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Roosh Hour #41: Tower Of Babel

In this stream I talk about the silly things that coronavirus is sweeping away, why you should say no to national quarantine, why I may have to move out of my mountain home, and much more.

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Lifestyle Is The Disease

Many people are unhappy with how their lives are going. They’re depressed, they desire more pleasure, they’re lonely, they lack purpose, and so on. While life contains many inherent hardships, most of the suffering that people experience are a direct result of a lifestyle they chose that they thought would solve their problems. Instead, it is the cause of their problems. In fact, there is no worldly lifestyle you can choose that will give you lasting contentment or satisfaction.

Lifestyles cause emotional and physical illness

The clearest example of a lifestyle that creates more problems than it solves is homosexuality. Such a lifestyle involves temporary sexual attachments, unbridled sodomy, copious drug use, extreme vanity, and a general fixation on anything bodily to feel a spike of pleasure or happiness. The costs of pursuing this lifestyle are severe: mental illness, depression, drug dependency, sex dependency, lack of life meaning, and physical diseases in the form of HIV, butt cancer, HPV, and a host of other viral and bacterial infections. To resolve these costs, the homosexual doubles down on the lifestyle, pursuing even more sodomy, even including the abuse of children, but that makes the disease even more virulent.

Lacking in awareness of how he is harming himself, the homosexual will project the misery of his lifestyle onto others, complaining that he is being oppressed for his life choices by “bigots,” “homophobes,” and “Nazis,” and that he requires more rights and benefits to fulfill even more degrading aspects of his lifestyle. His crusade is futile. Since his lifestyle is the direct cause of his disease, he will continue to spiral downwards. The guilt from his lifestyle will manifest itself mentally and emotionally, while the sexual acts he performs will manifest in physical illness.

Heterosexuals who decide on a life of casual sex (or masturbation with the aid of porn) are actually performing a “homosexual lite” lifestyle. The same behavior is present though in diminished form. The heterosexual participates in temporary sexual attachments, unbridled fornication and masturbation, elevated drug use (particular alcohol), extreme vanity to better facilitate meaningless sex acts, and a fixation on things of this world (money, travel, fame, etc.).

If you put an active homosexual in a room with an active heterosexual fornicator, you will not be able to differentiate their character, which is centered around constantly evaluating potential sexual opportunities in their environment while maintaining an overly groomed appearance. The only difference would be their mannerisms and the object of their desires. Even though a heterosexual man participates in vaginal sex with women instead of anal sex with men, he will suffer from the same disease, though less severe in intensity.

Satan will distract you with lifestyle options

Another diseased lifestyle is that of an urban Western woman. Her inverted belief of the natural order leads to a common set of behaviors: an obsession with career and money-making (mercantilism), activism for Satanic-inspired social justice causes, active denigration of her countrymen and traditions, promiscuity, self-glorification via social media and dating apps, willingness to use contraception and abortion to maintain a barren womb, hollow “spiritual” pursuits (e.g. yoga, postmodern Buddhism, New Age spirituality), and dependence on corporations for moral guidance. A woman who adopts the globohomo lifestyle will experience similar symptoms as the homosexual: mental illness, depression, drug and sex dependency, existential malaise, the inability to pair bond, and an addiction to anti-depressants.

Any lifestyle you pursue that puts your glorification, “happiness,” desires, or genitals at the center will create a similar manifestation of disease, whether you are homosexual or not. I know this because I embarked on a homosexual-lite lifestyle for nearly two decades, when I worshipped the vagina as part of a detached sex act. I uprooted myself and created a life that was centered around extracting genital pleasure, which I then linked to my pride and vanity. The more “successful” I was at this game, of mastering the art of transient intimacy, the more addicted I became to it and the more empty I felt.

Not only was I becoming more detached from the world, but I was losing myself in the process. When I looked in the mirror, who could stare back at me but a professional fornicator, a man who knows how to create the loosest of human bonds? And that detriment still occurred in spite of the fact that I was abiding by male-to-female sexual biology. If I perverted that biology further, I would have caused more damage, for I did not infect other human beings with diseases and I did not urge a woman to undergo a surgical procedure that killed my child. The costs for performing those acts must be great indeed, and I’m lucky that I did not reach a point of irredeemability and hard-heartedness. I slowed down my lifestyle of fornication starting in 2015 and turned to God in 2019, suggesting a gradual healing process of four years until arriving at the ultimate truth. But for people who transgressed far more than I did, I imagine their healing timeline would be extended. The deeper your depravity, the more “side effects” you will feel, and the longer it will take to become whole again.

All lifestyles, with no exception, cause disease by their very nature, because they separate you from God. They are designed to fill you with worldly distractions, pleasures, and fame. Even if you don’t actively worship Satan, if you are not consciously serving the will of God, you are serving the will of the father of lies. Satan will approve of any lifestyle you choose. If you participate in anything that could even be construed as a lifestyle, or one where a corporation sees you as a marketing opportunity or audience segment, you have fallen for a lie, and will undoubtedly suffer as a direct result of your behavior. There is suffering even if you are a practicing Christian, but that suffering does not stem from your own lifestyle choices.

The side effects of being a fornicator have disappeared from my life. Instead of depression, I am filled with hope and trust in God that His plan will lead to good triumphing over evil. Instead of malaise or hopelessness, I strive to understand God’s will as it concerns me. Instead of depending on sex, alcohol, or caffeine, I depend only on God and His mercy and love. Instead of floundering from one fleeting relationship to the next, or one country to the next, I am focused on the love of my family and my relationship with God. I still experience the ups and downs of life, but as I share the truth to you through my God-given talent of writing, I feel more at peace with who I am and my place in this temporary world. The only “disease” I have is being born in a fallen world, of occasionally lusting after a woman or feeling puffed-up through my material accomplishments.

The word “lifestyle” is rather new. It is yet another ingenious attempt by Satan to convince humans that they can figure it out on their own, but by attempting to do so, they put themselves squarely in rebellion against God. The only outcome for a person who pursues a lifestyle is to become gravely ill before eventually suffering spiritual death.

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4 Steps To God

When you adopt a new ideology, which these days involves taking a metaphorical “pill,” you confidently believe that this is it. You’ve arrived at ultimate truth and can now allow the ideology to help you achieve more out of life. You may think there is nothing beyond this particular pill, but it’s actually a mere stepping stone to the ultimate truth, Jesus Christ. Since our brains cannot handle an instantaneous change from dark to light, we are put on a gradual path of spiritual enlightenment. For men of this era, that path includes four different stages.

The blue pill

If you were born after the sexual revolution of the 1960s in a dense suburb or city, your default ideology upon completing puberty is blue pill. You have accepted the lies that are disseminated in the mainstream media and universities. You believe in an inverted reality where men and women are equal, homosexuality is a virtue, there are no differences between the races, and “science” is infallible and the final arbiter of truth. You even buy the myth that a centralized, one-world globalist tyranny is better for humanity and the planet. If you’re a man, you idolize the woman as your personal savior and are prepared to degrade yourself before them to gain bits of intimacy.

The lifestyle of a blue pill man is one of deference to authority figures who are trying to destroy the natural order. He participates on social media to give doxologies to women, he becomes dependent on a corporate job with a “woke” political agenda, he attacks any morsel of truth to maintain his already anemic social status, he is addicted to a neverending cycle of consuming technology and Hollywood entertainment, and he will often participate in internet outrage mobs against conservative figures. He also considers himself “rational” and so will follow popular atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. In the rare case he does believe in “God,” the church he attends will have a giant gay pride flag or “Refugees Welcome” banner displayed out front, mandated by its female pastor.

Born in 1979 in the dense Washington D.C. suburbs, I was blue pill up until discovering the pickup artist community in 2001. Prior to that, I would always get stuffed into the friend zone when I really desired fornication. I had high trust in the news, enjoyed Hollywood movies, and believed that lack of education was the cause of crime among those low on the socio-economic ladder. Once I started applying game, I recognized all the lies that were told to me about women. Other lies collapsed over time as I gradually began to understand which groups were controlling world levers of power.

The red pill

With the red pill, you become armed with the truth that has been concealed from you. And what do you do with that truth? You extract material from the world in the form of women, money, fame, and status. While it’s not a requirement to harness the truth for purely worldly extraction, many men do so, often as a way to compensate for the lack they experienced during their blue pill phase. The red pill has a strong focus on using the truth for individual success and gain.

The lifestyle of a red pill man is centered around self-improvement to create the “best version of yourself.” This means international travel, hitting the gym, reading non-fiction books that contain detailed instruction on personal achievement, pursuing forms of income that maximize freedom and mobility, and interacting with large numbers of women for the purpose of sex or short-term relationships. From 2008 to 2019, my forum was a hang-out for the prototypical red pill man.

The problem with the red pill man is not the set of truths he believes, but that they are applied almost universally to fulfill a man’s unlimited passion for sex, greed, and pride. This pursuit of hedonism has a limited shelf life, because you will adapt to worldly pleasures and satisfaction until hitting a ceiling where you cannot duplicate the highs and blissful feelings of before. The red pill man ignores this truth, believing that happiness or contentment can be continually gained from the material world if he just tries a little bit harder or learns a new technique of sexual extraction from an internet guru who promises to divulge his secrets for the reasonable price of $1,499. While the red pill contains far more truth than the blue pill, it still contains lies in respect to human biology, psychology, and the very existence of our Creator.

I hit a peak with the red pill between 2011 and 2012 when I was traveling through Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to fornicate with a high number of women. I hung on to this lifestyle for a few more years, hoping that it would give me more pleasure, but hit a solid dead-end with it in 2015. I started to look towards stoicism, Taoism, and even wisdom books from the Bible. I would take some pieces of advice here and there, but nonetheless I did not stop my ways of extracting from the world.

The black pill

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At the end of the red pill stage, the harsh limitations of the world become all too apparent. Even if you are armed with the truth, that does not guarantee material success or happiness. It could also happen that you have achieved a high level of success but stopped feeling pleasure from it because of adaptation. Soon, you no longer see the point of trying. You enter a black pill stage that is one of both acceptance and hopelessness. You accept the world for how it is while losing hope that your existence can be improved in a substantial way, even though you still hold firm the truths of your red pill phase. For example, you still understand the nature of women, and know that being attractive and charming will obtain sex, but you no longer care for trying to meet them with the same intensity as before.

A man in the black pill stage is essentially sitting on a park bench watching the world go by, with the slight desire to see it burn, because that can at least provide him with entertainment while he sits. He follows the news and takes notes of the newest degradation as proof that life is some kind of cruel joke. He enjoys memes that revel in this state of affairs. He also begins to look down on those who tell him to “just get laid” or “make more money,” because he sees those as the least of his problems. The effect of this is that he begins to remove himself from society.

His mentality becomes one of existential dread, often infused with pointed cynical humor, and it’s not uncommon for him to lose interest in things that used to give him the sort of happiness he now sees as false. A psychiatrist would diagnose him as “depressed” in spite of the fact that there is no structural problem with his brain.

I started taking black pills in 2015, when the Canadian government tried to stop my lectures in Toronto and Montreal. That was followed by an effort to ban my books from Amazon. Then my sister was diagnosed with cancer. In 2016, I was attacked by a worldwide mob that threatened my family’s safety and in 2017 I broke up with a girl who I thought would be the mother of my children. In 2018, my sister died. The only way I could keep it together towards the end of this difficult stretch was to distract myself with work while embracing nihilism. I saw the world as totally meaningless and void of hope.

The God pill

In its Christian form, the God pill is believing that Jesus Christ was sent by God the Father to redeem us for our sins and save our souls. If you take this pill, which is dispensed only by God when you humble yourself before Him, all red pill truths from your past are retained if they really were God-given truths. The black pill is shaken off and you come to see that you have a role to play in this world, that the time you were born in was destined for you. You choose to use the free will that God gave you to do His will instead of the will of Satan like before. You harness the truth for good instead of evil. You realize that the toil and suffering you endure are not for nothing, and you live in a way to receive God’s loving grace.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Christians who are actually blue pilled and believe in things that have little basis in scripture or Apostolic tradition. There are also Christians who use the faith to assert their superiority over others, such as being overeager to condemn men for their sins. A man who takes the red pill before the God pill is more likely to avoid these pitfalls.

When God offered me the gift of faith in early 2019, I accepted it. Since then I’ve returned to my baptismal faith (Armenian Orthodox Christianity) and have been devouring religious scriptures, articles, books, and sermons. All the mental and intellectual energy I put into extracting from the world in my red pill days is now going towards God. Instead of trying to perfect my game, I try to perfect my faith. Instead of going to the gym to lift heavy weights, I lift the Orthodox Study Bible. Instead of going to the club to listen to pop music, I go to church to listen to hymns. I am still tempted and challenged by the world, but I understand that the struggle I endure is serving a purpose for my salvation and the salvation of those around me. My despair and hopelessness have been lifted as I put full faith in God to deliver me from both personal sin and Satanic evil.


I have described a fourfold path to coming to God that applies to Western men born after the sexual revolution in population-dense environments. Other men who are born into the faith may come to God in a different way, but if you’re like me, you were raised in a secular household to loving but hands-off parents who did not pass on spiritual fruits. Instead, the establishment directed your path straight into the arms of Satan and his lies.

Coming out of a blue pill stage leads to the hedonistic highs of the red pill, but that is sure to be followed by a black pill “hangover,” and the more sins you committed in your red pill phase, the longer you will see black, which will hopefully humble your heart enough to reach out to God for help, and only then may you receive the final pill, the gift of faith. For men like myself, we shall now see how our faith in such a faithless time collides with the evil that is growing around us.

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Roosh Hour #40: America First

In this stream I talk about the AFPAC political conference, coronavirus, abortion mania, the Desert Fathers, and much more.

Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:

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Previously: Roosh Hour #39: Quarantine

How I Pray

If you ask people how they came to God, they will probably say it was due to a church their parents took them to as a child. Others may talk about their study of the Bible as an adult. Neither of those allowed me to receive the faith. Instead, I came to God through prayer, after feeling the compulsion to pray during a period of darkness and despair.

I didn’t know how to pray when starting out, because I had never done so in my life. All I knew about prayer was what Hollywood movies depict. I did a web search on “how to pray Orthodox,” since I was originally baptized as a child in an Armenian Orthodox church. I found a Greek Orthodox resource called Orthodox Prayer, which has been most helpful for me to establish a beginner prayer rule, especially their handy PDF worksheet. As I learn more about the faith, I have added specific prayers that suit my spiritual needs.

Wherever I live, I assemble a humble prayer corner that is aesthetically pleasing. It consists of two icons (one of the Theotokos holding infant Jesus and the other of Jesus), two wooden crosses, a blessing cross I like to hold while praying, and a prayer rope I use for the Jesus Prayer. In the morning, I pray after waking and then begin my day. At night, I pray once more before laying in bed. I read for some time and right before closing my eyes to sleep, I say one more short prayer that does not make the assumption I will wake the next day:

Into Your Hands, O Lord, I commend my soul and my body. Bless me, forgive my sins, and have mercy on me. Amen.

There is a large gap between the morning and evening prayers where you can easily “forget” about God, especially if you live in a large city and have a day that is filled with distractions. When I come across something that is naturally beautiful, I sometimes recite a simple doxology multiple times: “Glory to God, glory to God in all things.” In other moments, if I feel anger rising within me or am frustrated from having to wait in a long line, I recite the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” The Jesus Prayer helps remind me that I’m experiencing no real pain or suffering compared to what Jesus endured, and that only through Him can I overcome the small and big trials of this world.

Another way to remember God during the day is to recite a prayer before and after your meals. If this is a new habit, you will forget to do it most of the time, but if you keep applying effort, it’ll eventually become automatic. Here is a prayer I use before all my mealtimes:

O Christ our God, bless the food, drink, and fellowship of thy servants, for thou art holy always, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

And one for after meals, which I sometimes still forget:

Blessed is God, Who has fed and nourished us with His bountiful gifts by His grace and compassion always, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

You may be tempted to ask what are the material “benefits” of prayer. Will it make you feel more calm? Will it help you complete more work during the day? This is the wrong approach. I believe the purpose of prayer is to worship your Creator and establish a direct line of communication with God to aid in your salvation. Such communion will help you battle against sin and fight demonic influences that are so prevalent in this world. Through prayer, I also show thanks and appreciation to God for creating and sustaining me. I ask Him to forgive my signs and to have mercy on me while I carry out my mission in this world. I certainly do not ask him for more fame, comfort, pleasure, or ease of life as if he was a genie in a bottle. Unless I am in dire straights, I do not ask him for worldly gain, and if I do, I always add “if it is according to Your will” to stress that it is His will be done, not my will be done.

If you’re new to prayer, I recommend you start with a small base and then build it up gradually. If you attempt too much in the beginning and fail to maintain it, you’ll get frustrated, stop praying entirely, and maybe even lose faith. Instead, warm up your prayer muscles with a nightly prayer that lasts no longer than five minutes. Ramp that up as you gain confidence maintaining the routine. When you have maintained a night prayer rule for a month or two, and feel the need to do more, add a morning prayer as well. Do what you can.

Once you’ve established a prayer rule, you can consider Church attendance and Bible reading for a set amount of time each day (be sure to use a study Bible like the Orthodox Study Bible). Take it slow. Don’t treat your faith as just another material hobby, something to be achieved. I prayed for two months before I stepped foot into a church, and am very careful to add more prayer time or other spiritual deeds. Recently, I tried to add a third daily prayer, but I was not yet ready for it, so I stopped after a few days. That’s okay—I will progress spiritually for some time and try again later. I would only advise you to “force” yourself to do at least one prayer per day (the Lord’s Prayer is suitable) and if that is still too hard for you, ask God to help you pray. Prayer is a gift from Him, so if you would like to pray, ask Him for aid.

Even if you establish a daily prayer rule, prayer will not be easy. You will procrastinate when it’s time to pray and be tempted to rush through it. The demons and your corrupted mind will flood you with distracting thoughts. You may feel that you’re just reciting words instead of feeling them. These problems were even common with the Saints. Start small, build up over the months, and stick with it so that you may develop a relationship with God and fully receive His grace.

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Moderation Is A Myth

I used to believe that it was easy to moderate my vices using willpower alone, whether it comes to sex or something as basic as coffee, but I realized that “moderation” or seeking the “middle path” are mythical notions. If you allow just a little bit of vice in your life, the process of backsliding immediately begins as you gradually make exceptions to partake in more and more of the vice. Therefore, when it comes to staying away from harm, abstinence is the only solution that is effective.

A habit that is extremely difficult for me to control is coffee. While you may argue that coffee is healthy, it contains a high amount of caffeine, a powerful drug that creates physical dependency. If you are a regular coffee drinker and have tried to quit, you’re aware of the debilitating withdrawal effects of headaches, fatigue, and brain fog. I love the bitter taste of coffee, but my body and mind become dependent on it.

In the past, I’ve tried to moderate my caffeine intake to only once a week. That would work for a few weeks until I felt it was safe to drink on a second day of the week. I can’t become dependent on coffee from just drinking twice a week, right? But the backsliding had already begun. Within a month, I will be drinking every day, becoming fully dependent on it, all because I started drinking it once a week. The same applies to alcohol.

When it comes to sex, a guide of moderation I tried in the past was to only pursue it when I had a physical need. When I was feeling horny, I would pursue a casual sex interaction, but this would increase the desire for more sex, and it doesn’t account for the fact that your “need” of sex can be manipulated by your environment, especially if you live in a society bathing in free porn. It would only take one sex act to create voluminous thoughts and fantasies that made me hornier, and that all happened because I had sex based on what I thought was a genuine need. Soon enough, I’m thinking of sex every day and feel that I need sex quite often. The fulfillment of sex, it turns out, begets the desire for more sex.

Over a year ago, I was dating a girl who was fulfilling my sexual need. We would see each other once or twice a week. She soon ended the relationship because I did not want to commit to her. That same night, in a state of mild panic, I went to a seedy dive bar named Dragon and picked up a girl of ill repute. I had sex with her a couple of days later. I did not particularly like this girl, but I used her body because I thought I was in need of sex, when really I was just upset. I proceeded to have a rather unfavorable sexual experience that I have since tried to forget. During this time period, I had convinced myself that I was in a state of moderation, but I was actually ready to sleep with any woman who was willing.

A random female may attempt moderation when improving her look through surgical means. She only wants to inject a little filler in her lips to garner more likes for her Instagram photos, but once her lips are nice and juicy, she starts to notice the micro wrinkles on her face. Back to the dermatologist she goes for Botox, and you know what, she now feels that her breasts are two sizes too small. Can the kind doctor recommend a surgeon for breast augmentation? It started with the lips, and a few years down the line she looks artificial and a full decade older than her actual age.

Indian guru Osho preached the middle way, but he embraced being treated like a god. He said yes to every media outlet who came knocking while using his status to sleep with his female followers. That is moderation? It’s very easy to preach moderation, for it sounds reasonable and pleasing to the ear, but it doesn’t work in practice. Moderation is a slow falling. Once you partake in a small dose of vice, you give it the means to fill your thoughts, and soon, your behavior. I no longer kid myself that I can moderate any vice, no matter how minor they seem to appear, and know that abstinence is the best approach.

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Roosh Hour #39: Quarantine

In this stream I talk about coronavirus, getting right with God in times of good health, the movie They Live, women who freeze their eggs, and much more.

Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:

Here’s a highlight from a previous stream:

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Previously: Roosh Hour #38: Holy Water

Worldy Beauty vs. Graceful Beauty

For the longest time, I judged a woman’s beauty by what was visible to my eyes. I focused on a woman’s face, hair, body, and mannerisms to decide if she was beautiful enough to be worth the chase, but oftentimes she possessed nothing beyond that initial flash of external beauty, nothing that could provide for a lifelong pair bond. Recently, I’ve noticed a second type of beauty that has escaped me in the past, one that, instead of creating feelings of lust and excitement within me, instead creates a feeling of calm and peacefulness. This type of beauty is only possessed by a woman who have been graced by God.

The beauty that creates instant excitement

Most women today have spent hundreds of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars, on optimizing their appearance. They purchase clothing that hides their natural body lumps to appear more “sexy.” They watch countless makeup tutorials on YouTube created by homosexual men to apply clown paint in imaginative ways. They undergo minor plastic surgery in the form of lip filler and Botox injections, even in their early 20s. They dye their hair or alter its natural waves and curls through chemical treatments. They mimic the mannerisms and body language of the popular women on Instagram who are living a virtual life. And they tack on fake nails and eyelashes. All these modifications are done in front of the eye of the mirror or front-facing smartphone camera, causing her to look potentially beautiful only from a narrow viewing angle when a specific range of light is applied. In other words, a woman spends a big part of her life to look good for a particular style of selfie, whether it be her face or—in the case she has a gym membership—her rear end. Her image is blasted onto hyperspace for men to admire, and it is often enough to gain the superficial adoration that she so desperately craves.

When you meet a worldly female in semi-dark lighting where she faces you from the correct angle, you feel immediate lust, especially if she is not overweight. You covet her. You want to take her to bed and fornicate with her to feel ecstasy with such an obviously beautiful creature. Yet beyond the moment of orgasm with her, she will have nothing else to offer. In fact, she will extract value from your life because her beauty is not just for you—it’s for everyone, unlike the gift of virginity, which is preserved for the one man who will be her husband. Because she cannot gain the ideal man she believes she deserves—for you are just a temporary distraction on that search—she decides that quantity will fulfill her.

When a worldly woman ends up in a “relationship,” the result is quite perverse. She will not nurture you or cook for you. She will not be honorable or honest. She will act as if she’s single, and fight with you when you remind her that she is not. You will be in her presence and she will be on her phone a quarter of the time, not texting her mother but examining the analytics of her latest selfie upload. The external beauty that you craved from her was more than sufficient for a night of sex, but like a wildfire in a dry forest, it burns out rather quickly, leaving you wanting for a better woman.

The beauty that most men miss

Then there is the girl who has only average external beauty. She does not turn heads and does not immediately create lust within a man. I met such a girl last year when walking through a Polish city. It happened after my turn to God. The girls I had previously seen as beautiful were no longer beautiful to me, even though they looked the same. I had stopped going to night venues and stopped attempting to fornicate. Even during the day, when the odds of meeting a “good” girl are highest, I took no action.

One afternoon, I walked past a tram stop. To my left, I saw a plain girl sitting on a bench. She had a dress that went down to her ankles, with hardly any visible skin showing beside her face, certainly nothing to titillate. I felt an immediate urge to talk to her, and since the game habit of approaching random females had not yet subsided within me like it has now, I walked up to her. I asked her for a café that was open, since it was a major holiday and most establishments were closed. She knew of a place and offered to walk me there.

After a three-minute walk, we stopped in front of a café and had a chat. I suppose that she didn’t mind missing the tram to catch the next one. I looked at her face, which was pleasant but average. It did not appear that she had on any makeup. I got to know her a bit, and when she talked, I felt a quiet calm, as if I could just stare at her and enjoy her presence without any concern for the actual meaning of her words. Something was flowing from within her, not so much a beaming radiance, but a graceful essence. Every word she uttered was pleasing to my ears. I suspected I knew why this was the case.

“Do you go to church often?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “I’ve become more religious than my parents.”

She entered direct communion with God at a young age, and so has received a strong dose of His grace. This grace does not come in the form of external beauty that is perceived sexually and lustfully, but a fountain of inner beauty that is perceived by the soul. Just sitting beside her in silence, I imagined, would be enough to feel this grace. Her fire is that of a modest candle; hot to the touch but longer lasting than the raging fire of a girl who is perceived by all to be “hot.”

I asked her if she had a boyfriend, and she said yes, and I ended the conversation in a polite manner. Even though nothing substantial came from this interaction, I concluded that God repaired my antenna for attraction just like He did my mental outlook and behavior. The type of girl who was unwanted by me in the past is now wanted, and the girl who was most wanted by me is now unwanted.


Since meeting the girl in Poland, I have traveled through the biggest cities of America and spent months in the Washington D.C. area. I have not encountered many girls like her. That’s no surprise since the world is full of girls who follow the trends of the day that are disseminated by the oligarchs through smartphones. They apply the trends to their body and life, wholly ignoring God and why He gave them life. They display a manipulated—even vulgar—form of beauty back to the world, mainly through photos and videos. If she wears makeup like other girls, wears clothing like other girls, and stares at her newest iPhone as if she were a zombie like other girls, she is not for one man, but all men who are under a spell of lust and passion that is disseminated, manipulated, and controlled by the same trendmakers she follows.

There are women who have resisted the mandates of the trendmakers, and have maintained or renewed their relationship with God, but they are few and far between. They will miss out on many worldly pleasures and enjoyments, and will never have 10,000 horny internet followers, but they will have something that the trend-followers don’t: inner beauty. It will be flowing from them, visible to others who have been graced in the same manner. You’ll know a woman of this type not when you see it, but when you feel it.

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How To Control Your Lust

If you believe in the secular lies that underpin Western culture, you probably see yourself as an animal that should not be denied pleasure. You believe that sex is one of the principal features of life, perhaps its only joy, and so we should all succumb to it whenever the mood strikes us. Besides, it’s “biological.” We should sexualize others, sexualize ourselves, watch pornographic entertainment, obsess over sex continually, and fornicate without intending to reproduce. We must all adopt a “sex positive” outlook and treat our existence as just a means to diddling our genitals and achieving orgasmic release.

I don’t believe we are intended for recreational sex, in part because I was a world champion at it and got nothing for my efforts: no lasting happiness, no inner peace, no love, and most severely, no family. I donated the prime years of my life in exchange for practically nothing, just temporal physical entertainment, and so it wasn’t especially difficult for me to choose a life of chastity, which is demanded of me as a non-married Christian. The implementation of chastity in a sex-obsessed society, however, is challenging, especially since I’m still a healthy, vigorous man who has the skill and know-how to fornicate with random women.

Here are the four ways I’m resisting urges of the flesh. I tackled these one at a time in sequential order, but you may attempt to fulfill them all at once.

1. Stop watching pornography

I believe hardcore porn is a direct tool that Satan uses to corrupt the minds of males of all ages. I can’t think of something more directly evil with not only destroying the innocence of young boys, but also fully grown men who become addicted to watching other men sexually devour and humiliate broken women. Porn programs you to think of sex only in recreational terms and to view women as masturbatory glove sleeves that happen to be attached to a human being. Even worse, it desensitizes you to sex and makes it more difficult to be intimate with a real woman (i.e. your wife). Moderation of porn still introduces a drop of poison into your cup, so I advise you to erase all the porn you have saved on your computer and delete all your favorite bookmarks in one go.

It doesn’t stop at porn. You also have to stop viewing sexy images of women in bikinis, lingerie, and yoga pants. Even movies that are rated PG-13 must be watched carefully: close your eyes or turn away during scenes of passion. When I watched the horrible final season of Game Of Thrones, I turned away from all sex scenes, no matter how mild, whereas in seasons prior I’d have no problem letting the show’s producers plant seeds of sex into my psyche.

2. View women in public from only the neck up

Once you get the “virtual” world of sex handled, it’s time to move into the real world. When I was still in Poland upon receiving the faith, I was tempted daily by countless beautiful women who seemed desperate to show men their sex. They wanted me to stare at them because it gave them power in the form of attention and validation while steering my mind toward sexual thoughts.

I solved this by viewing women only from the neck up. This can be extremely difficult because fashion companies design clothing to frame the breasts and butt. These two areas are the centerpieces that help sell clothing to insecure women who want to feel sexy, meaning that even if you look only at a girl’s face, the periphery of your vision will still catch sight of her breasts, especially in the case of a plunging neckline or extra tight blouse. Your eyes, in spite of your best efforts, will stray and look downwards, but a glance is quite different from a prolonged, lustful stare. The latter will provide more than enough fuel for evil to penetrate your mind.

God created beauty for us to appreciate and admire, so I don’t believe in poking your eyes out. While some women can sexualize their face with makeup or by injecting their lips with plastic filler, you will find it far more difficult to think of sex upon staring at a naturally beautiful face than a big butt or pair of breasts. If you’re single like me, viewing women from the neck up has an added benefit of encouraging you to only meet girls who have genuine beauty, instead of a tainted sexuality that she displays to all men of the world in order to extract cheap pleasure. In other words, if you’re interested in a girl after a thorough examination of her breasts or butt, you’re giving consent for a woman to place sexual shackles upon your wrists.

3. Do not feed sexual thoughts that enter your mind

When sexual thoughts about a female entered my mind, I used to feed them by enhancing the fantasy and, if I was in bed, stroking my penis as if I were a monkey. I would essentially self-hypnotize myself with sex by keeping the fantasy alive in my mind as long as possible to feel a maximal state of arousal that could lead to a satisfactory session of masturbation. If I wasn’t in bed, I would let the thoughts take hold until I at least got a firm erection. I applied no will in stopping the sexual thoughts. If anything, I welcomed them when they came, a sign that I was still a “healthy” man with “high” testosterone and optimal “biology.” In order to halt this pattern, I began reciting the Jesus Prayer whenever a sexual thought entered my mind:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

For some thoughts, you may only need to recite the prayer a few times. For potent fantasies, you may need to recite it on and off for hours or even days. Focus on each individual word of the prayer and be persistent. If you are encountering a sustained demonic attack, I advise you to add sessions of the Jesus Prayer well after the sexual thoughts abate in order to ensure that the fire is completely extinguished. It may help you to get a prayer rope and recite the prayer in blocks of fifty or one-hundred. The fact that sinful passion can be defeated by asking Christ for mercy shows that it’s difficult to be in full communion with God while also feeding your lust, which is why our elites had to kill God before ushering in the sexual revolution. Soon, you’ll be able to stop a sexual thought just by saying “stop” to yourself or shaking your head, but for cases where that doesn’t work, call on Jesus to help you.

Recently, an attractive woman made it clear that she desired me for sex. I had to fight this urge for multiple nights. She even entered in my dreams, where she was more seductive than in person. To overcome my passion for her, I recited the Jesus Prayer hundreds of times, and stepped up my prayer rule. After eventually winning this particular battle, Satan has diminished his lustful attacks on me. He now tries to distance me from God through pride, which is a significantly more challenging battle to face than lust.

The goal here is to stop feeding the sexual thoughts that enter your mind instead of attempting to control your thoughts entirely. Sinful thoughts will decrease in frequency over time, but they will not be eliminated completely, because God did give us a sexual nature that is both useful and necessary within the confines of marriage. Beware: if you experience a long streak where no sexual thoughts are entering your mind, it may be an effort by Satan to make you complacent before he hits you with fury. Never proclaim ultimate victory over your passions until this life is finished.

4. Do not masturbate

Masturbation is so normalized in the culture that we think of it as natural as eating, but it’s actually a grotesque behavior. What happens when you witness a dog or cat humping an inanimate object? You probably think it’s funny, and take out your phone to record the scene so that you can share the laughter—in the form of that animal’s humiliation—with other people. It’s no different when you do it. Masturbation, if viewed from the outside in, is a humiliating and degrading act where we treat our bodies like a plastic doll for a moment of gratification that harms our relationship with God.

What’s even more harmful than masturbation is that it requires you to consume pornography, whether on a digital screen or through a fantasy in your mind. In either case, you hypnotize yourself with a scene that is not based in reality. The porn actresses, often a sex trafficking victim or a drug addict who ran away from home, moans in pleasure when she’s actually experiencing both physical and emotional pain. Her affection for the male actor is not real. The sexual images in your mind are also not real. In effect, you have to delude yourself in order to masturbate, a hint to its perversion. I therefore advise you to cease all masturbation without exception.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s impossible not to masturbate. It surely will be impossible if don’t follow the first three guidelines above. If you watch pornography, view women in a sexual way, and feed sexual thoughts that enter your mind instead of praying to Jesus for help, your prostate gland will be busy producing seminal fluid in anticipation of sex, creating a “backed-up” feeling that can even cause testicular pain. Refraining from masturbation will then seem like torture. However, if you faithfully follow the guidelines, and lean on God when you need help, He will help you achieve what you previously thought was impossible. Your body will quietly drain unused seminal fluid and semen faster than you can create it, and you will not experience any pain.


You will be tempted to make exceptions to what I’ve written above. You’ll think that just a little bit of porn won’t hurt you, or that masturbating once in a while is no big deal, or that checking out girls can’t be that bad because you’re “in control,” but I can tell you from experience that slipping just slightly opens the door just enough for Satan to flood your mind with filth. Once the camel’s head is in your boxer shorts, it’s inevitable that you’ll succumb.

I have not found a way to control the lust I have for women unless I go all the way. Otherwise, a small compromise in my willpower will lead to a full-blown crisis, and there I am, my tongue hanging out of my mouth, craving a promiscuous woman’s body. It’s either all or nothing, though when starting off, you can tackle one guideline at a time until you achieve full chastity.

Controlling your lust may be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, because the path of least resistance is doing what most other men are doing: viewing women in predominately sexual terms, opening the door when a demon comes knocking with fantasies of sex, accessing Jewish-produced pornography as an aid to your dog-like behavior, and degrading the holy temple that is your body. Cease all those behaviors through willpower, prayer, and faith. If you really want to stop participating in sexual sin, God will help you, as He has helped me.

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Nightclubs Are Satanic Temples

I first stepped foot into a nightclub in Washington D.C. when I was 21 years old. The music was incredibly loud and uncomfortable, but there were sexy women everywhere. In the eighteen years that followed, I had eagerly visited nightclubs hundreds of times. Now, I find them intolerable. Some of that is surely due to middle age, but a big part of it is because I’ve come to believe that nightclubs serve as a modern form of Satanic worship.

Why do people go to clubs?

The prospect of intimacy draws men to clubs, but what draws women? If you ask them, they usually give two answers: to “dance” and to “spend time with friends.” But both can be done outside of the confines of a club, so what is the real reason? Women go to clubs because it is the most socially acceptable way for them to glorify themselves through the deadly sin of pride (i.e. gaining attention), often through dancing in a sexual manner, and also to achieve fornication with the least amount of effort, friction, and risk possible. Away from parents and parish, she is able to scratch her itch to feel both beautiful and sexual. While a woman doesn’t fornicate every time she goes to the club, it is simple to do so if she chooses.

As our lives move towards the virtual, the fornicative aspect of the nightclub is decreasing. Many men whine that things are not as easy as they used to be. This is because women are now getting a double dose of vanity and pride from using her virtual reality machine (smartphone). It’s common to see women in clubs spending more time chronicling the night with their smartphone for the men who lust after them online than to pay attention to the handful of real-life men beside her.

Men go to clubs to get intoxicated and fornicate, and women go to clubs to get intoxicated, fornicate, and feed their vanity. This is all facilitated by the default club setup. Most are dark, making everyone look more attractive than they really are, which encourages you to lust over just about anyone, especially if you’re a man. The strobe lighting disorients your sense of space while the loud, thumping music displaces pure thought. The pulsating beat of electronic music is what a zombie would prefer—unchanging and undead. The alcohol reduces your inhibition and any potential resistance to making a wrong decision. Soon you’ll wish for the night to never end, which is made possible by a series of afterparties and the uppers that are taken there. How can we not conclude that nightclubs are designed to bring people into sin? And what force or being in existence has tried to bring all of humanity into sin? Would he approve of such a place?

Satan’s pleasure temple

Last year, I joined a group of friends to hit a nightclub. By this point, I had stopped going to them, but out of camaraderie, I joined for a while. When we arrived at the club’s front entrance, I noticed an esoteric symbol on the door that looked like a maze. The text above it read “Give Me Everything.” It appeared that I was agreeing to some sort of contract.

Like most clubs, it was dark and loud. I sat on a couch and watched people on the dance floor. They were “dancing,” according to the modern definition, but it was more like a convulsion, a prolonged seizure captured in slow motion. There was little variance in their movements since the music was at a constant beat per minute. Several women, dressed in short skirts and tight pants, opted out of dancing and stayed focused on their smartphone, the glow of the screen revealing heavy applications of makeup. They texted, took photos, and captured short videos for Instagram stories that were meant to highlight how much fun they were having. Some girls came to the club to feed their vanity directly, but others came to record content and feed it to a much larger audience online.

To my right, a drunk man was groping a woman. Her breast was about to escape out of her top, but she was so drunk that she neither noticed nor cared. I looked at the DJ, the controller of the crowd, pleasing the dark spirits from his electronic turntable altar. He was on an elevated stage and bobbed his head continuously, and would occasionally do a fist pump. At that moment, I realized that all that was needed to convert this typical club scene into a full-on Satanic ritual was the DJ donning a dark robe, sacrificing a live animal, and spraying the animal’s blood onto the crowd. I doubt anyone would have felt surprised if he had done so. They were approaching a state of ecstasy, and only needed to offer a blood sacrifice to Satan to speed up the fulfillment of his worldly rewards. I left within an hour. By staying in such a place, I knew that I was giving a subtle form of consent to allow these worshippers of the dark to affect me in ways that can’t possibly lead to light.

Most people don’t give a second thought to participating in a behavior that “everyone else” is doing. How can going to nightclubs be wrong if a huge percentage of young people do it? This is the exact type of thinking that the oligarchs and culture-makers use to nudge you towards behaviors that steer you away from God. In Sodom and Gomorrah, “everyone” was engaging in some form of sodomy, and thought it was normal, but the destruction of those cities showed that following the crowd is foolish.

If we live in an inverted society, which I believe is the case, anything that is popular or trendy must by default bring you into the arms of Satan. In a Godly society, it could be fruitful to follow what everyone else is doing, but we don’t live in such a society, so you’re better off doing what no worldly person is doing. For me, that means not going to nightclubs, and not investing time into the women who do.

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Game Is For Fallen Women

Game is a social tool that helps you have more sexual success with women, but what type of women? During the time I was applying game, I noticed that it works best on women who were in the same mode of worldly extraction as I was. In essence, I became skilled at extracting pleasure from women who were skilled at extracting pleasure from me. Therefore, game is most effective on women who are in love with worldly things and in rebellion against God.

You don’t want the women you can get with game

When you’re on a casual date with a girl, you maintain a ledger of what you have given her compared to what you have received. You note how much time and money you spent on her and how good she may be at giving you orgasms in bed. You may also calculate the opportunity cost of being with her versus another woman. Are you aware that she maintains the exact same ledger?

A girl you’re on a date with weighs how much your attractiveness can validate her, how much social status she can withdraw from you, how entertained or happy you can make her feel, and how much emotional and sexual pleasure you can give her. The modern, secular date is really a business negotiation where both participants evaluate the goods they will receive compared to the cost. The man wants sex badly, the woman kind of wants sex but much prefers the attention, validation, or other freebies, and off they go to the restaurant or bar to “negotiate” under the guise of getting to know each other. You primarily see each other as a resource to be mined, instead of someone who could be your spouse. The structure of the casual date is therefore one of extraction, and extraction primarily leads to the prospect of fornication or fornication itself.

When a girl is ready for fornication, or desires men to attempt to fornicate with her as a means to extract pleasure and good feelings, she is highly susceptible to game, which is designed to keep a fallen woman on the hook just long enough so that she opens her legs without commitment. Game has a failure rate, of course, but it is the most advanced toolset available to sleep with a woman who has decided not to save herself for marriage. You build attraction and curiosity while displaying scarcity. You show that you’re not needy. You have stock answers to common questions that make her laugh. You never make her feel guilty for being a promiscuous girl on birth control who may have an abortion or two under her belt. Most importantly, you imply that sleeping with you is the best deal she can currently make in a life that is otherwise void of meaning.

While you perform the clown dance, she is doing the same but in reverse, using her attractiveness, sensuality, charm, and feminine wiles to amplify the lust you have for her, to the point where you’re ready to throw all manner of logic and reason out the door in order for a single act of sex. Even if you have the best game in the world, a girl will effortlessly have more power than you by doing no more than showing up to the date wearing extra glossy lipstick, and the more you “win” with game by sleeping with many girls, the more you lose because of how deeply you become dependent on physical affections from women who ultimately would not sacrifice the end of a fingernail for your love without expecting the moon in return.

Find a woman who requires faith, not game

Compare the modern promiscuous woman to a virgin who worships God and shuns pre-marital sex (or a repentant woman who has confessed her past sexual mistakes). Your game, which is tuned to making promiscuous women promiscuate, is now useless. The virgin believer may be attracted to you, and may even have thoughts of sleeping with you (that she banishes from her mind through prayer), but ultimately she will not act on that lust, because she already made a vow to God to save herself for her future husband. The best “game” on her is showing your faith and your ability to protect and provide for her and any potential children.

It’s important to note that a girl who is not actively falling will still feel attraction to a good-looking man with game, but if her faith is genuine, and not something that is confined to the four walls of the gay rainbow church she visits once a month, there will be no subsequent intimacy. Attempting to break such a girl is rather grievous in God’s eyes—you are essentially playing the role of Satan in tempting her to sin. When I look at my past, at the ease of which even sexually inexperienced females slept with me, I must conclude that I was but a needed stepping stone in their conscious decision to rebel against God, and for that I’m regretful, though at the time I really believed that I was doing them a favor.

Is it worth it for the man of God to learn game if he only wants a devout Christian wife? No. There could be exceptions if you have an exceedingly awkward personality, a lack of basic masculinity, or diagnosed autism, but the right girl for you should not need you to apply game on her to remain devoted, and if you do need to run game on her, you will always need to run game on her, even after the divorce when you want to see your children on the weekend. You’ll need to be the permanent clown. If she doesn’t see you as a man given to her by God, my advice is to forget her. You want a girl who has rejected the players, and rewarded only the man who has Jesus Christ in his heart, and if this outcome is too rosy with you then good luck marrying a worldly woman who is in constant need of erotica and dopamine stimulation.

You may be thinking: “Well it’s easy for you to advise not to learn game, Roosh, since you already have it.” And what do I now use it for? I no longer meet women like I advised in the past. I do retain the ability to read a woman’s body language at a level above that of an average man, but I can read the body language of men too, so I can’t even tell you that game itself was the source of this benefit. Understand that I don’t want to use game at all, especially on a woman whom I would consider a wife, for it would just reaffirm that she has no faith in God to pick a spouse who is putting on a clown act. She would be using deceptive feelings and emotions to guide her judgment for what will certainly be the wrong choice.


I spent over fifteen years mastering game to come to the conclusion that I don’t want to use it and that I don’t want a girl who is so easily susceptible to it. All that lost time is the price I must pay for going down the wrong road for so long, but I hope my example can prevent other men from wasting even 1% of the time I have.

It’s fine to take the red pill, build your physical strength, mature into an adult man, become capable in social situations, and learn the warning signs of a bad woman, but you don’t need to use Tinder or approach women in the bar or the coffee shop. You don’t need to know pickup lines and tricks, and you don’t need to go on dates with a multitude of fallen women. When God places the right woman before you, trust in Him to move your lips. Let Him share with you the game that He wants you to do, and for that you’ll be better off than trying to learn a secular game that will only put you closer to the wrong woman. It turns out that my past game teachings are useless on a woman who is walking with Christ in a similar way that I am. From this point on, only God game will suffice.

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