Banging Girls Who Don’t Speak Your Language

Only one girl I’ve banged in South America didn’t speak any English (the other non-English speakers I could’ve banged were either ugly or fat, or both). It’s now clear to me that language is the most a man can do to increase his quality in a foreign country. If you can’t communicate properly then you’ll be circling around the dreg pool, where her attraction will be mostly based on your looks.

I’m made a couple graphs to demonstrate this fact. They assume two things: (1) You have competent game, and (2) The girl does not speak a word of your native tongue. Let’s keep this simple and assume things like status and money aren’t factors.

This first graph is based on a man whose looks are in the 7 range.


Notice how he cannot get better than his looks unless he is proficient at the language. This is my problem. I’m in the conversational skill range which means I can’t do a whole lot better than my looks.

In order for me to see a bump in quality I have to master the language, but to master the language I need hundreds of hours of speaking under my belt. So I’m dating girls I don’t really care for just to speak in Spanish. That sets up a nice win-win scenario because even if I don’t get laid on a date I’ll still get in a lot of practice at a cost that is less than a private language tutor.

Okay now let’s take a look at a guy who is in the 5 range.


Do you see what fluency does? Sky’s the limit. When you see ugly guys with hot girls in the United States, I guarantee you they speak the same language (duh). This is only possible in a foreign country if there is a large exchange of cash or drugs.

You should consider your language knowledge factor if you want to fuck beautiful girls abroad, assuming you don’t want to pay for it. The exception is if you’re an exceptionally good looking guy, but even knowing the basics will bump up what you can get by a solid point. The lesson in this is to study the language before you go, and don’t be like a lot of pathetic American gringos I’ve met who come to Colombia just to fuck prepagos (prostitutes).

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