To anyone who has been paying attention, the boot of tyranny is firmly pressing upon our faces. The leaders of all Western nations are on board with a globalist agenda that is moving onto a more aggressive phase of control. We have been ruled over by a tiny elite for a long time, but now it’s absolutely clear to even normal people who really is in charge.

In your quest to know the truth of who runs the world, you will encounter terms like billionaire, oligarch, “the rich,” regime, bankers, politicians, banking families, and so on. Who has seen the organizational chart of the world except those at the very top? All we can discern from the nosebleed seats is that the central focus of power lies with those who have the ability to print money and control monetary policy. It’s not those who have the most money who are powerful, such as Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates, but those who can hyperinflate the money and make or break fortunes overnight. Jeff or Bill cannot print or hyperinflate money, so they are not at the top of the food chain, and are beholden to those who control the value of their money. Instead, they are presented to us through softball interviews and glossy magazine covers as being the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world. No, the wealthiest man in the world may only have a dollar to his name, but if he controls money, he controls the wealth of all men.

Those who control money also control who is allowed to receive large political donations and favorable media coverage to win elections, or at least media coverage that doesn’t include multiple women making false accusations of sexual assault. The system is set up so that it is impossible for an honest, Christian man to rise up to the highest levels of power. Impossible. You can’t even rise up to a $100,000 a year corporate job without making compromises to your faith, for the products and services of most corporations target a human’s weakness to commit the deadly sins of gluttony, sloth, pride, anger, lust, greed, envy, and wrath. With my eyes and ears closed, I deem any candidate for serious office to be greatly compromised due to an attachment to the world that is higher than his attachment to God. This doesn’t mean that Christian men can’t at least try to gain political office to serve God, especially in local elections, but the system as it is acts as a centrifuge to spin out any man whose character possesses an ounce of moral weight. The best we can hope for is a ruler is one who is not too evil or compromised in some heinous way involving Satanic ritual sacrifice.

How can one explain the fact that conservative politicians who speak against transgendered children or vaccine mandates are ultimately controlled by the same bankers who are forcefully pushing those very things through other politicians? If you are a top banking family that controls both sides, the left and the right, you will grant the left an allowable set of behaviors that are opposed by the right and grant the right an allowable set of behaviors that are opposed by the left. If you did not do this, there would not be two sides but only one, and you would have to watch in fear as an organic opposition rose up from the people. Therefore, even if you are the banker who desperately wants to promote sodomy for the purpose of your depopulation agenda and everlasting rule, you must allow some of your pawns to mildly speak out against that agenda for the purpose of establishing a dialectic that ultimately you fully control to serve your long-term interests. Therefore, some “conservative” politicians are allowed to usher in toothless conservative policies under the guise of letting people think that power resides with them and their votes instead of a shadowy elite who increasingly desires to control every aspect of their lives.

Some leaders are allowed to go against cultural aspects of the globalist agenda, such as gay marriage, but they are not allowed to go against global agenda items such as climate change and pandemic response. Politicians cannot go against the big-ticket items of the bankers, and if they do, they will be quickly removed or assassinated. The ability to mildly oppose degenerate cultural norms outside of abortion is greatly limited. The biggest obstacles to family creation and higher birth rates are not abortion but women’s education, employment, and birth control, which all fall under the feminism umbrella, but conservative politicians dare not stand in opposition. Conservatism is what the liberals believed a few years ago, and never includes pre-feminist traditional views, which puts God, family, and nation above all other concerns, especially the emotional and material desires of women. Ultimately, politicians like Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both controlled by the same spider who controls the spider web. No leader should gain our unending praise for calling a sin a sin, but in a controlled dialectic, we pathetically fawn over a leader who does so little as call the media liars, which Donald Trump had done. With just a few words from the tongue, Trump immediately earned the loyalty of tens of millions of Americans who he proceeded to let down in various ways.

It’s safe to assume that a politician is controlled if his country is a member of the Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of central banks. If you happen to control the BIS, you essentially control the world. The United States and all European countries are in the BIS (Russia was recently kicked out, signifying its genuine independence). Bankers have their tentacles deeply implanted in these nations, and will not let their politicians merely do whatever they want, so any type of conservative revival you see, especially at the hands of a politician who merely speaks a bit of truth but not the full truth, should be met with extreme skepticism unless you see him forcefully agitate for the moral and spiritual improvement of a nation, and not the sort of “spiritual but not religious” improvement of being a “good” person, but of persistently calling upon his faith in Lord Jesus Christ through his words and actions to encourage the nation to repent of their sins and turn away from the ways of the secular world. If you don’t see a politician put Christ first, you’re witnessing the work of a hired agent, a manager for the bankers.

Unfortunately, Satan dominates the nations of the world. Most attempts at anointing a moral ruler are a ruse, a means of deceiving you into placing faith onto that ruler instead of God. Recall the temptation of our Lord, when Satan showed him all the kingdoms of the world that he politically controlled.

Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.” —Matthew 4:8-9

Archbishop Averky, a holy elder in the Russian Orthodox Church, explains:

Truly, what can be more frightening than the spectacle of an entire world that had willingly given itself up to the authority of the devil? It is as if the devil is saying to the Lord: “You can see what power I have over people; do not get in my way, and in the future, I will be willing to share this power over them with You. All you have to do is enter into an alliance with me. Just bow down to me, and You will be that Messiah that the Jews are expecting.” —The Four Gospels by Archbishop Averky

Nothing has changed since our Lord walked on this earth 2,000 years ago. Whether consciously or not, political aspirants consent to the devil’s bargain while our Lord’s human nature did not. Perhaps men think that they can make a deal with Satan to later renege and serve the people as God intended, but once you enter a pact with Satan, the Holy Spirit departs from your presence, and you become corrupt in ways you didn’t imagine, unable to perform any of your original good intentions.

As Christians, we don’t make compromises to our faith in the hope of performing good in the future. We don’t perform an evil deed now in the hope of doing a good deed later. We strive to love God first and foremost, and to follow all his commandments as a testament of our love for Him, and that means not flirting with the devil and not putting our faith into worldly rulers who don’t preach repentance. We will not change this world. We will not see a devout Christian man who isn’t a tool of the Zionists rule our American homeland, and so we must wait until this life passes to behold the magnificent throne of our Lord God, the only throne and the only king that is worth our worship unto the ages of ages.

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