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The Epilogue Of The Epilogue

A common question from last week’s release of Dead Bat’s epilogue was, “What kind of game did you use on Mariana?” I describe how we met in the book, but it was just like any other approach. I didn’t do anything special or different. While I did feel a connection with her mighty quick, I […]

I Picked A Cover

I decided to pick the lowest rated cover: I made my decision to please the guy who left the following comment… Can you pull this off? Can you honestly see yourself holding this book up in front of strangers and telling them that you wrote this book? Id snicker at the title. Hell I’m laughing […]

Which Cover Should I Pick?

Entries are in for the cover redesign contest! I want a cover that not only is crowd-pleasing but also builds intrigue. If you’re in a coffee shop and you see someone reading a book with one of these covers, which one would make you want to learn more? Out of over 100 submissions, here are […]