Modern culture would have you believe that a man should move out of his parents’ house around 18 to mature and learn how to live on his own, but doing so will actually keep him in an immature state while teaching him how to live with the aid of alcohol, drugs, consumer products, pornography, and other degenerate entertainments. Therefore, it may be better for men, especially those who put their faith in Christ, to move out of the family home only upon marriage or to serve the Lord more intensely.

I fell for the “move out of the house” meme when I was 21 years old. Within a short time, I had sex for the first time and was throwing huge parties where I would get intoxicated and hope that I would have more sex. I was also able to masturbate more frequently since I didn’t have to worry about my mother in the next room. In the meanwhile, I learned how to do the laundry, which is something any 10-year-old can master, but did not learn how to cook for many years since my disposable income was high enough that I could eat out regularly at Chipotle or buy semi-prepared foods that contained all manner of estrogenic ingredients.

The second home I lived in as an adult was closer to the Washington D.C. nightlife, so it would often be the meeting point for my friends before going out for nights on the town. I purchased dozens of various liquors and constructed a full-service bar, and I’d regularly bring girls back for fornication. The cost of these activities would eat up about half of my disposable income, but I considered myself a maturing man who was learning important things about being independent, when in reality the opposite was occurring. I was developing severe vices, cementing habits that offered no aid to my soul, and was becoming dependent on various corporations to feed me and provide me drink. Living on my own was not making me more mature—it was instead providing a more frictionless opportunity for me to sin at the cost of giving up my hard-earned money to various businesses while spending less time with my family.

Once I moved to Europe, and no longer had any roommates, I developed the habit of talking to myself while alone, along with peculiar ways of eating and working. In other words, living alone was making me weird, and any woman I met would have had to accept that weirdness if she wanted a relationship with me.

If you don’t have faith in God, living alone seems great because it maximizes the amount of pleasure you can receive, but if you’re Christian, those pleasures will separate you from God. Even though I’m 41 years old, I currently live with my mother, and I’ve considered living with her indefinitely because it allows me to work on my weirdness for the sake of a family bond. I do not participate in any activities that I need to conceal from her, and as long as she doesn’t make noise while I live stream, she doesn’t bother me much, but alas, her apartment is too small.

Unless your parents are obstructing your faith or insist on infantilizing you (i.e., you have a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern mom), I would be hesitant to move out of the house, even if you’re up there in age. Here are eight reasons why you should potentially live with your parents until getting married…

1. You’ll have less opportunity to sin

When it comes to fornication, compare the logistics of living with your parents in the suburbs to living in the city within walking distance of the nightlife. The latter situation will give a man the potential to score a ton more sex, all to his personal and spiritual detriment. When living at home, you will drink less, masturbate less, be in more control of your anger, and be less likely to develop the vice of greed thanks to a communal living situation. It’s harder to sin when other people you love are nearby.

2. You’ll learn about family life

As a child, we subconsciously absorb a template of family, and that can sometimes lead to bad results if our family often experienced strife, but as an adult, you can be more conscious of examining the positive and negative traits of your parents and how they impact the tranquility of family life. Your parents don’t have to be perfect for you to learn from them; if your father has a bad temper and an alcohol problem, you know that that is something you have to watch out for in your own family. If your mother takes care of all the cooking and cleaning, and you notice that it helps your father with his duties, then you can look for that trait in a wife. You will be able to construct a list of strengths and weaknesses of both your parents and use that for your own version 2.0 family. This is harder to do if you leave the home early before you had time to think of family life.

3. You won’t become excessively selfish

When you move out of the house as an immature adult, the focus is on me, me, me. Everything is done for your own pleasure, gain, and satisfaction. The world revolves around you and the only sacrifice you have to make is for your manager at work to keep your job. In other words, you learn how to master selfishness. You develop the belief that people must perfectly serve you just like how your little apartment serves your needs and genitals. This is impossible to do when living with your parents. They have quirks and habits which conflict with yours, and they’ll repeatedly encroach on your privacy, making it hard to conceal secrets. You must therefore sacrifice and give—in the form of your patience and love—for their sake. In the end, if you can’t figure out how to live with your parents, as flawed as they are, you may falter when living with a spouse.

4. You won’t waste money on rent

People who pay rent to live on their own are flushing money down the toilet. Nothing is built, preserved, or saved through rent payments to a landlord. If you calculate the money you’ve spent on rent in your lifetime, that would have made a sizable down payment on a family home, but no, you had to pay rent because you wanted to party and get laid.

5. You won’t develop weird habits that could turn off a reasonable spouse

It’s almost impossible to become weird while living at home unless you lock yourself in your bedroom all day. Any odd habit will be immediately checked by your parents or siblings, but once you live alone for a while, you will become officially weird in no time.

6. You won’t waste hundreds of hours performing feminine duties

Nothing was added to my being by cleaning the apartment, doing a thousand loads of laundry, or washing the dishes. These duties didn’t make me more independent or masculine, and if they make me seem more attractive to a woman, it’s because that woman doesn’t want to do the house duties ascribed to her sex.

7. You will participate in church life with your family

No one moves alone to the city to attend church more frequently, but when you live with your family, not only are you more likely to go to church, but you will do so as a family unit.

8. You will be instantly unattractive to worldly (i.e. bad) women

Women who have made a god out of themselves by living a worldly life hate men who live at home. They’re losers! They’re momma’s boys! They don’t know how to clean like a ‘real’ man! You don’t want these women as wives. A Christian woman knows of the many traps and snares the devil has set up, and would value the man who is closer to his family because she desires a husband who will value the family that they can one day create. The best screening method you can use on potential female prospects is to tell them you’re a devout Christian who lives at home (and voted for Donald Trump). If she’s also a devout Christian, she will understand, because she’s living at home, too. She will not want to sin with you, and knows that such a living situation makes it difficult to accidentally fornicate.


Ultimately, living alone is an unnatural state that is most fit for the holy hermits, for even the monks live within a community. It’s best to either you live with family (parents) or you live with family (wife and children).

What have I really learned by living alone for over fifteen years? I learned how to trim my body hair so I could be more attractive to women, how to have conversations with myself, and how to gently kick women I didn’t love out of my place, all things that were not spiritually beneficial and which I don’t do today.

Satan would love for you to live alone. He will have infinitely more opportunities to tempt you, and unless you are with Christ, you will succumb to those temptations like most people who live in the city. Many businesses and corporations profit when you live alone as you depend more on them than your family, but by living in such a way, ask yourself what profit there will be to your soul.

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  1. brenna August 20, 2020 at 11:45 am

    I am a woman who married a man who was in his 30’s who had moved back home. A small part of me was concerned by it because there were always voices in my ear, including from within traditional circles about how this was the sign of an unstable man. It ended up being good for our progression to marriage for the reasons you mentioned in the article. However the biggest benefit to us both living at home when we met is that now our baby has both sets of grandparents and even some great-grandparents within walking distance. Women look for a man who lives alone because it proves that he is financially stable, but if they just look for someone with a good character then the income will follow. The REAL difference between instability and stability is your family bonds. Trust me, it will make all the difference in the early years.

    1. A Christian August 20, 2020 at 8:24 pm

      @September 1, 1939

      You’re at the wrong address, friend. This isn’t

    2. Nietzsche August 21, 2020 at 6:30 am

      There is a massive difference between a man who has moved back home for a while (far from uncommon) and a man who has never moved out.

  2. Gene August 20, 2020 at 11:52 am

    That’s a great list and I can’t personally agree more on each and every reason to stay with the parents.

    Could add one more – one learns to be a man. Little girls become women on their own, it’s almost instinctive. The boys can become men only learn by observing real older men. You have to watch your father or you won’t become a real man. Otherwise you’ll have to fail and fail and learn on your own mistakes.

    My father told me to get married when I’m past 35. It’s what’s his dad told him. Yeah, really , all of my friends who married in their 20-s, divorced bitterly.

    1. Christian Cool August 25, 2020 at 2:31 am

      Interesting, gene. Two things:

      1) Not every man can grow up with a good male role model at home. I am in my late 30s, I am a GenX man, someone who grew up at the epitome of the divorce revolution, so I had a “weekend father” who was a good role model, but not every guy gets that benefit. And given 70% of teachers in K-6th grade and 50% of these same kids live in single-parent homes only with a mother, they have almost 0% male influence all day long.

      2) I got married when I was 22 and worked out fine. Some men will “luck out” in their 20s and find a woman in her 20s who got married. If they HOLD OFF having kids, that is. If they get the wife knocked up early on, they will likely be financially doomed early on and have no chance to build up financially and prepare for a child later on, in their late 20s-early 30s.

      I can tell you, the stats that Dalrock had compiled for years are clear on this: if a man makes it past 30 without ever being married, chances are he will never marry, period. Men become much wiser in their 30s and will see Western government-sanctioned marriage is a financial and court-sanctioned scheme.

      So I do NOT agree men should not marry until after 30. You will become addicted to freedom and will see the folly in marrying after 30. An older woman in my church is a former professional “match-maker” in the early 2000s, she loves to play “match-maker” in our church too. She said even then when she had these “big shot” professional-types, she gave up on trying to match post-30 never married men with women, even the men who were pro-marriage and want to marry get “cold feet” at last minute and bail. She later learned of social studies on the matter that showed the same findings.

      There is a reason the ancient people of the Old Testament only took men over 30 seriously… we are much better, more complete men. That is why a first-time marriage over 30 is unlikely to happen, given the toxic and dangerous legal climate for men today.

      My .02 cents on that.

  3. Tyler August 20, 2020 at 12:31 pm

    Great article here. I personally lived with parents until second year of university then, university, then Chile for 2 years as a foreign student. I then came back and lived with parents in Chicago for about 4 years before finally relocating to Russia/Estonia and now live alone. I will agree with most of the points you made and did initially love being solo in Russia and Estonia but it does get old after a while. All celebrated by mainstream media is usually lies and all despised is usually more truthful. It is awesome to see your faith in God grow Roosh and you seem much more positive and optimistic about life and that is really encouraging for many young people. I watched a video you made from 2.5 years ago recently on your now removed Youtube channel and it is remarkable seeing the difference in you presently compared to say 3 or 4 years ago or 8 years ago for that matter.

    1. Christian Cool August 25, 2020 at 2:48 am

      Like Zoli said, men today who live with parents into their 20s are considered “losers” or “weird”. They are viewed as “creepy” or even get treated as if they are schoolshooters or something! 😮

      Matter of fact, buddy of mine who was 29 just joined the Army recently. I was one of his background check references. They made a HUGE deal during his background check that he still lived with his mom (he is divorced now, by the way, so it was a “moveback” situation, actually to help his mom”™s bad financial situation And help her pay bills and such, BTW).

      Michal, says living alone is dangerous. It CAN be, but most decent men can get enough weapons, security, and common sense to live alone and be safe and prosperous. I do not drink, smoke, or use drugs, so I never have to worry about that stuff.

      David said Ramsey advocates for kids to move out… I do not agree with going from high school to a major university – period. That is “fresh meat” for the current students and a way to destroy your kid”™s life and to push your kid(s) into the path of becoming communists and indoctrinated by leftist professors.

      Interestingly enough, the Amish Christians force their kids to “go out on the world” to test out and see if they want to be in or out of the Amish lifestyle and communities.

      So maybe there is something about “sending kids into the world” and let them learn and grow.

  4. Antonio Zoli August 20, 2020 at 1:32 pm

    Interesting article yet again. Some valid points. But in our current culture, outside of extenuating circumstances (health issues, mental health issue, economic issues, handicaps, caring for aging parents) an adult man living at home is viewed with suspicion and contempt, even by, and I use this term guarded and sparingly (think Tomi Lahren and the other neocon talking heads), the sparse few conservative secular and/or conservative Christian women out there.
    I think the points in this article would well serve single conservative Christian women particularly, that is, living with parents (provided its a godly intact home) until they”™re married.

  5. Michal August 20, 2020 at 2:12 pm

    Living alone is only dangerous if not done properly. Drinking alone, smoking pod, avoiding people etc. That’s bad. But taking time for reflection, to educate, to find inner peace, meaning in life, purpose…all good things.

  6. David August 20, 2020 at 2:18 pm

    I love how you make up things that aren”™t in the Bible such as how Satan loves people who live alone. Successful Christians like Dave Ramsey advocate for children to move out when they are adults so they can learn this thing called maturity. Plenty of my relatives including myself have lived alone for our adulthood and didn”™t live a life of sin. Even after I moved out I regularly attended church with my family and still do to this day.

    This post is really just written so you can justify your failures in life and say that God wants you to live this way. It”™s probably why you cite no scriptural evidence to support your viewpoint.

    1. Patmos August 20, 2020 at 3:48 pm

      I would wager that you, David, are a lying snake and that you were regularly commiting the deadly sin of self-abuse while living by your lonesome.

      Something which familiar living truly hinders.

      Because the look of shame and the stench of guilt so embodied by the depraved masturbator is so utterly repulsive to any one who loves and respects him that if there is to be any familiar cohesion and harmony he is forced to either stop and get righteously chaste or run a way to a private apartment and single living.

      1. dudge August 21, 2020 at 2:50 am

        I bet many living at home also masturbate. There are many oportunities, and people get creative. The only way to overcome that is by changing the heart, not where you live.

      2. dave August 21, 2020 at 10:27 am

        Agree 100%. Living with family or living alone, you’ll find ways to do what you want. I did.

      3. weioalnlv August 21, 2020 at 4:51 pm

        Shut up cuck.

    2. Antonio Zoli August 20, 2020 at 4:36 pm

      I personally don”™t give any credence to what Dave Ramsey says.

      1. Christian Cool August 25, 2020 at 3:01 am

        Agreed. He says a lot of stupid stuff, like you cannot be trusted with a credit card to earn points on stuff, for instance. Really? Been doing the rewards credit card thing and earning cash back (6%) since I was 22 and I am coming up on 38 now… pay it off at end of every month.

        Ramsey thinks everyone is an idiot and therefore must follow his advice to a T.

        By the way, Dave Ramsey likes parents to get these “college savings plans”. These are such a scam, they are the payday lender of the middle class. In 10 or 20 years, this entire college degree scam will be completely undone and different, to his advice is dumb why pay to send your kids to a Communist training camp anyway? And what if you save all this cash and your kid goes to trade school… or dies…. or rather open a business? It is stupid.

        Another stupid advice Ramsey gives is to put most money into a Roth IRA (meaning you pay taxes on cash you deposit NOW, so you can HOPEFULLY withdrawal tax-free later).

        One small problem? We are now 26.6 TRILLION in debt and Congress can tax these Roth IRAs later on without even a blink of an eye. It is dumb. Take the tax deduction now, there is no guarantee you will have any savings later anyway.

        Again, Ramsey is too extreme and many times, dumb.

    3. JonW August 20, 2020 at 5:59 pm

      If you have to go off on your own to learn ‘maturity’ you are too immature to be trusted on your own.

    4. weioalnlv August 21, 2020 at 11:42 am

      Exactly. This whole article is one giant fallacy.

      Roosh even admits he didn’t learn to cook because of his income. He CHOSE NOT TO LEARN. That’s on him.

    5. Kermit August 21, 2020 at 8:09 pm

      “Successful” Christians. Funny s. Yea that”™s going to help you when you die bud.
      And Roosh isn”™t a Prot. you or him just cherry picking verses from the Bible and claiming to have biblical authority to interpret them or prove his already valid argument (wether you agree or not) is just bs.

  7. Carl August 20, 2020 at 6:58 pm

    You’re a 40 year old man who still needs his mother to do his laundry and you think that makes you Godly?

    1. weioalnlv August 21, 2020 at 11:42 am

      Yeah bro. Depending on a woman for basic cleanliness and tidiness makes you more independent.

      Roosh is still a snake. His “turn” is all fake.

      1. weioalnlv August 21, 2020 at 4:43 pm

        Look at all the Christian cucks who hate logic.

      2. Kermit August 21, 2020 at 8:18 pm


      3. Doc August 24, 2020 at 11:34 am

        How do you know he’s not sincere?

        You sound like a fucking idiot.

      4. Christian Cool August 25, 2020 at 12:31 pm

        Wein, I disagree with you. I agree that men should become self-sufficient, but he focused his life on traveling, Game, and writing.

        Many men in Euro countries and south America live with parents into their 20s, easily (like Italy). In Brazil, I knew men and women who live with parents until they married, and I did NOT like what I saw. I am talking women who are in their 30s, still living at home (no joke), making Brazil an even more dysfunctional country (this why I disagree with core idea of this article).

        I know many women in their 20s that live in messy apts because they never grew up. The left”™s biggest media priestess, KimK and her dysfunctional family never learned how use a clothes washer, for instance.

        Although I do not agree with the core idea of this particular article, RooshV changed millions of lives worldwide, by red-pilling them and putting them into either a path of secular self-improvement or a path that led to freedom, self-improvement, and eventually God.

        Either way, your ad-hominem attacks on Roosh are un-called for, given his contribution to millions of lives across the world, and the Manosphere. Imagine this mess-up world, where men are constantly under assault, without Roosh, Heartiste, Paul Elam, Dalrock, or Rollo. We owe these guys a huge debt of gratitude (heck, we even owe Dr. Helen a debt). Anyone who have brought the Red Pill lifestyle forward is owed a debt of gratitude IMHO.

        Chill out on the personal attacks.

    2. Kermit August 21, 2020 at 8:17 pm

      Weak point cheap shot. Are you short too?

  8. Poaster August 20, 2020 at 8:25 pm


    Living alone is an important step in a man’s maturation. Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and looking after your abode is good for the spirit.

    When moving out, you don’t have to become selfish, go crazy sinning, and ‘become weird’…. Quite the contrary, if you stay at home you’re usually a pathetic mama’s boy still suckling on the teet for milk.

    1. weioalnlv August 21, 2020 at 11:41 am

      Exactly. Roosh even admits he chose not to learn how to cook. He CHOSE.

  9. Wanda August 21, 2020 at 4:11 am

    I agree with the article, moreover I think that if circumstances allow living in multigenerational homes can be even bigger blessing. I come from village in Poland where my parents just like many other marriages lived with parents (in my case these were successively both sets of grandparents) unil they built house of their own. It would take typically 5-10 years. Back then post partum depression or complaining about how exhausting child rearing is was unknown. Until today I think my grandma was the person who loved me like no one else did in the whole world (except for Lord Jesus of course)
    I hope that if God wants to bless me with children, parents will always feel welcomed. I pray for my husband who also took burden of building a home.

  10. Nietzsche August 21, 2020 at 6:28 am

    By what age should a man move out if he has not found a suitable Christian woman for marriage? 40? 50? Never? This article is terrible advice for most men, if not all. Maybe if society was entirely different and these mythical good women were easily found, it would have some merit. But that’s not the world we live in. Following this advice will likely result in men who are weak and lacking in many of the important life skills needed to thrive in an increasingly hostile world.

    1. Blob2.0 November 29, 2020 at 11:29 am

      if you haven’t married you should never move out

  11. William August 21, 2020 at 9:42 am

    I ahve to disagree here…while it is biblical that females stay at home until marriage…i have not seen anything in the bible that sons stay home until marriage. I could be wrong..could you provide some Biblical context?

    1. Kermit August 21, 2020 at 8:11 pm

      Prodigal son and his brother. Straight from Christ”™s mouth. Perfect example and perfect scriptural example to prove Roosh”™s point. Look what happens when you split early.

  12. weioalnlv August 21, 2020 at 11:32 am

    The amount of b.s still coming from Roosh is astounding. I knew that his turn to Christianity was fake. He still acts and talks the same way he used to.

    “Nothing was added to my being by cleaning the apartment, doing a thousand loads of laundry, or washing the dishes. These duties didn”™t make me more independent or masculine,”

    • So apparently being clean and disciplined isn’t a good quality. I guess basic hygiene and tidiness isn’t masculine.
    • Having to depend on a woman to clean up after you and wash dishes makes you more independent?????

    “but did not learn how to cook for many years since my…”

    • Because you CHOSE NOT TO LEARN.

    Roosh is so fake. He’s a sad little man with no friends, no job, living in his mother’s basement. His turn to Christianity is just an emotional reaction to the hard-hitting realization of mortality.

    1. Ben August 21, 2020 at 3:29 pm

      Why would you post this? What has he said that makes his turn to Christianity fake?
      Why are you summarizing a turn to Christ as just an emotional reaction to the realization of mortality….

      What is up with you dude?

      1. weioalnlv August 21, 2020 at 4:49 pm

        “Why are you summarizing a turn to Christ as just an emotional reaction to the realization of mortality”¦”

        Because Roosh had an existential crisis after his sister died. Same thing happened with Kanye after his mom died. Roosh even admitted this in his last article of Return of Kings. He’s also hated world-wide, was banned from Australia, can’t get a real job because of his past, and lives in his mother’s basement.

        Roosh is so desperate for attention and human companionship that he’s turned the one thing he thinks will redeem him, Christianity. Yet he’s still talking about how men should be masculine, except now instead of banging chicks it’s to be closer to God. There is no logic to Roosh’s turn. It’s just all emotion.

        Roosh even wrote an aritcle saying that wearing a mask to not spread/catch COVID is feminine because more women do it than men. There is no logic to that statement.

        Roosh hasn’t changed, what he is selling has.

      2. Kermit August 21, 2020 at 8:13 pm

        Roosh”™s turn has kept me from sinning in the past at times. His example and wisdom has helped me. So that”™s good at least. See you in the ground chief.

      3. Maximos August 22, 2020 at 11:32 am

        The Bible tells men to be masculine, as do many saints. You are dumb.

      4. David August 23, 2020 at 7:05 pm

        If he was prone to being illogical before nothing will stop him from being so now. Life is fascinating, and Roosh’s journey is filled with rich philosophical content on the nature of man.

      5. Lena August 24, 2020 at 11:07 am

        Turning to Christ in a time of distress doesn’t make it fake. This is often when God is able to reach us, when we’re at a low ebb. You seem to have some kind of axe to grind. If you are a Christian,. you ought to pray for Roosh rather than denigrate him. If you don’t believe his conversion is real, pray that God makes it real.

        As for the article, I think a man learning to cook and look after himself isn’t “feminine” or anything, and at some point may be necessary if no one is left to look after him or perhaps his wife becomes ill and he needs to look after her, but otherwise I think his points are sound and at least worth considering rather than leaving comment after comment about him being a “fake” and a “loser”. It’s not a good look for you.

      6. Christian Cool August 25, 2020 at 12:57 pm

        Weio, Clearly you are a troll and has an anti-Christian bias.

        I have been reading Roosh (via ReturnOfKings) for over 5 years and his work has helped a Christian man (married at the time) improve myself and make personal breakthroughs that would not be possible without his Red Pill teachings (and of others).

        You do not understand (and clearly hates) Christianity, so your attacks are personal and ad-hominem.

        Christianity is NOT an emotional or forced religion. You are either called to Christ or you come to Christ out of your own life experiences. Many do indeed come to Christ through pain, others through Grace (undeserved mercy).

        Christianity is a decision, a desire to change one”™s life.

        Christianity is a very masculine religion, where the man is: 1) the head of the household; 2) made in the image of God (woman came out of man, not a copy of God); 3) is required to lead, teach, and protect his family; 4) only ones allowed to teach other men in church; 5) the faith was entirely founded and run by men, men who faced serious adversity and threats of imprisonment and death.

        Christianity is a very masculine religion, thus why it is widely hated by femiNazis and the feminist media.

        Weio, get informed about Christianity and you will get why Roosh reached the point where he is today. Until you understand rrue Christian faith, you will not understand why men come to this faith, either early in life (like me age 10) or like Roosh (in his late 30s).

        Roosh”™s testimony of faith is so profound and sincere, I have compared it to the Apostle Paul (in a much smaller degree) and to even Writer C.S. Lewis or Alister McGrath.

        Dude, go get informed before you mouth off BS.

      7. Antonio Zoli August 21, 2020 at 7:11 pm

        I can”™t judge Roosh V. Roosh”™s “road to Damascus” appears sincere. His new site is a welcome change from his former dark site. I believe he”™s a penitent man.

      8. weioalnlv August 21, 2020 at 7:23 pm

        He’s not. He hasn’t changed his attitude or anything. He’s a loser who’s trying to be accepted & forgiven.

      9. Kermit August 21, 2020 at 8:14 pm

        He”™s trying to be accepted and forgiven! Get him! Don”™t let him be accepted or forgiven!! Stop him!!

      10. Doc August 24, 2020 at 11:37 am


        This sounds personal.

        Care to tell us what Roosh did to hurt your feelings?

      11. Laxanodrakwn August 30, 2020 at 4:51 pm

        Don’t you have rent to pay, dishes and laundry to do sir? Don’t forget to mut on your mask too while doing them.. Moron

      12. Antonio Zoli September 30, 2020 at 12:22 am

        Roosh V repented. You need to as well. We all need to repent.

      13. JonW August 21, 2020 at 7:38 pm

        I think it’s pretty clear ‘weioalnlv’ is either a low status male triggered by Roosh’s superiority to him, formerly by worldly measure and currently by more important ones, or a worldly (i.e. bad) woman who is upset Roosh doesn’t now think she’s wife material.
        Either way, I’d recommend you don’t cast pearls before that swine.

    2. Kermit August 21, 2020 at 8:11 pm

      He”™s 6”™2” dude. He”™s not little.

    3. Dariusz August 23, 2020 at 2:48 pm

      You keep coming here to comment on his website that’s “full of BS”, and sacrifice your time, what does it say about you? He’s Roosh the great compared to you and you’re either jealous or an ADL assigned troll, you’re that nasty and repulsive gnat following an elephant, you even had to go and register to let your grievances out. Roosh is apparently the reason for your visits, not his commentary. None of us spends even a second to visit and read some leftist’s garbage, I don’t even know their names, we respect our own selves enough not to care about their BS, only when it’s in our faces, which is most of the time these days in the daily life, when it must be condemned, rejected and ridiculed; now look at you, hanging around in a place you say is “full of BS”. It’s his former vain lifestyle that was fake and inauthentic, focusing energy and attention on vanities. Don’t let your life be the subject or an imitation of a silly song: ,

      Incidentally, Roosh’s long ago won popularity in the player circles alone has the potential to show the right way to a lot of young men now. I know of a family whose son lived with them in America until marriage, he graduated from high school at the top, but went into regular work- machine and car mechanics, factory machinery operation and programming which he learned by himself. No stuffing money into some landlord’s pockets, and what parent would charge their kid for rent anyway. Regular churchgoers, no clubs or bars- exchanging his work and life’s worth and value for crap, at an extremely discounted rate- yeah maybe go ahead and do that if you work for the govt = and get money for free- and from what I could gather he held the contemporary [anti-]culture in contempt. So in his late twenties he got introduced to a girl who recently graduated from high school in Poland, from somewhere his family is originally from, and they got married. I suspect they both know what real life is about. My guesstimate is he’s sitting on between 500K to 1M in savings, in contrast to those with student debt that’s accruing interest, and no jobs, for journalism, diversity, and other useless degrees. I suspect the few kids with engineering, and real science degrees, are doing well, but for the rest- there are only so many jobs for staffers in the Democratic party to bring their bosses coffee. It literally pays, to be able to discern what’s fake and what’s true. As the Polish song goes- “It can deceive [lead astray] you- the crowd flowing through the streets, the vodka downed in a park, or the setting of the sun; but remember, nothing is really happening, and nothing will happen until the end”:

      And it’s best for your parents to live with you, or close by, when they’re old, grandparents are the best babysitters, instead of being disrespected and abused in an old people’s home. Yet another enterprise harvesting people’s livelihoods.

    4. Christian Cool August 25, 2020 at 12:45 pm

      You are focusing in personal attacks. There is actually NO Biblical evidence Christian MEN are required to live with parents until marriage.

      Keep in mind during the early Church period, circa (30AD to 200 AD), men and women married whoie teenagers. Most people died by age 35 or 40, at best. Only the wealthy lived past age 40 back then.

      My mom is 100% purebreeed Italian (central and northern Italian parents). I personally know Italian dudes who live with parents into their late 20s, if not married, then have to move out before 30. This is NORMAL there.

      Brazil, I lived there like 4 years, dudes live with parents well into their early 30s if not married, BUT the women live with parents until married, if never married, NO JOKE, they live with parents into old age and then take care of parents then. 😮 Meaning women may never move out in Brazil. This has nothing to do with religion. It is cultural.

      I do agree with either the Italian model or the Brazilian model (I moved out age 19 since I had a good-paying job and got my own place without roommates and later married by age 22) , but you are attacking Christianity over it, which is misguided and shows your personal animus against the Christian faith.

      1. Assman August 30, 2020 at 1:19 am

        In all societies including Italy for all of recorded history until the 20th century the norm was to live with family until marriage. There are no societies that have a different system. Its also no uncommon to live with family after marriage, extended families being overwhelmingly common. The idea of living alone is new and its not really working.

        The idea of living independently is a western idea that really only started about 100 years ago.

      2. Dariusz September 6, 2020 at 1:24 pm

        Clearly he’s a troll- who bothers with people he doesn’t like, or reads what’s not worthwhile?

        It’s not explicitly stated you shouldn’t either, the issue is whether it can be a good solution, not if it’s a biblical command. It’s a different country than 70 or even 40
        years ago. And I should mention Jesus entrusted His Mother to the care of Saint John, telling Her he would be her son. 

        Staying at home till marriage is an option for many reasons. In the absence of many high paying jobs (in 1960 the value of American manufacturing accounted for close to 60% of the world’s output, today even the Indians in IT jobs own apartments, not houses, and are paid less), the rising cost of government, and everything else because of that, and for the reasons mentioned in the article, it can be viable.     

        “Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh”.

        Reiterated by saint Paul:

        For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.

        To me that implies you stay with them, until such time. Barring some rare, extreme situations when they’re hopeless addicts, or you can’t get along. You depart the family upon establishing your own. Without family commitments, it’s easy to lose the way.

        Family is strength [a strong force]- a Polish saying. There are many examples/scenarios, I gave just one, but I know about some more like that.

        Why rent and throw money down the rat hole, especially if you’ll have room/housemates whom you can never fully trust anyway, unless you have to work/start a business far from where your family home is, in any event, it should only be a very short term stepping stone before one establishes himself. Save and/or invest, stop fueling this unproductive economic sector for the sake of posturing. Deny the government the property tax revenue. Your money/taxes go into paying the rent of the underclass already, then there are for-profit addiction rehab centers owned by real estate enterprises further milking the taxpayers, just like old people’s homes, where people are a commodity.

        Son, receive the eld of thy father, and make thou not him sorry in his life; and if he faileth in wit, give thou forgiveness, and despise thou not him in thy virtue (or in thy strength)

        Narrow is the gate, only a few find it, so marriage material may be scarce, no wonder this article isn’t so well received.

        A culture thing? I don’t know of anyone who lives his life to conform to the prevailing culture when it collides with what he thinks is better for him, of course, people tend to imitate each other, fashion trends and so on, but only because they expect some return, culture is what we make it to be. You don’t live your life to comply with, or according to some culture imposed from above, weighing down upon you, like it was written in stone. In Poland young couples live unmarried, forget about Catholic teachings, they know better than to follow old customs.

        Democrats/communists point to, and blame culture (those who build and uphold it) for their problems and failures, while it’s they, who actually want to subjugate everybody under a dictatorship, and enforce [anti-]social norms by imposing their anti-culture at the point of a gun.

        In the end, everybody does what he thinks is to his benefit, not what the cultural expectations dictate. Everybody ploughs the way he can [as his circumstances permit]- another proverb. The economies of Brazil and Italy aren’t that robust, I don’t think culture keeps anybody from leaving home.  

        It seems Roosh’s sister’s death was the wake up call that ended the true crisis of godless living, he wrote about it himself. Now a commentator has nothing to say but makes it personal every time, in every comment, as if he knew better what’s going on in the head of our host.

  13. Adam August 21, 2020 at 5:59 pm

    This article seems like a mixture of inner-Roosh, a dash of satire, a bit of truth, and excessive narcissism. He can’t be serious is my initial reaction. Roosh always writes about himself. He is now living with his mom, so naturally he comes up with reasons why that may be a good thing. This also reads almost like Roosh is writing in code, and his conversion is cover to avoid total obliteration from the internet (or, as he said in an early podcast episode, the day he tells men not to get laid is when you know they’ve gotten to him). Take, for instance, how much he emphasizes living alone got him laid. He knows more than anyone how desperate horny young men are who will now see a reason to work hard to make sure they are living on their own. All men have to do now is the opposite of whatever Roosh is advocating in order to get laid. Now, of course I don’t believe this is exactly true, only God knows what’s true in Roosh’s heart.

    1. weioalnlv August 21, 2020 at 7:25 pm

      “and his conversion is cover to avoid total obliteration from the internet”

      • Exactly. Roosh is so desperate and lonely he’s seeking forgiveness through Christ.

      Roosh’s conversion is just an extreme emotional reaction to the realizatino of mortality. His sister died and he had an existential crisis. Same thing happened with Kanye when his mom died.

      1. Kermit August 21, 2020 at 8:15 pm

        You know neither of these people. Get a copy of a gossip rag already and just stay home.

      2. David August 23, 2020 at 7:15 pm

        What’s wrong with that? He realized that the value of life is family, that true love can only be had through the creation of your own world through children, and acceptance of the Divine. He took a long time to figure it out but many men do. What he now has to do is walk the walk, have a healthy loving family, and stop being of the world.

      3. Nietzsche August 24, 2020 at 7:32 am

        He is not going to do any of that. He realised his old ways of banging multiple vacuous thots was an empty and unfulfilling life. That is good. But now he needs to realise this religious nonsense isn’t the answer either. Whether he will come to understand that or not, who knows. Probably he does know it, deep down. It will be no shame to admit it.

        Spoiler: he is not going to find a ‘good woman’, have kids and live happily ever after. That isn’t going to happen. The only people who can really do that nowadays are those who are living in a dreamworld and think society is just fine. Roosh is already well aware of what a fucked-up place it is, how women are out of control and men are public enemy number one. Once you see things for what they are, you cannot have a ‘normal’ life any more.

        Of course he is perfectly capable of finding a woman and having kids, and maybe he will do that. But we can guess how it will end.

      4. Christian Cool August 25, 2020 at 1:27 pm

        Nietzsche, if you look at cold statistics, IF Roosh is willing to marry now that he is in his early 40s, the “marriage market” is favorable to him, with two exceptions: 1) female hypergamy, which a woman will demand a man who makes more $$ than she does, etc and 2) whether he can accept a woman in her 30s or older, since America is a feminist society and women will not date older guys, unless they grossly outrank the woman financially and in his status (women in this country often refuse to date men more than 5 years older than them).

        I am currently single, personally taking a break from dating to focus on work projects and I am not even sure I want to marry again due to the financial risk to me.

        So, I get it. I am in a similar situation as Roosh, except I was married 12 solid years and now I am widowed with no kids, And I have been a solid Christian since age 10, with good connections to local Christian community. I get offers from older married women in church who love to play “matchmaker” offer to intro me to a bunch of women they know. I am also pushing 38, so Roosh and I are in similar age ranges.

        You will be amazed how many people try to “set me up” with dates with women these days (for marriage). I do NOT date within my own church, as if it does not work out, “jilted women” can try to smear you and hurt your relationships within your own church.

        Marring A woman in her 30s or 40s is very easy. They all want to marry, they want the “married status”, they want the expensive wedding, they want gifts. Marrying a QUALITY woman is extremely hard.

        And let”™s not forget, marriage in America today is very risky for a man. Risk to be falsely accused of abuse, risk of being sued by the woman, and risk of being DivorceRaped and losing everything and being ordered to pay alimony (and child support) for decades and be in poverty. Or in prison over a false accusation.

        I agree the odds are not good, for sure. Finding quality women today is very hard.

        One issue, however, is that your username, Nietzsche, You are named after one of the most evil, atheistic “philosophers”, one of the key minds behind Communism. The most oppressive and despicable form of government ever devised. So your own name hurts your credibility as a commenter IMHO.

  14. Lysander August 21, 2020 at 7:10 pm

    Maybe in Islamic families where the mother (and daughters) shuts up and knows her role. But just LOL @ living with your cuck father, tyrant mother (the way 99% of western families look) and attention whoring sisters well into adulthood. The sooner you break free of the cuckery in a western home, the sooner you’ll have a chance of actually becoming a red-pilled man.

    1. Morrison August 24, 2020 at 6:17 am

      Well said, good sir.

    2. Doc August 24, 2020 at 11:40 am

      This is one of those comments… so pilled I had to read it twice

  15. tubes August 22, 2020 at 8:02 am

    I’m a fan of Roosh, but this article does seem like he’s trying to justify a less than favourable situation by making it virtuous. I think what he says holds true for women, but it’s the opposite for men. With a good family, and strong father as a role-model, 18 years at home should be all a boy needs to prepare to go out in the world. After that, he can begin the ‘Hero’s Journey’, which by the way, includes making lots of terrible mistakes, that’s how you forge your character as a man. There’s always the possibility for salvation. For girls who go out in the world and make terrible choices, it’s harder for them to turn it around. They are born good, and have to work hard to keep it that way. Men are born as nothing, and have to work hard to become something.

    Having said that, it’s hard to tell if Roosh is even being serious with this article!

  16. roman August 22, 2020 at 10:03 am

    i do not understand the hateful comments
    Roosh is just a person like any other of us
    this article looks like a list of regrets he acquired when he was on his wordly tour
    and that’s alright
    all his articles are showing his own disgust with living the satan path for 20 years

    god bless you Roosh

    1. James Bale August 22, 2020 at 12:07 pm

      Let me give you some advice, the hate comments you dont understand, are coming from people who are on the opposite road than you. These people doesnt seem to understand you, Roosh, or me for that matter… why exactly is that? Because their current path, way of thinking, believe and thoughts wont allow it. Realizing is impeded for them, you know by who. Another way to say it, because they lack a lot, in terms of knowledge, experience and faith.

      Roosh is on an different level. Some people are far from it, this is normal, nothing unusual. Another great article from Roosh, like usual 😀

      1. Antonio Zoli August 22, 2020 at 2:43 pm

        Your words are factual, James Bale.
        A few years back, I wrote an article for Roosh V on his former site about the need for welders. Years ago, as a much younger man, I spent 5 years working as a production welder in a metal fabrication shop, and for the past 8 years, I”™ve supplemented my day job teaching classes two evenings per week as an Adjunct Instructor in a 9 month welding program at a CC. Everyday, in my day job, I deal with companies that are crying for skilled welders, machinists, millwright, plumbers, electricians, etc. The glistening vitriol, nastiness, and animus from the triggered young (and not so young) readers was absolutely mind numbing, simply by showing the need for welders, and that young men should look at trades. It”™s literally goes beyond any semblance of a Judeo-Christian faith base, and embracing a dark nihilistic/atheistic/neo-pagan/self-actualized world view. It”™s also no work ethic, nor a desire to make something of oneself (marketable skills). 2nd Thessalonians 3:10 tells us “if we don”™t work, we don”™t eat”. I believe (and have seen first hand) many of these young men in question (possibly some women masquerading as young men) were raised by single mothers. This feeds into the narrative for the Tomi Lahren neocons, feminists, and leftist elitists who loath the working class. But when strong men can stand and push back because they have a faith base, are gainfully employed (especially in blue collar/gold collar jobs), and have been blessed by growing up in an grounded intact home, then it shoots down the necon Tomi Lahrens, feminists, and elitist academians and leftists narrative.

      2. adam August 23, 2020 at 12:33 pm

        I am interested in transitioning to a trade. Is there a particular program or school that you would recommend? I live in Houston but could move provided there is enough work to pay for the education.

      3. Antonio Zoli August 23, 2020 at 2:39 pm

        Ideally, if you could land an “on the job training/earn while you learn” scenario, I believe that”™s the best way; however, it”™s difficult to find. Trained for the job, no out of pocket for you. Apprenticeships are almost gone today. That being said, most of the community colleges out there have decent vocational-technical programs that run 9-18 months. Stay far-far away from the high priced predatory for profit private trade schools (Vatterott, Universal Technical Institute, Wyotech, etc.).
        Any school that toots their horn, shows you all kinds of graphs and stats, touts inflated wages, or makes promises they can find you a job paying doctors wages anywhere in the country, they”™re the best trade school out there, yada…yada, are unethical (been there, done that many years ago). Talk to students and get their feedback. Welding is a safe bet and always in high demand, but your earning potential, unless you”™re in a union job (few and far between) will cap out. A lot of the old health related issues people warn about for welders is somewhat imaginary (ROK crowd railed on that point). Can get trained in 4-9 months. I”™d recommend the machinist trade. High demand, good wages, can do it well into your 70s, make more $ than most trades over your working lifetime. The other one I”™d recommend is the industrial multi-craft maintenance mechanic (May be millwright). Same as machinists. High wages, can do it into your 70s, high demand. I”™d stay away from the building trades. While you can make high wages, it”™s feast or famine, a lot of union shenanigans, and most guys start having health and skeletal problems when they hit their 40s. I”™d also stay far away from auto mechanics, HVAC, CAD design.
        Heavy equipment mechanics seems decent. I”™d also look at cherry picking classes instead of going through an entire program. Take maybe 3-4 basic classes, get an entry level job, and the rest OJT. Some employers pay for work related classes still, so see if the job will pay for your training. Key is short, sweet, and to the point. Any trade school that makes you read Chaucer or Shakespeare as part of their program, RUN!!! CCs will try to make you take stupid classes. Don”™t let them. It”™s your dime, time, and life. You”™re not there to pay for their administrators inflated salaries, or for their sports programs.

  17. Panopticon August 22, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    While the losers were paying rent, I raced 1000cc sport bikes(including in the rain), climbed mountains in hundreds of horsepower off road machines, relaxed by the pool and went swimming with my dogs, went to play with my cats in the forest at 0300 hours and ate clean, non heavy metals, non fluoride, non donated old blood food and could focus on writing multiple patents, books (never published, they are for my family/kids only) and I am now working on automating our food production. Best thing is… I get to share all this with my kids… it’s all waiting for them in the garage. Not even feeling sorry for whoever wasted their life on degeneracy. They had a choice.

  18. David August 22, 2020 at 1:43 pm

    I”™ve never felt so alone as as I do right now. I moved to the city for school and bought an apartment here. Now they moved my school to all online classes. I could have easily stayed at home with parents.. but now i just found a job here. I have no friends here and I look forward to my job because I get to at least interact with people. i broke up with my first girlfriend not too long ago but I still see her at church every week and it makes me sad. You I do feel like I”™m turning into a weirdo. I”™m trying to count my blessings every day and pray the rosary

    1. Christian Cool August 25, 2020 at 1:49 pm

      David, it is up to you to beat isolation. This CoronaVirus fraud was designed to isolate, create fear, and increase the power of the elites.

      This is probably THE best explanation and question as to “when do we get America back?”

      (Must watch clip, serious).

      I lived with parents while I did almost 2 years of community college (very cheaply) since I graduated high school I was not even 17 yet, and got my own place (no roommate) at 19, married at 22.

      I have a moderate social life right now, as I am focusing on a big work project and need a break from dating almost completely. I mostly do cold approaches at casual places like grocery stores and non-work environments and a lot of online dating. Yes, Corona has hurt my cold approach situation due to stupid masks everywhere and fearful stupid losers Being afraid of being near anyone else these days, but I never wear a mask and I still cold approach and make small talk at stores, especially at checkout lines.

      My point being: find a group activity that you like. Join groups that do activities (common interest stuff like a Board game group or a church small group meetings or whatever). Get a hobby and keep yourself occupied. If anything else fails, play some online games, it is a fun and relaxing way to kill some empty time.

      Being alone is different than feeling lonely (and eventually, depressed).

      Whatever you do, do not allow this insane period of time be a time of depression and isolation for you.

  19. almadison August 22, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    Roosh, u do have a point here. Communal multigenerational tribal living is how we evolved.
    The modern western convention u speak of is mainly a boondoggle to separate the generations, atomized people, encourage the real estate industry and the accompanying consumption via home improvement, furnishing, and mortgage finance markets.

    people are easier to control if always separated from tribe and on a perpetual treadmill of paying rent and mortgages.

    while it is important for a man to have his own space (God bless the child who has his own), the automatic assumptions and social pressures placed on men are often driven by government, the bankers, and women used as tools of these elite to turn men into wage slaves.

  20. Borgon August 22, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    All creatures in the wild, especially male, either move out or are forced to move out as they attain physical maturity, to build their own tribes.

    There’s nothing wrong about moving out. Look at Italy today, where most people claim to be religious and most men are often living with their parents, some even in their 40s. Does it however stop them from fornication or sin? A lot of foreign women who travel there for their holidays to get laid with sexy Italian men would say otherwise. And a lot of men who’ve travelled there and seen local Italian men banging female tourists would say that too.

    It’s an aberration to believe that moving out necessarily makes you more susceptible to sin. It all depends on your intentions. A lot of less economically priveleged people move out of their homes to earn and provide for their families from a young age. Are they all committing sins when away from their parents? Infact, many are supressing their desires to yield to sin because they have responsibilities back home. So if you’re raised with strong religious and familial values as a man, moving out won’t necessarily make you more susceptible to sin.

    In your case, you didn’t have responsibilities thrust upon you thanks to your doting parents. You were thus “allowed” the opportunity to travel the world and live out your fantasies. You can’t blame anyone for your choices in your life, because at that time you were eager and consumed with the desire to get laid and that too with multiple women. Your tough luck was that the women around you weren’t really into you, as you described earlier.

    If you were however accepted by local women sexually at that young age, I don’t think it would’ve made much of a difference even if you lived with your parents. Instead of banging women at your pod as you did when you moved out, you’d rather instead be banging them in their cribs then . Like a lot of Chads and Tyrones do today.

    So instead you devoted yourself to game, and thus you travelled worldwide to fulfill your unfulfilled desires with aplomb, to get sexual acceptance and gratification from women abroad. You moved out primarily because you weren’t getting the sex you wanted in the local environment you found yourself in, and since that was your all consuming goal and intent then, so you acted upon it. Not the other way round, that getting laid was a bonus or temptation which came or was forced upon you as you moved out.

    Ultimately, (sexual) sinning depends on the individual. A sinful person or a person who’s attached to sin will sin or gratify their lusts even in a conservative environment, and a saintly person will reject sin even when surrounded with sin. That’s the test, and truth of life. Your environment only plays a minor role in how you react. You cannot oversimplify sin and the parameters which lead to sin as simply primarily being dependent on a person’s environment. That’s against Christian teachings itself, because the Bible teaches us examples of Noah, Lot, Joseph, Elijah, Jesus who didn’t yield to sin even when their environment was either tempting or compelling towards sin.

    But I do agree with you that for most young men out there, living with parents maybe a good idea, as long as you contribute back to them, and not become a liability for them. You must give back to those who gave to you, and charity begins at home.

    Especially in today’s age where a single income is not necessarily enough to support oneself in a tough global economy. There’s no shame in living with your parents then, unless you foolishly want to end up in debt for mere accomodation purposes or prove your “masculinity” to the world or some thot, as being self sufficient. Look at the big picture always.

  21. csar August 23, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    This is the story of the prodigal son.
    You left (Spiritual) home, and came back for a reason. The reason is because you have found out that the father (God) was right.

    Unfortunately, you weren’t trained much before you left home, therefore your level of degeneracy was up there, if you had had some religious rigidity, your level of sin wouldn’t have been as severe.

    With this advice what you are doing is no different than what the Theravada Buddhist do… stay away from living life, and you will develop good karma, and you will not reincarnate again, thus escaping life.

    If your father had done a better job, and given you morals and principles to function under, you would have done better when you moved out. You didn’t move out to mature and grow up, you moved out to sin, because the Semites have pushed the “Sin is Fun” meme for the last 60 years.

  22. Michal August 23, 2020 at 8:46 pm

    Man this days shall live on his own to learn about himself. It is the most difficult but also most necessary thing to do. Turn off cell phone, computer, TV and other technology for a bit every day, this way you stay with yourself and will discover the beauty of silence.

  23. christopherjones August 24, 2020 at 10:43 am

    Generally agree, Roosh. I know I developed a litany of bad habits since leaving the family unit – drinking, smoking, porn and promiscuity, video games. However, I am almost three years sober, have turned things around in many ways, and have done so living alone. Men need our alone time. It’s just making sure that we are using that time wisely, progressively sinning less, coming closer to Christ, etc. I think ideally we live in a family unit but have our own room and establish that this is our space.

  24. Doc August 24, 2020 at 11:48 am

    This is a simple and sincere piece.

    It’s all the more clear how much of an impact Roosh is having in who he seems to be offending and drawing the ire of. You can see the rats drill their noses into forum, any corner of the internet where traditional values and decency are promoted.

    Spreading their lies behind masks and upvoting each other.

    I have no doubt that some of the upvoters are sincere. The rats have always been capable of steering the attention of the sheep.

  25. Pete August 24, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Very true. The system, however, wants people to move out so as to further alienate the young from the influence of their parents as well as to spur-on greater consumerism.

  26. Buster August 24, 2020 at 9:19 pm

    If you live at home for too long there are certain things you don’t learn though, such as self-reliance and self-discipline, or learning how to move forward from your mistakes, all of which you won’t learn if you constantly have your parents around to clean up after you.

  27. Talon Karrde August 24, 2020 at 11:49 pm

    I missed living with my parents. They are gone but forever will be in memory.

  28. Christian Cool August 25, 2020 at 2:52 am


    Does anyone still remember what it was like to have a leisurely dinner at a restaurant… or to have a small, funny conversation with someone waiting at the checkout line… or to walk into a church and see friendly neighbors and friends?

    Must watch clip… wow.

    When do we get that country back? It was only in February when we had this country.

    Or maybe everyone is so afraid, they have forgotten what it was like to be even a little bit free?

  29. Zaqan August 29, 2020 at 6:58 pm

    I’m not sure this is true at all. Living with parents too long can make you lazy, dependent, and slothful. Historically, one was apprenticed at 12 or 14, became journeyman at 21, and was on his own that whole time. Staying at home seems a modern and deleterious phenomenon.

    1. Assman August 30, 2020 at 1:51 am

      Wrong. All wrong. No one who was apprenticed at 12 or 14 lived on their own. Living on your own requires substantial financial resources. They usually lived with family they apprenticed with who also provided them with food. They make have received some money beyond that.

  30. Assman August 30, 2020 at 1:23 am

    I’m going to ask one question to the people questioning Roosh. Has any society in all of recorded history up until lets say 150 years ago ever had single people living on their own. Can anyone name an example? In fact lets go one step further…are there even societies where extended families were not the norm (meaning you live with parents AFTER marriage)?

  31. Thamilly August 30, 2020 at 9:22 am

    Look to be honest you can grow a lot when you live alone paying your own bills, cleaning your house, stand by yourself. Something that is difficult when you live with your parents as young as you are it’s actually good for your maturity!

  32. Bill September 1, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    In the Bible it says ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’.

    It doesn”™t say you are supposed to have a 10 year gap between leaving your mother and father and being united to your wife.

  33. Bill September 1, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    They want you unmarried, ambitious, and paying rent for as long as possible. Youre the economy”™s biggest workhorse when you are in your 20”™s. I went to church one time in my twenties and this old boomer told me half jokingly to get back to work so I could pay his social security

  34. Bill September 1, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    You gotta read ”˜Dionysus Rising”™and ”˜Living Machines”™ by E Michael Jones to see what”™s going on. They stick you in buildings that are not family/marriage oriented and promote casual sex & discourage children (Coed college dorms, big apartment complexes) and once you step outside you are out in a Dionysian culture. It”™s a 1-2 punch that makes it hard to have traditional life

  35. Overlord Drakow September 4, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    I was gonna disagree with this article on the whole but re-read it and actually, while I still don’t fully agree with everything that is written here, most of it is reasonable to me – good job.

  36. Phar September 5, 2020 at 10:57 am

    Thanks Roosh for your content.

    I think it depends whether Parents give their Adult Offspring autonomy over their own lives or are nagging/arguing all the time.

    Its rare a mother will stop “mothering” her grown son, and let him grow unless he leaves to make his own path.

    I personally had to leave at 18 years old after sleepless nights of arguing parents and to be quite frank – persistent insults from my mother – despite being a High Achiever at school at staying out of trouble. Also parents tend to get controlling and encourage their children to make the same mistakes/decisions they did.

    JLP is right, Men need to move out ASAP and even live to cheap to make his way in the world.

  37. Lindy September 8, 2020 at 4:05 pm

    Excellent article. I haven”™t really read or watched your content for a while and went back and did so today. It was visibly obvious to me that your writing has immensely evolved as your soul has. My mom and I laughed soooo hard about what you said to that white BLM protester in the roundabout. You are comedy gold. Seriously, you have a gift for comedy. I was having a bad day and scrolled through your tweets and the funny ones were so hilarious they made my day. Thanks for shining your light, Roosh! You are truly a genius; I am always taken aback by your intelligence. Keep on trucking”™! The sincerity with which you”™re growing spiritually is inspiring to me. I know you”™re gonna continue doing awesome stuff and that you truly are making a difference.

  38. Faust September 12, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    Those reasons are all highly valid and important, but for me the decision to move out is more around the fact that my parents enable sin. We are all major gluttons, and when they had found out my brothers fornication and other sporadic sins, they hadn’t disciplined him at all. I think moving out for me would make me crash or fly, both are good experiences to have when you’re young. I doubt its worth it, however.

  39. B K September 13, 2020 at 6:01 pm

    I agree with most of those things, except going to church more. That only applies to a Christian home. Men can come to faith on their own at any point in their lives, but if their parents are like mine, going to church is more difficult living in the family home than living on their own.