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My First Night Out In DC

I was judged. I went to Marvin (2007 14th St NW), a U-street hipster joint, with VK, Roissy, and fan favorite Insomnia. It’s a tough decision of whether I rather be alone in a mega-club filled with future models that don’t speak my language or with friends in a bar where I can count the […]

I Hate Roosh

A girl blogger has this to say about me: If you spend some time reading his blog you’ll find that he is a true misogynist. He never says he hates women, but it is between the lines in every entry. He has been spurned by women and now has chosen to subjugate them in lieu […]

I Miss DC

About 60,000 people responded to the online survey — at — which ranked 25 cities in categories including shopping, food, culture, and cityscape, said Amy Farley, senior editor at the magazine. For unattractiveness, Philadelphia just beat out Washington DC and Dallas/Fort Worth for the bottom spot. Link. The picture is coming together. For years […]


It’s not a good recap unless there is a picture of Cookie / Jessica: Thanks to my co–hosts and everyone else who showed up. I’ll miss a lot of you guys. :sob: Also thanks to the Steve, the owner of Science Club, who treated me well and bought a copy of Bang. And the bartender—she […]

What I’m Doing Today

1. The pool. Going to swim some laps and then demolish the little neighborhood kids at sharks & minnows. I strongly enforce a no drains and no human chain rule. I will also be maintaining my recent beach tan with SPF 4 sunblock. 2. The Starbucks. I’ll get a tall iced tea ($1.58) and then […]

Exodus Happy Hour

I’m very satisfied with how this image turned out. Who: Arjewtino, I Now Pronounce You, KassyK, Virgle Kent, me When: Friday, June 27 @ 8PM Where: Science Club A lot of people are getting ready for summer travel along with myself so why not have a leaving into the unknown theme. As with the previous […]

City Paper & Late Night Shots

The City Paper dealt some hilarious ownage to Late Night Shots on Thursday. The reporter’s encounter with three LNS members: Then the bearded one in the middle busts out with this: “Do you like anal sex?” I squint. I’m confused. “Do you do anal?” he repeats, head bobbing with excitement. The litany continues. Do I […]

Grimiest Bar In DC

It took over six years but thanks to these two I can say with confidence that I’ve been to the grimiest bar in all of DC: Dan’s Cafe. The main seating consists of a long cafeteria style table in the middle of the room. Against the wall are old wooden booths that appear to be […]

I Got Girls For You

It took me five months but I finally enrolled in a salsa class. There are 12 girls in my class and most of them brought their life partner so nothing exciting to write about, but there are other classes… Imagine this: 20 girls and only two guys. The girls, most of them young, wearing tight […]

Friday Night

Thanks for the shots. :puke: Postscript: Excuse me for the weakest Happy Hour recap ever. It’s one of those “What happens at happy hour, stays at happy hour” things. Arjewtino, KassyK, INPY, and Virgle Kent had better ones. A picture:

Rock Bottom

The first time I went into Grand Central with my wingman, this girl gave me a smile. She wanted me to approach but her appearance was disagreeable. Thirty minutes later she gave me another smile but I still didn’t bite. Finally she decided to take matters into her own hands when she slid up next […]