A Dead Bat In Paraguay: Sample Pages

A Dead Bat In ParaguayIt’s a little tricky picking which excerpts to show you because I didn’t want to pick a part that was especially good or gave away important plot details. In other words I didn’t want to put the best jokes of the movie in the trailer.

I settled on three excerpts that I think represents the book pretty well.

The first details a tour I took in Potosi, Bolivia of a mine that the city depends on for its existence. I describe how the miners basically stuck to colonial techniques for extracting minerals in godawful conditions, shortening their life spans in the process. It gave me a different perspective on how reasonable my thoughts were when I quit my job a few months prior.

The second excerpt takes place in Salta, Argentina, a place that I made a big push to get with an Argentine girl. I describe a bit of my strategy on getting with a local woman and how it wasn’t quite working. I was becoming increasingly frustrated, and it showed.

The third excerpt takes place in Asunción, Paraguay and highlights my deteriorating mental state. I had recurring fantasies of getting maimed and becoming seriously ill. I couldn’t wait to leave for Brazil, but then something bad happened.

You can read all three excerpts here. Also if you go to the Amazon listing of the book, you can read the first few pages where I start the book off in the United States while working as a cubicle slave. Or you can click “Surprise Me!” and get a random page from the book.