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What I Learned From Not Having Internet For 30 Days

I visited my mom for one month not long after she canceled her internet from lack of use. I decided to see what happens if I not only go without internet, but also without mobile internet on my smartphone. The only internet I had access to during this month were in cafes or other people’s homes. Here are some things I learned…

1. It’s easy… at first

The first couple of days were a breeze. I’d go to the cafe, complete my work, then read or watch competitive cooking shows on the Food Network (cable TV). But then things came up where I would need immediate answers. How do I get to a friend’s house located on the other side of town? How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? What time does the McDonald’s close?

Every day, we use the internet to answer many mundane questions, and it becomes challenging when you can no longer get instant answers. I had to maintain a running “questions” file and then open it when I had internet access.

2. I went from internet snacking to eating meals

When the internet is always on, you tend to graze on it like a cow, even when you’re not particularly “hungry.” You’re able to consume throughout the day because you never fully sate yourself.

Without internet, I’d do the work that had to be done, which usually took two or three hours, consume a bit of entertainment, and then I’d be full—I couldn’t sit in front of a screen any longer. Of course I’d get hungry again in a few hours, but I still used far less internet per day than if I snacked.

3. My attention span improved slightly

While I did see an improvement in my attention span, it was by a much smaller amount than I had hoped. Either it would take much longer than a month to heal the damage from decades-long internet use, or there are other contributors that are hurting my focus, such as text messaging, email, or television.

From the way I consume the internet, I believe Twitter is the most responsible for causing my mind to crave constant bits of short-form content. I noticed that going on a Twitter break improves my attention span nearly as much as quitting the internet entirely.

4. I sought more face-to-face interaction with my mom

We underestimate how much of our social interaction needs are met by the internet. Without trying, it’s possible to have a dozen “conversations” on forums and social networking sites before you even leave your house for the day (assuming you leave it at all).

Without internet, I desired to speak to my mom far more than usual. I also engaged in more small talk with various clerks and salespeople. We all have a baseline of how much social interaction we need in a day. For some of us, most of it is fulfilled by the internet.

5. I don’t really need internet at home

It’s definitely convenient to have, but it’s still a want, not a need, and that’s coming from someone who has an internet business. Within a couple of weeks, I adapted to not having it, and if you told me that the situation would permanently remain, I would still find life worth living.

The main downside was not having many entertainment options. I started consuming way more television though the quality of content was quite low and stuffed with advertisements. A possible solution is to download videos for offline viewing. Otherwise, I got bored in the evening when I was done with the day’s tasks and didn’t feel like reading. I even watched a handful of reality television shows, and suffered a temporary IQ drop as a result.


From this experience, I now see the internet as a substance like caffeine, alcohol, or food. If you don’t consciously regulate your consumption, you’ll consume way more than you realize and develop a dependency. You will also take for granted that the internet acts like a stimulant that your mind comes to depend on for endorphin release.

In spite of having this knowledge, I quickly reverted back to my snacking ways of consumption when I returned home to Europe. A supply of unlimited internet creates the demand, so unless you deliberately remove it from your home and phone, it’s inevitable that you’ll remain a grazing internet cow.

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I Appeared In Front Of An Amazon Books Store In California

A dissident artist placed a cardboard cutout of me in front of an Amazon Books store to protest their banning of my book Game. (Full disclosure: I did not plan or fund this installation.) Let’s take a look at pictures that were originally posted here and here.

In the picture below, the man on the left has the same plaid shirt I have. It’s no surprise he’s talking to what seems to be an attractive girl…

An Asian man was disappointed that Game was not in stock and left without making an Amazon purchase…

Standard-issue American girl with Starbucks beverage in one hand and iPhone in the other doesn’t even notice the handsome man on her left…

A closer look at the sign has an important message on the bottom…

Rotund, bearded man is obviously interested in free speech matters…

On the surface, it may appear that Amazon is a moral company for banning my dating book, but they still sell a host of filthy products that are way more sexual in nature…

And for Christmas, they are recommending you buy hardcore pornography for your dad…

The paperback is now available on fifteen other stores. You can also buy the ebook and audiobook from my store.

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The Bittersweet Life Of Famous Instagram Model Amanda Lee

Cosmopolitan magazine did an article chronicling the life of Amanda Lee, an Instagram model with over 12 million followers. While she earns a high income and receives unlimited male attention, she appears deeply unhappy, probably because she is enslaved to a job that requires her to share sexually suggestive photos that she knows is not her real self. Let’s takes a closer look at what’s going on.

“I have no idea why my page grew so fast,” she says, although she acknowledges her body played a role.

I think I have an idea why she has 12 million followers:


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???? – Bikini: @twentysauce

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@flattummytea is by far the best detox. I’m loving the results so far ??

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can I kick it? @fashionnova

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In a time when male thirst has never been higher, it’s impossible not to amass millions of followers with a body like that. She hit the genetic jackpot, which was given to her by God to more easily find a suitable man with whom to start a family, but she has instead used it to earn money and provide horny men with images they can masturbate to.

“I always wanted to appeal to everyone,” she says, “but I got seduced by people’s responses and sidetracked trying to maintain this curvy physique and build a sexy brand.”

Before she started earning a lot of money from sponsored postings, she got hooked to the attention that her body garnered. It felt good to be complimented by anonymous strangers online, but now those strangers are holding her hostage.

Personally, I’m very careful not to take compliments from my followers to heart, because if I listen to them, I will modify my behavior and goals to simply keep receiving compliments. Those compliments then become the ultimate objective.

“She still gets anxious,” Fields says of her daughter. “There’s a lot of pressure to keep up with daily posting and people tend to be critical of your looks. She gets overwhelmed. There’s a side of Amanda that no one sees.”

In spite of millions of fans, she is still insecure and anxious! Nothing in the material world can solve an internal problem. The material can only act as a temporary balm, but as soon as the validation from one selfie is extinguished, or the high from a new bang fades, the clock begins counting down to when another hit must be sought out.

The process [of taking a new photo] can take an hour and several clothing and hairstyle changes. “Amanda says she can’t trust me because I like every single photo,” her mom says. “She wants everything to look just right.”

The social-media star spends about 10 minutes scrolling through options after each shoot, then up to 10 more minutes editing, filtering, and Facetuning the one photo she’s decided is perfect enough to post. “Does that sound normal?” she asks.

If a person feels ugly on the inside, nothing on the outside can change that. The fact she has to go through such pains to create a perfect photo means that she knows her Instagram persona is staged, which makes her feel even uglier than if she had not uploaded any photos at all. Even though she has definite natural beauty (would bang), she doesn’t believe it herself, and is depending on others to convince her, but she will never be convinced. She will always feel ugly as long as she has the need to feel beautiful. A billion followers and a trillion likes won’t solve the underlying problem.

She is not that different from a man who must put on a mask to appeal to today’s intensely picky woman. A man thinks, usually rightly, “If I act myself, according to what my instinct dictates, this girl will not want a relationship with me. Instead, I have to harness my most attractive traits so that I’m selected for intimacy.” But then any intimacy that results won’t satisfy him because he knows—like with the Instagram model—that he had to use smoke and mirrors. This is why the best solution to gaining fulfillment from game is to make yourself a more attractive man in a way that is compatible with your personality and nature. When you are attractive, being yourself will work towards attracting women, and you’ll be far more satisfied with maintaining any relationship that results.

Every time she publishes a photo, nervousness ensues as she awaits likes and comments, which she monitors for about an hour after posting — a habit she knows is self-destructive. “I try not to take the negative comments to heart,” she says, “but people nitpick on certain things, like, ‘Her nose looks weird,’ or, ‘What’s up with her butt?’ and you kind of start to think, ‘Wait, does that look bad there?’ It’s not necessarily the healthiest thing, and I’m still learning to cope with it.”

Even the positive comments can feel backhanded: “I read them and I’m like, ‘That’s great, but it’s about the Instagram Amanda,'” she says. “People don’t know the real me.”

I pity her. She is a slave to digital responses in a virtual reality that is accessed through her smartphone. She is an addict to loveless attention that keeps her in a prison of materially comfortable insecurity. All the money she has made from attention whoring, that allows her to purchase expensive clothing, furniture, and cars, still doesn’t bring her any closer to what she truly needs: the love of one good man. Unfortunately for her, increasing her own status through online fame has made it that much harder to ever conclude that a man is deserving of her love. The same applies to a woman who earns a high income. Any man who makes less than her will be rejected, even though they could’ve been soulmates.

Despite Lee’s success, her priorities are shifting. “I don’t look down on Instagram modeling, but I’ve done that,” she asserts. “I want to have a little bit more substance than posting sponsored posts for other brands.”

Is the NPC becoming self-aware? Is she understanding that her addiction to attention is no different than substance abuse? Or has she refused to accept any wisdom that has come from her experiences? You be the judge by taking a look at two of her recent photos:


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last days of summer @fashionnova

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She can’t quit the validation treadmill. Not only is she still uploading fap-worthy photos, the presence of an email address in her profile indicates she is being contacted by rich men for paid sexual encounters. I’d be surprised if she hasn’t given consideration to that sort of arrangement.

“I really like Tammy Hebrow. Her lifestyle is something to aspire to,” she says of the Instagram model with 8.2 million followers, two children, and a Women’s Best sponsorship.

She aspires to be this:


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Firebreather ?? @loungeunderwear

A post shared by ??????????????????Tammy ?? (@tammyhembrow) on

The only role models women have these days are whores or blue-haired pigs. Traditional women and housewives are shunned by the establishment. What else is a woman who is susceptible to mainstream trends to do but chase materialist excess and ego gratification? While a woman like Amanda Lee can show off her body to millions of people on various platforms in what amounts to softcore pornography, writers, thinkers, and dissidents who try to encourage a more traditional organization of society are banned from the very same platforms.

I don’t entirely blame the Instagram “models,” because they are merely doing what the system encourages them to do (delay or block family formation), but until we can put positive role models in front of them, their destructive behavior will continue. We cannot count on them to police their own excesses. Their brief moments of self-awareness are not enough to change their behavior. What must be done instead is to construct a society where there is no motivation to take a harmful drug in the first place. Otherwise, nothing will change, and these damaged women will serve as role models for future generations.

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The Inversion Agenda

We are now living in the last stage of a plan to invert the individual and society from natural order. The plan will be deemed a success when most human beings on the planet live inverted to their biology and nature, and come to believe that an inverted reality has always been a normal state of affairs.

The elites are performing the inversion to weaken man to such an extent that their rule will never be threatened. In effect, they are creating a permanent slave class that will be as incapable of overthrowing their masters as a herd of cows is incapable of killing the farmer who owns them, even though those cows descended from powerful bulls that could only be handled with specialized training or weapons. There is no better way to weaken humans than to take away their natural strengths, pit them against each other through a multitude of invented identities, and convince them that strength can only come in hedonistic pleasure that focuses around food, entertainment, and sodomy.

Here are the eight most disturbing inversions that are currently taking place…

1. Heterosexual sex is rape

You may remember the “all sex is rape” canard from insane Jewish feminist Andrea Dworkin, who claimed that heterosexual intercourse is “violent.” That was merely a test launch for the real deal. Many years later, another Jewish elite figure, Ezra Klein, stated that men should feel a “cold spike of fear” before initiating any sexual relationship. This goal is close to being achieved.

The intermediary step before classifying all heterosexual sex as rape is to poison male-female relations with the idea of sexual “consent,” which can never be truly verified without video and audio recordings. Even if you do record sex, it will soon be dictated that men did not have consent if a woman said no with her inner voice. It doesn’t matter that the man never heard the word “no” as long as the female thought it, and the fact that he didn’t stop makes him a rapist who must, at the minimum, be forced from his job and have his reputation ruined. Many men will have their lives destroyed because of this very scenario until every single instance of heterosexual sex can be interpreted as rape if the man being accused possesses a job that a female desires or if he is in any way a threat to the inversion agenda.

At the same time, it will be nearly impossible for homosexual sex to be classified as rape. It doesn’t matter that most homosexual sex takes place under a buffet of drugs, because if the sex was gay, all is okay. This will cause many men to consider pursuing sodomy as a means to not getting attacked, which is exactly what the elites want.

Not only does homosexuality offer a reliable method of population control, but the act of being a sodomite puts you on a treadmill of drug use, sex, and material consumerism, all habits of a perfectly controlled slave. Consider that the promotion of anal sex in heterosexual pornography is an intermediary step to warming men up to the idea that a hole is a hole, and if a woman can provide pleasure through her rectum then so can a man.

2. Nuclear families are fascism

Next up is to portray the family unit as if Hitler invented it. The first stage of this inversion is to glorify single motherhood and convince women that they are brave and strong for taking a load of semen from a man who doesn’t love them or want to commit to them. This new “single mom” identity is the force that can align itself against married and traditional moms, for the elite will only allow the creation of an identity if it can be used as an offensive weapon (note how they do not allow the organic formation of a genuinely masculine identity group).

The next stage, which has just begun, is to claim that children from nuclear families have “unfair advantages” over single-parent and homosexual families, and that more money or benefits must be poured into helping the latter groups. Governments will readjust the tax code to punish heterosexual male bachelors and nuclear families while spending billions of dollars into inverted “families.” Like with the heterosexual inversion, the elites know how to craft incentives that nudge people against their natural instincts.

The final stage will be to use the law to limit how many children normal families can have, similar to China’s one-child policy, and then remove those children under false accusations of abuse to be placed within inverted households where abuse is certain to occur. There may even be a point where heterosexual couples require government approval before being able to keep any children they create, and that’s assuming that vaccines and other chemicals don’t sterilize most of the population.

3. Merit is privilege

If you have an IQ over 100, possess work ethic, and can use mental discipline to further your lot in life, you had an advantaged upbringing at the expense of other disadvantaged groups, or you belong to a race that has historically colonized others. Your achievements, careful planning, and hard work are actually indicators that you are keeping others down and robbing them of success.

We first started seeing the beginning of this inversion with affirmative action programs that allowed qualified white applicants to be passed over in favor of minorities who were less suited for the same positions. I saw this firsthand in university when many of my black classmates were accepted to medical school at a medical exam (MCAT) score that would have resulted in an automatic rejection from a white or Asian classmate.

Today, males are being rejected for jobs in favor of less qualified women and minorities, not in the name of affirmative action, but because of “spontaneous” initiatives from all major corporations that coordinate their social policies thanks to being owned by the same tiny group of institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, and hedge funds. It’s helpful to view corporations as just another vehicle to usher in the great inversion. CEOs are mere employees, gophers of shadowy figures who are higher on the elite ladder.

Many accomplished men are now dropping out of white collar work. Younger men are deciding not to go to university or make their mark in corporate fields. This is by design: the plan is for men to be as far removed from societal power as possible. Soon, the only people eligible for the most important, high-paying jobs will be those who belong to a historical or invented victim class, a flamboyant homosexual, or a minority whose sex is unclear. They will keep their jobs if they’re incompetent as long as they abide by the agenda.

4. Pedophilia is natural

The hardest inversion to accept will be the normalization of pedophilia into a standard sexual orientation that is seen as a “healthy” way to express intimate love with children. Pedophilia is already done behind closed doors in entertainment and government spheres, but it will soon be displayed more openly like we’re seeing with the media’s glorification of little children who “decided” to change their sex.

Great efforts will be made to teach children and their virtue-signaling parents to trust those who are most dangerous to children: homosexuals and transsexuals. In effect, grooming will be institutionalized on a national scale. A good example is the Drag Queen Story Hour program that has disgusting drag queens read to children in public libraries. The effect of this program, which is funded by taxpayers and globalist groups, is to teach children that sexual deviants are safe and should be trusted. Many parents are actually paying money to increase the chances that their children will be molested.

An indicator that this inversion is complete is when people claim that being molested as a child (enabled by their parents) was an empowering experience that allowed them to understand who they really were (a homosexual who loves drugs and sodomy). We actually saw a warm-up to this with Milo Yiannopoulos, who claimed that being molested by a Catholic priest as a child was a rewarding “coming-of-age” experience that allowed him to “discover” who he was. Those who weren’t molested will be seen as both homophobic and transphobic, part of a privileged class that should receive fewer societal benefits from being closed-minded as a child for not wanting to be raped.

5. Beauty is ugly

Beauty is a form of genetic privilege. Beautiful people were given immense physical advantages because their ancestors leveraged their own ill-gotten advantages to breed in a superior manner. The same goes for beautiful art, architecture, and clothing. They’re all signs of a past where minorities and sodomites were oppressed.

Body positivity is the most common means for pushing this inversion, which has recently culminated in a mammoth woman gracing the cover of the UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

In another case of using basic incentives to further an inversion, a woman quickly learns that being slightly beautiful conveys fewer benefits in life than being rather ugly. She sees firsthand how the culture is quick to worship a woman who defaces her body with tattoos, gains massive amounts of weight, and dyes her hair blue. A female monstrosity is actually seen as virtuous because she rejects historical notions of beauty that are “outdated” and “racist.”

This inversion will be the most difficult to execute because humans have a strong instinctual craving for beauty, but I believe the elites will still succeed as long as the promotion of ugliness coincides with financial benefits and status. Understand that humans can be convinced of anything through persistence and the use of incentives.

Music is also an important area where beauty is being destroyed. Let’s compare one of my favorite classical songs, Claire De Lune by Claude Debussy (1905), with a recent number one hit, In My Feelings by Drake (2018).

Now let me see you
Bring that ass, bring that ass, bring that ass back!
B-bring that ass, bring that ass, bring that ass back!
Shawty say the nigga that she with can’t hit
But shawty, I’ma hit it, hit it like I can’t miss
Now let me see you
Clap that ass, you’re the only one I love
Clap that ass, clap-clap that ass!
Bring that ass back!

Drake’s song contains phrases that you may hear outside of a liquor store in the ghetto, but the beat and melody were engineered to dig a wormhole into your brain. This engineering opens the door for degenerate lyrics to be absorbed by your subconscious, thereby affecting your behavior. While Claire De Lune may motivate you to take a walk in a beautiful garden, In My Feelings may cause you to seek out a tattooed, promiscuous woman and maintain a relationship with her.

Once you’ve internalized the ugly art, music, imagery, buildings, and people in your environment, you’ll soon be unable to appreciate beauty or create it yourself. When the inversion is complete, you’ll see older works of beauty as “out of style” or ugly.

6. Feminine is masculine

This inversion began with woman’s suffrage, a subtle way to demote men as leaders of their communities and nations. After giving women the vote, their feelings had to placated when it came to organizing society, a disastrous outcome that has driven politics far to the left in a stunningly short amount of time.

To push women into the workforce, they have to learn masculine traits in order to advance a company’s bottom line and earn an income that makes them “independent.” When you hear the phrase “female empowerment,” what you’re really hearing is “female masculinity.” Any unit of masculinity implanted in a woman must then replace a unit of femininity, resulting in the gruff, frigid, and often vulgar women we have today.

The final stage of this inversion is to erase all masculinity in men through soy, vaccines, and educational propaganda with the intention to have men step aside from leadership roles to make up for the sins of historical patriarchy. Any masculinity displayed in men will be rooted out so that only women can display a harmless version of masculinity that has no actual strength behind it. Women must be made the leaders and the big bosses, but since their nature is ill-suited for strength, various bureaucracies and organizations will lose function and slide to the level of incompetence that we see in the third world.

The most useful effect of eradicating masculinity is to weaken the resistance of men, making it nearly impossible for them to fight back against oppression. This must happen for the elites to achieve their goal of a permanent slave class. The “healthy masculinity” they’ve been teaching men is actually “healthy femininity,” and the empowerment they teach women is actually masculinity. Once you understand that this inversion is taking place, it’s easy to decode the talking points and re-education programs that come from the system, whether in education, media, government, or any other institution they control.

7. White is not right

The next inversion is to demonize the white race, lower their population, and impoverish them both economically and spiritually. Because whites were instrumental in colonizing other nations, though let’s not mention their Jewish financiers and slavers, they must check their privilege by giving way to other races and dying off. Anti-white hatred will get increasingly more blatant as they get ready to apply the final death blow.

The white race is the most capable of resisting the elites. This is why so much energy is being dedicated to destroying them. Other races are simply not strong enough to defeat a globalized elite force that has tentacles in every nation except Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Muslims get played like a fiddle through divide-and-conquer strategies and Africans are not skilled in global ways of thinking. Asians are too compliant towards authority to resist, and seem to want to be a part of the system that promises them with great wealth. There is always Russia, which I see as a wild card, but with a Rothschild central bank, it’s doubtful they are as independent as many think.

The rest of the world is composed of basket cases that can barely manage their own economies. Once whites are destroyed, and I believe they will ultimately be demoted to the level of poor Irish potato farmers of old, we are in for a dark age, because no one else will be able to fight back against tyranny. As a consolation prize, we will be dead by the time this happens.

The sad irony of this inversion is the role that middle-class white women have played in aiding the inversion agenda. Perhaps because their lives have become too comfortable, or their men have become too weak, they will be shocked to see that they and their children (assuming they have any) will be neutralized. This will have the short-term effect of bringing more women to the right, but by then it will be too late.

8. Science is God

The final inversion is to replace God, a spiritual concept that encapsulates all that is known and unknown, with “science,” which can easily be influenced by the powers-that-be to arrive at conclusions which match the current agenda (e.g. global warming). Studies will only be done when there is an incentive to arrive at a certain “truth,” and when real truths need to be concealed, such as the fact that homosexuals are the main drivers of the AIDS epidemic and are prone to molesting children they adopt, there simply will be no studies done on the matter, or they will not be publicized.

Even without influence from the elites, most scientific studies, even in medical sciences, have been shown to be non-reproducible. In other words, they’re junk, just like the drugs that people are taking as a result of these fake studies. The faith that most people have in science is just as great as what believers have in God, and if someone comes to them with a “study” or “fact check,” they take it as gospel because it matches the inverted worldview they’ve been programmed to believe.

The easiest people to push inversions on, it turns out, are those who don’t believe in God, because they immediately disregard anything connected to the past, including old wisdom or just plain common sense that managed to survive for millennia, all in exchange for a trendy new study that uses a low sample size, and which proves nothing.

Understand that science can only observe what can be seen, but a big part of the universe exists on electromagnetic wave spectrums and dark matter that we cannot see or precisely measure. A belief in science alone conflicts with the very nature of existence, which is that humans can understand or perceive only a small part of the whole. It narrows reality into such a peephole that it then becomes easy for the elites to fill in that tiny view with only information and perceptions that they want their slaves to believe.

I’ve arrived at the point where I automatically reject all science of the day as just an advanced form of propaganda. This includes evolution, an important invention in killing God. If new science is being published and promoted, and there is “consensus” on it, I take it as a heuristic that it is actually false, and the opposite is more likely to be true. Without even being a scientist, you can easily understand the real truth through believing in the opposite of what you’re told to believe.


As you can see, the elites are quite far along with completing the above eight inversions. I would estimate that they are 75% complete with the entire plan, and want to hurry the rest along because they see victory on the horizon. The problem with rushing is that they will make mistakes that awaken many slaves, but they are confident that their power is strong enough to handle this “leakage.” A man who goes against the inversion agenda can be destroyed with trumped-up sexual crimes, intimidated by hired street thugs (Antifa), or censored online.

When the elite’s artificial intelligence programs kick in, and the slaves take to it like they have voluntarily taken to every other elite mechanism of control, resistance will be far harder than it is now, but as Alexandr Solzhenitsyn explained in The Gulag Archipelago, to collapse a cave, you only need to start with a little crack. They have been able to control most of humanity, but the fact that you exist, and are reading these words right now, show that many people still crave the truth and can think for themselves.

How far you or I go to maintain the limited freedoms we have remaining will soon be tested. When they do come for you and demand you accept their inversions at the threat of being destroyed, what will you do? I’ve thought about this question deeply, and have arrived at an answer that I believe has sealed my fate.

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The Ball On A String

I arrived at a small town in a country I’ve never been to before. It had a traditional character of families and young people going for long, meandering strolls on promenades lined with sidewalk cafes and restaurants. No Starbucks or corporate chains in sight. Many people walk as slow as me, which is rare in all but a few Latin countries.

One afternoon, I noticed a small boy playing with a ball attached to a string. At the end of the string was a ring that you could place on your finger. He played with it as if it were a rudimentary yo-yo. I wanted to play with it, too. There were many vendors selling small toys, trinkets, and cotton candy. I found a man selling the ball on a string for a stated price of $2. I bought it without trying to negotiate.

After completing the transaction, I started playing with the ball. It turned out that the string was too short for me, perhaps because it was designed for little boys, not 39-year-old men. I looked up and caught a pair of girls looking at me. I felt self-conscious, but not enough to stop playing with the ball. After one minute of play, I got bored. I put the ball in my laptop bag and continued walking along the promenade.

I soon encountered a class of elementary school children on a field trip. I thought of handing the ball to one of them, but felt it would be too weird, so I took the ball out of my bag and discreetly rolled it into the center of the crowd like it was a bowling ball. Then I watched from the sidelines.

The tallest girl of the class was the first to see the ball. She picked it up and immediately started looking around. Her confused expression seemed to ask, “Whose ball is this?” She held it for maybe half a minute, asking her friends about the ball’s owner, but no one claimed it. She dropped the ball to the ground.

One of her classmates, a shorter girl with a chubby face, picked up the ball. She examined it carefully, inspecting it for any flaws or defects. She put the ring through her finger and bounced it a few times. Her class began to walk away. Instead of taking the ball with her, she threw it some distance in my direction. I couldn’t believe that no one from a group of thirty children wanted to claim a free ball.

Then a grandmother and a young boy walked directly toward the ball. Before the boy could notice the ball, his grandmother kicked it as if she were a professional soccer player and I the goalie on the opposing team. The ball settled only four feet away from where I stood. It came back to me! All I had to do was take two steps, bend over, and reclaim ownership of the ball, but I did not want it. I walked away from the ball and took a seat at the edge of a nearby statue. The poor ball had now been rejected by four people since it was set free with my purchase. If it had consciousness, I imagine it would be experiencing a deep feeling of rejection.

A man not much older than me, sitting on a bench with a woman who appeared to be his wife, caught sight of the ball. He stood up, walked towards it, and picked it up before returning to the bench. He did not look around or wonder if someone lost the ball. Instead, he started playing with it. He smiled while doing so, enjoying his good luck. After he was tired of playing, he embraced the ball with two hands and serenely stared off into the distance.

My ego stirred to action. It wondered about all the balls I could roll into crowds to watch the ensuing human drama unfold—how I could taint my gift by introducing a goal, an agenda, a benefit for me to receive. I was happy to see the man playing with the ball because the intention of buying it in the first place was also to play. My enjoyment came from the spontaneity, the surprise, and so I can never buy a ball on a string again and attempt to replay the past, but I will certainly perk up when I see someone in the future playing with a ball on a string.

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The Paperback Of Game Is Available At These Retailers

The paperback and Kindle editions of Game were banned on Amazon back in September. I’ve since found a third-party distributor that has made the paperback available on several other retailers at a starting price of $25. Here is where you can get a physical copy of Game:

United States








You’re probably wondering how I got it back on Amazon for the second time. The original paperback was published through CreateSpace, an Amazon subsidiary that has its own censorship team. I believe this team is bypassed when you use a third-party distributor, though I suppose we’ll find out in the next week or so. If you were waiting to buy the paperback, I would do so immediately in case the ban hammer returns. If you’re interested in the eBook or audiobook editions, click here to buy it directly from my store.

Stop reading and look behind you, dummy!

A part of me wants you to buy it on Amazon so that it climbs the sales charts and puts egg on their face, but it’s up to you to choose your preferred retailer (I receive the same royalty no matter where you buy the book). In the meantime, if you’ve already read Game, I kindly ask that you leave a short review on the Amazon page. It appears that Amazon has restored some of the early reviews.

I’m already working on selling books directly, but this will take another month or two to set up, and the shipping prices won’t be as cheap as what you can find above. I see Amazon’s ban as a blessing in disguise because it has made the book available on more stores while urging me to set up my own paperback distribution channel. Thank you to everyone who has supported this book so far.

UPDATE: As you’ve noticed above, Amazon banned Game for the second time. In the below video, I share a list of products Amazon still sells that are way worse than Game…

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Vacations Are A Scam

You’ve been working hard on the job and now have some vacation days to use. Your boss was chafed when you suggested taking two weeks off so you settled for one week, which you believe is still more than enough time to unwind and relax. Wrong! Not only will a vacation not relax you, but it will create more stress than work.

The first day of your vacation is spent traveling to the destination. If you’re lucky, it will take only two hours, but odds are it will take at least six. You’re either crammed on an airplane or driving on a road full of other people who want to relax just like you. Already, tension is building.

After finally arriving at your vacation spot, things start to go wrong. The hotel room doesn’t have a good view. The wireless internet is too slow. You forgot your beach towel at home. You picked a bad area of town to stay in. You take off your shoes and try to relax, but now you’re hungry. You find a restaurant that sells you a bland pizza that is priced more than your favorite pizzeria back home. You go to sleep on a strange bed with pillows that are way too big, and then you wake up the next day with nausea and painful stomach cramps. You’re sick! And what are these itchy red marks on your ankles? Bed bugs! Only six more days to go.

What are these… pillows for elephants?!

Now imagine you have children. The stress will increase by a factor of ten. By the end of the first day, you need a vacation from your vacation. Things will go much harder than the work you tried to take a break from.

As your “vacation” proceeds, you feel obligated to pack in as many activities as possible. Tours. Excursions. Watersports. Sightseeing. Scooter rental. Souvenir shopping. Tower climbing. Cemetary viewing. Clubbing. Selfie taking. You must not miss out on anything, because it took time and money to get here, and you may never return.

Soon your legs get weary. You’re walking more in one day than you normally do in a week. That bed is impossible to sleep in, and you can’t seem to get the room climate right. Now you’re running a sleep deficit. There are bags under your eyes, and holy cow, the vacation is almost done. Check-out is 11am tomorrow!

The pictures and souvenirs are proof that you went on vacation, but really the vacation went on you. On the way back home, you almost drive off the road because you’re so tired, and when you do make it to your bed, you immediately crash and enjoy the best sleep you’ve had all week, and then before you know it, the alarm clock is blaring at 8am. Back to work!

Relaxation is the absence of activity, not an exchange of one set of activities for another. Reducing stress means you must reduce the stimuli that your senses receive. A vacation accomplishes the opposite. It’s merely a commercial method to part money from office workers who want to feel relaxed in a novel, exciting way, when what they should really do is vegetate at home for days as if getting over the flu.

You can’t force your body to relax. All you can do is put it in a boring, calm, and familiar environment where it has no choice but to do so. Travel is meant to see things you want to see and be stimulated by new experiences. Going on vacation to relax is like drinking a double espresso to help you nap. If you insist on a vacation that involves travel, I hope you’re staying in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, but even then, the tension of going and coming from an isolated location will nullify the couple of days you experience nothingness.

When it’s time for me to relax, I plant myself on the couch, get a beer, and watch mindless entertainment. Anything else will simply be too much.

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How The Media Deplatforms Creators

It has long been known that the mainstream media takes on an activist role in hurting their enemies, but lately they have become far more direct and obvious in their attacks. The reason is that they have lost the ability to sway public opinion.

The media used to flex its muscle by convincing a wide swath of the population that a certain individual or organization is “bad.” This is most commonly seen in political campaign coverage where reporters are told by their editors to attack a candidate who has opposing views to the owner of the outlet. You saw this with Donald Trump and you also saw it with me in 2016 when the media published hundreds of articles labeling me “pro-rape.” Since most outlets lose money, and are seen as propaganda devices by their billionaire owners, the media spends a significant amount of money to defame its enemies.

And yet, in spite of the media’s attacks against me, here I am, writing this to a wide audience while the bad orange man sits comfortably in the oval office. Even when the media establishment unleashes their bombs (both figurative and literal), they are no longer able to hurt the reputations of those they hate. In fact, getting attacked by the media now helps you develop a growing and dedicated fan base. My newest book, Game, sold more copies in its first week than any of my previous 18 book launches in spite of Amazon banning the paperback and Kindle editions on the third day of its release.

Trust in the media has been surveyed at an all-time low, so we should not be surprised that their hit pieces are being done in vain. They are now forced to become direct activists. This is how they do it: they ask you for an interview and then use that as a pretext to contact your social media and business partners with a negative spiel that is intended to scare the companies with bad press. Here’s an example…

Dear YouTube,

I’m Noah Goldberg, a journalist from Buzzfeed who has won the Open Society Foundation award for “Best Useful Idiot Of 2017.” We are doing an article on Roosh V, a Youtuber who has been called “Hitler if he were a rapist” by Israel Klein of the Southern Poverty Cuck Center. Many people believe that he has raped 6 million women, and Adam Stein of the Anti-Defamation Soy Squad has never encountered someone more misogynistically evil.

His YouTube channel gets 100,000 views a month, which he uses to spread his “neomasculinity” platform that has been called “obvious rape instruction” by Ruth Bloom of the Toronto Pro-Baby Killing Alliance, who was left literally shaking by a video of his titled “How I Make Aeropress Coffee At Home.” Are you aware that he is using YouTube to spread heinous views that will certainly lead to another holocaust?


The bigger the media outlet, the more likely that YouTube will take action and provide a statement that goes something like this…

We at YouTube take a stand against hate speech of all forms. We have taken appropriate action against the thought criminal in question that is in accordance with our deliberately vague community guidelines.

The media article that eventually gets published is more of a “We shut it down” victory scalp than anything intended to be read by other human beings.

The Huffington Post actually tried to pull this strategy off with my books on Amazon, but I’m certain it was the Southern Poverty Law Center that was responsible for nine of them getting banned, since they have a working relationship with Amazon. Besides, no one listens to the Huffington Post anyway.

In the past, agreeing to an interview meant that a journalist could misconstrue your words and hurt your reputation, an unfavorable outcome for sure, but one that wouldn’t necessarily hurt your livelihood. Most of the damage would be dealt to your ego. But now, agreeing to an interview gives momentum to the media outlet to get you shut down from various platforms.

A journalist doesn’t need you to say yes to an interview to start writing “Dear YouTube” emails, but it will surely help the resulting article get more views and propulsion to ban you from platforms the outlet has yet to contact. Even if you think you’re completely antifragile from deplatforming, the media has an ace card up their sleeve: at the end of their hit piece about you, they will include the following statement…

If you are a female and had relations with Dissident Joe Smith, please contact our reporters immediately.

They invite false rape accusations to permanently tarnish your name and create trumped-up criminal charges. An article about me in the Daily Beast actually included the false rape invitation statement.

This is why it’s so dangerous to talk to the media at all, even if you want to troll them for fun. Understand that the intent of them contacting you is to destroy you utterly. They have no choice in this mission because they have lost their core ability to persuade the masses. Now, they use the name recognition of their employer and the threat of bad publicity to act like non-media organizations (e.g. SPLC, ADL).

You may be wondering why Facebook, Google, or Amazon would even listen to anyone, journalist or otherwise, who contacts them about “hate speech.” The reason is that they’re all ideologically aligned. They employ the same type of millennial cry babies and man-hating feminists who went to the same universities. (Where do you think they learned to hate you?) I believe that tech companies actually thank journalists for bringing evil thinkers such as myself to their attention—they see them as unpaid moderators! Therefore, I can’t get mad at the journalists who have no inherent power themselves, and whose voice is controlled to such as extent that their efforts to silence others is a projection of how limited they are in what they can publish. There are obedient slaves who think they’re saving the world by censoring it.

The good news is that this sort of activism is costing media outlets a lot of money, because the articles and videos that result from it don’t generate profit. Who would’ve guessed that content based on a journalist’s celebration of getting someone banned from Facebook is not engaging to most people? The media’s death will steadily continue until the stories you see on CNN, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post will look identical to those found on the blogs of the SPLC and ADL. They will be full of pearl-clutching content that is well-funded by those in power, but which few people care to read.

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