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Do Not Have Sex With Feminists

Feminism gets its power from two centers. The first is a large tax-paying middle class. It provides welfare money for single mothers; it extorts or steals money from husbands and fathers via an aggressive judicial system that prefers women; it enforces laws against masculinity using local authorities; and it funds feminist studies programs in public […]

The Bathtub Home

An American woman has turned a gargantuan bathtub with no drain into her dream home. The only problem is that once flooded, the water will rise to the ceiling, submerging everything and everyone inside. Sitting on the roof of the house, beside the chimney, is a man with a cup of water and a medicine […]

If I Was Born An American Girl

I suspect life would have been easier for me had I been born a girl. If I was reflecting back on a life lived as a woman during these times, the following is probably what I would have written on my death bed while surrounded by my feline friends… As a young student in public […]

The War Against Men

Your average American woman doesn’t identify as a feminist, and may even refuse to call herself that due to embarrassment, but a host of feminist beliefs have been installed in her brain that not only determine her personality, but also how she interacts with the opposite sex. Without having to consciously accept feminism, she is more feminist […]

The End Game Of Feminism

The end game of feminism is to make it impossible for a female to do any wrong, absolving her from all responsibility for her actions, no matter how reprehensible. The fact that a human being has a vagina will soon mean that she can not make a bad decision about anything. Punishing or criticizing a […]

An Avalanche Of Feminist Hate

On Return Of Kings yesterday I posted the The 9 Ugliest Feminists In America. I wanted to make an objective statement about the physical appearance of America’s dimmest feminist minds. I didn’t challenge their views, talk about rape, or say that women should be denied suffrage. No matter, because the feminists went apeshit and melted the server […]

Why Feminism In America Will Die

Worrying and complaining are inherent human traits. Some cultures lean more to the worry side while others lean to the complainer side. Americans are hardcore worriers and complainers, something that you can perhaps trace back to the makeup of those who founded the country several hundred years ago. For whatever reasons you can come up […]

What Is A Misogynist?

A misogynist is a man who disagrees with women. A misogynist is a man who wants a woman to respect him. A misogynist is a man who would hit a woman if she hit him first. A misogynist is a man who thinks children in single-parent households grow up to have more problems than children […]

Nature’s Program

For millions of years, the worker ant has been following a genetic program to serve its queen. To maintain a harmonious society, it commits its life in the hive to one of hard labor. It’s good work but not always easy. One day a mysterious mind-altering chemical is sprayed over the queen. It inexplicably leaves […]