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ISBN: 1502848279

ROK’s very own Quintus Curtius has written a book that unearths old wisdom and presents it logically and clearly in essay form so that men of today can learn from men of the past. It’s like The 48 Laws Of Power for masculine men.

The prologue, usually an afterthought for most books, includes a strong tale of fiction that reveals themes Quintus explores later. When he asked me to check out his book, I did so with low expectations, but such a strong beginning pushed me head first into his collection of essays that each focus on a specific topic. Example titles:

  • On How A Wise Man Should Reveal His Opinions
  • Revolt Against The Excess Of Revolt
  • The Reality Of Progress
  • The Value Of Sincerity
  • How Our Enemies Confer Benefits On Us
  • Clash Of Steel And Wills: The Story Of The Battle Of Lepanto
  • The Gap Between Theory And Practice

Within these essays, Quintus makes accessible the works that many men simply don’t have the time or will to complete on their own. He reads the difficult books, often in the original Latin translation, so we didn’t have to.

Here are my favorite quotes from the book:

New ideas that contradict the established ways of thinking cannot expect to be welcomed with open arms. Those who parrot the party line of the day, who genuflect before the altars of the established orthodoxy, can expect accolades from the mob and praise from those who control the levers of power. it has always been so. Toadies get their crumbs from the master’s table. But those who contradict the sacred premises du jour can expect very different treatment.


A man should not waste his time in useless trifles. Those who place the focus of their efforts on foolish pursuits not only exhaust and debase themselves, but they also waste precious time.


Only the wise man is free, and every foolish man is a slave. How can any man claim to be the master of his soul, the captain of his ship, if he cannot command it? Can he curb his lusts, resist temptations, control his temper, his appetites, and maintain his serenity? He who cannot command himself can hardly hope to command others. He who is always the servant of his desires and passions is not deserving of being called free.


Trying to deal equitably with a tyrant is a mistake that has been made by many. Power not only corrupts, but it also poisons the soul, and renders it incapable of feeling. The habit of arbitrary exercise of power becomes an addictive tonic to the tyrant, rendering him unfit for human interaction.


Leaders exercising [strong] powers are riding a tiger, and know that if they dare get off, the raging animal may consume them.


A wise man ought not to get upset every time he is brought into a contest with fortune, just as it would not be fitting for a brave man to be indignant when faced with the crashing sound of war. Since for each of these the difficulty is of the same substance: for propagating glory, and for fashioning wisdom.


Cherish your true friends, for you will know who they are when disaster hits you. Do not denigrate those less fortunate than you, for you may find yourself among them. Do not tempt Fate by allowing yourself to be enslaved with pursuits for women, money, and glory. All of these things will be taken away from you in time.


Men and his tools—even if he has only a rusty knife—are enough for him to master his environment. We don’t negate each other, we complement each other. I am a man, and I am master of my environment.


Boys have been looked upon as defective girls, needing constant suppression of their healthy instincts to make them more feminine. The consequences of this policy have been disastrous for the transmission of masculine virtues to the next generation.


We have access to more and more, but seem to perceive less and less. We are drowning in information, but are more ignorant and unfulfilled than ever. The breakdown in discipline is a direct result of the abandonment of our ancient moral code, which sprang from imaginative religion. Every untried youth now belies himself fit to pass judgment on the intellectual heritage of several millenia.


Constructive criticism should be delivered with delicacy, just as a bit of seasoning will enhance a dish, but not ruin it. Too harsh of a delivery of criticism will sew a lasting resentment into a friend’s heart. A man can forgive nearly anything except an excess of honesty.


Our society is a sexually repressive one, compared with most others; and for a repressed person, there is a perverse cruelty in denying sexual satisfaction to someone else. Most of the strident advocates of the “rape culture” are abnormal men and women. Miserable and repressed themselves, they wish to make everyone else just as miserable. There is also delight in being an accuser: it confers power and status, and is a form of attention-whoring.


The actions of our enemies make us appreciate the good things in life, and cause us to value more dearly the positive things of this world. Who can know love, without having experienced the sting of rejection? Who, never having gone hungry, can appreciate the satiety that comes from a full stomach? And who can appreciate the intoxication of victory, who has not felt the bitter sting of failure?


As character determines fate, there is no escape from the pitiless confrontation between man and his individual destiny.


I have seen some men laid low by defeat, never to recover. Others have learned from their experiences and gone on to greater achievement, fortified by the gauntlet of hardship. Defeat is a stimulus for reform for some, and a death-knell for others.

It’s important to note that Quintus doesn’t hold your hand. He passes on the wisdom to you but you’ll have to figure out a way to implement it into your life, if you can at all.

This book was almost tailor-made for me and my interests in history and wisdom. While there was some inconsistency in the quality of the essays, and a bit too many pages devoted to learning foreign languages, there is no other book I know of that does what Quintus has achieved here.

It’s the best book for men I’ve read since getting my hands on The Way Of Men by Jack Donovon a couple years ago. Even more exciting is that I think we may very well be seeing the birth of a new book genre: red pill wisdom.

Since reading his book, I’ve privately encouraged Quintus to keep writing, not just for his or your sake but for the selfish reason that I want even more of what Thirty Seven has offered.

Read More: “Thirty Seven: Essays On Life, Wisdom, And Masculinity” on Amazon


  1. seth datta January 16, 2015 at 10:48 am

    I think given the current oppressive environment in the west, that good knowledge is hard to come by. There is no one-solution-fits-all. Being an alpha male these days is more about connections and being an evil and/or amoral prick, even though such behaviours are society-collapsing. I see lots of advice doled out which sounds good in theory, but in practice would not work for most guys and acts as internet-board-fantasy-mental-masturbation that works if you’re in the 0.1% that has that kind of situation going for them.

    As such, any advice given can only be for specific niches and is not generally applicable to all/most men any more. PUA is dying in the sense that our women are whored-out, many men are advocating going out 7 nights a week for several hours a day to pick up trash (never mind that many men don’t have that many free hours) and we have all sorts of other problems (living expenses etc.).

    I think even many men on the boards here have been atomised as our life goals and beliefs are oftentimes different, so we will each have to use different strategies, including ones based on our individual personalities and the kind(s) of women we wish to pick up.

    I feel that the PUA movement sold a lie to make a few guys rich, though at least the self-improvement aspect was touched upon. David D. was exposed as a massive fraud in that he only dated a handful of ugly women and became uber gamma when bending down on his knee to say all sorts of gay shit to his wife. His cocky-funny stuff was a simple hack, and he made all sorts of cash on this one principle alone. All sorts of PUA masters have been useful for short bursts, but overall disappointing – the only thing PUA was good for was to get you to approach more women. Unfortunately, the western dating game is totally based off women and their wishes, which has led to the current fatty-single mom dating wasteland, with a few hotties interspersed in-between in most western locales. This is why I don’t advocate the self-improvement aspect, as you improve, but the women get more hypergamous and worse in attitude, as evidenced by the decline of western women, especially noticeable over the last 5-10 years. Innovation in PUA is lacking these days and it seems like lots of hard work for scraps where now the risk factor is increasing (false rape allegations etc.). The future will be how it was in the past, especially with current trends (economic etc..), where gaming is less about being a player and more on maximising social circles.

    1. Andrea January 16, 2015 at 11:53 am

      Maybe we’ve come full circle – in the past powerful men were not driven by sex, they just got women. But women were not their focus since they had the bigger picture in mind. When men, PUAs, began to be driven solely by sex, they succeeded at first and arrived at the” pussy paradise” for a fleeting moment. But inevitably came to a dead end for sex for sex’ sake is meaningless. So now MGTOWs are going back to the beginning and claiming old values and beliefs, trying to remember that there’s much more to a man’s life than sex.

      1. Cholo January 21, 2015 at 3:17 pm

        “…. in the past powerful men were not driven by sex, they just got women. But women were not their focus since they had the bigger picture in mind.”

        Ahhhh! ROTFLMAO! Nice to see that in your “Womyn’s Studies” classes you never read Shakespeare!

      2. Andrea January 21, 2015 at 3:49 pm

        Shakespeare wrote about men driven by power, merit and passion. ..not sex. Fyi, I never took a women’s studies class, but I did take history, architecture, philosophy, sociology, political science, biology, business and my favorite – anthropology.

      3. Cholo January 25, 2015 at 6:54 pm

        Riiiight! Neither Othello nor Macbeth, nor Marc Antony were driven by their need for sex. It was all just score-keeping among the bros that got and kept them motivated! You’re a woman, don’t pretend you know anything meaningful about what motivates men, because you simply can’t! You don’t and won’t ever have the same natural measure of testosterone.
        As for your transcript and resume? Who the F cares? What’s you HB/SMV number? Its all that matters……………..

      4. Andrea January 25, 2015 at 10:14 pm

        Look, I think we can both agree that sex cannot be the sole motivator for men nor women. If it was then we might as well get rid of 95% of our brains and go live with the bonobos; and even they only use sex as a means to an end. If I lived in a society where only my hb and smv mattered, I would do fine. But fortunately, we are complex creatures and I get to experience and create a much richer reality.

    2. Clark Kent January 16, 2015 at 6:29 pm

      You should check out this article by Heartiste, I think it is related to what you’re talking about.

      He argues that where PUAs, as we know them, can only really exist in specific economic conditions. In times of plenty where people are bored and the rise of decadence is creating a culture that has no real belief in itself, PUA techniques reign supreme. People want to be entertained.

      However, the recent culture in a lot of places is changing. Now that the middle-class is disappearing there are going to arise two types of winners. There will be powerful alphas at the top who rule through money and social influence, and powerful alphas at the bottom who rule through savagery and social connections. Who would be the normal middle class men will be relegated to betatude as their productive and creative natures will be put under the boot of more psychopathic men.

      There is the archetype character of the sigma male (individualistic and intelligent, he stands outside the beta/alpha heirarchy but manages to find a way to succeed on his own… he is to gamma what an alpha is to beta). These kinds of men have no place when the social order is forming itself. When the social order is reforming and women once again become primarily focused on finding powerful and secure males (alphas and betas), sigmas have no place… It is time to leave… unless you want to play your cards and end up a beta or alpha… in a real social context where acquiring power is all that matters.

      1. seth datta January 16, 2015 at 9:14 pm

        I am not white, but I have gotten to see the ‘elite’ of white society, and the bottom, as well as seeing the muslim man (I am brown, not muslim) and the chinese man in their own countries. I have learned that we are more similar than dissimilar for all races; and that there is some kind of campaign against whites – though white society is not helped that the women actively propagate this by being good whores and useless wives. You see black men on white women campaigns, but you rarely if ever see a white man with a black woman on social media, as this agenda is not pushed. Why?

        As such, I am going to have to say that the white alpha male is actually the provider and homesteader, and that the guy who gets all the poosey is evidence of a dying society and social pathology and can NOT be the alpha male. That is appalling – that the alpha male is considered to be some guy who cleans up whilst his race has 10 years of wealth and power left before the different social agendas lead HIS ENTIRE RACE to be subjugated the same as other races, if not worse. That is some media brainwashing that the alpha male is a man-whore; these definitions are made up by social programmers and then everyone else jumps on it as it accurately describes society to some extent. But NO. I do not recognise that guy as the alpha male, but someone who is the symptom of a sick society.

        The women are the sickest of all, as if you keep promoting whoredom from a young age on TV etc (this is actually classified as a form of torture, called psychic driving, and has been around from ancient times), this will subliminally imprint itself on the growing brain to the point where it becomes the personality of the developing woman. As such, if people are fucked up, it is a consequence of the culture we live in due to negative social programming enforced by group opinion (as most people cannot break free of the brainwashing, so if someone steps out of the group, they are quickly brought back in).

      2. Thiago January 17, 2015 at 12:58 am

        Good stuff man and I agree with you on DeAngelos cheesy marketing junk as well.

        Yeah man this whole thing is sick. You are very wise you must be a Doctor level iq-I agree with 90% of what you write. The truth is the Khazar elite imprint all this trash on the brains of the youth-man you can’t walk in a mainstream bookstore anymore without a good 1/5 of the store being occult fantasy “teen fiction” junk. This is not by coincidence it’s all brainwashing of the youth for further corruption and degeneracy. Some of m friends who are older and have teens tell me they wish they didn’t have kids because the Worlds so sick now and they’re afraid for what their kids will have to face. It s all so godless and crazy now. They want to put 666 Mark of The Beast chips in everyone and to a kid who all they know is smartphones, game consoles, HDTV, and Internet- they’ll be into it without scrutiny. It’s all deception by the Rothschild central bankers at the end of the day. What kind of sickos put gmos in the food supply and uranium in the air via Chem trails but people like that?

      3. Morrison January 17, 2015 at 4:19 pm

        I noticed that too — so much stories that are done within the framework of the occult – vampires and similar crap that normally is something that would appeal to 6th graders we see adults thoroughly getting into. The other programs out there that is not occult related are shows that have dead bodies in them CSI, etc.

    3. Morrison January 17, 2015 at 4:11 pm

      Good points made Seth. Indeed things have changed a lot and the pua tactics that were used in the 1990s and eatly 200’s are antiqiated by now. I never liked that pua shit even though it had marginal effects for the average joe, and bigger results for guys who were by their nature bullshitters.

      That said, today women are getting more zombified by all the shit of the current zeitgeist. So all a man has to do for female affection is turn into a smart phone.

  2. Bryson January 16, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Since you are known as a game and travel author and Quintus is right- America is sexually repressed.

    What countries have you experienced that are not so debased against heterosexual male sexuality as America?

  3. ChimpGod January 16, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    Looks like it could be a great read.. However.. Most men don’t have the patience or desire to read something so deep. This is next level red pill shit. You need to do a picture book, and just show pictures of hot girls in Ukraine. That would be the best way to keep their attention, and ease them into learning about EE, and the whole game.

    1. Roosh_V January 16, 2015 at 7:47 pm

      My readers are quite intelligent, actually. Don’t judge through blog comments.

      1. ChimpGod January 16, 2015 at 8:12 pm

        I never said they weren’t intelligent. This book is only going to appeal to a small percentage of men. That’s all I merely stated.. none of my co-workers would read it.. that’s fact. I try to educate them and teach them things and I have to start with baby steps.. milk before meat. Maybe half of the readers are at the level where this would appeal to them but I constantly see people asking you to post pictures or videos of encounters with women in EE. Maybe a video of you spitting some game.. or just a video interview. It’s just my 2 cents..

      2. Cedric J January 17, 2015 at 1:13 am

        I agree with comrade Chimpgod on this. Infield footage of girls in the streets in places like Poland and Belarus and demos of game techniques like Krauser and Good Lookin Loser Chris have done via video infields is a reasonable request.

    2. Cedric J January 17, 2015 at 4:43 pm

      Do you ever do day game in California man? Like a stroll through a community college to meet new birds etc? Malls? Beaches? Parks? Etc?

      1. ChimpGod January 17, 2015 at 6:59 pm

        Nah man.. I should but I just don’t have the time. I work quite a bit. CA has some talent but at the end of the day, it’s a fucking cock fest. I just hate the culture here, so I do game online with EE girls and wait to travel over there.

      2. Cedric "Budweiser" J January 17, 2015 at 7:59 pm

        Why does Hollywod push California so hard?

        As depressing as it is- isn’t Califonria honestly one of the best places in Murica?

        What are you gonna do int the South- get a bmi of 50, drink RC colas, and count June bugs while Jermaine and Lashawn have their way with Hattie May?
        In New York and all the rust belt- lets binge drink, try not to piss off the gangstas or guidos, and hope Gina or Marie will Txt for a meetup? Don’t burn her though or her Uncle Frankie will call his friend Vito.

        In the MidWest or Rockies- do you count parties and rocks for fun?

        And the Pacific NW 7s who are so lethargic and stones they look like 4s and all the rain man.

        Florida (like its own country- is a clown hybrid of Sopranos, Chevy Chase vacationer types from Ohio, Dukes of Hazzards, and viva la raza

        In California-
        I mean- what are the cultural negatives- materialism? Political correctness? pro homo? too man beaners with burritos for the gringas (thus further limiting an already contaminated white meat supply)? Bitchy middle age housewives in luxury sedans who think they’re still 19yo hotties?

  4. LJ January 16, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    Question at Roosh and all commenters-
    What cities around the World
    Have you been to with the most vibrant nightlife (great edm music, lights, atmosphere, fun people, beautiful girls, etc)?

    1. Neil Strauss January 17, 2015 at 1:16 am

      Stop asking stupid questions and start traveling

      1. LJ January 17, 2015 at 1:37 am

        The only thing stupid was reading that catty bitch made comment. Contribute or go home.

      2. ChimpGod January 17, 2015 at 6:56 pm

        It’s a pretty relevant question.. it’s been answered before but it’s not stupid by any means.. I do hope he takes the info and applies it to going abroad in the near future however.

  5. teef January 17, 2015 at 12:27 am

    good lord, I am sold. May this book kick me right in the teeth, repetitively, until I conquer my inner/outer landscapes, permanently.

  6. Neil Strauss January 17, 2015 at 1:18 am

    Hey Roosh, who are you talking to on that land line and where did you find a land line? Looks like an important call