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How To Build Your Own Groupie Harem

A form of sex that eludes many men is groupie sex, where a specific accomplishment or creation has built enough attraction for a girl to fuck you. The only game needed in that case is “don’t fuck up” game. In Western culture, where being known is more important than having skill, cultivating your own groupie […]

Five Year Blog Anniversary

Today marks exactly five years since I launched (I did have a blog before that but it was more of a little diary for friends than the game resource it morphed into starting with DCB). Let’s take a trip down memory lane and then talk about the future. I’ve also included a photo from […]

She Knows About The Blog

It’s very unnerving when I’m out on a date with a random girl and she says something which strongly implies that she knows about my blog. In the past few months I feel like it’s happening with every girl. The only response I have come up with is to twiddle my thumbs uncomfortably. I had […]


I know I was lazy with the blog this week. I have a feeling I’ll be lazy next week too. But the good news is the manuscript for Not Yet Titled will be done today, and by manuscript I mean something that’s pretty close to the final product barring major edits by my editors. This […]

Blogger Happy Hour

Next Friday I’m teaming up to throw a happy hour at Bourbon with Arjewtino, a hardcore player posing as a huggable beta for his predominantly female readership, and the lovely Lemmonex, an American woman who actually knows how to cook. Bourbon is one of the only bars I know that has Stone Pale Ale, a […]


Research your bank and make sure you are covered by FDIC. If you have over $100,000 in any bank you are crazy. Remember that small, seemingly safe local banks invested heavily in commercial real estate that is also collapsing. Spread your risk and follow the news. If I had money in WaMu or Wachovia right […]

Does Anyone Speak Finnish?

A couple Finnish bloggers have been linking to me and even though I don’t know Finnish I have an idea what they’re saying. The first one linked to my player quiz. The word romeo is in quotes, his quiz results state he is a beta male, and he highlights the correct answer to the first […]

Blog Recommendations

The first is See Mike Draw, a brilliant cartoonist who has a very disturbed sense of humor. I looked at his archive to highlight his best cartoons but they’re all good. Start with this zombie inspired one. Second is I Was In Korea, about a young (?) traveler currently in Dubai who likes picking up […]

How To Be A Master Blogger Like Me

In the video below I give you an exclusive behind the scenes tutorial in how to construct an amazing blog post. It gets going around 30 seconds in. Even if you don’t blog, I think you will be blown away by my innovative approach. It turned out slightly not safe for work.

Happy Iranian New Year

1. Tonight is the Happy Hour. Check upstairs of Marvin around 9pm for me and a tall white guy. We’re expecting a surprise performance by Snow Patrol. 2. Couple new blogs to check out. The first is The Modern Savage, a pick-up blog, and the second is Bittersweet Amalgam, run by a one Angelo who […]

I Hate Roosh

A girl blogger has this to say about me: If you spend some time reading his blog you’ll find that he is a true misogynist. He never says he hates women, but it is between the lines in every entry. He has been spurned by women and now has chosen to subjugate them in lieu […]