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My Existence Is Becoming Illegal

On Friday, Jezebel published an article that contained a list of “hate” sites in the manosphere. They used a site called Man Boobz as its authoritative reference, a misandrist hotbed written by an overweight feminist woman with large breasts. I scored a spot on their list because I don’t always call women back after I […]

7 Ways Feminism Is Destroying American Women

1. Makes women think that all they have to do to succeed in life is show up. Today’s woman thinks she deserves the fruits of life just because she’s a woman, that since her gender was “oppressed” for so long it’s time to receive reparations through generous societal benefits and advantages in education at the […]

What Manning Up Really Means

I noticed that you never hear a young girl telling a guy to man up. The demand is always coming from girls over 25, sometimes much older than that. I think I know why this is… A woman’s desire for men to “man up” is inversely correlated to the number of dating options she has. […]

Female Empowerment Is Slavery

Here’s a bedroom conversation I had with an empowered woman… Woman: “Do you want to get married?” Me: “I’m not ready to get married, but I am ready to hold on—at least temporarily—to the good girls I meet. When I’m older I think I want to be with one great woman and occasionally cheat on […]

The Feminist Sex Lie

Feminists and their apologists do all they can to convince people that the world is better off with their ideology. They have one specific argument they like to use on guys who study game in an attempt to make them appreciate feminism. It goes something like this: “It’s feminism that allows you to sleep with […]

The Hypocrisy Of American Feminism

This is a guest post by Athlone McGinnis. There is a significant difference in the nature of Swedish feminism versus American feminism: the latter wants to have things both ways (“We’re totally equal but men should still be chivalrous”), while Swedish feminists appear to actually mean equality when they say it. I don’t think that […]

Naomi Wolf Is A Delusional Old Hag

While most Americans were traveling to the beach this weekend thanks to Memorial Day, a holiday meant to commemorate the loss of predominately male soldiers who fought in our grandest wars, the Washington Post takes a messy liquid shit over its remaining male readership in publishing a piece of feminist propaganda by Naomi Wolf. Her […]

Feminism Killed The Nice Guy

The problem with modern feminism is that it has disrupted a gender equilibrium that has existed for millenia. And yes, that equilibrium had men exerting their control and superiority over women, but it was an equilibrium nonetheless that has helped the human species perpetuate and colonize the Earth. Feminism’s successful foray on mainstream culture has […]

Peak Feminism Has Arrived

I’m calling it. Feminism has peaked. From this day on you’ll see a sharp decline in the movement until it peters out in about 50 years when sex is abolished for Demolition Man-like virtual reality sex units. Here’s a brief timeline summarizing how we got here: 1919 -Women granted right to vote in United States […]

How To Raise A Feminist Son

There’s a blog post called How To Raise A Feminist Son over at one my guilty pleasure readings, Feministing, that is too juicy to resist commenting on. (Side note: am I the only guy who sees the word ‘Fisting’ in ‘Feministing’?) My son is beautiful, smart, and extremely capable. Obviously, this terrifies me. I have […]