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Jake Ultra

Click here to download the PDF file of the following short story. — “Fascist scum! Eat shit!” A stream of liquid shot onto Jake’s face. His eyes immediately began burning. He shut them tight and collapsed on his knees. “Get back!” the police yelled, off in the distance. Jake felt a hand on his back. […]

The Dream Recorder

Pete was using his virtual reality device to explore a moon of Jupiter when a notification popped up on his display: “Dream Recorder is now here. Record your dreams. Limited availability. Touch here to learn more!” He moved his finger over the box and tapped. The Dream Recorder was the most anticipated tech gadget of […]

The Simulation

“Remember when you spawned Hitler?” Fodos asked. “Remember?” Ghartek replied. “That was the highlight of my career! But it almost crashed the simulation.” “What I loved about it is how you weaved Biblical themes into Hitler’s actions. It really scared the Jews.” “Wait until we give Israel to Iran in the next update. The Persian empire must rise again!” Fodos laughed. “Hey […]

Big Bertha’s Satisfaction

With California on the verge of state bankruptcy, politicians looked for creative ways to balance the budget. One idea was to put out a call to the entertainment industry for partnerships that would ease the financial strain. A television producer responded with an idea to use the male prison population as contestants for a new type […]

The Rise Of The Narcissicopter

Everyone in Silicon Valley knew why Google Glass was a complete failure, but they didn’t broadcast it to the masses for fear of insulting their intelligence. In public, technologists made a big show of new devices making it easier for people to live and work, but in private they had long ago learned that if […]

The Denouncer

It took longer than he thought, but Brad finally was approved by the Phoenix police department to purchase a glock 9mm pistol. Excited at being a gun owner, the first thing he did when he brought the weapon home was take selfies holding it in front of his bedroom mirror. It took a few tries to get […]

The Perfect Time To Live

Previous Story With Stig Greybeard: An Afternoon With Stig Greybeard As expected, the code wasn’t working. In an attempt to save money, Jim’s company outsourced much of its programming to India, but what came back was barely functional. Jim’s official title was senior programmer, but at the moment it might as well have been English teacher […]

The Hot Vagina

“It’s too hot,” Lucas said to his mother, turning his head away from the food. “But sweetie, how do you know it’s hot or not? You haven’t even tried it.” “Because I know!” Lucas threw down his fork in anger. Though he was a well-behaved 6-year-old boy, he was prone to tantrums like most kids […]

The Successful Gypsy

The wind’s direction changed again. The smell of sewage was now blowing into the room that Stefan shared with his five siblings from the abandoned building across the street where dozens of gypsies lived. The structure had entire sections of its concrete wall missing, allowing any passerby to peer inside at the soiled mattresses and […]

The Rat Mobility Experiment

Professor Yanek of UCLA’s biology department decided upon a peculiar study: he wanted to determine how a rat’s mobility is affected with the application of electric shocks. The aim was to analyze how mammals weigh pain versus a reward of mobility. It was Yanek’s hope that this line of research could have applications ranging from […]

The Perfect Game

Arthur had been fascinated with seduction since high school. He didn’t care for its application as much as filling his brain with ideas and lines that were sure to come in handy when he encountered the girl of his dreams. He could effortlessly break down various schools of game and give you a detailed timeline […]

The Industry

Francis was older than Marcel by twenty minutes. Even though they were fraternal twins, acquaintances often confused one for the other. Both were tall with chiseled facial features, blue eyes, short hair, and light sideburns. Their main difference was that Francis had a bigger nose while Marcel had a longer chin. Francis was also half […]

An Afternoon With Stig Greybeard

Daniel was nervous. As carefully as he planned out the proposal to his girlfriend, what if something went wrong? What if the Kiss Cam didn’t pan at the end of the fourth inning as designed? What if other spectators interrupted him as he confessed his love and popped the question? But most importantly, what if […]