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American Girls Are Using Negs Now

I remember when I’d never get approached by women, even when I went out four nights a week. I accepted that I was not a good-looking guy whose looks alone could propel a woman to start chasing. I didn’t cry about it since I was still able to get laid by approaching, but it did […]

She Used To Be A Different Girl

The following is a guest post by my partner-in-crime Virgle Kent. Man, on Monday I haven’t seen that much heat on this blog since I told a hipster chick that the band Grizzly Bear was slightly overrated—that one didn’t end well. Roosh wrote something about American women not showing enough interest when it comes to […]

Girls Who Love To Eat At Restaurants

The first time I saw it I thought holy shit. A sous chef at a fine dining restaurant I worked at used a salt pourer, the same type you’d buy in the grocery store, to layer several grams of salt on a piece of organic hamburger meat. Now I understood why customers needed to order […]

Re: Needy Girls Vs. Confident Girls

Here’s an email I got about my Needy Girls vs Confident Girls post You should have labeled this Emotional vs. Logical girl. Because really, that is the difference between the two types. Each woman is governed to varying degrees by these opposite traits. The confident girl is simply one who has enough logic to control […]