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The Goal Of Corporations Is Not To Make Money

For the longest time, I believed that corporations existed simply to make money for their owners and shareholders. They are the basis of “free-market capitalism” that produces economic growth and an improved standard of living for everyone. Without them, we’d be impoverished, lacking in soul-nourishing jobs and meaningful consumer products. I no longer believe this to be the case. Corporations are actually the main vehicle that the elites use to control and enslave humanity.

The world’s first corporations, the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company, were created to establish trade with the Far East. They just wanted to make a bit of money from spices and other exotic goods, right? But look at what they accomplished: subjugation, mass killing, the enslavement of local peoples, and a persistent system of divide-and-conquer rule over many centuries. The real objective was power; money was only needed to fulfill that end. The corporations worked with the government but also separate from it to achieve its power objective in a way that was more efficient, more nimble, and less costly than if the government acted alone.

The idea of using a corporation or business to fulfill non-monetary objectives is easily seen today when a man opens a nightclub. Technically, he’s in business and wants to make a profit, but his real goal is to improve his local status and increase his access to beautiful women. I’m sure you know that there are a hundred easier ways to make money than by opening a nightclub, which only stays trendy for a few years before losing popularity. Just because the man who opened the nightclub used the vehicle of a business to improve his status and sex life, it doesn’t mean the main reason of his venture is “business.”

Consider that many Silicon Valley corporations haven’t made a profit, with no apparent concern of their profitability. Examples include Uber, Twitter, GoDaddy, Netflix, and for the longest time, Amazon, which didn’t turn a profit for a decade while squeezing the margins of traditional retailers. You only need to examine the goals of these corporations, which is the centralization and consolidation of previously decentralized sectors, and their eagerness to control access to public services, information, and products you consume, to know that growing their “revenue” is really a way to grow their power over you until all alternatives are crushed. Once that happens, you can then be steered and led by them in a way that shapes your thinking and behavior, which is why they got into business in the first place.

I came to the conclusion that corporations had to be about human control when examining how most companies of the Fortune 500 go against basic principles of profitability and business sense to virtue signal for marginal audiences like homosexuals and transvestites that comprise only a tiny part of their business. Gilette published propaganda against their own male customers. Athletic company Nike hired a spokesperson (Colin Kaepernick) who is more known as a race complainer than an athlete. Family-friendly retail chain Target changed its policy to allow tranny men to use female bathrooms. Coffee company Starbucks is bludgeoning its mostly white customers with Black Lives Matters wokeness. The National Football League puts homosexual cheerleaders on the same field that its gladiator athletes compete on. Banks and financial service firms like Chase and Paypal shut down customers because of their personal ideas. On and on it goes of corporations that are supposed to be in the business of profit going against that profit to appease a globohomo agenda that hates heterosexuality, the family, European-derived peoples, and God.

Our minds are well-tuned to deduce a working theory of how something works from observing the parts. So you may observe the current state of corporations and try to come up with a theory, but I find it’s more helpful to first come up with the theory and then see if the parts match the theory. The following is the only theory I could come up with that perfectly explains why all major world corporations are acting in the same way against their own profitability to virtue signal for globohomo:

Fortune 500 corporations are controlled by the same group or entity (i.e. “spider”) that is pushing globohomo to control and enslave humanity. Revenue and profits are useful by the spider to fulfill its main objective of control (power).

If you start with that theory, absolutely everything that corporations are doing today makes sense. While different corporations may not agree on every single agenda point, they do act like different organs of the same organism, operating in near lockstep to shape and control human behavior around the world. It also explains why corporations in completely different sectors, or ones that are even based in different nations, push the exact same propaganda. In fact, the above theory is so correct in my mind that the only remaining question is the identity of the spider.

The spider laughs at your attempt to boycott one of its companies, because it doesn’t need your money. The point of the corporation is not to make money: it is to control you. Every dollar it makes strengthens the corporation for its main objective to render you harmless to a spider that aims for everlasting rule and power. Your puny boycotts, activism, and petitions have no effect on him (or them), because once a corporation has started to flex its muscles, it has already achieved near-monopoly status in its sector. Only when it’s in the early process of cementing its power does it seem to act like a business that cares about profit, but when it has passed that stage, and most big brands like Gilette and Google have, get ready for them to bludgeon you over the head with sodomy and other forms of degeneracy. While we can’t see the spider, we surely can feel the effects of his web, which is funneling us into accepting what amounts to a rootless, sterile, and atomized life.

I wouldn’t worry about giving your money to corporations, since technically they have little use for it. What’s more important is being aware of which belief or behavior the corporation wants you to perform, or the belief or behavior that they are concealing from you, as is often the case with the censorship efforts of the media and Silicon Valley. What is the corporation nudging me to do? Eat poisoned food? See the family as archaic? Inject my child with harmful chemicals? Be distracted with hedonism or pleasure? Be obsessed with anal sex? Feed the most damaging parts of my ego? These are questions I must ask with everything I purchase and every idea I believe that is encouraged by a large corporation.

Use corporate products and services to live your life in a healthy way, but if you blindly follow global corporations and see them as being moral, or in the service of social good, you will be steered into a self-destructive lifestyle that separates you from the natural order and moral living. Always remember that corporations don’t care about your money as much as they care about controlling you.

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Modern Life Is AIDS

Last fall I had a bout of mild jaundice after a nasty stomach infection. My doctor wanted to first rule out viruses like hepatitis and HIV. While waiting for the lab results, I wondered about all the changes I would have to make if I did have HIV. After some thought, I realized that I wouldn’t have to make much in the way of changes, because the modern life I’m living is already sterile. Millions of people in the West are actually living as if they were already infected with the HIV virus.

In a typical day, I wake up at noon, read for an hour, and stretch for ten minutes. Then I put on my clothes and walk to a French café for a masculine breakfast of black coffee and a chocolate croissant. I do a couple of hours of work and then return home to eat lunch. I catch up on the news and then venture out again to another cafe to complete my remaining work for the day. Then I may go to the grocery store or meet with friends. I return home, prepare dinner, shower, and wind down the evening on Twitter or YouTube. Having HIV would not change this routine one bit.

How about if I get horny and want to have sex with a willing female? In theory, men and women would disclose their HIV status to their sex partners, but unfortunately, no one discloses their sexual diseases. The prevalence of HPV or herpes is approximately 1 in 5 individuals, but not a single girl has told me she has been diagnosed with anything, in her past or present, including even a curable disease like gonorrhea, and I’ve slept with a lot more than five girls. If I were to choose to mimic this dishonesty—which I wouldn’t—I would sleep with girls using a condom but not say I have HIV. There would be no moment that I’d be forced into honesty since relationships that begin with sex rarely reach the stage of commitment, monogamy, and family. That means I’d probably never have to tell a girl that I’m diseased. The only real change I’d have to make when it comes to sex is always having to use a condom.

I don’t advise you to conceal any sexual diseases you have, but if you live in a big city and imagine getting HIV yourself, my point is that you would have to make only minor changes because modern life has already infected you with cultural HIV. This cultural virus has given us a chronic disease that damages us over the long term: we move away from family to pursue materialist “success,” we value casual sex, drugs, and alcohol, we’re disconnected from our nature and instead depend on a virtual life via digital screens to give us joy, and we maintain romantic standards so high that many people in their 30s have never been in a monogamous relationship for over a year. Getting the real biological HIV on top of this would then be a mere inconvenience on par with having a muscle sprain.

Thankfully, I did not test positive for any viruses, and my jaundice cleared up, but what steps can I take to cure myself of the cultural HIV that I am infected by, one that may morph into full-blown AIDS? This virus remains all around me, and even though I’ve managed to escape its most deadly effects, I’ll still encounter people who are infected and don’t know it. Turns out that the real HIV is easier to monitor and stabilize than the cultural variant, and the best we can do is know that we are swimming in a sea of AIDS, and use that knowledge to make better decisions that choose real life over the virtual, family over novelty, love over pleasure, and God over the glorification of ourselves.

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Roosh Hour #38: Holy Water

In this stream, I talk about spiritual warfare, the Polish tradition of beating the Jew over Easter, selfie deaths, the latest round of censorship, my potential run for President of the United States, and much more.

Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:

Here’s a highlight from a previous stream:

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Twitter Suspended Me For 7 Days Because I Used The Phrase “Tranny Freak”

Twitter has banned my account for 7 days because I called a tranny a “freak.”

Here is the video that accompanied my tweet. Objectively speaking, you can clearly see that the thing doing a strip tease on the mayor of Toronto is indeed a freak. I did not utter a lie.

In the article “I Was Fooled By The Promise Of The Internet,” I explain how Silicon Valley companies like Twitter trick you into making their platforms a part of your daily routine only to censor you in the end.

On and on the same story goes: companies seduced me with the promise that I could amplify my voice and connect others to my work, only to silence my voice and disconnect me from an internet that has become integral for not only keeping in touch with others, but also earning a living. I traded a corporate job, one where I could be fired for any reason, to get banned by tech companies for no reason. What a great deal I made!

In addition to this blog, you can find me on Telegram, Gab, and YouTube. I also strongly recommend you subscribe to my weekly newsletter below…

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the bans are coming in fast and furious after I announced my USA tour. I expect much more action against me in the upcoming weeks.

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7 Things I Learned About Serbian Women

Towards the end of 2018, after a continuous two-year stint in Poland, I spent nearly three months in the Serbian city of Novi Sad. I went to Serbia not necessarily because I heard it was amazing, but to reduce the regret I may feel later for not visiting a country that I heard has traditional women. Here are seven observations I made about Serbian women during my time there…

1. Serbian women are attractive

Serbian girls are mostly thin with handsome, olive-shaped faces. While you will not be wowed by most Serbian girls, you will also not be disappointed. Their bodies are lacking in curves and take on more of a swimmer’s shape of strong shoulders and narrow waist. Men who like butts will not at all be happy with their flat rear-ends. In spite of that flaw, their appearance is pleasant, and thanks to their higher levels of melanin, they age quite well. It was rare to see a 50-year-old Serbian woman in the shape of a rectangular box like you consistently see in Poland and Ukraine.

2. They possess average femininity

They are far less feminine than Ukrainian girls and slightly less feminine than Polish girls. Serbian girls have a sporty personality—they enjoy physical activity, comfortable clothing, and gym wear. Yoga pants and tennis shoes are so common that many Serbian girls appear to be eternally on the way to the gym. Such a constant sporty style in Ukraine would mean the girl is a lesbian, but in Serbia it’s the norm.

Many Western men told me that Serbian girls are feminine, but I did not strongly perceive that, though they are far more feminine than American girls. Serbian girls are not vulgar, and are rather pleasant, but my particular masculine essence did not feel drawn to them. The most feminine girl I met during my stay was actually Ukrainian.

3. They smoke a lot of cigarettes

Around 50% of Serbian women smoke, which is enabled by permissive indoor-smoking laws. I can’t think of a habit that is more odorous than smoking, so this did discourage me from seeing Serbian women as long-term potential.

4. They are initially very curious about foreigners

Most girls were eager to talk to me. They seemed genuinely excited that I was an American and would give me wide-eyed looks that suggested strong emotional attraction, but that fell apart when things moved to the phone because Serbian girls pick their men based on logic instead of emotion. They evaluate you based on dozens of factors that have little to do with their excited initial response.

One possible solution to this problem for a fornicator is to go for the one-night stand, but that’s impractical in most cases because nightlife is structured around social groups camped out near isolated tables. Besides, if I wanted one-night stands, I would have stayed in Poland. I had hoped Serbia would give me something deeper when it came to relationships, but I realized it would take too much time, and I’m too burned-out from women to have the patience.

There are two options that foreign men have: go to Belgrade for the sluttiest Serbian girls, who are completely Westernized and are passed around among foreign men, or stick around for many months and be selected in a logical manner by a nice girl who wants you to be her boyfriend because of the value you have outside of your game or look.

5. They are very schizophrenic when it comes to intimacy

One minute, a Serbian girl can be the most passionate in the world, biting your tongue off and thrusting her hip into you. The next minute, she goes completely cold and wants to leave. When it comes to sex, a Serbian girl’s mind needs far more time to want it than her body. She needs to know—and not just feel—that you are a good choice for intimacy, but this takes time, which means you will encounter more resistance to casual sex than elsewhere.

If I was still fornicating, this would be frustrating, and I would attack Serbian women with all manner of insults, but I was pleased that there are women in the world who respected their body and put a strong barrier to sex. That said, you will still find many women in the clubs who don’t mind fornication, especially with a foreign man who won’t expose her as a slut to the local community.

6. They don’t care about money

Compared to an average Serbian man, I am considered “wealthy” just for being from America. I don’t mind a girl who sees that as a positive, but Serbian girls do not care that you have a nice apartment in the middle of town or that you can buy as many coffees and chocolate croissants as you want. In fact, a “rich” foreigner is lower on their scale than an average Serbian man. They are simply not drawn to money, and I really wish they were because it would have made my life a lot easier.

Consider the situation with Ukrainian girls, who analyze every fiber of your outfit and the square footage of your apartment to calculate your long-term potential. In this respect, Serbian girls are similar to Polish girls by offering to pay on dates with no seeming interest in your wallet. If you think you’re going to Serbia to show off your wealth and get the best girls, you are sorely mistaken. They value your social status far more.

7. They prefer Serbian men

Serbian women want a handsome Serbian man to take home to mom and dad and show off to their friends. Dating a foreign man who is disconnected from their culture is actually a display of no value or lower value for the other girls in her social group. Therefore, if you encounter a Serbian girl who doesn’t like Serbian men, something is very wrong with her. She rejects her country, her traditions, her homeland, her men, and probably her Orthodox Christian faith, meaning she is almost certainly a slut who you will bang quickly.

In Poland and Ukraine, it’s exceedingly common for women to complain about their men before banging you, but in Serbia I heard so few complaints that I couldn’t help but conclude that they saw me as having far less value than an average Serbian man. The one foreign man I know who did the best in Serbia not so coincidentally has Serbian ancestry.


Serbia is one of the most traditional countries I’ve been to, with strong family bonds and no cultural promotion of homosexuality. It may be the healthiest place I’ve stepped foot in when it comes to having a family, but connecting with women takes time. While they do loosen up at night, your best bet on a short trip if you want to fornicate is to find a slut and have fun with her, but that cancels out the positive traditional aspect you may want to experience like with me. The only solution I see is to stay for a while and develop genuine social bonds with the locals, because the best way to meet a “good” Serbian girl is to get introduced to her instead of picking her up, especially one in her early 20s who is not in any race to get married.

If I wanted to do things properly in Serbia, and get the best I could based on my far more limited energy compared to my youth, I would have to commit to living there for 6-12 months, make a lot of friends, and essentially “become” Serbian. Otherwise, I’d only get the sluts, which are far more readily available in other Eastern European countries.

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Chase WePay Banned Me After I Announced My USA Tour

One day after I announced my USA tour, I began receiving pushback from our establishment overlords. I was first banned from Instagram, even though my account was set to private.

I only used Instagram to share personal pictures, most of which highlighted my beard in various stages of growth.

Two days after the ban, Master Zuckerberg gave my account back with no explanation. Nonetheless, I have set up an Instagram substitute on Telegram. Visit or subscribe to the channel rooshofficial within the app. I intend to send no more than one or two messages per day.

Nineteen minutes after Instagram banned me, I was banned from Chase WePay, the credit card processor I was using to sell tour tickets. They claimed that my business was “high risk,” but I had only been selling for one day, without any disputes or chargebacks. They also have a direct partnership with the agency that sells tickets for many other organizers, suggesting that I was singled out.

I have found a backup credit card processor and am still able to sell tickets on my tour website, though I’m prepared to accept check and money order if the deplatforming continues.

Take advantage of tour discounts

Early bird pricing for the first stage of my tour ends today. If you order your ticket now from Roosh Live, you save a few bucks. There are two additional discounts…

Discount #1: If you purchase one General Admission or Gold ticket, you get the second ticket 70% off. Your entire order of two or more tickets (up to four) will be 35% off.

Discount #2: You will receive 75% off for any additional city event you visit after the first. For example, if you come to the Boston event, you will get 75% off any future stop in another city (applies to General Admission or Gold tickets only). This discount has no limit, meaning that you could theoretically visit the first event in Boston and then visit the 22 remaining events at a 75% discount for each one. Note that the first event you visit is not discounted. To claim this discount, forward your original ticket number to me via email after you attend the first event.

2019 Tour Schedule

Stage 1

June 22: Boston
June 29: New York City
July 6: Philadelphia
July 13: Washington, D.C.
July 20: Columbus, Ohio
July 27: Chicago

Stage 2

August 10: Minneapolis
August 17: Omaha, Nebraska
August 24: Denver
August 31: Salt Lake City
September 7: Seattle

Stage 3

September 21: San Francisco
September 28: Los Angeles
October 5: San Diego
October 12: Phoenix
October 19: Dallas
October 26: Austin
November 2: Houston

Stage 4

November 16: Miami
November 23: Orlando
November 30: Atlanta
December 7: Nashville
December 14: Charlotte, North Carolina

Each stop will have three events: a talk, a happy hour, and a dinner. Pick and choose your level of involvement.

The show will go on

I will monitor social media and the local news in the lead-up to each event, and share any potential protest or disturbance with ticket-holders. If you buy a ticket and decide not to attend because you fear for your safety, I will issue you a full refund. I’ve personally held numerous events and happy hours without a single dox or injury, and am determined to keep it that way. Let’s see how things go.

Click here to learn more about my tour.

USA TOUR 2019: I’m Touring 23 American Cities Starting In June

Starting in late June, I will tour the entire United States to deliver a new talk. Visit my tour website Roosh Live for full details, where you’ll be able to buy tickets for the first six cities at early-bird pricing (until May 14). You can also reserve tickets for future cities.

Here is the tour schedule for the remainder of 2019:

June 22: Boston
June 29: New York City
July 6: Philadelphia
July 13: Washington, D.C.
July 20: Columbus, Ohio
July 27: Chicago
August 3: Minneapolis
August 10: Denver
August 17: Salt Lake City
August 24: Seattle
August 31: Portland
September 7: San Francisco
September 14: Los Angeles
September 21: San Diego
September 28: Phoenix
October 5: Dallas
October 12: Austin
October 19: Houston
October 26: Miami
November 2: Orlando
November 9: Atlanta
November 16: Nashville
November 23: Charlotte, North Carolina

Each stop will have three events: a talk, happy hour, and dinner. The talk I created for the tour is a way of putting an end to the fornication stage of my life while also beginning the new chapter. Go to Roosh Live for full details. If you have any questions, leave them below.

Click here to visit my tour website.

Roosh Hour #37: Interview With E. Michael Jones

In this stream, I talk with writer E. Michael Jones about the dangers of casual sex, pornography, the sexual revolution, spiritual warfare, and much more.

Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:

Here’s a highlight from a previous stream:

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6 Policies I Would Enact As President Of The United States

Before I share my proposals for a possible presidential run, which I’m exploring with a team of dedicated advisors, let me get something important out of the way: America is dying. We have neglected the gifts that industrious and moral men of the past have given us, and are now stuck with a clown country where we suffer daily humiliations and degradations at the hands of sodomites, man-jawed feminists, pedophiles, cuckolds, and aliens.

My proposals below will neutralize those parasites and provide you with the most amount of satisfaction and fulfillment before your physical body leaves clown world and transmutates into your final spiritual form that is presided over by God. I may not be the clown you deserve, but I am the clown you need.

Here are six proposals…

1. Roosh Bucks: $2,000 monthly bag for male citizens only

I agree with candidate Andrew Yang that robots and artificial intelligence will put nearly everyone out of work except females with Instagram followers from Dubai. I will implement a Male Basic Income (MBI) plan where a bag of $2,000 is given every month to all citizens over 18 years of age who were born with a penis. Males can use their bags to enjoy the last decades of Western civilization and also to prep for inevitable societal collapse.

Women will not get this bag because they are already “strong and independent” and don’t need further state assistance. They are correct that men have “fragile masculinity,” so we’re taking the entire bag. If women want Roosh Bucks, they have to submit to a man and allow him to spend his bag on her. Otherwise, they can work in an office with moldy air conditioning for the rest of their lives. Roosh Bucks helps give men a solid edge in household income, allowing them to be patriarchs once again. No woman comes to Roosh Bucks except through men.

Sodomites will not receive Roosh Bucks, though they are eligible to receive free diseases from their anal-obsessed lifestyle. Facial recognition software will identify all sodomites through recordings of gay pride marches and other classified sources. Heterosexuality will be financially enforced by the state.

Where I differ with Andrew Yang is how the bag will be funded. He wants to implement a VAT tax, but I find this unacceptable. Below are three methods that will fund Roosh Bucks. I have confirmed that they will provide sufficient funding by using my smartphone’s calculator app.

a) Globohomo Wealth Confiscation


I will confiscate all wealth over $100 million that is possessed by an individual, family, or “philanthropic” foundation, whether it is held in money, gold, cryptocurrency, real estate, securities, or any other monetizable vehicle. The confiscated funds will be put in the Roosh Bucks piggy bank.

Many of you will say that it’s “anti-capitalistic,” “un-American,” or “socialist” to confiscate a man’s wealth above $100 million, but there is no reason for a man or non-corporate entity to have that much money when nearly half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and have not seen a real wage increase since the 1970s. I also don’t remember the founders of the United States saying that it is “American” for one man to have 25,000 times the net worth of the average worker’s yearly salary.

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, George Soros, and many other billionaires will all go back to being one-hundred millionaires as long as the bulk of their business and social activity takes place in the United States. That leaves them plenty enough money for penthouses, yachts, and high-class whores, but not enough to subvert society with a globohomo agenda.

You may think that these billionaires will simply take their wealth elsewhere. This will not happen under my presidency. I will leverage existing extradition treaties with other nations and U.S. Treasury Department financial sanction networks to make sure that evaders are imprisoned until their money is confiscated. If an American man can knock up a bar girl in the Philippines and be forced by the U.S. government to pay child support, which is currently the case, confiscating billions of dollars from globalist jet setters will be as simple as apple pie.

As a last resort, I will imprison in Federal jail all the relatives and intimate partners of persistent wealth-evaders. If Mark Zuckerberg thinks he can evade confiscation of his billions, I will imprison his entire family in solitary confinement until he pays up. There will be no more offshore or Irish loopholes to avoid the confiscation. Under my plan, the days of using excess capital as a means of spreading cultural AIDS is over.

b) Selfie Tax

That’ll be $25, ma’am

There will be $25 prepaid tax on every unique image or video you upload on an internet platform (public or private) that contains a direct or indirect likeness to yourself. For example, if a girl uploads a selfie of herself on Instagram and Facebook, she will have to enter a code showing she has paid $50 in selfie tax. If a man does a live stream on YouTube that is promoted with a thumbnail of himself, he will have to pay $50 as well. If a woman uploads five photos to her Tinder profile, she must pay $250. You’ll also have to pay if someone else uploads an image of you on your behalf (e.g. your social media coordinator or beta orbiter slave).

The selfie tax will end attention-whoring and make women think long and hard about feeding their ego online instead of feeding a good man a nicely-cooked steak dinner. The e-thot economy would crash overnight. People would begin to crave face-to-face interactions instead of craving the attention of an anonymous audience online in the hopes of becoming famous. Judging by the three pictures in this article that contain my likeness, it would have cost me $75 in selfie tax to publish them.

c) Abortion and Birth Control Tax

Women will be allowed to continue their sterile and murderous lifestyles, but at a price. There will be a $15,000 tax levied for each abortion and a $5 tax for each birth control pill. Other sterilization chemicals will be taxed at a rate of no less than $150 a month. I will also support a law that forces abortion doctors to tell women that they are going to hell if they proceed with their abortion. While I find it disagreeable to put a price on an aborted fetus via a one-time tax, it will serve as a lesson to women who see raising babies as a monetary problem.

By placing such a high financial barrier on abortion, which normally costs less than $1,000 in a Planned Barrenhood clinic, women will begin to limit their casual sex activity. In the long run, I expect degeneracy to decline and more nuclear families to be formed. We must raise barriers to whoredom.

2. State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend

The second feature of my platform is that men will be given a foreign girlfriend from a poor country through a match algorithm, because American women are beyond the point of rehabilitation. All foreign females between the ages of 18-25 who want to live in the United States will be assigned a score of 1-100 based on her beauty, weight, fertility, weight, age, weight, and basic literacy. Citizen men will also be scored from 1-100 based on their work ethic, employment potential, age, religious faith, and financial stability (i.e. if he’s responsible with his Roosh Bucks). Not every man will get a pretty woman, but they will be able to experience love and family without worrying about having six-pack abs or smooth game.

The match algorithm will also take into consideration factors that lead to fertility and societal harmony. Women will always be younger than their male matches, and when it comes to race, men will be matched up to women of the same race to prevent spawning mixed-race individuals who are prone to projecting their lack of identity through destructive behaviors and leftist activism. Men who want to mix races will have to accept a female with a lower score. For example, a white man with a score of 60 out of 100 would match with an Eastern European woman who has the same score. If he wants an Ethiopian woman instead, he will have to suffer a 25% race-mix penalty in her score, meaning that the African he’s matched with will have a score of 45.

Service guarantees citizenship: a foreign woman will have legal residency as long as she is in a relationship with her male citizen match, and she will become a legal citizen upon marriage. If the woman subsequently initiates a divorce, she’s immediately deported back to her home country. If the man initiates divorce, she will be recycled back into the program and given to another man (if she’s infertile due to advanced age, she can match with an elderly man as a comfort woman).

Men who don’t want a girlfriend, or who are happy with their existing girlfriend, will see no change in their Roosh Bucks allotment, but any man who marries will get double the bucks. Family will be incentivized under my presidency: you will also get an extra $500 Roosh Bucks per child. Paternity testing will be mandatory to ensure that you are indeed the father.

I understand that relationships fail. Therefore, a man is allowed one girlfriend placement every three years, but he will suffer a 10% match penalty for every subsequent placement. This is to discourage men from pumping and dumping their lovely foreign girlfriends.

3. Ban On All Male Immigrants

The last thing America needs is more male immigrants. If an immigrant is already legal, he will be allowed to stay, but all illegals will be deported using Deportation Squads Of Love And Caring. I will order the Feds to go door-to-door, starting in California, and remove anyone who doesn’t have proof of legal residency. Women who are in the process of being deported will have the option of participating in the State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend program if they are of normal weight. If they are heavyset, they will have four weeks to slim down, or they will also be deported. We don’t have enough money to treat their future diabetes and heart disease.

There will also be a moratorium on all legal immigration that is not part of the State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend program. This includes H1B-type visas and even tourists. Sorry, but we’re full. A household in disarray has to deal with its own problems first before allowing visitors.

4. Renewal Of God’s Spirit

It is clear that Protestant Christianity in most forms has strayed from the teachings of Christ, and has actually paved the way for alien control of the United States through the mechanism of social justice, Cultural Marxism, and plain old evil. I will therefore decree Orthodox Christianity as the official religion of the country. I will make Federal funds rain down on Orthodox churches and foundations that stay true to the word of Christ.

While many non-religious men may groan as this policy, fact is that a healthy society which strives towards moral belief and behavior is not possible in practice without religion. Through Orthodox Christianity, we will implement rigid social control that promotes healthy behavior and relationships. Sodomy will no longer be promoted and glorified, including anal or oral sex between heterosexuals. To encourage heathens to savor their skin in the game, men who declare themselves as atheist or non-Christian will have a monthly bag with 50% of the Roosh Bucks ($1,000). The United States was founded as a Christian nation and it will stay that way.

In addition, all divorces, whether with a domestic or foreign woman, must be granted by an Orthodox priest who believes that the couple’s differences are truly irreconcilable. If a priest does not sanction a divorce that the husband initiated, he will lose his Roosh Bucks. If an unsanctioned divorce was initiated by the woman, she will receive absolutely no assets or financial support.

5. Termination Of Relationship With Israel

Israel will be cut off financially and militarily. No more fighting their neverending wars in the Middle East. We have given them enough money and technology (e.g. nuclear bombs) that they can lift themselves up by their own bootstraps. For the money we save from cutting off financial aid, we will have enough to build three concrete walls. One wall on the southern border will block out the aggressive migrant horde and a second even-taller wall behind it will be a tourist attraction for Americans to witness the glory that is the first wall.

The third wall will be on the border with Canada. Because I expect that country to descend into chaos, we need a way to keep them out, though Canadian women with slim figures are more than encouraged to apply for girlfriend placement with an American man. However, Canadian women with green, blue, or purple hair will be automatically rejected.

6. Ban On Usury

Companies and individuals will no longer be able to lend money at interest. I will give banks and other financial organizations two years to adjust to the new law.

All Aboard The Roosh Caboose!

The Roosh2020 exploratory committee (i.e. my drinking buddies) is working hard right now to see if I have a shot at becoming President of the United States based on the above platform. My policies benefit women by severing their dysfunctional relationships with daddy government and the internet. It benefits men by providing a cash bag that allows them to start a family with Jesus Christ as their wingman, which is far more healthy than the atomized, rootless, and sexually frustrated lives that many have today. And it benefits the entire country by blocking our current descent into hell that is becoming more agonizing and intolerable by the month.

We may not be able to return to the glory days of America, but with the ideas above, we can surely make things significantly better than they are today.

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Roosh Hour #36: Black Hole

In this stream, I talk about the fake black hole image, how women are unable to take care of themselves, the true meaning behind tattoos, the first ever six-layered clown world event, why evil won’t win, how God gives “friendly” warnings to those who are living wrongly, and much more.

Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:

Here’s a highlight from a previous stream:

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Previously: Roosh Hour #35: Clown World

Men Are Wasting Their Time

How much time do men spend pursuing casual sex with no hope of deeper intimacy? How many months or years do they waste in countries without building meaningful roots? How much effort do they exhaust with self-help, working out in gyms, or chasing material toys that make only skin-deep differences in their lives? I’ve met too many men who are diverting most of their intellect, time, and energy into gaining leftover scraps of happiness from life instead of building up their communities or nurturing a deeper love with one woman because of how toxic and dangerous both women and our communities have become.

I began pursuing women for mostly sexual reasons in 2001. I must’ve logged tens of thousands of hours into the task. I’ve been also traveling or living abroad near continuously since 2007. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fornicate, fornicating, traveling to more effectively fornicate, and writing over a million words about fornication. What did I learn from all that? It’s an experience that gets more dull with repetition, like any other experience. However, it also leaves you with a massive hangover where you find yourself at a loss. What was the point of all that? Is there anything I’ve truly gained? What lasting glory have I achieved? If I wasn’t a writer, I would have nothing to “show” for my efforts besides memories that are as likely to make me cringe as give me happiness.

If society were healthy, and if women were more traditional, most of my time would have been spent writing different kinds of books, maybe concerning religion or history. I would have a family, and spend much of my time nurturing the love between them without degenerate interference from the government or cultural elites. I would look at my neighbor as an ally in keeping our community strong and safe for our children. We’d block out the effects of any cosmopolitan transplants who move in and try to change that. While there is nothing in life that is solid, my family and community would give me a stronger feeling of continuity. Tomorrow, things that are likely to be here would still be there, compared to the easy-come-easy-go modern lifestyle where putting your penis inside a girl is not even close to a guarantee you’ll see her again, and where any job you have, or apartment you live in, is as transitory as the next bus that rolls down the street.

All of this wasted time is by design. The oligarchs in power don’t want us to become leaders of households and communities. They don’t want men to create loving bonds with women and vice versa (and if you manage to do so in such an inverted climate, permissive divorce laws will reduce the chances it lasts). They don’t even want men to be self-sufficient. Instead, they want you to form weak bonds with other people and focus entirely on your belly and genitals, all while being a cog in the machine that gorges on GMO food, lusts after tattoed women, and consumes entertainment in a lonely urban box. The more atomized you are, and the weaker your relationships, the more dependent you are on the system—on the corporations and government to provide you with a cheap but damaging simulation of love and meaning that used to be real.

I can’t help but notice that they started banning my books after I began telling men how to create genuine connections from a position of masculine strength. It’s okay to teach men how to have casual sex with sluts, like I did in Bang, which is still available for sale on Amazon by the way, but to create families from a patriarchal foundation? That’s too much! Consider that you’re hard-pressed to find reviews of Neil Strauss’ bestselling book The Game that explains how it helped a man find a wife and have a big family, and that it was released by a big New York City publishing house, and that it’s still available for sale while my book Game is banned. As long as you can keep men in a state of hedonism and casual relationships, you’ll be tolerated by the system, if not outright promoted.

I can’t control the era I was born in, or what the agenda of the elites happens to be during that time, but I can control how I react to the information I perceive and the experiences I have. As I approach 40 years of age, I see most of my hedonistic and travel pursuits as expensive life lessons than a source of meaning. My nature, and I believe the nature of most masculine men I meet, is one of creation, strength, and provision for family, things we’re increasingly not allowed to do, or allowed to do only at impossible cost. I may not be able to change the world and revert back to a healthier time, but I surely don’t have to waste any more time doing exactly what they want me to do.

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I Will Get Your Girlfriend Banned From Social Networking

Do you have a girlfriend who is addicted to displaying her body on Instagram? Are you tired of thirsty men sliding into her DMs? Well I have the perfect service for you: I will get her permanently banned from the most popular social networking platforms, and she will have no idea it was because of you! Your girlfriend will become modest and traditional before you know it.

It’s clear that many girls have no built-in immunity against the desire to become a public goddess. Your girlfriend will upload photo after photo of her body in sexual poses to be worshipped by men who want to sleep with her. Inevitably, she becomes addicted to a virtual lifestyle where she is hotly desired and pursued, hurting any potential for genuine love with you. Even worse, when a man with good looks or game (or both) contacts her, she will have a “secret relationship” with him that mainstream culture says will “strengthen” her bond with you.

That’s where I come in. Social networking platforms now have “community guidelines” which are so vague that everyone is in a state of violation, even your girlfriend. Using proprietary Rooshsoft Social Technology, I will mass flag her spicy photos, videos, or politically incorrect comments. If that doesn’t get her banned, I will unleash a Russian bot army upon her profiles that shower them with fake follows and likes, which will trigger any platform’s “muh Russia” warning system. And if that still doesn’t work, I have a nuclear option that, for the sake of my own freedom, I cannot reveal publicly.

Because this service is the first of its kind (don’t trust copycats!), it’s not cheap, but honestly, can you put a price on the type of love your parents or grandparents were able to experience but which is being denied to you? Just imagine your girlfriend’s attention and feminine instinct channeled wholly onto you instead of hundreds of beta orbiters, Chads, and Dubai sheiks!

When my Swedish ex-girlfriend was mysteriously banned from Facebook (hehe), you can’t believe how loving she was towards me until she encountered a group of sexy Somalian migrants while working in a refugee shelter. But hey, she didn’t meet them on the internet, which proves that my service works.

My service can not help you with offline suitors

Below is the price menu for several popular platforms. The cheaper the price, the easier it will be to ban your girlfriend.

  • Facebook junkie: $250
  • Instagram selfie addict: $500
  • YouTube grrl gamer: $5 (first community strike free!)
  • Twitch camwhore: $500
  • Snapchat Premium prostitute: $500
  • Twitter political pundit: $750
  • Ban my girlfriend from everything combo: $1500 (40% off!)

If you order now, I will throw in a free to ban to Tik Tok, the hot new platform that allows your girlfriend to lip sync in a seductive manner to millions of horny men. I bet you didn’t even know it existed! Of course I knew it existed, because I watch hours and hours of sexy women every week purely for research purposes.

Click the link below, fill out a brief questionnaire, and wait for me to send you a credit card invoice. I stand by my service so strongly that if your girlfriend is not banned within 30 days, you will get your money back!

>>> Ban My Girlfriend Interest Form <<<

After Amazon banned 9 of my books, I had to come up with new ideas to earn a living. Ban My Girlfriend is the result of that banning, and I’m confident it will make me much more money than spending hundreds of hours writing boring books. As they say, when one door closes, another opens, so here’s to a relationship where your woman focuses her love on YOU, instead of teasing her vagina to every other man in the world.

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Countries Have Become Like Coworking Spaces

As the world becomes increasingly globalized and connected, different countries are starting to look the same. This country has the same kebab as that country. This country has the same fashion as that country. This country has the same English speakers who believe in the same things as that country. They are all becoming nothing more than coworking spaces, uniquely designed “offices” that are “fun” for slaves to work and socialize in.

You can blame the internet, airplanes, Hollywood, or what have you, but the world is being robbed not only of its cultural diversity but also human diversity. New York, Washington D.C., London, Berlin, and Sydney have the same alien caste system of leftist white workers managing their hopeful colored pets, all looking for “opportunity” and “success.” People in these cities may live thousands of miles away from each other, but they think and behave in the same ways and are trained to respond to globohomo stimuli in the same sterilized consumer manner.

Anywhere in Europe

Even if you visit an exotic locale, where you take pictures of the major sights from the same angles as thousands of other people, or you have a genuine moment with a local, which you have to tell everyone lest the experience go to waste, odds are you will add nothing to your being by stepping foot in another country. You won’t learn another language, you won’t experience struggle besides a blocked credit card, and you won’t go a single minute without access to your favorite internet sites. Go to this coworking space downtown or that coworking space in midtown—what’s the difference besides the size of your desk and the decorations hanging on the walls? I can receive more novelty today by going on YouTube than visiting another European city.

If countries are like coworking spaces, our sexual partners are like rental cars. It starts with the exciting moment you ease yourself into the seat of a car you’ve never driven before, and proceed to ride it aggressively since you know you’ll never have to buy it. You’ll slam the door harder than necessary and put in the cheapest gas you can find. It’s okay if you dent it up a little—just tell the rental agency that it was there beforehand, and get angry if they disagree. There is no feeling of ownership, no sense of pride.

She’s abusing her rental

What better way to go to your coworking space than in a rental car. You feel stable, as if you are part of the local community, but you’ll have to give the rental car back in a week or so, and the coworking space gets boring after you’ve had your fill of their free coffee and sweets. So off to another space in another rental car for another hyper-sexualized and commercialized experience that is barely different from the previous one. You embark on a futile attempt to undergo what conquerors and explorers of old have experienced, yet they put their lives on the line while you are reluctant to even sacrifice mobile internet.

Everywhere is different, but everywhere is also the same. Once you hit a certain age, there will be nothing left in the external world to pleasure you. Anything truly novel or special will have already been packaged and neatly delivered to your eyes, ears, and genitals. You won’t help but feel nostalgic, to imagine that things had to be better in the past, that meaning was constant and always flowing, and whether that is true or not, if the external world is already conquered, all that’s left to explore is the internal.

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