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The Ball On A String

I arrived at a small town in a country I’ve never been to before. It had a traditional character of families and young people going for long, meandering strolls on promenades lined with sidewalk cafes and restaurants. No Starbucks or corporate chains in sight. Many people walk as slow as me, which is rare in all but a few Latin countries.

One afternoon, I noticed a small boy playing with a ball attached to a string. At the end of the string was a ring that you could place on your finger. He played with it as if it were a rudimentary yo-yo. I wanted to play with it, too. There were many vendors selling small toys, trinkets, and cotton candy. I found a man selling the ball on a string for a stated price of $2. I bought it without trying to negotiate.

After completing the transaction, I started playing with the ball. It turned out that the string was too short for me, perhaps because it was designed for little boys, not 39-year-old men. I looked up and caught a pair of girls looking at me. I felt self-conscious, but not enough to stop playing with the ball. After one minute of play, I got bored. I put the ball in my laptop bag and continued walking along the promenade.

I soon encountered a class of elementary school children on a field trip. I thought of handing the ball to one of them, but felt it would be too weird, so I took the ball out of my bag and discreetly rolled it into the center of the crowd like it was a bowling ball. Then I watched from the sidelines.

The tallest girl of the class was the first to see the ball. She picked it up and immediately started looking around. Her confused expression seemed to ask, “Who’s ball is this?” She held it for maybe half a minute, asking her friends about the ball’s owner, but no one claimed it. She dropped the ball to the ground.

One of her classmates, a shorter girl with a chubby face, picked up the ball. She examined it carefully, inspecting it for any flaws or defects. She put the ring through her finger and bounced it a few times. Her class began to walk away. Instead of taking the ball with her, she threw it some distance in my direction. I couldn’t believe that no one from a group of thirty children wanted to claim a free ball.

Then a grandmother and a young boy walked directly toward the ball. Before the boy could notice the ball, his grandmother kicked it as if she were a professional soccer player and I the goalie on the opposing team. The ball settled only four feet away from where I stood. It came back to me! All I had to do was take two steps, bend over, and reclaim ownership of the ball, but I did not want it. I walked away from the ball and took a seat at the edge of a nearby statue. The poor ball had now been rejected by four people since it was set free with my purchase. If it had consciousness, I imagine it would be experiencing a deep feeling of rejection.

A man not much older than me, sitting on a bench with a woman who appeared to be his wife, caught sight of the ball. He stood up, walked towards it, and picked it up before returning to the bench. He did not look around or wonder if someone lost the ball. Instead, he started playing with it. He smiled while doing so, enjoying his good luck. After he was tired of playing, he embraced the ball with two hands and serenely stared off into the distance.

My ego stirred to action. It wondered about all the balls I could roll into crowds to watch the ensuing human drama unfold—how I could taint my gift by introducing a goal, an agenda, a benefit for me to receive. I was happy to see the man playing with the ball because the intention of buying it in the first place was also to play. My enjoyment came from the spontaneity, the surprise, and so I can never buy a ball on a string again and attempt to replay the past, but I will certainly perk up when I see someone in the future playing with a ball on a string.

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The Paperback Of Game Is Available At These Retailers

The paperback and Kindle editions of Game were banned on Amazon back in September. I’ve since found a third-party distributor that has made the paperback available on Barnes & Noble and several other retailers at a starting price of $25. Here is where you can get a physical copy of Game:

United States






United Kingdom

You’re probably wondering how I got it back on Amazon. The original paperback was published through CreateSpace, an Amazon subsidiary that has its own censorship team. I believe this team is bypassed when you use a third-party distributor, though I suppose we’ll find out in the next week or so. If you were waiting to buy the paperback, I would do so immediately in case the ban hammer returns. If you’re interested in the eBook or audiobook editions, click here to buy it directly from my store.

Stop reading and look behind you, dummy!

A part of me wants you to buy it on Amazon so that it climbs the sales charts and puts egg on their face, but it’s up to you to choose your preferred retailer (I receive the same royalty no matter where you buy the book). In the meantime, if you’ve already read Game, I kindly ask that you leave a short review on the Amazon page. It appears that Amazon has restored some of the early reviews.

I’m already working on selling books directly, but this will take another month or two to set up, and the shipping prices won’t be as cheap as what you can find above. I see Amazon’s ban as a blessing in disguise because it has made the book available on more stores while urging me to set up my own paperback distribution channel. Thank you to everyone who has supported this book so far.

UPDATE: As you’ve noticed above, Amazon banned Game for the second time. In the below video, I share a list of products Amazon still sells that are way worse than Game…

Read An Excerpt From Game: Never Follow A Girl’s Lead

Vacations Are A Scam

You’ve been working hard on the job and now have some vacation days to use. Your boss was chafed when you suggested taking two weeks off so you settled for one week, which you believe is still more than enough time to unwind and relax. Wrong! Not only will a vacation not relax you, but it will create more stress than work.

The first day of your vacation is spent traveling to the destination. If you’re lucky, it will take only two hours, but odds are it will take at least six. You’re either crammed on an airplane or driving on a road full of other people who want to relax just like you. Already, tension is building.

After finally arriving at your vacation spot, things start to go wrong. The hotel room doesn’t have a good view. The wireless internet is too slow. You forgot your beach towel at home. You picked a bad area of town to stay in. You take off your shoes and try to relax, but now you’re hungry. You find a restaurant that sells you a bland pizza that is priced more than your favorite pizzeria back home. You go to sleep on a strange bed with pillows that are way too big, and then you wake up the next day with nausea and painful stomach cramps. You’re sick! And what are these itchy red marks on your ankles? Bed bugs! Only six more days to go.

What are these… pillows for elephants?!

Now imagine you have children. The stress will increase by a factor of ten. By the end of the first day, you need a vacation from your vacation. Things will go much harder than the work you tried to take a break from.

As your “vacation” proceeds, you feel obligated to pack in as many activities as possible. Tours. Excursions. Watersports. Sightseeing. Scooter rental. Souvenir shopping. Tower climbing. Cemetary viewing. Clubbing. Selfie taking. You must not miss out on anything, because it took time and money to get here, and you may never return.

Soon your legs get weary. You’re walking more in one day than you normally do in a week. That bed is impossible to sleep in, and you can’t seem to get the room climate right. Now you’re running a sleep deficit. There are bags under your eyes, and holy cow, the vacation is almost done. Check-out is 11am tomorrow!

The pictures and souvenirs are proof that you went on vacation, but really the vacation went on you. On the way back home, you almost drive off the road because you’re so tired, and when you do make it to your bed, you immediately crash and enjoy the best sleep you’ve had all week, and then before you know it, the alarm clock is blaring at 8am. Back to work!

Relaxation is the absence of activity, not an exchange of one set of activities for another. Reducing stress means you must reduce the stimuli that your senses receive. A vacation accomplishes the opposite. It’s merely a commercial method to part money from office workers who want to feel relaxed in a novel, exciting way, when what they should really do is vegetate at home for days as if getting over the flu.

You can’t force your body to relax. All you can do is put it in a boring, calm, and familiar environment where it has no choice but to do so. Travel is meant to see things you want to see and be stimulated by new experiences. Going on vacation to relax is like drinking a double espresso to help you nap. If you insist on a vacation that involves travel, I hope you’re staying in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, but even then, the tension of going and coming from an isolated location will nullify the couple of days you experience nothingness.

When it’s time for me to relax, I plant myself on the couch, get a beer, and watch mindless entertainment. Anything else will simply be too much.

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How The Media Deplatforms Creators

It has long been known that the mainstream media takes on an activist role in hurting their enemies, but lately they have become far more direct and obvious in their attacks. The reason is that they have lost the ability to sway public opinion.

The media used to flex its muscle by convincing a wide swath of the population that a certain individual or organization is “bad.” This is most commonly seen in political campaign coverage where reporters are told by their editors to attack a candidate who has opposing views to the owner of the outlet. You saw this with Donald Trump and you also saw it with me in 2016 when the media published hundreds of articles labeling me “pro-rape.” Since most outlets lose money, and are seen as propaganda devices by their billionaire owners, the media spends a significant amount of money to defame its enemies.

And yet, in spite of the media’s attacks against me, here I am, writing this to a wide audience while the bad orange man sits comfortably in the oval office. Even when the media establishment unleashes their bombs (both figurative and literal), they are no longer able to hurt the reputations of those they hate. In fact, getting attacked by the media now helps you develop a growing and dedicated fan base. My newest book, Game, sold more copies in its first week than any of my previous 18 book launches in spite of Amazon banning the paperback and Kindle editions on the third day of its release.

Trust in the media has been surveyed at an all-time low, so we should not be surprised that their hit pieces are being done in vain. They are now forced to become direct activists. This is how they do it: they ask you for an interview and then use that as a pretext to contact your social media and business partners with a negative spiel that is intended to scare the companies with bad press. Here’s an example…

Dear YouTube,

I’m Noah Goldberg, a journalist from Buzzfeed who has won the Open Society Foundation award for “Best Useful Idiot Of 2017.” We are doing an article on Roosh V, a Youtuber who has been called “Hitler if he were a rapist” by Israel Klein of the Southern Poverty Cuck Center. Many people believe that he has raped 6 million women, and Adam Stein of the Anti-Defamation Soy Squad has never encountered someone more misogynistically evil.

His YouTube channel gets 100,000 views a month, which he uses to spread his “neomasculinity” platform that has been called “obvious rape instruction” by Ruth Bloom of the Toronto Pro-Baby Killing Alliance, who was left literally shaking by a video of his titled “How I Make Aeropress Coffee At Home.” Are you aware that he is using YouTube to spread heinous views that will certainly lead to another holocaust?


The bigger the media outlet, the more likely that YouTube will take action and provide a statement that goes something like this…

We at YouTube take a stand against hate speech of all forms. We have taken appropriate action against the thought criminal in question that is in accordance with our deliberately vague community guidelines.

The media article that eventually gets published is more of a “We shut it down” victory scalp than anything intended to be read by other human beings.

The Huffington Post actually tried to pull this strategy off with my books on Amazon, but I’m certain it was the Southern Poverty Law Center that was responsible for nine of them getting banned, since they have a working relationship with Amazon. Besides, no one listens to the Huffington Post anyway.

In the past, agreeing to an interview meant that a journalist could misconstrue your words and hurt your reputation, an unfavorable outcome for sure, but one that wouldn’t necessarily hurt your livelihood. Most of the damage would be dealt to your ego. But now, agreeing to an interview gives momentum to the media outlet to get you shut down from various platforms.

A journalist doesn’t need you to say yes to an interview to start writing “Dear YouTube” emails, but it will surely help the resulting article get more views and propulsion to ban you from platforms the outlet has yet to contact. Even if you think you’re completely antifragile from deplatforming, the media has an ace card up their sleeve: at the end of their hit piece about you, they will include the following statement…

If you are a female and had relations with Dissident Joe Smith, please contact our reporters immediately.

They invite false rape accusations to permanently tarnish your name and create trumped-up criminal charges. An article about me in the Daily Beast actually included the false rape invitation statement.

This is why it’s so dangerous to talk to the media at all, even if you want to troll them for fun. Understand that the intent of them contacting you is to destroy you utterly. They have no choice in this mission because they have lost their core ability to persuade the masses. Now, they use the name recognition of their employer and the threat of bad publicity to act like non-media organizations (e.g. SPLC, ADL).

You may be wondering why Facebook, Google, or Amazon would even listen to anyone, journalist or otherwise, who contacts them about “hate speech.” The reason is that they’re all ideologically aligned. They employ the same type of millennial cry babies and man-hating feminists who went to the same universities. (Where do you think they learned to hate you?) I believe that tech companies actually thank journalists for bringing evil thinkers such as myself to their attention—they see them as unpaid moderators! Therefore, I can’t get mad at the journalists who have no inherent power themselves, and whose voice is controlled to such as extent that their efforts to silence others is a projection of how limited they are in what they can publish. There are obedient slaves who think they’re saving the world by censoring it.

The good news is that this sort of activism is costing media outlets a lot of money, because the articles and videos that result from it don’t generate profit. Who would’ve guessed that content based on a journalist’s celebration of getting someone banned from Facebook is not engaging to most people? The media’s death will steadily continue until the stories you see on CNN, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post will look identical to those found on the blogs of the SPLC and ADL. They will be full of pearl-clutching content that is well-funded by those in power, but which few people care to read.

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How To Do Walking Meditation

When most people think of meditation, they imagine a man sitting on the floor with his back erect and eyes closed, but you can also do it while walking.

The point of meditation is to counteract the neverending “useful” activities of your life with a “useless” activity. This helps to release built-up stress and quiet your over-active inner voice (assuming you have one). One danger is turning meditation into a strategy with a goal, because that converts it to a “useful” activity which may actually increase your stress (e.g. “I really should meditate for thirty minutes today but I’m too busy so I will squeeze it in between all these other activities I’m doing ahhhhhh!”).

Meditation must be a way for you to unplug with no specific outcome in mind. For me, it’s a way to push the pause button on filling my days with new achievements, plans, ideas, and work, allowing me to release myself—at least temporarily—from the treadmills of materialism, ego, and hedonism.

The best type of walkway to do walking meditation is one with no vehicle intersections. Circular paths around ponds or lakes are the most ideal. In standard meditation, you focus on your breath, but you won’t be able to concentrate on it while outdoors. Focus instead on your steps, calling each one in your head.

When your left foot strikes the ground, say “left” or “one” to yourself. Then when your right foot strikes the ground, say “right” or “two.” “Left, right, left, right, left, right…” or “one, two, one, two, one, two…” This sounds easy, but your mind will try to sneak in thoughts and unsync your cadence. For example, you may say “left” at a time other than when your left foot actually strikes the ground. You must devote the entirety of your concentration by saying left or right at the exact moment your foot makes ground contact.

Within a couple of minutes, your mind will be mostly clear besides what you’re seeing or hearing around you, forcing you to remain in the present. If you can continue for over five minutes, and there are not many pretty girls around, you will enter a mildly hypnotic state. You can then stop calling your steps and enjoy a moment or two of bliss before your thoughts come flooding back in.

And that’s all there is to it. Pick a relatively quiet path, dedicate your full concentration to calling your steps, and starve the mind of the fuel it needs to take you away from the moment.

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There Will Be A Live Stream On Sunday 10/21 @ 12:30pm EST

My one-month vacation is over and I’m back to work. On Sunday I will do a live stream at 12:30pm EST on Twitch. If you have any questions, you can send them to [email protected] After the stream, I will upload the recording to YouTube and Soundcloud.

Watch live video from rooshhour on

In the past month, I put Return Of Kings on hiatus and also changed the commenting system on this blog. On the sidebar you can see that I added the option of registration so that you don’t have to enter your name and email address for every comment you leave. Give it a test drive below and let me know what you think.

Article posting will resume on Monday.

LAST CHANCE! Today Is The Last Day For Discount Prices On Game

After Amazon banned Game, I extended the discounts in my web store. Today is now the last day for those discounts. Starting tomorrow, the ebook will go from $9.99 to $13, the audiobook will go from $17 to $21, and my life’s work package will go from $35 to $41.

Game was banned from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo

The big story of the week was Amazon banning Game along with eight of my other books. Barnes & Noble and Kobo followed Amazon’s actions by banning my entire catalog of books, which includes Free Speech Isn’t Free, a work that includes no graphic or sexual content. Here’s a solid analysis from the Spectator:

We are living in an Orwellian dystopia. Democrat members of Congress advocate harassment of their opponents, and Republican congressmen are targeted by assassins and GOP candidates are assaulted by knife-wielding lunatics, yet the so-called “mainstream” media insist that it is the Right, not the Left, which is dangerous. In this bizarre mirror-reverse world, atheists, homosexuals, violent anarchists and vehement man-hating feminists are free to say and do what they please, but a guy who tells other guys how to be successful with women is demonized like Emmanuel Goldstein in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Instead of free speech being suppressed by an all-powerful government, the enemies of freedom are gigantic multibillion-dollar Internet companies eager to appease swarming squadrons of social justice warriors (SJWs) who bombard them with complaints about alleged purveyors of “hate.”

I also did interviews with Alex Jones, Paul Joseph WatsonJF Gariepy, and Luke Rudkowski. I appreciate everyone’s efforts in getting the word out for censorship that I believe was targeted for purely political reasons.

Order now to take advantage of special combo deals

You can order Game from my web store using a credit card or cryptocurrency. If you order before Monday, the instantly downloadable ebook edition costs only $13 and contains unrestricted PDF, ePUB, and MOBI files that can be viewed on unlimited devices. After submitting your payment, you’ll be immediately forwarded to the book’s download page…

The audiobook + ebook edition costs only $21 and includes both the ebook package and the 13-hour audiobook in unrestricted MP3 format that is narrated by myself. Hear me say lines in the same way I deliver them to women…

If you order from my store, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your purchase to include my entire catalog at huge savings, but only before Monday. Click here to view the full description of Game at Roosh V Store. I’m now working on ways to sell paperback editions directly to my readers. This may take a couple of months to work out.

I was really touched by the outpouring of support I received in the past week. I lost count how many messages I received from men who stated that they bought my book not because they want dating advice, but because they believe in what I’m doing. This encourages me to keep going. I may be down, but I’m not out.

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