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A Typical Night Out In D.C.

Since I came back in May, I’ve been refreshing my Western-style game with VK and The Rookie. It was fun at first, but after just two months going out is no longer more satisfying for me than rolling solo in a large foreign club. To show you why, let me highlight a recent Friday night […]

What Happened To Baltimore?

After college a couple guys introduced me to a Baltimore spot called Hammerjacks. Now closed, it was a huge warehouse-style club that had an open bar for $20 on “college” Thursday nights. It was there I started my game journey, first with dance floor crotch-on-ass game. The large size of the club meant I could […]

Gal Costa Concert In Washington D.C.

For those of you in DC who want to check out Brazilian girls, I got the event for you. Gal Costa, a famous Brazilian singer, is playing at George Washington on November 1. Tickets prices seem reasonable, and I’d go if I was in D.C. The pre-sale code is BRAZIL. Here is a sampling of […]

She Knows About The Blog

It’s very unnerving when I’m out on a date with a random girl and she says something which strongly implies that she knows about my blog. In the past few months I feel like it’s happening with every girl. The only response I have come up with is to twiddle my thumbs uncomfortably. I had […]

The Tipping Habits Of Washingtonians

Young people in large groups that come exclusively for happy hours tip poorly. At tables they drop out one at a time and always underestimate the cost and number of their drinks. They also forget about tax, which at 10% eats half a 20% tip. With them I automatically add gratuity. The last guy standing […]

Picking Up Hipster Chicks?

One of my recent day game students was a hipster. I poked fun at the subculture a bit and he told me I should seriously consider hitting hipster spots. He said, “At Black Cat, 60% of people there are girls, and half the guys there are gay.” He added that they are also cuter than […]

Pick-Up Expert

I was recently quoted as the pick-up expert in The Great Inaugural After-Party (City Paper). My quote comes at the end. They asked me if I think the extended nightlife hours will help guys with their game. Speaking of pick up, I caught VK’s recent post describing his idea for a Plan B Commerical: If […]

Day Game Workshop Recap

I have taught three day game workshops, including a dry run with Roissy. Let’s start with his thoughts: Recently, I participated in a “dry run” day game workshop with Roosh to help him streamline operations. Since my day game is underdeveloped, I happily volunteered to be a guinea pig. We covered the major types of […]

ISO Girl Who Speaks Fluent Spanish

I’m looking for a Spanish talking partner. I can read Spanish somewhat well but my speaking is weak because I don’t practice it much. I prefer a female speaker because when I travel again that’s who I’ll mostly be talking to (in bars, clubs, coffee shops, etc.). Any Latin background is fine except Chile (I […]

Day Game Workshop

Introducing the Day Game Workshop, a four hour course where I teach you how to pick up girls in the following places: Coffee shop Street Book store Subway → Grocery store Retail store I know a lot of guys who are sick of DC bars and clubs and the same old nightly dickfest with mediocre […]


I know I was lazy with the blog this week. I have a feeling I’ll be lazy next week too. But the good news is the manuscript for Not Yet Titled will be done today, and by manuscript I mean something that’s pretty close to the final product barring major edits by my editors. This […]