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Bang Audiobook Edition

Last year I did a survey where a fifth of you expressed interest in an audiobook version. I finally got around to hiring a voice actor to produce it. Here are two audio samples: Bang Audiobook Sample No. 1 Bang Audiobook Sample No. 2 I outsourced the job because it would have been too labor […]

The Restart Text

In Bang I wrote… Another tool for your text messaging toolbox is the restart text. It’s something you send days after a girl texts a date cancellation, refusal, or some other aloof message that suggests she’s slipping away. For example, say you ask a girl out on a Tuesday night but she responds by saying […]

Roosh Life Update

Last week was mostly promotional for the second edition of Bang. It case you missed it: Monday: I shared details of the new edition, especially the text messaging section Wednesday: I discussed the gloomy future of game Friday: I gave the most optimal method for studying any game resource I received a lot of emails […]

The First Date Formula

Here’s an excerpt from Bang: Since it takes a handful of numbers to get just one date, you may feel some pressure to perform well on the dates you do go on. But you shouldn’t. Dates are much easier than when you first met her because you already have her attention and don’t need to […]

The First 30 Minutes Of Conversation

Excerpt from Bang… No matter how smart or interesting of a guy you are, it is impossible to speak for those first thirty minutes without messing up, saying something stupid, or going into a completely lame topic. Luckily, girls will give you a pass on many of the foolish things you will say. They understand […]

Going For Sex Early

Here’s an excerpt from Bang: It took me some time to get comfortable with venue changing to her place or mine. I used to think not enough trust was established and there was no way she’ll let a strange guy she just met a couple hours ago take her somewhere alone, that I probably was […]

The Use Of Scripted Material (Routines)

Here’s another excerpt from Bang: You may have an initial resistance to using scripted material, but chances are you’re using them already. If you’ve ever told a story more than once, you are telling a routine, a conversational piece that you know your audience will positively respond to. If you’ve ever repeated an opinion of […]

Balancing Between Compliments & Insults

The following excerpt from Bang discusses the middle ground between compliments and insults… The opposite of a compliment is an insult, something you should also avoid. If you had a linear scale with a compliment on one end being a 1 and an insult on the other end being a 10, some of the material […]

Kissing Technique

Continuing on the kiss theme, here’s an excerpt from Bang: Don’t overdo the kiss. She may interpret your desire to constantly kiss her as neediness. You always want to leave her wanting more by stopping short right before you think she is get-ting satisfied. If on a first date I kiss a girl for say […]

First Date Kiss

Excerpt from my book Bang: I cannot stress how important it is to kiss her by the end of the first date. Except for one exception, a virgin, every girl I have ever had sex with was kissed by that time. If we are aiming for sex by date three, a very reasonable goal, we […]