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Roosh Hour #32: Little Benis Emoticon

In this stream, I talk about the new emoticon that shames men with small penises, how the boy scouts have started excluding boys, the globohomo push to whore out Iranian woman, the agenda behind Superbowl LII’s commercials, and a lot more.

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READ NOW: Lady – How To Meet And Keep A Good Man For Love And Marriage

Today I’m releasing Lady, a 154-page book that helps women find love, long-term relationships, and marriage in a modern environment where most men seem to only want casual sex. It shares the habits, values, and behaviors of a woman who is most likely to settle down with her ideal man while providing useful tips to reduce the anxiety and stress that are the root causes of wasting time with bad men, alcohol, and consumerism.

Lady is also intended for men who have a sister, girlfriend, wife, or female friend that could use positive guidance when it comes to finding one man to settle down with. The book will allow men to help the important women in their lives from a position of care and understanding.

Lady is divided into three books:

  • Book You helps you understand the true side of your female nature and why the feminist movement is making it difficult to connect with a man.
  • Book Men explains what men really want and why most of your relationships seem to go nowhere. It shares advice on how to maximize your value, date successfully, and enter a monogamous relationship with a good man who wants to marry you, even if you’re over 30.
  • Book Relationships describes how to maintain and care for your relationship in a way that encourages a man to marry you.

Lady provides practical knowledge and advice for a woman to identify and attract a good man for a loving relationship without having to sleep around or be needlessly hurt. It will allow her to nurture her feminine side and experience love with a dedicated man who wants to protect and provide for her.

10 key benefits that are inside Lady

1. Why the ideology of feminism has been so effective at hurting women and dividing them from good men.

2. Why so many men do not want more than casual sex with you.

3. An easy shortcut to identifying men who are serious about creating a family.

4. Two reasons why a man decides not to make you his girlfriend.

5. things that a man wants from a woman. The more of these you’re able to provide, the more likely a man will be eager to marry you.

6. Two changes you need to make to drastically improve your beauty, and details on exactly how to achieve them. Many women focus on the little things, but it’s these two big areas that will cause men to see you the most favorably.

7. The number one mistake women make that causes men not to invest in them.

8. Dating has an atrocious failure rate when it comes to finding long-term partners, but I share my dating strategy to minimize getting sexually used before connecting with a worthy man.

9. Two pieces of advice if you’re over 30 and feel like you’re running out of time.

10. Two common ways that a long-term relationship fails, and how to bounce back from one to meet a man before time runs out.

Order the ebook, audiobook, or paperback today

You can order Lady from my web store using a credit card or cryptocurrency.

The instantly downloadable ebook edition costs only $9.99 during launch week and contains unrestricted PDF, EPUB, and Kindle (MOBI) files that can be viewed on unlimited devices. After submitting your payment, you’ll be immediately forwarded to the book’s download page…

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View the full description of Lady at Roosh V Store. Before checkout, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your purchase to include my entire catalog at huge savings.

To celebrate this release, I’m also offering 40% discounts on two of my memoirs, A Dead Bat In Paraguay and Free Speech Isn’t Free.

Order before February 21 to take advantage of all launch-week discounts.

Leave a comment below if you have a pre-sale question or contact me directly if you need help with your order. Since Lady is the first book I’m writing for women, I’m especially eager for reader comments. Many people will be surprised that a man who has been wrongly called a “misogynist” and “pro-rape guru” has perhaps the best relationship advice for women today.

Thank you for supporting my work!

Lady Review: “It’s Absolutely Packed With Good Info”

The following review of Lady was originally posted on Roosh V Forum. It is available in eBook, audiobook, and paperback. Click here to learn more.

I really enjoyed going through Lady, however, it’s a bit hard to review comprehensively because it’s absolutely PACKED with good info. No flattery intended, but there were so many little gems tucked away in here that it would be hard to cover them all. I think Roosh or any copywriter will have a lot of fun writing the bullets for this book, e.g. “The two best ways to boost your attractiveness.”

With that said, I’ll cover a few of the topics and points that stuck out to me:

♦ The book starts out with some ideas about how to be a high value woman and live a respectable and attractive life. As mentioned by other posters before, I really like the “What would your grandmother do?” test. It’s really simple and I think this sets the tone for the book in that the rest of the concepts and ideas are pretty down-to-earth and easy to remember.

♦ One idea that especially stuck with me is that if you don’t ‘feed your devil,’ he will eventually weaken and it’ll be easier to listen to your angel. This concept is applicable to a multitude of bad habits. If we want to break a habit, we can be mindful of its existence and allow the negative feelings to fade instead of making them stronger by giving in to them. Roosh lays out a bunch of negative devil feeding behaviours and traps presented by our modern world. The explanations are clear and have memorable names so it’s easy for readers to recognize when they come up. I think a woman would learn a lot about herself by being exposed to these concepts, and a woman who avoided these traps would be a sweet catch, especially if she was good looking.

♦ Roosh gives some great examples to show that men and women have very different roles and are attracted to very different things. He goes to the extent of pointing out that a man would ultimately kill other human beings to protect his family! This is a message people need to hear because people are often acting like the opposite sex that they are attracted to, and then becoming frustrated and confused when it doesn’t work out. Roosh emphasizes that men provide and protect, while women can be awesome at supporting and nurturing.

♦ Building on this, there are some great points about not going to university. Modern women think everyone should go to college, but few have stopped to weigh the pros and cons. There’s some serious value in this section. Roosh doesn’t completely slam university, but instead suggests having children when you’re at your most fertile, and then if you still want to go to university, there’s plenty of time to do that when you’re in your 40s and your children have grown into adults. This is an alternate angle that puts you way ahead of your peers when it comes to having a family. … Not to mention there’s a ton of degeneracy that happens in uni.

♦ The university section was immediately applicable to me as, coincidentally, just a few days after reading it I used a bunch of the points there to talk a girl out of blowing $100,000+ USD of her/her parent’s money on some stupid art school in California. Considering Roosh shot me this book for free, this is a pretty damn good return on investment (for her, anyway)!!!

♥ Around this point, Lady segues into talking about how to get love and commitment from a good man, how to make it all last in a loving and meaningful relationship, and how to avoid get taken for a ride. Roosh gives some rules that will be extremely effective at screening out players. Like, nuclear effective. I know if I didn’t have much interest in a girl beyond sex, I wouldn’t put up with the nonsense! This is a very good thing as there are plenty of sluts in the world, and the supply of marriageable women is sorely lacking. I know I’d be ecstatic if the future mother of my children conducted herself this way!

♥ A concept that women really need to understand is that for every 100 men that are interested in you, probably 90 want a one-night or friends with benefits arrangement, only about 7 would like to be in a monogamous relationship, and maybe only 3 actually want to get married with you.

♥ Roosh lays out the big differences in sex vs commitment. I’m sure we’ve met a lot of women who brag about how they went on a date with this or that rich or famous or athletic guy or had an amazing ex-boyfriend, but in these cases I always think to myself, “Yeah, but where is he now?” A huge source of female pain and unhappiness is trying to lock down someone way out of her league. Props to her for trying, but at least go into it knowing how to act accordingly (which Lady lays out how to do). Most girls are totally clueless.

♥ Somewhere in here was a line that really stuck with me. “Understand that if a man says he’s not ready, what he’s really saying is that he’s not ready for you, EVER, because a man is always ready for his ideal girl, even if sex has yet to take place.” This line startled me because I’ve caught myself saying this to women I don’t see myself having a future with. Roosh, stop giving away our secrets!

♥ A little nugget I like is where Roosh says to try not to view men’s needs as a chore, but, ideally, as something a girl wants to do to express her femininity. I think this is a really useful mindset in that feeling love & taking pride in what you do is only going to make your life easier. Even though it’s idealistic, being happy to please your partner is a much healthier mindset than doing things for them begrudgingly!

♥ There are some smart tips on where to run into successful men who will want to commit to you. It would be pretty pointless to be the ideal girl if no one had the chance to actually meet you! However, this book is actionable steps all the way through.

♥ Lastly, to balance the harsh player-screening rules, Roosh spends a lot of time on how to keep a man interested in ways other than just sex. There’s a lot of great points about the qualities men are looking for that will make or break a relationship. I found myself smiling back on past long-term relationships where my girl did some of these things for me, just as I found myself wishing she hadn’t neglected some of the others. Again, it’s all actionable steps that women can apply right now in their hunt for a husband or to make their current man fall more in love with them.

All in all, I give this book a 9/10 WB (would buy), with the -1 point because any girl who reads this is going to be way harder for anyone to have fast sex with. This is a much needed book as the current culture is absolutely screaming at women to destroy their marriageability. Cheers and I hope to see Lady in the bookstores.

Lady has been released on eBook, audiobook, and paperback. Click here to learn more.

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If You’re Instantly Attracted To A Man, He’s Bad For You

The following is an excerpt from Book II: Men of my new book for women, Lady. It is available in eBook, audiobook, and paperback. Click here to learn more.

If you were born in Europe, America, Canada, or Australia, you were raised in an environment that trained you to forsake your angel and feed your devil. Just being able to read English enables me to confirm that treating you badly, or at least showing that I don’t care about you, will excite you enough to start giving me the attention I need to fornicate with you. I’ve done it too many times to count, and have taught tens of thousands of men around the world to do the same.

Even though I’ve shared a few game tricks with you, you’ll still fall for them until you make a conscious effort to starve your devil and stop pursuing the reward of sex with an exciting, high-status man. What you may think of as listening to your instincts is really your devil feeding you harmful instructions. Trusting your instincts when your angel is absent will result in pursuing men who do not commit to you, and this pattern will continue for decades until the type of man you prefer no longer finds you attractive.

The first step to breaking this cycle and making better decisions is to overlay your malformed instincts with logic. With every man you meet, when the time comes to decide whether or not to take the interaction to a more intimate level, ask yourself the following: “Is this the type of man who will provide and protect?” If the answer is no, you should not go any further unless you don’t mind getting pumped and dumped.

A man who is not ready to provide or protect is feeding his own devil, which means he pursues sex for pleasure, variety, novelty, ego gratification, and excitement, and once these benefits disappear, which they usually do in a matter of weeks, he will bail on you without feeling any guilt. As I’m sure you already know, you cannot turn a player into a husband by convincing or persuading him to starve his devil. He must make the personal decision to listen to his angel before he meets you. This means that what you see is what you get. Apart from some superficial aspects, such as a man’s hairstyle or clothing, you will not change the essence of who a man is. If he changes a significant aspect of who he is, it will be because he made a conscious decision to change and not because of your influence.

Let’s say that you’re in a nightclub with your friends for a birthday party. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a man talking to a beautiful woman who seems to be engaged in the conversation. He is stylish and one of the most attractive men in the room. He eventually walks up to you and introduces himself as Eric.

Eric’s conversation is smooth, and next thing you know you’re at the bar with him while he orders a drink from a bartender who knows his name. You can’t help but giggle at his jokes. He then cuts the conversation short and asks for your number while another beautiful woman seems eager to talk to him. Should you give him your number?

Let’s ask our logical question: “Is this the type of man who will provide and protect?” This is an easy no. A man doesn’t work on his game and hit the nightlife in order to get married and settle down, especially if he’s getting attention from many beautiful women. This man will give you excitement but nothing more, and you won’t be able to hold his attention for long even if you’re beautiful yourself because commitment with one beautiful girl is not what his devil wants.

Now imagine you’re in a crowded café reading a book. An average-looking man who desperately needs a style makeover asks whether he can share your table. As you’re getting ready to leave, he asks what kind of book you’re reading and if you like it. You notice that perspiration is forming on his forehead. You politely respond to him, and he does his best to maintain the conversation, but there are many awkward silences. He introduces himself as Bobby.

You are not immediately attracted to Bobby, but he seems to be a nice man with some redeeming qualities and a stable job. He finally asks for your number. Should you give it to him? To help you decide, realize that men who are not smooth around women find it very time-consuming and laborious to find just one woman to date. They prefer to focus on work, hobbies, sports, or socializing with friends. Because of this, they will avoid pumping and dumping a girl they’re interested in since it takes too much effort to find another girl, causing them to focus more on relationships than casual sex. Therefore, Bobby is a far better candidate than Eric to provide and protect.

On one extreme we have Exciting Eric and on the other we have Boring Bobby. Most of your encounters with men will fall somewhere in between. The problem is that your devil prefers Exciting Eric, who is ideal for one night only. It is likely that there have been many Boring Bobbies in your life who you put in the friend zone for safekeeping until the day when you could no longer get the attention of an Exciting Eric, but the problem with this strategy is that Boring Bobby will eventually find a girl who recognizes his worth.

You may argue that Bobby doesn’t give you “butterflies.” There isn’t any “chemistry.” He doesn’t have any “interesting” hobbies. He’s not “spontaneous” enough. He lacks “confidence.” All these complaints are from your devil, which wants you to find a man who can give you a temporary emotional high. If you insist on chasing emotional highs, it will be impossible for commitment to blossom.

Men will have sex with a girl they don’t care about simply to experience an orgasm or two, but they will only commit to a girl they believe has genuine worth. If you’ve been pumped and dumped, it means you were pursuing men who either weren’t looking to provide and protect or who wanted a relationship with a girl whose value was higher than yours. Remember that you want to find a man who sees your value as so high that he thinks he can’t get any better. From your devil’s perspective, it will be with a man who doesn’t seem like the best you can get. In other words, if your devil likes a man, beware! Your devil will always push you towards someone who will not provide and protect for what should be the rest of your life.

The above excerpt was taken from my new book Lady. It is available in eBook, audiobook, and paperback. Click here to learn more.

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How A Woman’s Career Damages Her Relationships With Men

The following is an excerpt from Book I: You of my new book for women, Lady. It is available in eBook, audiobook, and paperback. Click here to learn more.

As a woman, you need only enough strength and independence to find a man who possesses genuine strength and independence. This means that you should pursue employment that merely allows you to maintain your beauty and ensure you have what you need to survive. Beyond this, you’re expending your time and energy on things that won’t increase your chances of landing a good man. The more you become caught up in your career, the more you’ll convince yourself that it’s the most important part of your life. It then becomes inevitable that you will pursue exciting sexual encounters to compensate for your soul-destroying office job while your biological clock steadily ticks away.

Ask any woman whose long-term relationship fell apart around the age of 30 and you’ll sense her panic. I had a relationship end when I was 37, and though I was deeply upset, I didn’t feel panicked, because my father had his last child when he was in his early fifties. Although not ideal, it’s entirely possible for me to take a few years off, start hunting for a wife when I am in my early forties, and start a family a decade later. A woman can’t do this unless she pays vast sums of money for fertility treatments that are not guaranteed to succeed.

The reason men work is so they are seen as attractive mates. It’s not because they love being stuck in an office for forty hours a week—they innately know that women don’t want a man who is poor. They work because they have to work. On the other hand, women start working at a young age because they are programmed to do so after being sold a false bill of goods that a career will be more fulfilling than having a family. Once your career satisfies all of your basic needs, and you no longer need a man to provide for you, the devil on your shoulders will tell you to seek high-status men. The problem is that many women confuse high-status men with men who don’t care about them, which ensures that they will end up in bad relationships that don’t lead to marriage.

Having a career enables you to effortlessly feed your devil. If your financial status were much lower, and you genuinely needed a stable man in order to lead a comfortable life, would you pay any attention to a starving artist or musician? Would you be impressed by the “bad boy” drug dealer who you know has a rotation of other women? Would you quickly sleep with the alpha Chad who simply invites you over for sex without putting in any effort? The more stable and successful your career, the more likely you will seek relationships with men who won’t commit to you.

Nice guys are now deliberately acting like jerks, “fuckboys,” and assholes because it’s the best way for them to get laid. I teach men how to simulate alpha-male behavior because women no longer want providers. When a man shows you his business card in the hope of impressing you, he is executing a game that worked for his grandfather in the days when few women worked, but today’s woman doesn’t need a man’s money—she needs a tall man with big muscles and flawless facial aesthetics who makes her feel butterflies in her stomach by paying her backhanded compliments and not showing too much interest.

The more stable and comfortable you are financially, the more you will gravitate towards seeking men who excite you. You must consciously block this pattern of behavior by ignoring your devil’s call to seek an alpha male or “bad boy” who you think has high status. If you don’t, you’re in danger of losing your chance at creating a family.

Another sign that your job isn’t essential for a healthy marriage is to ask what would happen if you lost your job and couldn’t get another one. Would your husband leave you? It’s extremely unlikely. I’ve never heard of a case where a man left his wife because she was unemployed. Now let’s consider the opposite scenario, where a man loses his job and remains unemployed. Will his wife leave him? Not only will she leave him, but we can expect that she will do so within two years.

This shows that men don’t value a woman who has a job nearly as much as a woman values a man who has one. If you do find a man who claims that his future wife’s employment is important, it’s because he has been programmed to believe in the cult of equality and is insufficiently masculine to take pride in being able to take care of his family on his own. It’s unlikely that you will be deeply attracted to this type of man, or you won’t feel completely confident that he will be able to protect and provide for the family, which increases the likelihood that you will cheat on him.

One great thing about being a woman is that if you find a successful man, you have the option of not working. Men never have this option. Unless a man finds a career that allows him to wake up whenever he wants and set his own schedule (as I can), he will slowly destroy his soul in an office job, where he stares at a computer screen for dozens of hours a week while enduring petty politics, mind-numbing meetings, and extended periods of sitting that slowly degrade his muscles, leading to chronic back and neck pain. His income may be high, and he may be able to afford the best of what a “Made in China” materialist life can offer, but if a man takes materialism too far and does not focus on creating a family, he will resort to over-eating, alcohol abuse, drugs, video games, pornography, meaningless sex, or some other hollow vice. It’s not only women who are affected by the ills of modern society.

The bottom line is that you will not find lasting fulfillment through a career. It’s a wretched dead end. Many books have been written on how to find happiness by pursuing a career, but that approach leads to failure, and the latest trend of finding a “work-life” balance will also fail, because it’s impossible to contort female nature to that of a man’s, who, unlike a woman, must work in order to signal to his potential wife that he can provide for her. Women who are seeking providers will always appreciate men with a career, but a man seeking the future mother of his children is far less likely to.

The above excerpt was taken from my new book Lady. It is available in eBook, audiobook, and paperback. Click here to learn more.

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Roosh Hour #31: Five Million Homosexuals

In this stream, I talk about viral clip that triggered five million homosexuals, the SPLC’s true mission, how women can’t handle rejection, the Hollywood actress who brags about her abortion, and a lot more.

Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:

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Previously: Roosh Hour #30: Society Is Falling Apart

When You Have A Good Girlfriend But Want To Bang Sluts

Many men have come to me with the same dilemma: they’re in a relationship with an ideal girl who would be a great mother but still want to bang other girls. They ask me if they should stay with their current girl or dump her for the purpose of sleeping around.

This scenario usually happens to men in their mid-to-late 20s when, through sheer luck, they met a good girl by happenstance. Problem is that they aren’t yet finished with “finding themselves” through the vaginal multitude. They feel like they’re missing out on experiences that could be rewarding in their development, or they simply desire to experience a rock-star lifestyle of repeated casual sex encounters, which is blocked by having a dedicated girlfriend you either live with or see many days of the week.

If a man breaks up with his high-quality girlfriend to bang sluts, he will almost certainly lose the girlfriend with no guarantee of meeting another girl of the same quality in the future or one who loves him in the same way, but if he stays with his girlfriend, he will have nagging doubts that prevent him from enjoying the relationship fully. What should such a man do?

Unfortunately, he will lose either way. It doesn’t matter what he does—he will be just as dissatisfied as before. The real problem is that he is divided. He wants to experience two things at the same time: stability and excitement. This is not possible, because they are opposing qualities. The only solution is to remove the division and either dedicate yourself to pursuing stability or excitement.

If you’re in your excitement phase, and do not want it to end unless you accomplish whatever arbitrary notch goal you’ve set for yourself that signifies you’ve had your fill, do not start a relationship. If one of the girls you bang turns out to be an amazing catch, you will set yourself up for the unsolvable problem.

Things are much easier if you’re in relationship mode, because you won’t have much interest in bypassing good girls for sluts. You are able to stay content upon meeting the right girl, and won’t be tempted enough to leave a girlfriend who you see as a worthy long-term prospect.

All of the men I’ve met with this problem decided to leave their girlfriend to bang sluts. They’ve tried to keep the now ex-girlfriend at close distance to resume the relationship once tiring of casual sex. The first problem with this approach is that banging other girls will degrade the emotional bond with your girlfriend. Each new slut you’re with will damage the connection by a barely perceptible amount. Secondly, the ex-girlfriend won’t wait around forever. The day you leave, she will unknowingly spend an extra two minutes fixing her makeup and hair, subconsciously announcing that she is for “sale” to potential suitors, and if it does seem like she is waiting for you, it’s because she hasn’t yet met a man with value higher than yours. Either way, the relationship will never again regain its intensity after you’ve taught her not to trust your love.

I’m lucky that I’ve never had this problem. When I was banging sluts, all I had eyes for were sluts, and never had to abandon a girl who I thought would make the ideal wife or mother of my children. Since then, I have hit the point of diminishing return with sluts—they now give me as much headache as pleasure, so if I meet a keeper, I will have no problems sternly telling sluts to back off from my penis, removing all consent for a possible casual sex encounter. Other men, however, place a lot of value in promiscuous sex, especially when they’re young and consuming pornographic content online. Their best outcome is to hope they don’t meet a good girl in their fun phase, or else they will be presented with a dilemma that has no solution.

Just like how we tell women that they can’t have their cake and eat it too by wasting their youth sleeping around only to desire marriage from a good man when they’re older, the same applies to men who want to experience both stability and excitement. Either bang sluts or be open to the possibility of love, but you can’t have it both ways.

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Roosh Hour #30: Society Is Falling Apart

In this stream, I cover the Covington kids, how the media creates witch mobs, the pop culture obsession with big butts, the Gilette propaganda commercial, and a lot more.

Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:

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Previously: Roosh Hour #29 — Men In Female Sports

Contraception Prevents Love

Many people, including myself, have come to the conclusion that there is an agenda to block reproduction. Most phenomenon in modern Western society, such as homosexuality, casual sex, feminism, transgenderism, and divorce laws, among many others, are meant to keep the birth rate below the replacement rate for the simple reason that, in the age of high technology, elites do not need more human beings to maintain control or enhance their power and wealth. One of their most prized methods for achieving this goal is contraception.

Contraception offers both direct and indirect means of reducing births. You’re already familiar with the direct methods of birth control pills, condoms, and sterilization surgery. The normalization of birth control in particular is more successful than its original backer, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., could have imagined. Women today see birth control the same as taking a vitamin, and many believe that it is a human right. Any country where birth control is normalized does not have a birth rate that exceeds the replacement rate.

John D. Rockfeller Jr. funded the birth control crusade of Margaret Sanger, who abandoned her polio-inflicted daughter to have a promiscuous lifestyle

The direct effects of contraception show only societal trends that bean counters appreciate, but the indirect effects on the individual are far more damaging. Contraceptives allow virtually risk-free casual sex, an act that used to be the most intimate of intimates, reserved for only a husband or wife. Sex used to be a huge practical and emotional decision, on the level of buying a house. Now, it is more like choosing which restaurant to eat dinner at, but even the latter takes more care as you check reviews and ask around to assess the restaurant’s quality. Now, men are ready and able to put their penises in any woman, no reviews needed, and it’s even worse that women have become just like men in having sex for the most fleeting of reasons based on their primal desires.

Before you think I’ve turned into some kind of sex puritan, it’s important to understand that we are all born with a set amount of bonding glue. This glue is required to connect with a member of the opposite sex for love that is practical or romantic for the goal of creating a family. Each episode of casual sex, which contraceptives enable (along with other medical advances like antibiotics that treat sexually transmitted diseases), permanently reduces the amount of bonding glue you possess.

The best way to explain how bonding glue works is to use the old analogy of adhesive tape on a box. When you want to ship a package, you seal it with tape. The recipient can open the package by peeling off the tape, which will retain some stickiness, perhaps enough to ship a new package, but far less than when it was fresh off the roll. If you keep applying and removing tape from a box, it will soon not stick at all. Each time you have casual sex, you’re applying tape to a box and then removing it.

Women lose far more bonding glue than men with each sexual encounter. I believe that most women will only retain enough adhesive to sleep with between one to five men in their lives before irreparably damaging their ability to love any man. This is why contraceptives are disproportionately targeted to them—if you can get women to have casual sex with only a handful of men, your depopulation agenda will be a guaranteed success.

Men, on the other hand, barely lose any bonding glue with a casual sex encounter. Consider that the deepest I was ever in love was three years ago, well after I achieved a surplus notch count. Before that relationship, I was self-aware enough to slow down fornication when I felt it was beginning to damage me, with sufficient bonding glue remaining. I’ve also met many men with notch counts higher than mine who can still bond with women in a reasonably healthy way (as much as modernity allows), but a woman with the same notch count is likely to develop a severe mental illness. Any child she makes will be accidental and raised in a broken home.

I’m not attempting to portray sleeping around as more justified for men than women, because there is nothing noble about pursuing non-reproductive sex, and a man who finds himself doing so is certainly the product of a declining society, but women are far more affected by casual sex than men. This is why the past is full of societies that valued the virginal status of women. Men instinctively knew, even thousands of years ago, that the best chance of creating a successful family is when the woman had all of her bonding glue intact.

The healthiest approach to sex for men is sleeping with women without the option to use contraceptives or other forms of modern medical assistance. If you couldn’t use a condom, she couldn’t use birth control, there was no option of abortion, and there were no antibiotics to treat the gonorrhea she could give you, would you still sleep with her? If the answer is no then you shouldn’t sleep with her, because you will lose bonding glue for a purely hedonistic experience. It’s more important for a woman to imagine this scenario than a man, because she can only make a few mistakes before forever saying goodbye to the possibility of love and family. I went on an international bang tour for fifteen years and found love in a hopeless place, but can you imagine a girl doing that? The only thing she’ll find is a bottle of wine to chase down her antidepressant pills.

If an invention or cultural phenomenon was widespread by the time you were an adolescent, you are likely to conclude that it’s “normal,” but universal contraception with surgical backup options is an abnormally new invention. Sleeping with a woman who is effectively sterilized (perhaps moreso mentally than physically) with practically no risk of physical harm has only been possible for a tiny part of human history, with the result that it has destroyed our ability to love and create families. In the meanwhile, elites at the top laugh at our bonobo-like behavior and the ease at which we can be controlled through our sexual desires.

I realized the dangers of pursuing sex for purely hedonistic purposes while I still have bonding glue left, but for millions of women, it’s far too late, and the main thing that makes them women, having children, has been forever taken away from them.

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I Was Fooled By The Promise Of The Internet

In 2007, I quit my job as a microbiologist. I wasn’t making much money online at that time, but I knew the potential was limitless. I could exercise my free speech by publishing ideas and experiences in articles, videos, and books—and even make a living doing so. Fast forward twelve years, and I see how false that promise turned out to be.

I recently watched a video on internet censorship by David Icke. He shared the facts on the birth of the internet by the Pentagon’s technological arm (DARPA) and the tippy-toe steps we’ve taken to the current wave of deplatforming and censorship that I—and by consequence, you—are being affected by.

Domain registrars promised that I could “own” my little corner of the web with a domain name, and now my domains can be seized by a faceless bureaucracy. Google told me to create the best content I could to be ranked highly in their search engine, but then they manipulated their algorithms to lift dull corporate propaganda above my own. Twitter promised that I could share any thought that came to mind, and after I spent years doing so, they changed their mind and will now ban me if I make fun of an obese feminist. YouTube said I could upload engaging videos that viewers love, and even make money doing so, but then they demonetized most of my videos, put others in “limited state,” and banned me from live streaming for three months because I asked if women who wear chokers want to be treated subserviently. Disqus offered me a service to allow the community at Return Of Kings to discuss what was on their mind, but they banned the site because they didn’t want us to discuss certain things. Amazon said I could publish books on their platform and even make a living as a writer, but then they banned the paperbook and ebook editions of nine of my books with no explanation why. Paypal said it would be easy to add payment processing to my site, and then later showed how easy it is to ban me for political reasons.

On and on the same story goes: companies seduced me with the promise that I could amplify my voice and connect others to my work, only to silence my voice and disconnect me from an internet that has become integral for not only keeping in touch with others, but also earning a living. I traded a corporate job, one where I could be fired for any reason, to get banned by tech companies for no reason. What a great deal I made!

It’s very telling that the crackdown on free speech began after two key events:

  • widespread adoption of the smartphone
  • natural monopoly status for the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Paypal

Once most of the world saw the internet as an essential utility, and tech companies dominated their particular sector, they had us by the balls and could exercise their true goal of human control. It turns out that the internet was not given to us by benevolent rulers so that we’d have access to the world’s information and become wise—they hooked us on it so that we could be controlled. If you examine the situation from the perspective of me, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, or countless others, there is no other possible explanation, and the only argument up for debate is when they knew the internet was essential to their goals.

If you dare to publicly share the truth on the internet, they will ban you. If you dare to share the truth at work, they will fire you. If you dare to share the truth in university, you will receive bad grades or face a tribunal led by a panel of lesbianic women. They’re all connected, all controlled by the same elites. If you haven’t been affected yet, either you have a strong filter, and could have survived during the Soviet Union without being sent to the gulags, or have not yet been heard. When the attack against you does come, you will be struck by how banal your thought crime actually was. If you have the predilection for understanding and sharing the truth of your reality, I promise that they will come for you. If not today then tomorrow.

I wish I knew this eleven years ago. I wish I knew about the elites and their agenda, and how even a self-published dating coach of middling influence would fall in their crosshairs, because I feel like a fool for spending so many years building up internet domains and platforms that are scheduled for vaporization, along with much of the internet that I have come to enjoy. All of it has to go, and it will.

I continue to write, but I know that distributing my articles and books will become much more difficult. They will marginalize my already modest reach as much as they can until my work slowly fades into the memory hole. I’m not especially worried about what will happen to my life. Maybe I will buy a few acres of land and LARP as a farmer. On that little plot of earth, the only free speech I will have is when I speak into the sky. Men of the future will not even be able to research what masculinity is or come to understand how their nature is being undermined, and those few men who stick their heads above the poppy will be identified and re-educated. If they refuse re-education like I have, they will be isolated so as not to disturb the seamless programming of the slave class.

What incredible tyranny awaits us! Once artificial intelligence is perfected, and everyone willingly connects their mind to it for the trivial reason of “convenience,” every single bit of information that reaches your senses will be curated propaganda. They will re-define masculinity as homosexuality, sodomy as love, and strength as weakness. Boys who are born in the age of AI will have no chance. Their minds will shut down when you try to discuss any idea that is not approved, and that’s assuming that discussions with non-approved citizens will even be possible.

They will not let us have free speech on the internet. They are removing what they have given us, one step at a time. If you speak the truth, you will be cast out, but there is a variable that their analytic models cannot precisely quantify: what will be the response to oppression from those men who are awake? Will they keep their head down and try to squeeze out any happiness left in the freedom they’re allowed, or will they offer themselves up to be grinded to dust, to fight against what they know is wrong?

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Just Bee Yourself Happy Hour In Washington D.C. (January 12, 2019)

I’m throwing a happy hour on Saturday, January 12, 2019 in Washington, D.C. from 8 to 11pm. I will be wearing the official shirt of toxic masculinity, the bumblebee rugby, which I bought from H&M. You are encouraged to wear a bumblebee rugby or an equally toxic rugby shirt.

The meetup begins at 8pm at a Starbucks location that will be shared on my Twitter at 7pm on the day of the event (January 12, 2019). Between 8-8:30, I will personally tell you the location of a bar that we will move to at 8:30. You must arrive at the Starbucks by 8:30 to receive details of the bar venue since it will not be shared online. If you arrive at the Starbucks at 8:31, and don’t see me, you will miss the rest of the happy hour.

Both the Starbucks location and bar will be within walking distance of the Metro Center subway station. If there are unexpected happenings, I will share it on Twitter.

By attending the happy hour, you agree to the following…

Happy Hour Code Of Conduct

1. You attend this happy hour at your own risk. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and only take risks you’re comfortable with. This is currently a Defcock Green event. I will send out an update if the Defcock level changes. Here are the event classifications:

Defcock Green: Protesters or disruptions are not expected.

Defcock Yellow: Moderate media attention but no online organizing spotted. Stay alert at the beginning of the meetup.

Defcock Red: Heavy media coverage. Protesters have been organizing online to shut down the event. Likely police presence. Wear sunglasses to guard against doxing attempts from women with Krusty The Clown hair.

2. Do not bring any legal or illegal weapons, items that could be used as a weapon, or riot gear. This includes (but is not limited to) guns, knives, brass knuckles, shields, helmets, pepper sprays, batons, sharp pens, flashlights, and grenades. If you are assaulted, immediately withdraw to safety and contact the police. If you bring a weapon or use physical violence, you will be asked to leave. Your only “weapon” should be the camera on your phone.

3. This is not a “white nationalist” or “alt right” gathering. People of all races and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to attend. You will be asked to leave if you bring Nazi paraphernalia, perform Nazi salutes, or engage in any other “false flag” behavior that is meant to make the group look bad.

4. To identify another attendee, use the code phrase: “Do you know where I can find a pet shop?” If you are asked this question, answer exuberantly in the affirmative.

5. Do not take pictures or video of any other attendee without their consent.

6. Do not discuss illegal activities or other criminal acts as if you were a FBI informant. Illegality of any sort will not be tolerated. All attendees must comply with D.C. and Federal laws.

7. Journalists are not allowed to attend, and will be asked to leave if identified.

If you cannot follow the above code of conduct, you are not allowed to attend the happy hour. This event is meant to be a peaceful affair for those who follow me and want to have a friendly conversation about my work, women, or the state of the world. I look forward to seeing you on January 12.

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Winter Hiatus

I’m in the States for one month to spend the holidays with family. There will be no new articles or live streams during that time, but I may post updates on my Instagram.

In the meantime, you can follow Roosh V Forum or catch up on previous Roosh Hours. You can also buy the ebook and audiobook editions of my new book Game. After you read the book, drop me an email (form at bottom of page) and let me know what you think. See you next year!

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Roosh Hour #29: Men In Female Sports

In this stream, I cover the Australian man who crushes women in sports, an update on the Thot Audit, the depopulation agenda, and much more. It’s longer than normal since it’s my last stream of the year.

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