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What Happened To Baltimore?

After college a couple guys introduced me to a Baltimore spot called Hammerjacks. Now closed, it was a huge warehouse-style club that had an open bar for $20 on “college” Thursday nights. It was there I started my game journey, first with dance floor crotch-on-ass game. The large size of the club meant I could […]

I Forgot How It’s Like To Get Cockblocked

I went to Cafe Citron with The Rookie on a recent Thursday night. It used to be one of the only Latin spots in the city, always packed with sweaty, aggressive Central American dudes, but so many new salsa spots have opened that it was barely half full this time. There were three girls dancing […]

Drunk Girls Are Not The Easiest

South American girls don’t drink nearly as much as American girls. When I was in clubs down there I’d imagine how much easier my job would be if they didn’t nurse their drinks. How many more bangs I would have if they didn’t average only two or three for the entire night! When guys asked […]

Don’t Disrespect My Friend

I was in a Brazilian club recently with a group of Brazilian guys. Most of them were in college, around 22-years-old, and I thought of myself as the wise elder of the group. To foster conversation and build rapport I asked them questions about Brazilian women that I already knew, pretending that I was learning […]

Desperate Times

The first time I did it I was in Las Vegas. I lost all my money on the blackjack table and didn’t have enough cash for a drink. I was too proud to ask my friend for a loan until we got back to the room. I saw a bottle of Stella standing on the […]

My Drinking Strategy

“This wine is too good for toast-drinking, my dear. You don’t want to mix emotions up with a wine like that. You lose the taste.” —The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway After a decade or so of drinking, I have settled on a strategy which lessens the negative effects of alcohol while maximizing the […]

I’m Ending Cockblocking As We Know It

It took eleven days until I could put forth my contribution to ending cockblocking as we know it. In case you missed it, here are the words which I know will accomplish this goal: “Did you really just do that? I’m being friendly and respectful to your friend and you rudely interrupt. Did your parents […]