1. “The expression of sexual desires without the blessing of the Grace of God is not directed to a life that is natural, but is an extension of a death-directed existence.” [Link]

2. “If there is prayer, the soul lives; without prayer, there is no spiritual life” [Link]

3. “Remember that every obstacle is a Divine instruction. Every sting will be dulled when you learn to see Me in everything that touches you.” [Link]

4. Stop Saying ‘Glory to God for All Things!’ [Link]

5. Orthodox explanation of dreams [Link]

6. Memento mori – How religious orders remember death [Link]

7. What do Orthodox Christians teach about death and what happens when we die? [Link]

8. There is no happiness anywhere except in Christ [Link]

9. Response to those who believe Orthodox monasticism is a cult [Link]

10. “If you want to have a family—die. Die for the sake of another, and then you will have a family.” [Link]

11. “…we should pray not for a miracle of healing, but rather for the Lord to comfort and give grace to the one who suffers.” [Link]

12. A great sinner [Link]

13. The good unbelief of Thomas [Link]

14. 12 Reasons Why I Became an Orthodox Christian [Link]

15. “Those of us who are in the right and stronger in faith must tolerate the weakness of those who are weaker in faith and lack understanding.” [Link]

16. “…when you experience temptation, do not think that God has abandoned you or you’re doing something wrong” [Link]

17. The Eight Means of Temptation [Link]

18. The Kingdom Within [Link]

19. “We believe in one God. This God is Trinitarian.” [Link]

20. “Grow the seed of God in your heart. Spread it to others.” [Link]

21. “…in suffering we can find out whether our faith is liv­ing or just ‘theoretical.'” [Link]

22. “There is this concept of slavery in the Scripture that has been completely hidden to the English reader.” [Link]

23. Why does God allow the innocent to suffer? [Link]

24. Is the Jesus Prayer ‘Vain Repetition?’ [Link]

25. Becoming more Christ-like [Link]

26. Why do people reject Christ? [Link]

27. Three False Doctrines that Threaten Faith [Link]

28. “I give you their lives!” [Link]

29. Why does God allow evil? [Link]

30. “I was in hell! If only you’d have seen what it’s like there!” [Link]

31. “If you accept everything that happens in your life as from the right hand of God, you will always be peaceful and calm: No matter what happens, God sent it!” [Link]

32. “If the earth’s population started with 2 people just 4,300 years ago, it would only have to have increased at the rate of 0.5 percent each year in order to reach the present population. ” [Link]

33. “Sin promises freedom but brings slavery.” [Link]

34. “For at least the last few centuries, the application of scientific theories to the Bible has provided stumbling blocks for many who would otherwise accept the truth of the Word of God.” [Link]

35. “Masturbation is censured as self-abuse, the waste of seed and its procreative intent, and an improper turning inward and rejection of the marital context of sexuality. It is always sinful.” [Link]

36. If God created the universe then who created God? [Link]

37. “Forgetting God and grasping at the world, we become subject to unhealthy desires and addictive behaviors, driven by a continuous preoccupation with and pursuit of nothing.” [Link]

38. Towards a muscular Christianity [Link]

39. The life of prayer [Link]

40. The Ten Point Program for Living an Orthodox Life [Link] (PDF)

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38. Towards a muscular Christianity [Link]

In addition, When Christianity Was Muscular and Brotherhood of the Angelic Crown. Thanks for this list Roosh.

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