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It’s not a good recap unless there is a picture of Cookie / Jessica: Thanks to my co–hosts and everyone else who showed up. I’ll miss a lot of you guys. :sob: Also thanks to the Steve, the owner of Science Club, who treated me well and bought a copy of Bang. And the bartender—she […]

What I’m Doing Today

1. The pool. Going to swim some laps and then demolish the little neighborhood kids at sharks & minnows. I strongly enforce a no drains and no human chain rule. I will also be maintaining my recent beach tan with SPF 4 sunblock. 2. The Starbucks. I’ll get a tall iced tea ($1.58) and then […]

Exodus Happy Hour

I’m very satisfied with how this image turned out. Who: Arjewtino, I Now Pronounce You, KassyK, Virgle Kent, me When: Friday, June 27 @ 8PM Where: Science Club A lot of people are getting ready for summer travel along with myself so why not have a leaving into the unknown theme. As with the previous […]

Friday Night

Thanks for the shots. :puke: Postscript: Excuse me for the weakest Happy Hour recap ever. It’s one of those “What happens at happy hour, stays at happy hour” things. Arjewtino, KassyK, INPY, and Virgle Kent had better ones. A picture:

Summer Love Happy Hour

Image Credit: Kathryn When: Friday, June 15 @ 8PM Where: Grand Central in Adams Morgan Who: Arjewtino, I Now Pronounce You, KassyK, Virgle Kent, me We have recruited a new member to the happy hour team: INPY, who displayed his hosting talent at a successful event two weeks ago. This happy hour will take place […]

Grand Opening, Grand Closing

Brunch Bird has closed up shop: “I started this blog a year ago and it’s been a thoroughly lovely experiment.” She will be missed. Prolific commenter Roissy has started his own blog. Now he’s a fine writer and all, but so far my favorite post of his is the one will all the cats. If […]

Start A Blog Already

I think everyone should have their own blog, for these reasons: 1. It’s a cheap hobby. Other than an internet connection and computer, it costs you nothing. 2. You are a very creative snowflake. When I sit down in front of a blank screen, interesting ideas just pop in my head. Most people have routines […]

Three Words Recap

Arjewtino – stop touching me Average Jane – loves the commenters Boztopia – hair getting shorter Brunch Bird – heard another rumor Candy Sandwich – little bit Italian Circle V – hurry up already Dagny T – i’m still taller et cetera – i hear laughing Genevieve – new lip ring Heather B – new […]

Rehab Happy Hour

Photo credit Who: Arjewtino, KassyK, Virgle Kent, me When: Friday, April 20 @ 7PM Where: Mezza Luna (two doors down from Science Club) Technically, I’m not a host this time. I tried to suggest Front Page again but I was pushed aside by the other members of the hosting committee. “We’ll let you know what […]

Blogger Love

I gotta give a shout-out to I Now Pronounce You. After Saturday night, all I can say is that he is a white man you need to party with. At the next happy hour, look for the really tall dude. :treehugger:

Fresh Meat

I noticed three new DC blogs that linked to me. Figuring they must have an awesome sense of humor for doing so, I checked them out for a couple weeks. Just Going With It One-night stand no. 5 or 6: We were fooling around, clothes were coming off, so I naturally assumed that sex was […]

Teenage Girls Are Better

After a couple recent posts talking about girls and young age, I recommend you go read Irinia’s Teenagers are hotter than me. The most attention I’d ever gotten from men was when I was a teenager. Especially from older men. I used to think they were creepy, but now I realize that they were just […]