Masculinity [Link]

26. The escape from materialism [Link]

27. The future of Russia and the end of the world [Link]

28. “Only a caring father can completely protect a child from the evils of the world” [Link]

29. “The best death for a Christian is, of course, martyrdom for Christ the Savior” [Link]

30. Enemies of Orthodoxy in the Modern World [Link]

31. The 3 Temptations In Marriage [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]

32. The danger of imagination and fantasy [Link]

33. The Orthodox view on the Mark of the Beast [Link]

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