A Dead Bat In Paraguay: Behind The Scenes

A Dead Bat In Paraguay

Alright so this week I published my new book and shared sample pages and reviews. Let’s close it all out with a behind-the-scenes breather…

– One thing I didn’t want to do was take years to write this book. So I avoided real work and moved into my Dad’s basement where I wouldn’t have to worry about things like cleaning my bathroom and cooking. All I did was write, shit, and game.

– I couldn’t write the book inside my Dad’s home because he had internet (i.e. constant porn access), so most of it was written in the Starbucks next to a Leisure World, a place where old people get ready to die. I had my choice of many older ladies and I could have racked up a lot of notches, but I focused on the book instead. For you!

Artist depiction of me doing actual work– I tried to keep track of how many hours it took me to write this. My estimate is a little over 500 hours. I shouldn’t have told you this because if you don’t like the book you’ll think, “Haha he wasted 500 hours of his life on this!”

– What’s great about books is that for a short amount of time you experience a sort of mind meld with the author. Reading about someone’s experiences is like a shortcut to experiencing them yourself. And then there’s experiences like mine which you may hope not to experience yourself.

– Sure I wrote this book to entertain and educate, but the real reason is for the fame. The irony about becoming world famous by writing about trying to get laid is that girls recognize me and I no longer have to try to get laid. Giddy!

– I’ve held proof copies of the book, but not the final copy since I’m still here in Colombia. You’ll hold my book before I do. This has to be the first time in the history of the world that someone has sold copies of his book without caressing it first.

– The plan was to finish the book in my Dad’s basement, but 14 months there I still had no book. I decided to move out before I turn the age of 30 so people don’t start calling me a loser. It took 4 more months in Colombia to get it done. I was so scared of getting my laptop jacked in Colombia and being set back that I never took it outside my house until I was completely done.

MY starbucks table– At the very end of the book’s homepage you’ll see an option to download the RTF format which is friendly to iPhones. So far I’ve sold more of those than Kindle copies. The iPhone is the future of ebooks?

– If you want an autographed copy then hang on for bit. I’ll be back in D.C. some time in 2010. I’m returning to Brazil in five weeks for an indeterminable amount of time.

– One sneaky person snagged a copy of the book last week from Amazon. He or she is the first person to purchase the book. Someone else bought it on Sunday. It was actually available for sale on Amazon for about a month if you searched for “Roosh” or the book’s title.

I want to thank everyone who bought my book so far. If it wasn’t for your support with my first book Bang then there would be no A Dead Bat In Paraguay. If you haven’t already, check out the book’s website to learn more about it before grabbing your paperback or eBook copy.

Of course I’m going to plug this book like a mother the next few months, but starting Monday we’re returning back to normal posts.

POSTSCRIPT: Before I forget I wanted to thank my design guy Dan for doing the book’s homepage and also for modifying the main image at the top of this page. Check out his work.