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Do Young Men Need God?

During my 2019 lecture tour, many men told me that they had trouble believing in God. They couldn’t develop faith because the scientific explanations of the world, centered around the big bang and evolution, made sense to them, and things were going okay in their lives. True happiness was just around the corner. Most of […]

Worshiping Comfort Is Satanic

When the people of a society don’t have strong faith, they manufacture a false god to replace the one they have forsaken, unaware that they’ve created a new idol. This false god will be so baked into the culture that individuals worship it without conscious thought. In the United States, that false god is comfort. […]

Only God Can Find You A Good Wife

For nearly two decades, I believed that game (i.e. pickup) was the best method men could use to find a wife. All a man had to do was master the art of seduction, interact with hundreds or thousands of women, sleep with many of them, and then, as if by magic, one “good” woman will […]

Is Politics Compatible With The Christian Life?

Practically everyone today is an expert on domestic and international politics. People will not hesitate to strongly state their opinions on the President, global policy, race relations, Middle Eastern politics, gender relations, and so on. Through political activism, they hope to bring good and peace to Earth, but a cursory look at the progression of […]

The World Of Newton vs. The World Of God

If you don’t have God in your life, everything that happens to you is seemingly random and mathematical, based on statistical probabilities, which will regularly evoke the same questions: Why me? Why this? Why now? There is no rhyme or reason to your fate, so the best plan becomes to extract as much reward and […]

4 Steps To God

When you adopt a new ideology, which these days involves taking a metaphorical “pill,” you confidently believe that this is it. You’ve arrived at ultimate truth and can now allow the ideology to help you achieve more out of life. You may think there is nothing beyond this particular pill, but it’s actually a mere […]

How I Pray

If you ask people how they came to God, they will probably say it was due to a church their parents took them to as a child. Others may talk about their study of the Bible as an adult. Neither of those allowed me to receive the faith. Instead, I came to God through prayer, […]

Worldy Beauty vs. Graceful Beauty

For the longest time, I judged a woman’s beauty by what was visible to my eyes. I focused on a woman’s face, hair, body, and mannerisms to decide if she was beautiful enough to be worth the chase, but oftentimes she possessed nothing beyond that initial flash of external beauty, nothing that could provide for […]

40 Christian Articles I Highly Recommend

1. “The expression of sexual desires without the blessing of the Grace of God is not directed to a life that is natural, but is an extension of a death-directed existence.” [Link] 2. “If there is prayer, the soul lives; without prayer, there is no spiritual life” [Link] 3. “Remember that every obstacle is a […]

How To Control Your Lust

If you believe in the secular lies that underpin Western culture, you probably see yourself as an animal that should not be denied pleasure. You believe that sex is one of the principal features of life, perhaps its only joy, and so we should all succumb to it whenever the mood strikes us. Besides, it’s […]

How I Turned To God

The following is a brief testimony of how I came to God. A more detailed version can be found in my speech, What I Learned About Life. Many people are surprised that I have become such a fervent believer in God, and to that I say, “You’re not the only one.” In high school, I […]