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WATCH: Top 5 Life-Changing Benefits In Game

Here’s a video which describes the top 5 features of Game that I believe are the most important…

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READ NOW: Game – How To Meet, Attract, And Date Attractive Women

Today I’m proud to release Game, a 375-page book I’ve been working on for the past two years. It’s a reboot of my 2007 book Bang that accounts for the massive changes we’ve seen in culture and dating during the past decade.

Game teaches men how to meet and attract women in an age where smartphones, feminism, and anti-masculinity propaganda have made connecting with the opposite sex harder than ever before. It is the seminal work of a hyper-sexualized man who dedicated tens of thousands of hours into understanding women and attracting them, all while fending off defamatory attacks from mainstream feminists and fake news journalists who want to criminalize healthy masculinity.

Whether your goal is to have fun in a big city with lots of women or fall in love with only one before getting married, Game will help you accomplish your goals in a way that keeps you safe from degrading cultural winds that continue to divide men and women.

15 key features that are inside Game

–Detailed explanations on the 7 key beliefs you need to internalize so that your mind doesn’t sabotage your game efforts. These beliefs allow you to run “unconscious” game and make the right decisions around women even when encountering new situations. Early reviewers have remarked to me that this is the most valuable part of the book.

–How to improve your physical appearance so that you receive warmer responses from the girls you meet. I discuss ways to optimize your body hair, head hair, beard, hygiene, and style, including the one style rule you absolutely must follow.

–8 specific attraction triggers you can display to a girl that increases her feelings of lust, intimacy, and love for you

–9 action-item steps that improve your value, keep you motivated in the game, and get you solid results. As long as you do every step in the program, success is inevitable, meaning that the most common way you’ll fail is if you don’t put in the work.

–A complete day game program that includes four styles of openers to meet women anywhere, with full conversational examples

–A complete night game program with two classes of opening lines that help you extract intimacy in a degrading nightlife environment, with full conversational examples. I also share how to approach a girl while she’s dancing.

–6 universal text messaging tips so you won’t ruin things with a solid prospect

–6 master guidelines of my Conversational Framework that maintain attraction while making sure you never run out of things to say

–The smoothest way to get a girl over to your place (or how you can enter her place), with word-for-word examples. I teach you multiple ways to transition things to a private home depending on the situation.

–A full sex escalation program that ramps up intimacy once you’re in a private home. It greatly reduces the chances that she’ll feel guilty, nervous, or scared.

–An effective regimen to train your girlfriend on 3 key categories of standards that ensure your happiness as long as the relationship lasts

–9 different responses you can give to a girl who is trying to mold you into a beta male slave

–How to safeguard your relationship against your girlfriend’s slutty friends who are whispering bad advice in her ear. I teach you an advanced inoculation technique that includes 6 specific examples.

–How to be liked by people who can improve your access to attractive women

–How to pick the most ideal country and city for when you’re ready to meet foreign women, and how to plan your trip to give yourself the best shot at success

Order the paperback, ebook, or audiobook today

You can order Game either from Amazon or from my web store using a credit card or cryptocurrency. UPDATE: Amazon has banned 9 of my books, including Game. Click here for details. You can still get the ebook and audiobook editions…

The instantly downloadable ebook edition costs only $13 and contains unrestricted PDF, ePUB, and MOBI files that can be viewed on unlimited devices. After submitting your payment, you’ll be immediately forwarded to the book’s download page…

The audiobook + ebook edition costs only $21 and includes both the ebook package and the 13-hour audiobook in unrestricted MP3 format that is narrated by myself. Hear me say lines in the same way I deliver them to women…

If you order from my store, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your purchase to include my entire catalog at huge savings, but only before Monday. Click here to view the full description of Game at Roosh V Store.

Leave a comment below if you have a pre-sale question or contact me directly if you need help with your order. This book has been a huge weight on my shoulders for two years so I can’t describe how happy I am that it’s finally done. Without the support of readers like you, I wouldn’t have been able to spend that much time creating a work of this magnitude. I eagerly await your opinion of the book. Thank you!

Never Follow A Girl’s Lead

The following is an excerpt from the Dating chapter of my new book Game. Click here to learn more.

More important than the content of your conversation is maintaining the lead. You should control the flow, tempo, energy, and direction of a conversation. It’s okay for a girl to ask questions about you, and discuss topics that interest her, but she should never take over the conversation completely while you wait passively for her to ask another question or bring up the next topic.

Leading the conversation can be tiring, especially when dealing with a girl who doesn’t talk much. It can seem like a relief when you meet a “strong and independent” girl who asks all sorts of questions and raises various topics, but permitting her dominance will cause her to lose respect for you. Most girls are not attracted to men who let them lead. If she is comfortable with leading the conversation, it’s likely she’s not feeling any sexual tension or nervousness, so what you may perceive as a sign of interest is actually a lack of interest. She’s treating you more like a co-worker instead of a potential lover.

Even if a girl is chatty, you should control the conversation. To let a girl know the role I expect her to take, I push back against her attempts to lead the conversation by saying: “Are you normally this aggressive? Let’s take it easy, there’s no rush.” Another possibility: “You’re asking me a lot of questions like this is a job interview. Slow down a bit.”

This principle also applies when making decisions on dates, such as where to go and how long to stay in a venue. I may ask about a girl’s general preferences or tastes, but I don’t allow her to make the final decision. If she does attempt to pick the venue, I will push back by asking, “Are you paying?” Then I will choose my preferred location. She is free to leave at any time if she doesn’t like it.

As with leading the conversation, it can be tiring to always make the decisions on what to do and where to go, but this is what a masculine man does. I’ve seen many men slip in this area when it comes to relationships. Don’t yield the power to your girlfriend because you want to take a mental break from making decisions. Her attraction will decrease as a result, putting the relationship in jeopardy. Strike down a girl’s attempt to step out of her submissive role. The reins should be firmly in your hands during the entire course of the relationship.

Another sign that you’re losing control is when a girl asks nonstop questions and you always answer in a direct manner. If a girl asks you multiple questions in rapid fire, she is testing your masculinity to see whether you will jump through hoops and answer obediently. Even if your honest answers show high value, you’re still giving up the lead, which brings that value back down.

Mix up your answering style. For half the time, tell the truth, and for the other half, evade with humor, be annoyingly vague, or tell an obviously exaggerated lie that shows her you don’t care about the answer. This strategy will make her expend more energy trying to learn who you really are. You may answer directly more than 50% of the time in traditional countries while less than 50% in degenerate countries such as the USA, Canada, and England.

I’m always experimenting with answers to the most common questions girls ask me, such as “What do you do?”, “How old are you?”, and when traveling, “Why are you here?” For each question, I test various evasive or humorous responses before using ones that I believe elicit the most attraction based on who I am as a man. If I don’t feel like talking about my job, but a girl insists, I will say, “I’m not allowed to talk much about my job.” She may think I’m some kind of spy. If a girl in a foreign country asks me why I’m in her city, I respond, “I ask myself that question every day.” She’ll know I’m not impressed with her country, suggesting that I’m an experienced man. If I feel that a girl has earned a real answer, I will give it, but if she shows annoyance, or even goes as far as to give me an ultimatum, I will definitely not give in to her.

Direct answers are a reward. A girl has no right to them. I learned this in Brazil when I spent time with a German man who never gave a girl a direct answer besides his name. He didn’t even say where he was from. At the time, I thought girls would be so turned off by his evasiveness that they would leave, but it actually made them more curious and turned conversations into a fun game where he doled out clues as if he were giving little treats to an eager puppy.

Curiosity is a form of attraction. Giving direct answers removes curiosity. Therefore, always answering directly can hurt attraction. Imagine an interaction where a girl knew all the pertinent facts about your life within ten minutes. She’d get bored and later say, “There was no chemistry.”

It’s also important to lead if a girl is using her cell phone frequently enough where you feel disrespected. I used to deal with this problem by teasing the girl so she indirectly got the message, but it’s better to take a more direct tack by explicitly telling her how you want her to behave.

The most common situation is when a girl leaves her phone on the table with the screen facing up and looks at it constantly. I won’t accept this. I didn’t go on a date to speak to a girl who is babysitting her phone.

Me: “Are you expecting an important call?”

Her: “No.”

Me: “Because I don’t want to compete with your phone, and you seem overly focused on it. Can you put it in your bag?”

When you make this request, you must be prepared to end the date if she doesn’t comply. It’s your way or the highway. If she refuses to put away her phone, or she says it’s on silent mode, say once more that you would prefer her to put away her phone because it’s not respectful. If she refuses to do what you ask her, find out how much she owes, settle the bill, and leave.

It’s even worse when her phone is constantly going off and she’s checking it or replying to messages. I may first warn her by saying, “Do you need a break to catch up on your texting? Go ahead, I’ll wait.” Let her finish the text she has to send. If she grabs her phone again, she is showing disrespect. Say, “I don’t like how you’re using your phone so much. Can you put it away?” If she continues after this, you should end the date.

I advise you not to bring your copy of Game to dates

It’s not fun to scold a girl for her anti-social behavior, but remember that it’s entirely your choice whether or not to accept it. If she’s making you feel bad, don’t put up with it, or you’re explicitly giving her permission to treat you like garbage. Nip the problem in the bud as soon as it happens so she understands you have standards that must be met. A girl will either walk away, which means she wasn’t that attracted to you in the first place, or highly respect you for calling her out on her shit in a way that no other man has probably done before, which will greatly increase her attraction for you.

My experience shows that most girls will comply with your request because they’ve already invested time in coming out on a date. Of course, we don’t want to be a phone Nazi and forbid her from ever using her phone, but if she’s texting more than once every hour, and you’re feeling annoyed, you must tell her what you expect.

Leading starts when we make the decisions on where the date should take place, with minimal input from the girl. During the date, we are careful with how much information we divulge while putting the brakes on her attempts to dominate the conversation or interview us. Lastly, we call out any of her behaviors that make us feel uncomfortable, the most common of which is her phone use. Being a leader in these areas will show the girl that we have expectations and are willing to walk away if she doesn’t behave properly.

The above excerpt was taken from my new book Game. It has been released on paperback, e-book, audiobook, and Kindle. Click here for full details.

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Early Review Of Game Audiobook

The following review of the Game audiobook, which I recorded in my own voice, was initially posted on Roosh V Forum. Click here to learn more.

I want to start this review by saying I’m impressed with the sheer length and volume of the material presented here. Roosh wasn’t kidding when he said this was going to contain a lot of information.

Roosh manages to present the data in this book in a very engaging, entertaining manner. [His] background as a scientist shows clear influence in the way this information is presented. I appreciated this, being more of a right-brained type of person, because it highlighted lots of subtle things I had subconsciously noticed but hadn’t connected the dots on until it was spelled out the way Roosh has done here. It is self-evident that he has spent thousands of hours into this research and experimentation, all of which lines up perfectly with my experiences with women in regards to what has worked and what hasn’t.

In this book, Roosh communicates a completely non-emotional, results-neutral take on the entire modern dating scene; an increasingly rare viewpoint on this subject matter in the context we have come to understand it. He describes, diagnoses, and prescribes helpful information for any man in the game no matter where they are at with it.

In addition, I have a greater appreciation of Roosh’s sense of humor after listening to this audiobook, as his dryness comes through even more here. There are passages where you can tell he is trying not to laugh. His imitation of a girl’s voice got many laughs from me while listening.

This book is truly a catch-all game resource. There isn’t a single aspect of seduction and long-term game that Roosh hasn’t explored here. There is advice for every man, at every level of game that is actionable and easy to implement.

In the chapter on ‘pre-game’ Roosh’s body hair grooming standards and techniques almost matched mine to a T , so I completely co-sign on his judgement of how a man should present himself. He correctly identifies modern women’s superficiality without focusing on it or giving it too much weight.

Roosh covers everything from inner game approaching, texting, escalating, closing, and relationship management, training your woman, the importance of holding to your standards as well as social circle game and ‘love tourism’.

Despite the fact that the material is conveyed in Roosh’s tried and true dry tone, it still flows nicely. It is engaging enough to not bore the listener even though the material is academic in nature. Roosh focuses on the subject matter without deviation, and not a single line in the book is filler.

Personally, I found the chapter on Internal Game to be the most profound. This chapter is so important! Regardless of your game goals, the information contained here is a must listen (or must read) for any man at any level of game or life.

In this chapter, Roosh emphasizes the importance of having a positive belief system, and goes about explaining how to program oneself with such a mindset by using autosuggestion and positive affirmations. It’s so easy to overlook the importance of a positive belief system and adopt a negative mindset, which Roosh points out here. He notes how common that is among men in the game which for me, was both comforting and eye-opening.

Roosh lists off 7 core beliefs to assist you in your efforts to program your mind to think like a player. However, the way he reads off the beliefs and explanations was confusing and I had to rewind and listen again to write them down. It would have been easier if he had numbered them, or listed them all of at once before going into specifics about them. [Note from Roosh: I did number them in the final edition of the audiobook.]

The segment on texting was great. So many guys get hung up on their text game (myself included) but I’m confident if you follow the texting guidelines he provides you’re likely to save yourself from wasting time on leads that will likely go nowhere.

My criticism of this part of the audiobook was that his voice sounded a bit rushed, cracked a few times and you can hear him breathing in and out more than in the other portions of the book which were much smoother. The part of the audiobook focusing on sex itself had me laughing a bit, because it is hilariously specific.

Overall, this is an up to date, well-informed book that anyone would benefit from reading, regardless of your level of experience in life or with women. I give it 9/10.

Game has been released on paperback, e-book, audiobook, and Kindle. Click here to learn more.

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What Is Game?

The following is an excerpt from the first chapter of my new book Game. Click here to learn more.

Game is a collection of beliefs, behaviors, strategies, and tactics that make women more attracted to you while increasing your likelihood of experiencing intimacy. It’s often based on cold approaching, an active strategy where you walk up to a girl you don’t know and present yourself in the best way possible so that she decides, at some point, to have sex with you. Game can also be used on girls within your social circle, a more passive strategy where you have to be less aggressive, because a hard rejection may lower your status within the group. It doesn’t matter if you are rejected a dozen times a day when cold approaching, because you probably won’t ever see those girls again, but within a specific social circle it’s best not to work on more than one or two girls at the same time to keep conflict and drama at bay.

The popular misconception about game is that it’s simply a collection of pick-up lines where you walk up to a girl and say something cheesy while wearing an outlandish hat. Not only is it more strategic than that, but game has evolved into a more holistic program of changing your appearance, behavior, and living habits. I remember the days when boldly approaching a girl was enough for her to think you were confident and attractive, but now that girls are approached so frequently, how bold is she going to think you are when you’re the third guy to speak to her that day? As time passes, higher levels of game are required to accomplish the same result.

Back in 2002, the game I needed consisted of rubbing my crotch against a girl’s ass while dancing, asking “What is your name?” after a few songs, having a short, banal conversation before resuming crotch-on-ass dancing, and eventually getting her number. Not only is that type of game insufficient today, but it may get you kicked out of the nightclub.

When I got a girl on a date, I would use the “roller coaster” routine that I found on the internet. I’d tell her about the experience of going on a wild roller-coaster ride, up and down, up and down, and how thrilling and exciting the ride was, and how I wanted to go on this ride again and again. The goal of this sexual metaphor was to make the girl horny, and although I’m not sure if it ever did, I never received a bad response. If I tried this routine today, the girl would stare at her iPhone before announcing that she has to leave.

I used countless other awkward moves successfully, but now girls expect much more. If you’re living in a hyper-competitive city that has as many men as women, your game has to be above average just to pull a cute girl, and once you find an effective game strategy, you’ll continually have to improve it so that the tens of thousands of men who are working on their game don’t surpass you.

On the surface, it seems crazy that a man has to put in massive amounts of work in order to have sex with the women he wants, but men who don’t use game, who toil in jobs or businesses to accumulate money and fancy cars in order to impress women, are doing the same thing. They’re just relying on “provider” game that used to work before women made their own money or had a wide choice of who to date. Because having a good job or car is no longer a reliable way to secure the affections of a pretty girl, a more direct method in the form of modern game was developed, which has a far higher return on investment than trying to impress a girl with your career or material possessions.

All around you, men are working hard to get sex, from learning game, opening bars, incurring massive debt to appear rich, or trying to become famous. I’m in my late thirties and can go an entire day without thinking about sex, but I remember when I was in my twenties and couldn’t go an hour. I won’t ever shame a man for moving mountains in order to get laid, because I know that when your hormones are at their peak, you don’t want to hear rational explanations or embrace Buddhist ideas about not desiring pleasure. You want sex and you want it now. My job is to help you meet that need in the healthiest way possible while preventing it from ruining your life.

The bad news is that it was easier to help you move that mountain years ago when few men were game-aware and only a small percentage of the female population were lesbians, morbidly obese, or green-haired man-haters. There are more men eager for sex with attractive girls than there are attractive girls. This crisis of supply and demand means you will have to work harder to get even less than I did when I was running game full time in the early 2000s, and young boys today will face an even greater struggle than you when they grow up and become men.

I fondly remember one of my first successful nightclub pick-ups back in 2001. It was my third or so visit to the club after graduating from college. I had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted sex badly. I tried my crotch-on-ass dancing move and it worked on a cute Filipino virgin. She gave me her number and I called her. I managed to get her out on a date where I essentially rehearsed memorized routines I had read on the internet. I guess they worked because she allowed me to kiss her. On the second date, I invited her to my apartment. She put up heavy resistance when I tried to take off her clothes, so I did the first thing that came into my mind: I put on a VHS tape of hardcore pornography. It didn’t work at getting off her clothes. Do you know what I did next? I gave up! I just stopped calling her because I didn’t know what else to do.

It’s a miracle that I got as far as I did, and I wonder whether today an attractive Filipino girl of her age would respond to my moves in the same way as the virgin did more than fifteen years ago. Chances are she’d have over 1,000 thirsty male followers on Instagram and get approached in the club by guys who have a more refined technique than my crotch-on-ass move. Back then, the Filipino girl didn’t have many options, so my awkward self was enough to get her out on a date, but today she could pick and choose from a greater supply of men.

A low level of game used to get you dates with attractive women, but advances in technology—particularly the invention of the smartphone—have turned game into an arms race, where every year the level of game that women expect rises in tandem with their options. I experienced this directly in Toronto when I visited in 2013. From the girls I talked to, I noticed that I was being evaluated on every joke I told. They would actually complain if a joke wasn’t great, and suggest that I was “losing” them because of it. Instead of wanting to connect with men, the girls acted like they were attending a comedy show, eggs in hand, ready to throw them at the comedian if he didn’t make them laugh hard enough. It’s no surprise that a substantial percentage of my readers come from the Toronto area.

Another reason for the game arms race is the existence of teachers like me. My websites and books are training a large number of men to use game. The more men who know how to use game, the harder things get for every man, because the standard of game that women expect rises. Fortunately, I’m finding that game is becoming less popular than before. The younger generation of men is becoming lazier and softer than men of previous generations, mostly because they are addicted to video games, porn, estrogenic soy products, or social networking. This tells me that the technology which allows women to have more dating options is a far greater contributor to the need for higher levels of game than the availability of game knowledge alone.

Whatever the reason for the game arms race, the reality is that you have to become like a doctor who must keep up with the latest medical advances to try improved treatments on your “patients.” Thankfully, once you have a basic foundation of game, it’s quite simple to maintain it at an optimal level, and by then it’s likely that you’ll have discovered a niche or two that reduces the amount of work you have to do.

An additional factor that makes game necessary is that the ratio of men compared to women in the population is far higher compared with the past, when frequent wars killed men almost exclusively. Although I do not wish for a huge war to make my sex life easier, the period of peace and stability we’re living in is one of the factors that led to the creation of game in the first place. If there were two women for every one able-bodied man, a book like this wouldn’t even be necessary. Instead, women would need books on how to compete for the few available men.

Game ends up becoming a scavenger strategy in any environment where there is a decreasing supply of quality females who have unlimited choice on who to date. It works in any society with loose sexual norms and declining birth rates, factors that signify the breakdown of the family unit and the promotion of “free love,” where people have sex just for fun. There is a reason that my books don’t sell well in countries with high birth rates, such as those in Africa, or where the traditional family is strong, such as those in the Middle East.

The more fractured a society is, the greater the opportunity for game tactics to be useful for men who desire sexual relationships, as long as they continually upgrade their game or find niches that enable them to achieve consistent results among a fickle and bored female population.

The above excerpt was taken from my new book Game. It has been released on paperback, e-book, audiobook, and Kindle. Click here to learn more.

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3 Signs You Won’t Get Married Before 35

As I inch closer to forty, I look across the dating landscape and notice that many other men are in the same boat as me. Either they did not have a lifestyle that was conducive to marriage or they rejected the institution outright. While these bachelors may have personality traits which prevent them from getting married, I’ve noticed three structural patterns that repeatedly come up in men who don’t get married before 35.

1. You are atomized

How deep is your social network? If it only comprises a few males, you do not have the social connections that are necessary to finding a wife within a timely manner.

While I do not have strong friendships with females outside of my family, and recommend you not use friendship as a sexual strategy, there is value in having female friends if you want to meet other females without having to resort to game-intensive cold approaching, a method that is more effective at obtaining casual sex than long-term relationships. The type of male who is willing to sacrifice large amounts of time and energy into having friendships with females has a higher chance of being socially introduced to his future wife than one who isn’t.

Due to my job as a writer, I have met hundreds of men around the world who hold me in high esteem, but only a handful have introduced me to a female. This isn’t because they are keeping their women deliberately away from me (I think), but if you have to use game in a cold-approach manner like most of my readers do, you are far less likely to know other attractive females as friends. There are also those men who are such loners that they have no friends at all.

2. You are rootless

How far are you currently from your birthplace? How often have you moved since then? The more mobile you are, the more likely you have wanderlust or value novelty, qualities that are opposed to marriage.

Nowadays it’s too easy to succumb to the siren song of improving your situation by relocating to a vibrant city or traveling to an exotic land. Everyone is sharing their exciting urban lifestyle online, making it impossible for you to stay in the “boring” town or village you were raised in, which paradoxically is exactly what you need to do if you want to find a wife before 35.

There are also men like myself who are dissatisfied with the local women and spend a decade or more gallivanting around the world for prime poosy, conquering many women’s bodies but perhaps not their hearts. The more cities a man has lived in, and the more countries he has been to, the less likely he will find a wife, even if he has met a hundred-times more women than a man who stayed in his village.

3. You are born to immigrant parents

Are your parents born in a different country than you? Are you not sure which ethnicity to identify with? Your dating habits will then be one of confusion, and you may find it difficult to create a loving bond that leads to marriage.

Most of my friends in Washington, D.C. are born to immigrant parents. None of them are currently married. All of us have dated many women of different ethnic backgrounds, including some from our parents’ country of origin, but nothing worked.

When you’re the first-generation born in a foreign country, you become stuck in a purgatory of the soil. Which habits from your parents’ old world should you bring into the new? How will you reconcile a life that is far easier than that of your parents, and one that doesn’t need their traditional values? How do you handle the prospect of having children with someone of an entirely different race than you? Immigration is often promoted as some sort of human right, but rarely spoken is the toll on the individual who hasn’t fully assimilated to his birth nation.

Another disadvantage of being spawned from immigrants is that you’re more likely to be atomized and rootless, serving up a triple whammy of lifelong bachelorhood, travel, and seeking.


The above list also applies to women. While many—if not most—are single because of their lifestyle choices, there are plenty of women with low notch counts who just can’t seem to connect with a decent man. In the end, if a man or woman has to ask themselves how they can find a spouse, they strongly possess at least one of the factors above, if not all three like in the case of myself.

I won’t excuse the choices I’ve made in life by saying everything is out of my hands, because it surely isn’t, but we can’t deny how a modern, mobile, and independent Western lifestyle harms someone’s ability to get married before 35. If you’re past 35 and not yet married, it could simply be a sign that it’s not meant to be, all because of the era you were happened to be born in.

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How To Stop Incels From Killing People

The busy bees at the media have been highlighting how “dangerous” incels are, often linking them to the manosphere [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]. These journalists fail to mention that incels have either outright rejected manosphere ideas, especially when concerning game, or have been inoculated against its teachings by their own media colleagues.

Incels are killing solely because they are failing to bond romantically or sexually with women in an intensely competitive sexual market that constantly rubs sex and nudity in their faces. The solution is rather simple: give them free sex from whores.

What is an incel?

It’s first helpful to determine the basic profile of an incel. Typically, he does not have a hands-on masculine father teaching him the ways of life and women. He was teased in school, though not aggressively bullied, and has few friends. He is not good in sports or any other activity that would help give him a sexy aesthetic. He has no skills beyond programming or playing video games. His educational upbringing taught him that any display of masculine behavior is harmful to females, which he has internalized to his own detriment. More severely, he is introverted and has practically no ability to talk to females or attract them.

A decade ago, this type of “herbivore” male become a cultural phenomenon in Japan. In America, it’s now becoming the default man. Within a few years, more than 50% of all men will be on the incel spectrum.

An incel primarily wants a loving relationship with an attractive woman. Secondly, he wants sex with any woman. A male who gets laid but doesn’t experience love may be depressed or unhappy, but he’s unlikely to possess the urge to kill. The ones who do end up killing have received neither relationships nor sex. They feel utterly forsaken by society. To remind society that they do in fact exist, they resort to getting attention in the only way they know how: killing. Shooting up people is the same for an incel as a female uploading a perfect selfie. It’s a way of saying please recognize my existence and validate me for it.

Incels must be provided free prostitutes

I therefore advocate for a government program called Complimentary Heterosexual Affections Directive (CHAD). Incels will be given a mobile QR code for a complimentary legalized sex session every six months, a time interval that would outright eliminate their urge to kill. The whores that are a part of this program would be given special training to make the incels feel special by calling them “handsome,” “powerful,” and “confident,” compliments they have never heard in their lives. The whores would rock their worlds to such an extent that the incels will patiently wait to live in freedom another six months to fornicate again.

The details of the CHAD program would be simple. First, the government would provide an online questionnaire that incels take to qualify for the program. It would not be too strict: if a man hasn’t been laid in at least six months and wants a free whore, it’s better for society to provide it for him to dampen his rising urge to be noticed through a mass shooting.

Whores would apply to the program and work from home or in a designated government brothel that is placed in high population areas. After a sexual experience, the incel would give his government whore a rating on a 1-5 star system. Whores who ever dip under 3 stars would be eliminated from the program, ensuring that the government only hires the best whores for the incels since this is literally a life or death matter.

Single women will pay for the incel’s whores

She’s funding the free whores program

Structuring CHAD as a government program will allow women to have “skin in the game”—they’ll be reminded that their choices in sex partners have both financial and mortal consequences. The program will be entirely funded through taxes on the products that enable women to have casual sex with attractive men—birth control, dating apps, and smartphones.

After CHAD is implemented, anyone who wants to buy an iPhone will have to provide government identification that reveals their sex. If the buyer is female and unmarried, an automatic 100% tax will be added. Women will also be taxed $5 for every Tinder match they receive, and each birth control pill purchased by an unmarried woman will come with an extra $1 tax that goes directly to fund CHAD.

Whenever a girl uses her phone to get attention from attractive men, scores a new Tinder match with a hot guy, or pops a birth control pill that let’s her have sex without wanting to reproduce, her mind will flash with the realization that her easy-earned money is going towards incels she refuses to bang. If women are choosing nice guy incels for sex, those incels will not need to use the whore program and thus the tax will be reduced. It’s fine if women want to forsake the bottom 50% of the male population for sexual relationships, but they will have to pay for it so those men don’t kill other citizens. We have to stop the high standards of modern women from causing additional deaths.

An easier and cheaper solution than the CHAD program is to teach men game, particularly the Roosh Program. It instructs an incel to hit the gym, read some books, build up social experience, stop being a wimp, and finally embrace the masculinity that has been smothered for so long. Game may be getting harder in the West, but there are still worthwhile options in South America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Game saves lives

This man will not kill anyone

The fact that Jewish organizations, feminist authors, and the media continue to attack me means that they don’t really care that people are getting shot up. Give me an incel on the verge of killing and I’ll hand you back a sexually sated Stan who lives in Thailand for three months of the year, or a beefed-up Oscar who found a dive bar where he can bang porkers on the weekends with barely any effort. Maybe these situations aren’t exactly ideal for Stan or Oscar, but it’s better than rotting in jail or being killed by the police in an exciting shootout that gets millions of views on YouTube.

Of course our cultural elites with not help implement the CHAD or Roosh program. As much as they whine about how older women can’t find any “good men,” and how hard it is for mentally ill trannys to get laid with in a climate of “transphobic” discrimination, they much prefer for incels to fuck off and die. A Silicon Valley executive named Ellen Pao even suggested they never be hired in the first place, which could lead to their starvation. We’re only a year or two off from op-eds in the New York Times suggesting Incel Concentration Camps. Are you a man who women don’t want to sleep with? Off to the gulags! You won’t even be allowed to masturbate.

The reaction of the elites clearly shows that there will be many more incel shooting sprees in the future. They will desperately try to link these killings to pro-masculine dissidents such as myself, but we know that if a man is allowed to find my work and implement it, he would never want to kill in the first place. Let us all hear the incel rallying cry: Give me love, give me whores, or give me game! Otherwise, he just may go crazy.

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Vote On The Final Cover Of My New Book Game

The five finalists are pictured below. Click here to rate them. Your vote will help my decide which one to pick.

Game is schedule to be released on audiobook (mp3 direct download or Audible), PDF/MOBI/EPUB direct download, Kindle, and iTunes Books around September 14. I’m now reviewing it for typos and getting it ready for sale. View this forum thread to see initial impressions from reviewers who received an advance copy, including the first official review.

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My Experience With A U.S. Customs Secondary Screening

I flew into Baltimore-Washington International airport in June of this year. After deboarding, I had to wait in line for an electronic kiosk to ask me questions I already answered on the paper U.S. Customs form I received on the airplane. The kiosk took a picture of me from what seemed like a one megapixel camera and printed out a slip that I had to give to the Customs agent. This time around, I noticed the slip had a gigantic X on it. I imagine they used a more subtle code in the past but the agents routinely missed it.

I waited in another line to be seen by an agent whose arms were covered in tattoos. Perhaps our government has generously offered ex-gangbangers the opportunity to turn their life around with a Federal job. He asked me no questions. He typed in a few sentences with two fingers, scribbled a code on the paper, and then let me pass onto the baggage claim. After retrieving my bag, I went into another line and handed off the slip of paper to the final agent. I already knew what was coming—I would get a secondary screening.

The new agent, also with tattoos on his arms, directed me to sit down in a waiting area. He yelled at an old Asian lady to take his spot at the line so that he could deal with me. He fiddled with a computer terminal for five minutes before calling me up. I handed over my passport but the computer system was down. He couldn’t get it to work. He was powerless to act and had to leave the terminal. Another agent, this time an Asian male with only one arm tattoo in cursive script, came to the terminal and got things working.

If you believe the propaganda, Customs and TSA agents are trained with advanced psychological techniques that can predict terrorism and other criminal behavior by identifying suspicious behavioral patterns. Did your left eye twitch at the same time your nose flared? You’re hiding something! Or maybe not, because the agents didn’t even make eye contact with me. If you asked them for the color of my eyes, they wouldn’t know. They followed the computer screen to know how to deal with me, a suspicious citizen who for some reason—probably terroristic—had decided not to live in the United States.

“Where have you been since you last left?” the agent asked.

I stated the Eastern European country I live in.

“Where do you live?”

“Same country.”

“Did you buy anything abroad?”

“A shot glass and a bar of dark chocolate.”

“What do you do?” he asked, still staring at the screen.

“I have an internet business.”

“What kind of internet business?”

“I maintain web sites that sell advertising and products.”

The IRS already knows what I do, so I wondered why Customs also had to know. Their computers must not be linked. A part of me wanted to resist the questioning. I wanted to say, “Why do you want to know what I do?” But I was tired. I was on the road for eighteen hours. Communist interrogators in the Lubyanka have long known to deprive their victims of sleep to weaken their will, a technique that the American military and spy agencies use themselves. I wouldn’t last a minute under a real interrogation.

And what if I did resist? The agent, who may have 8 IQ points more than a Walmart clerk—a quip that is sure to guarantee more secondary screenings for me in the future—would be relieved at finding someone he can exercise his power on. Will they confiscate my laptop for kicks or maybe delay my ability to exit the airport for a couple more hours? Even if I win the battle, the system would remain in place. The computer algorithm would keep telling the agents who to hassle, and nothing would change unless it came from the top.

I wondered if they were asking me stupid questions to get me to submit to them, to make me love Big Brother. No, that can’t be it, because then they would do it to others at a far greater frequency. They really want to know where I get my money. Some genius in the State department must think that criminals can be rooted out by asking someone for their profession. He didn’t even ask me what my web sites were. If I had lied, which would have been a Federal crime, how would he discover the lie without following up?

The agent typed for several minutes, far more words than than the dozen or so I said to him, before wishing me a good evening. He never looked at the stamps in my passport or examined my bag.

I’ve now had “secondary” twice in the United States. You’d think there would be some trust for a fellow citizen arriving to his homeland, but in a country where anyone can be made a citizen, and when your neighbor can be from halfway across the world, bringing with him habits that seem strange, such as cooking goat heads, trust is no longer possible. Soon everyone must be treated like a criminal. I suppose it holds true that no matter what type of prison you’re entering, whether encased in bars or open air, the guards are required to ask questions and check you for contraband.

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Design The Cover Of My New Book And Win A Cash Prize

I’m done with the text and audiobook of my new book titled Game. It’s a reboot of Bang where I re-tackle game with new examples and material with the acknowledgment that meeting attractive women is getting harder.

Index of the 13 hour audiobook

Before I can release Game in September, I first need a cover, so I’m doing a cover design contest on 99 Designs, a site I have used to design covers for my other books.

If you are a graphic designer, click here to read the brief and participate. Once you submit a design, I’ll provide feedback so that you can improve it before the Round 1 deadline (Monday afternoon), when I pick five covers to proceed to the final round. After three additional days, I pick a grand winner who earns approximately $400. Good luck!

Pick Only One For Your Society: Casual Sex Or Marriage

Many conservatives rightly criticize the promiscuity of modern society, but they stop far short of the needed solution: a complete elimination of casual sex. Until that is accomplished, we will see a steady decline of marriage and family creation.

If you approach marriage in the same way as buying a consumer product, you will fail. Marriage was never meant to be a form of comparison shopping as if strolling the aisles of Mega Mart with Amazon loaded up on your phone, because unlike with consumer goods, there are billions of potential mates around the world, and it would take a hundred lifetimes to sample them all. Shopping around for a husband or wife with the goal of finding the “best” means you’ll never find the best, because there is no sign, moment, or realization that confirms you made the perfect choice, unlike buying a new smartphone or car where you have less than a dozen reasonable options to evaluate based on your needs and budget.

There are dubious studies of low sample sizes that show the more sexual partners a woman has before she marries, the more likely she will divorce, but we don’t need them to confirm common sense. The more likely a person is a foodie, the less satisfied they will be with their next meal. The more experience a person has traveling the world, the less excited they will be about visiting a new city. The more sexual encounters a person has had, the less impressed they will be with any new partner.

He don’t impress her much

It’s less of a big deal to get fatigued from food or travel because they are not dependent on fulfilling your biological urge to reproduce, but when you develop high standards with dating due to excessive sexual experience, you may very well miss the boat on creating a family. What ensues is a fetishization of a perverted or hollow lifestyle, whether it be sport fucking, internet attention whoring, careerism, money obsession, traveling, or pet ownership.

The phrase “ignorance is bliss” had to be first applied to relationships. You’re not supposed to know too much about the opposite sex, because it ruins your ability to be satisfied in a relationship. The more I know about female nature, and the more that knowledge is confirmed with experience, the less likely I can ever see one woman as my ideal. On the other hand, if I randomly got married with the first cute girl I ever dated back when I was in my early 20’s, understanding women wouldn’t even be a concern on my mind—I would take the good with the bad and be less likely to see marriage problems as existential or catastrophic (until I get divorce raped, anyway). The women I write off immediately today would be a worthy prospect to a man with a fraction of the experience I have because what I see as negative wouldn’t even reach his conscious awareness. While he may get screwed over by her in the future, he will at least be able to to maintain a period of familial bliss.

Even if you agree with me that casual sex makes it more difficult for marriage, applying that lesson won’t make any difference for you unless most of society also applies it. If you refrain from casual sex while most women you consider attractive is racking up notches at breakneck speed, invariably while intoxicated, your luck won’t increase. The only exception is if you find a small community, like the Mormons, that theoretically prohibit its members from participating in pre-marital sex. There has to be a top-down mandate, cultural rule, or even law that prevents pre-marital sex.

Prostitution can be exempted, since there will always be a subset of whores in any society that will not fit a marriage norm, but they should be openly shamed instead of being allowed to corrupt society with their whorish ways like we see today.

Ask this question today and you’ll be labeled a misogynist

If you get up and leave the West for a traditional country, but are still able to obtain pre-marital sex, you are not in a traditional country. It just may seem traditional upon leveraging your passport, money, and good looks for a girl who sees you as the best she’s ever had. She dedicates herself to you not necessarily because of tradition, but because she doesn’t want to lose you in a local dating market where you’re a perfect ten out of ten. That may soon change when a new the globohomos in Silicon Valley invent a new app that delivers handsome Chads right to her mud shack within an hour or less. Until then, you’re taking advantage not of traditionalism but arbitrage, a practice that will bear less fruit as the world becomes more globalized and connected.

The only solution I see to saving marriage is to ban pre-marital sex by law. There will surely be law-breakers, such as myself, but if they’re punished with a loss of citizenship privileges or even jail time, there would be such a rush for people to marry at a young age that many of our societal problems would evaporate overnight.

Of course this would never happen, because there is nothing to suggest that a sex-rigid leader will ever erupt onto the political scene, and Christianity is too weak when it comes to matters of sex. There is always Islam, but the extremists in their lot make life so difficult for everyone that any benefit from an improvement in marriage will be nulled by economic impoverishment. It looks like we’re stuck with broken marriage for our lifetimes along with the destruction of the family unit that goes along with it, even though the fix is ever so simple.

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Comfort Will Not Give You Meaning In Life

Many people plan their lives around the pursuit of comfort. Whether it comes to work, relationships, or day-to-day living, all decisions are made with the goal to increase comfort while decreasing discomfort. The problem with this approach is that comfort does not provide you with meaning. You can have all the comfort in the world but still feel bored, unhappy, or depressed.

In 2006, I was in a state of extreme comfort. I shared a big house with two other people, had a stable career that wasn’t particularly demanding, owned a car and motorcycle, and was able to take exciting vacations abroad. I had no urgent concerns besides securing my next instance of sex from weekends jaunts into the city. I achieved pretty close to the modern ideal of comfort, and yet I saw little value in it. Would comfort inspire me? Would it make me a man? Would it give me even the tiniest scrap of life meaning? Within two years, I got rid of most of my possessions and went to South America, the beginning of an ongoing tale of nomadism.

Hostel in Barcelona, Spain (2006)

Today, I find myself again in a state of extreme comfort. I live in a cozy apartment in the center of an Eastern European city, earn a basic but livable income from book royalties, and receive a mostly stable supply of sex. I experience little anxiety or genuine difficulty from my living situation. Was the point of my decade abroad merely to reproduce the comfort I had before I left? How was the same flavor of comfort able to find me again? Am I destined to grow old without ever having real concern for my survival or material existence?

Is it not degenerate to seek comfort, of desiring to sit and relax while expending the least amount of calories possible, where your muscles physically degenerate, and where you have to artificially simulate a non-comfortable life by lifting weights in a corporate gym? The drive to comfort may simply be a relic of our childhood, where we rushed to our mother’s bosom to isolate ourselves from a world that exposed our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Comfort is a need for mother and the safety she provided us for the bulk of our lives, of running back to the first safe space we have ever known.

Margarita Island, Venezuela (2005)

The first time around, I made comfort a goal, but the second time I did not. When your ability to earn a livable wage surpasses a certain threshold, from being born in the resource-rich West or having a competent IQ, comfort will be a part of your life whether you like it or not, and any attempt to fight it will just reinforce how comfortable you really are. We live in a time where food and resources have never been more plentiful for the average man, so we will not face the survival difficulty of our ancestors no matter how hard we try. We are the house cat that can return home whenever things got too cold or dangerous outside.

Right now I’m faced with a decision of remaining in my comfortable Eastern European environment, where I no longer have to work hard to enjoy its rewards, or go somewhere different, challenging, and slightly more uncomfortable. In the past, I would pick the challenging environment to satisfy an ego that was desperate to prove it can overcome hurdles through hard work and intellect, but I no longer have anything to prove. All that’s left is asking if I want to grow old in a fashion so stable that most of the lessons I’ve learned in life will never be called upon for my survival, or if I want to venture out into the unknown and live a slightly more raw and spontaneous existence.

Hvar Island, Croatia (2016)

Either way, I know that if I deny comfort today, it will find me soon enough. Stepping foot in another new country will be like going to Corporate Gym—I’ll get an intense but short workout before walking back out to sit and eat and relax and consume limitless entertainment. My ability to earn a modern wage means that comfort will always be waiting for me. When the world outside shows me its teeth, I know that mommy earth is always ready to take me into her arms and make things comfortable again.

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