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“The Book Is Fearless”

I got two more reviews of my new book A Dead Bat In Paraguay to share. The first is via email… First and foremost: The honesty of the book shines through very brightly. The book is fearless. Embarrassment, shame, humiliation, rejection, self-doubt (and not the cool, hip kind you’d see on TV, but the kind […]

A Dead Bat In Paraguay

Twenty-seven months after I published Bang, I present to you A Dead Bat In Paraguay, a 262-page memoir of my six-month adventure through South America. Here’s the book’s website: It has two sections. The first is a brief synopsis with an overview video, and the second offers full details of the book, including its […]


Here’s the cover. It goes on sale tomorrow morning. You’ll notice that I settled on a pen name that won’t require a domain change. It’s derived from the name of a flaky Turkish pastry that my mom makes. Originally it was an inside joke with my sister but it stuck, and a lot of people […]

Book Number Two Is Coming

As people on my newsletter already know, my second book, the one I started in March of 2008, is 100% complete and will be ready for you in seven weeks. It will be simultaneously available in paperback, Kindle, and eBook PDF. :banana: I have a few review copies available. If you have an active blog […]


I know I was lazy with the blog this week. I have a feeling I’ll be lazy next week too. But the good news is the manuscript for Not Yet Titled will be done today, and by manuscript I mean something that’s pretty close to the final product barring major edits by my editors. This […]

Writing A Book

I found an excellent description about what it’s like to write a book from a comment on Jack’s blog. Fact #4: Writing a book isn’t fun. If it doesn’t make a lot of sense to write a book for money, how about doing it for satisfaction? Many people imagine that they’d “fulfill themselves” (whatever that […]

Not Yet Titled

True I’m a slacker, but sometimes I get work done. I just finished the rough draft of book number two, which I’ve been working on since around March. Editing takes a while so I’m thinking it’ll be done early 2009. Then I take a look at the world map on my wall and pick a […]