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I was born in Washington, D.C. on June 14, 1979. I grew up in Maryland, USA. My full name is Daryush Valizadeh. I am half Iranian and half Armenian. I was baptized in an Armenian Apostolic Church. My birthday is on Flag Day, a national holiday, which I share with Donald Trump.

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After I graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in microbiology, I began a career as an industrial microbiologist. A couple of years later I started a local blog called DC Bachelor, and lived in constant paranoia that my employer would bust me for the macho content. Eventually I changed the name to Roosh V because I no longer cared about getting fired.

Six years into my career, and a little over two years after I started DC Bachelor, I quit my job and finished my first book called Bang, a textbook for picking up girls and getting laid. Afterwards I spent six rough months in South America, which I detailed in my second book called A Dead Bat In Paraguay.

I rested in the States for a year before returning to South America for thirteen months. Since then I’ve released over a dozen more titles while living for over seven years in Europe. You can view all my books at RooshVStore.com. I’m currently nomadic, spending most of my time in Eastern Europe and the United States.

I’m also active on Twitter, YouTubeInstagram, my other blog Return Of Kings, and my forum Roosh V Forum.

In The News

Starting in 2011, my fornication guides has received massive coverage in the mainstream media. I have angered many nations, particularly Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, LatviaLithuania, and Colombia.

I achieved minor fame during my stay in Romania where I was called a “world Don Juan.”

My book on Ukraine received national exposure. It culminated in me being the main guest on a Jerry Springer-style Ukrainian talk show where I was met with anger, skepticism, and false accusations (click CC for English captions):

I have appeared on the Dr. Oz show, where I was yelled at by four morbidly obese women, and have received top billing on a BBC documentary about masculinity (see my response):

In Canada, I was physically attacked on the streets by a social justice mob that was enabled by the mainstream media, three Canadian mayors, and a handful of politicians. They tried to stop me from holding lectures in Montreal and Toronto, but I was able to conduct the events as planned.

In America, I was placed on a “misogyny” list by the social justice organization Southern Poverty Law Center in their quarterly Intelligence Report, a move that was widely condemned, prompting them to partially retract their list. Years later, they featured me as a thought leader of the “male supremacy” movement.

I was also denounced by the Anti Defamation League for writing a review of a book they don’t like. I have also been written about in other outlets including TakiMag,Washington Times (Part 2), ViceWashington PostMetro, and many others. I’ve been falsely accused of crimes like rape and harassment by the media. See Everything You Wanted To Know About Daryush Valizadeh But Were Afraid To Ask

Community Beliefs

1. Men and women are genetically different, both physically and mentally. Sex roles evolved in all mammals. Humans are not exempt.

2. Men will opt out of monogamy and reproduction if there are no incentives to engage in them.

3. Past traditions and rituals that evolved alongside humanity served a net benefit to the family unit.

4. Testosterone is the biological cause for masculinity. Environmental changes that reduce the hormone’s concentration in men will cause them to be weaker and more feminine.

5. A woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty. A man’s value significantly depends on his resources, intellect, and character.

6. Elimination of traditional sex roles and the promotion of unlimited mating choice in women unleashes their promiscuity and other negative behaviors that block family formation.

7. Socialism, feminism, cultural Marxism, and social justice warriorism aim to destroy the family unit, decrease the fertility rate, and impoverish the state through large welfare entitlements.

Read “What Is Neomasculinity?” for more detail.

FAQ & Contact Information

It’s becoming very difficult to manage the number of emails I receive. If you don’t see your question or comment below, feel free to send me an email, but please be extremely patient in receiving a reply.

“Is there a way I can make a donation to your work?”

The best way to support my work is to purchase my books from Roosh V Store. You can also make a direct donation using a credit card or cryptocurrency by clicking here.

“Can you give me advice on this one girl I like?”

As I explained in The 9 Immutable Laws Of Pickup, if you have to ask advice on one girl then you already lost her. That said, post your question on my forum and I’ll try my best to get to it there. In the meantime, other guys will be able to help you. Also, I put out several Q&A editions in my newsletter so chances are your situation has already been discussed.

“Okay but I really need some girl advice.”

Post on the forum.

“I’m under 21 years old. Can you give me specific advice for my age group?”

I got into the game after college so I don’t have too much specific advice for you, but game techniques do work with younger girls. The forum has younger guys that are into game and could help with your specific questions.

“Can you send me more pick-up information? You know what, just send me everything you know!”

I’m not sitting on a secret pile of content. Everything I’ve written about game is either in my books, in the game category of this blog, or in my newsletter.

“When are you going to teach workshops again?”

I currently have no plans to teach workshops again in the near future.

“I want to travel. Where should I go?”

Read this. Since I don’t personally know you, and haven’t been to many parts of the world, my advice will be incomplete, severely biased, and limited to just a few countries.  If you still need recommendations, write out your needs (be as specific as possible) and post a message in the travel section of my forum.

“Is Rio/Medellin safe?”

No place in the world is safe 100% of the time, but if there is a country that has tourism infrastructure then common sense will most likely keep you safe. Post in the travel forum if you have any specific concerns.

“Can you promote my seduction product via its affiliate program?”

I don’t promote other products on this site, but you can advertise on Return Of Kings.

“Where can I learn more about you?”

You can visit the somewhat biased Roosh V Wikipedia article or the unofficial resource of my work at DaryushValizadeh dot com.

If your question has not been answered or you would like to share a comment then send me an email to roosh(at)rooshv.com or use the form below. Please be brief. Unfortunately, I get so many emails that I may not be able to reply to everyone.